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Larry Bernard (ラリー・ベルナルド, Rarī Berunarudo) is a junior middleweight boxer who fought and lost to Mamoru Takamura by knockout on the opening round during the latter's first WBC junior middleweight title defence.


Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Bernard at the press conference for his title match against Takamura.

With a match set for Bernard to go against WBA junior middleweight champion Mamoru Takamura, Bernard went to the press conference for the fight. Bernard gave his comment about how he would fight and how he would take the belt home with him. Takamura's comment about how he planned to not take a single hit against Bernard made him angry and embarrassed. At the Ryōgoku Kokugikan as the match was about to begin, Bernard wanted to get even at Takamura for looking down on him.

Bernard getting downed.

As the match began, Bernard immediately tried to attack Takamura. While Bernard was about to throw a punch, Takamura performed a Look Away while also turning his whole body around to try and fool Bernard into looking away. Bernard wasn't fooled and hit Takamura instead, breaking Takamura's no-hit promise. Afterwards, all of Bernard's punches were dodged and Bernard was knocked down after being hit with two rights. The referee quickly stopped the fight without a count, resulting in Bernard's loss.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
24 LOSS 20-4-0 1995-04-28 Japan.png Mamoru Takamura Tokyo, Japan 1(12), 0:49 TKO "KING OF HAWK"
WBC Junior Middleweight Title Match


He has sharp eyes, dark brown skin, a neatly trimmed beard, and a muscular, well-built body.


Bernard shows as a gutsy and confident person when being interviewed at the press conference for the main event of WBC junior middleweight title. He is also a serious person, as shown in the fight with Takamura.

Boxing Abilities



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