Kizakura Hiroshi (黄桜 大,lit Kizakura Hiroshi) is a supporting character in Hajime no Ippo.

Kizakura Hiroshi is a close friend with Akamatsu Isamu , and they both joined Kamogawa Gym after Aoki's first title match. Making him not to retire. This three together make the "Aoki Team" with their leader Aoki Masaru. He is also an early boxer, with Akamatsu.

His surname is Kizakura. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.


He and his friend joined at the same time, the Kamogawa gym and always are fans of Aoki. He is an early boxer, and works with Aoki at the noodle restuarant, the same for his friend Akamatsu.

He currently helps out in the restaurant alongside his pal Akamatsu Isamu for Aoki.


Kizakura Hiroshi, is very fat and short compared to anyone in the gym. He has brown hair and he has one full long eyebrow above his eyes. His hair is almost like Aoki's.


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