This page contains a list of the issues of Weekly Shōnen Magazine that Hajime no Ippo appeared in. The magazine goes on official sale in Japan on Wednesday each week unless there is a Holiday. During Holiday times (Christmas, New Years, Golden Week in late April, and now Mountain Day or Obon Festival in August that became an official holiday in 2016) Weekly Shonen Magazine release a double issue that covers 2 weeks.

Note: Issues are released about two weeks before cover date.

Note: Break might mean Morikawa Jouji is taking a vacation, health related issue, or researching.

Weekly Shonen Magazine

Notable Issues

WSM - Issue 43 - 1989 - First Issue of Hajime no Ippo

Issue 43, 1989 of WSM with Hni Debut

  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 43, 1989 was the first issue that Hajime no Ippo debut, where Ippo appeared on the cover.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 16, 2008 and Weekly Shōnen Sunday Issue 16, 2008 featured Makunouchi Ippo on the cover shaking hands with Conan Edogawa (of Detective Conan) as part of a collaboration plan commemorating the 50th anniversary of both magazines.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 20, 2008 featured a special event in which the main characters of Ashita No Joe, Joe Yabuki and Hajime no Ippo, Makunouchi Ippo played a match on a computer simulation. The abilities values of both characters were adjusted to be in the same weightclass, where it was set under the supervision of Tetsuya Chiba (mangaka of Ashita No Joe) and Morikawa Jouji. See Ippo vs. Joe for more details.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 16, 2009 featured Makunouchi Ippo and various of characters from other WSM series appearing on the cover wearing boxing gear and taking a fighting stance while promoting the 100th volume release for Hajime no Ippo.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 1, 2013 featured Makunouchi Ippo on the cover promoting Hajime no Ippo reaching Round 1000. Various mangaka sent tributes honouring the event.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine Issue 1, 2014 was the magazine's 55th celebration featuring Makunouchi Ippo along side other characters from WSM series.
  • Weekly Shonen Magazine Issue 42 and Issue 43, 2019 celebrated 30 years of the series serialization featuring various coloured pages and tributes from other mangaka. The Cover of Issue 42 shown Makunouchi Ippo on it copying the Volume 1 cover.


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