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Keith Dragon (キース・ドラゴン, Kīsu Doragon) is a professional boxer from the United States of America and the former WBC super middleweight champion with a hobby for mahjong.


When Dragon was young, his father, who was a drug addict, commuted suicide. He later found his mother as she committed suicide by hanging herself. He wanted to follow his mother, but decided to spend his last coin before doing so. However, when he spent his coin gambling, he won, and kept winning even though he wanted to lose it all. He felt as if someone was telling him to not die, thinking that it was God. From then on, he believed to be blessed by the goddess of good fortune.[7]

Being taught by Japanese salarymen, Dragon naturally picked up mahjong as a hobby. He was so skilled that no one could touch him, making his opponents terrified. Dragon soon earned the nickname "Manhattan's Demon King". After becoming the WBC super middleweight champion, a request from the Kamogawa gym was sent to his side for a title defence match against the challenger, Mamoru Takamura, with Takamura's side pleading for the match to be held in Japan. Dragon, knowing that there are mahjong pros in Japan, accepted the offer.[1]


Part III

Keith Dragon Arc

Dragon's arrival to Japan.

At the Mahjong, Dragon played mahjong against his opponent and won after pulling off a difficult hand. He mentioned to his opponent how some things are not explainable with logic and one doesn't always win even if they are skilled, however, he gloated that he was lucky enough to charm the goddess of good fortune. Dragon left the building after stuffing his bag with stacks of $100's that he won. Later, as his WBC super middleweight title defence match against Takamura loomed closer, Dragon had a flight scheduled for him to go to Japan. There was a typhoon hitting Japan, however, it went away in one day just in time for Dragon's arrival. After getting off the plane at the Narita Terminal 1, Dragon was asked by reporters if he was nervous about the typhoon. Dragon claimed that he wasn't, as he asked for a quick arrival to Japan, explaining that lady luck loves him since everything is always granted and goes his way. Dragon left the airport and immediately went to the Kawahara gym to train, hitting the sandbag.

Dragon in a mahjong match between Yagi, Ōi, and Murakami.

When Dragon learned that the Kamogawa gym is fulfilling his request of him wanting to play mahjong if he has to go to Japan to fight Takamura, Dragon arrived to the Otakugon to play mahjong. The match between Dragon, Haruhiko Yagi, Takachan Ōi, and Jen Murakami began. After Dragon won the first mahjong match, Dragon asked how much is at stake, however, Yagi informed him that gambling is illegal in Japan. While Dragon was unimpressed, Yagi claimed that pride will be the thing that is at stake, something that money pales in comparison. When the second match began, Dragon kept getting winning hands until Yagi broke the flow with a ron and the yamiten (damaten), which Dragon disregarded as cheap and lucky. After Yagi got two more winning hands, Dragon revealed one of his own. When Yagi tried to start gambling with Dragon, the owner of the Otakugon kicked him out, ending the game and leaving Dragon in a good mood after he catches the thirty-two thousand point sticks he earned. Later, Dragon went to his press conference for his WBC super middleweight title defence, meeting Takamura. Dragon wanted him to think of the match as him fighting an angel, since his second is the goddess of good fortune, while Takamura wanted Dragon to think of him as the devil, claiming to be divine punishment itself. At a hotel, Dragon's staff asked of his impression of Takamura during the face-off at the weigh-in. Dragon claimed that Takamura's eyes looked great and believed that he will no longer be alone, predicting that both of them will read each other ten to twenty moves ahead.

The next day, Dragon went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan as his WBC super middleweight title defence match against Takamura arrived. As the match was about to begin, Dragon went to the ringside without a proper entrance as he was intrigued by Takamura's, laughing after seeing Takamura's costume explode and his seconds fall over. Dragon went into the ring as the match began.

Dragon and Takamura's opening punch exchange.

When the match began, Dragon and Takamura exchanged punches immediately after touching gloves. Most of their punches were dodged and blocked, however, Dragon was able to hit Takamura with a long left hook during the exchange, and, when they hit each other with a dual exchange with their rights, it caused damage even though they blocked both of their punches. The first round ended as they hit each other in a dual exchange with their lefts, causing damage through their guard. At his corner, Dragon was asked of his thoughts on Takamura by his coach. Dragon expressed how he did not know that Takamura would be so strong and that having a strategy against him was pointless. While his coach pointed out that Takamura loses stamina in the later rounds as seen in the videos they watched and advised to do as plan and defeat him later, Dragon reassured him that it is fine.

Dragon requesting strength from God.

In the second round, after missing a left and blocking Takamura's Liver Blow, both boxers threw a huge right at the same time and miss. Dragon and Takamura begin a close range exchange at the centre of the ring. After neither landed a clean hit and Dragon created a distance between them, Takamura advanced forward while Dragon's punches were blocked and dodged. When he got close, and Takamura's two punches barely missed landing a clean hit, Dragon retreated as Takamura gave chase. As Takamura caught up to him, Dragon's left jab and uppercut were blocked before Dragon retreated again. Dragon watched as Takamura stood and beat his chest. Thinking that he is making a mistake, Dragon came toward him while throwing a left, however, Takamura dodged while throwing a counter. The counter barely touched the top of Dragon's scalp as he was ducking, causing Dragon's knee to touch the canvas. The referee declared a slip, as he did not notice the punch landing due to Dragon's thick hair. After Dragon got up, the match continued. Dragon, heated, rushed toward Takamura, and began to exchange punches with him at the centre of the ring. Dragon was forced to block Takamura's punches and was pushed to the ropes, where Dragon was hit with a clean left through his guard. As he was still recovering from the left, a right overhand was about to come at him, however, the referee stopped Takamura as the second round ended. At the corner, as he described to his coach that Takamura looked as if he has the face of a demon, Dragon requested to God to lend him strength.

Dragon hitting Takamura with a left hook.

As the third round began, Dragon was approached by Takamura and had his guard hit with multiple blows that kept him at the ropes. When Dragon's guard broke, and Takamura was throwing a right, Dragon suddenly launched a left counter. Dragon's counter went through Takamura's hair as Takamura ducked to dodge, and Dragon had a right coming at him. Dragon swayed to dodge, and Takamura fell as lost his footing during the right swing. The referee declared a down as Dragon went to a neutral corner until Takamura got up. When the round resumed, Dragon was thrilled to have time to recover, and prepared to attack Takamura with punches that he had learned worked on him in the first round: left swings. Dragon soon hit Takamura with a strong left hook. He proceeded to dodge Takamura's punches and hit him with multiple left hooks and combinations. Dragon and Takamura hit each other with a left hook dual exchange, which Dragon won. Dragon hit Takamura with another left hook that sends him to the ropes before approaching him with confidence. Takamura had himself heavily guarded as Dragon proceeded to attack his guard. When Dragon saw Takamura open his guard, he hit Takamura with a right as the round ends afterwards. At his corner, Dragon was advised to throw a left hook at Takamura's right temple followed by uppercuts to his body the next time he guards. He was also told to remember the day that God began protecting him, and the fact that his worst luck in the world is the reason for the best luck in the world falling into his hands.

Dragon getting defeated.

In the fourth round, Dragon dodges the first hit of Takamura's one-two, then counters the second hit with a left hook. The impact made Takamura fall back and accidentally bump into the referee, making him put pressure on his injured foot. Dragon was able to push Takamura to the ropes thanks to the pain of his injured foot and began attacking the holes at the sides of Takamura's guard. When the middle of Takamura's guard opened, Dragon landed a right uppercut on Takamura. Dragon threw a left hook, however, it hit Takamura's guard. Before Dragon could pull back his fist, Takamura moved forward and Dragon was hit with a right counter inside hid left hook. Dragon went down from the counter, but was able to stand back up. At the centre of the ring, Dragon and Takamura hit each other in a dual exchange with Takamura landing a left jab and Dragon, in a southpaw stance, landing a right jab. Dragon proceeded to throw a left hook, which grazed Takamura's forehead. Before Dragon could react, he was immediately hit with a right overhand, sending him down to his knees and elbows. The referee quickly ended the match, resulting in Dragon's defeat, along with losing his title.

Later, Dragon called out Yagi for another mahjong match in order for him to make some memories. Yagi accepted and gathered mahjong professionals Robo and Matsu to play as well. When Dragon went to the Otakugon and the "winner takes all" mahjong match began, Dragon was thrown off his game by Robo and Matsu, and the game ended in Yagi's victory. Despite losing and having no luck, Dragon enjoyed himself.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
26 LOSS 24-1-1 2000 Japan.png
Mamoru Takamura
Tokyo, Japan 4(12) TKO WBC Super Middleweight Title Defence Match
N/A WIN ? 199X Unknown Unknown ?(12) ? WBC Super Middleweight Title Match


Dragon's appearance.

Dragon is a man with a muscular build. His blond hair is made into a pompadour hairstyle with some hair strands hanging over his forehead, and with wavy hair that hangs at the back of his neck. His eyes are light in colour and he has sharp eye brows. When he is not training or in a match, Dragon is seen wearing black shades almost everywhere he goes.

His usual attire includes a black dress shirt and tie under a white coat, along with white pants and a white fedora hat.[8][9] When he played mahjong against Yagi, Ōi, and Murakami, he wore a light coloured zip-up jacket with an X-shaped design on the front, light coloured pants and dark shades.[10] While training, Dragon wears a dark coloured tank top.[11] When he played mahjong against Yagi, Robo, and Matsu, he wore shades and a light coloured suit that has spots on the inside.

When Dragon was about to fight Takamura, he walked into the ring with black shades, a white coat with coloured fur at the ends of the arms and at the ends at the top, along with "国土無双" (Kokushi Musō), literally meaning "no man in this country compares", while also meaning a "distinguished person", and the winning mahjong hand "thirteen orphans".

While fighting Takamura, his boxing attire consisted of boxing shorts of an unknown colour, with "MAHJONG" at the front, the mahjong tiles "red dragon (中)" "green dragon (發)", and "white dragon (no marking)" as his name plate, the winning hands "All Simples (断么九, tan'yaochuu)" and "No-points hand (平和, Heiwa)" from mahjong on the right side, with the "Heiwa" also meaning peace, and fur at the bottom. His boxing shoes also has fur coming out at the top.[12] While in other boxing matches, his boxing trunks are light coloured with two different black coloured stripes on the bottom, along with light coloured boxing shoes.[13]


Dragon is a superstitious person who believes that there are things not explainable in life by mere logic. He also believes in luck, thinking that he is lucky enough to charm the goddess of good fortune and that one doesn't always win even if they are skilled in activities such as gambling and boxing.[14] While he uses his luck to his advantage, he dislikes it when others do the same, such as when Yagi used the damaten, a luck based tactic, against him in mahjong, deeming it cheap and lucky. He also get nervous when someone else becomes lucky against him. His many times where he became blessed with luck and having everything go his way has caused him to be laid-back, not even becoming nervous when a typhoon was over the country he was wanting to fly to.[15]

Dragon has a hobby of the Japanese rules version of mahjong and gambling. He plays mahjong for money, where his luck is so good that he is able to win with rare hands many times.[16] His love for mahjong helped his decision to fight in a match in Japan, wanting to fight mahjong pros that exist there. He is friendly towards his opponents, however, when he plays, he tends to wear a demonic expression on his face and apologises when he knows he is about to win. He incorporates mahjong into his boxing as well, as his boxing shorts have mahjong references on them.

He has a love for Japan, having always wanting to visit the country at least once and his favourite food is the traditional Japanese dish sushi.[17] During his trip to Japan for his match against Takamura, he had Japanese writing on his boxing outfit and was able to communicate with other Japanese people without a translator, showing that he speaks and understands the Japanese language. He seems to take a liking for sumo wrestling also, as he liked seeing the pictures of sumo wrestlers at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan.[18]

While he is a laid-back individual, he is serious about boxing, wanting to train immediately when he arrives to a different country.[19] After fighting Takamura, he lost his luck, which caused him to sweat and become confused, hurried, and frightened when he was losing a mahjong match.[20]

Boxing Abilities

Being a former WBC super middleweight champion and a hybrid boxer indicates that Dragon is a highly skilful boxer that excels at in-fighting and out-boxing. His boxing ability has been praised by Takamura, who admitted that Dragon is strong.[21]

Physical Ability

Dragon has great punching power, having a high rate of knockouts on his record, and is able to damage someone enough to produce blood when his punch hits the opponent's guard. His hand speed is noted as incredible by Ippo Makunouchi,[22] which is shown when he throws jabs during exchanges and when he throws counters.


Dragon is a hybrid boxer who is naturally a southpaw that mostly uses the orthodox stance. Being a natural southpaw, his left punches deal more damage while in the orthodox stance than other orthodox stance users.[23] He is able to use both hands at the same time while attacking, preparing one hand to attack before he even pulls back his other hand he threw out.[24] He uses his lefts that have first-rate timing and angles[25] to set up with a strong right that hits directly, despite some being wide swings.[26] He is able to enter close ranged exchanges with other world ranked opponents and get out with minimal to no injuries.

Dragon can quickly switch to the Detroit Style when ever he needs to use footwork to get away from his opponent or to use Flicker Jabs during exchanges.[27] He has quick reflexes, showing quick reactions to attacks even during exchanges.[28] He can use counters, which his counters are noted by counter puncher Ichirō Miyata to be something one can't dodge using reflexes alone.[29] Dragon calls his two Sunday punches "Heaven's Cannon" and "Ground Cannon".


Dragon has shown to be perceptive, able to notice which punches his opponent is weaker against based on their reactions, such as a slower reaction to certain attacks.[30]


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