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Malcolm Gedo (マルコム・ゲドー, Marukomu Gedō) is a featherweight professional boxer from the Philippines and the former reigning featherweight national champion of his home country. He is known as "The Magician" for his various tricks and deceptive tactics. He was introduced as the second Asian champion Makunouchi Ippo faced in the Survival Match of Asian Champions Saga.


Prior to his boxing career, Gedo was raised in a miserable life of poverty, being forced to pickpocket just to survive. However, one such effort proved to be disastrous for Gedo, as his actions earned him a bullet to the shoulder and midsection. Traumatised by this event, Gedo swore to himself that he would never be stricken by poverty again, and took up boxing to achieve a life of wealth.

Though Gedo once had the spirit of a true boxer, and had ambitions of reaching the world stage by challenging the OPBF, his hopes and dreams of getting to the world stage were soon shattered after a crushing defeat against fellow Filipino boxer Randy Boy Junior. Soon thereafter, Gedo had become a shallow scam artist, and thus was only focused on earning as much money as possible, even if he were to sacrifice his boxing pride like throwing matches for money.

Gedo fighting Fukui.

Gedo went to Japan for his match against the seventh JBC ranker Fukui Kyosuke. At the weigh-in, Gedo tried to make a deal with Fukui's coach, Tsukahara, to throw the match for money, however, Tsukahara refused. However, on the day of the match before the match began, Gedo was able to make a deal with Kurita Baron, who was one of Fukui's trainers, to throw the match by having Fukui win by decision. When Gedo fought Fukui, he lost by decision without making it blatantly obvious, surprisingly even Fukui.


Part II

Winner Takes All Arc

Gedo talking to Kamogawa about the prize money for his match against Ippo.

Gedo had an upcoming match against the JBC featherweight champion Makunouchi Ippo. Gedo arrived to Japan early to go to the Kamogawa gym to talk with Kamogawa Genji and Yagi Haruhiko about the match. However, he only made Kamogawa furious when he wanted to talk only about the money and mispronounced Ippo's name on purpose. Upon asking how much money will be going into the match, Kamogawa claimed it would be one million yen before raising it to two million yen when Gedo asked him to repeat it. Kamogawa's conditions for the match was that it would be in one month at the Kōrakuen Hall in a winner takes all. Gedo gleefully accepted and, when he opened the office door, Ippo fell down since he was leaning on it to listen to the conversation. Gedo helped Ippo up off the floor, not knowing who he was.

Gedo accepting Ippo's offer of an extra five hundred thousand yen if he defeats him by knockout.

Later, Gedo went to the Kōrakuen Hall for the weigh-in, where he weighed over the limit due to having something heavy in his clothes. He tried to get Kamogawa to pay him thirty thousand yen, promising to lose more pounds in time for the reweigh-in, however, Kamogawa saw the scheme and had him take his clothes off and weigh himself again, which he passed. Kamogawa offered another five hundred thousand yen if he wins by knockout, raising the prize money to two million, five hundred thousand yen. Gedo went to the ring, telling Ippo to come see him. Gedo offered a deal to Ippo, where he would let Ippo win by knockout for three million yen. Ippo refused, and wanted Gedo to take boxing seriously, since one mistake can make one lose their life. Gedo revealed to him how he was shot twice when he pickpocketed in the streets when he was young and poor, making him believe that the boxing ring is the safest place in the world. Ippo offered Gedo an extra five hundred thousand yen if he defeats him by knockout, making Gedo to be able to win three million yen if he wins by knockout.

Gedo using his disappearing tactic against Ippo.

The next day, Gedo went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his match against Ippo. At the ring as the match was about to start, Gedo offered to let Ippo win for another five hundred thousand yen, however, Ippo only glared at him. When the match began, Gedo was immediately attacked and went down after he was grazed at his temple from a left hook. When Gedo got up, he began to use a trick against Ippo by holding his fist out at Ippo's eye level, then with Ippo's attention on his fist and throwing a punch, Gedo escaped into Ippo's blind spot, seemingly disappearing to Ippo. Ippo caught on near the end of the first round by watching Gedo's feet when he pulled the trick. Gedo was hit by a body blow once Ippo managed to track him, and avoided a follow-up punch as the first round ended. At the corner, when Gedo admitted that Ippo's punches are dangerous and wanted to avoid direct hits, he was asked by his coach if he will be able to dodge his punches, to which Gedo answered that he is the magician. As Gedo got ready for the second round, he told his seconds that they would get 20% of the prize money.

Gedo hitting Ippo with a right uppercut.

In the second round, just when Ippo began to gauge Gedo's punching range and figured out his trick from the first round, Gedo used his trick where it makes it seem like his arm is extending to the opponent, hitting Ippo outside his usual punching range. Gedo continued to hit Ippo with lefts using his extending arm trick until the second round ended. In the third round, Gedo had to keep away from Ippo, who aimed to do dual exchanges with him in order to land a hit. After Ippo managed to get Gedo off balance, Ippo go into a favourable range for himself. However, Gedo hit Ippo with a right uppercut when Ippo was trying to hit him. The third round ended shortly after Gedo hit Ippo with his extending punch trick as Ippo tried for another dual exchange. At the corner, when Gedo noted how strong Ippo is, his coach asked him if he thinks that he doesn't think he can win by knockout, however, Gedo claimed he will be able to. Gedo kept hitting Ippo with counters, extending punches, and uppercuts when he got close from the fourth to the sixth round while avoiding getting a direct hit from Ippo.

Gedo getting hit by the Heart Break Shot.

In the seventh round, Gedo kept Ippo from getting close to him by hitting him with lefts, however, Ippo was able to close in once he kept his neck tight and deflected a left. After missing his close range right uppercut, Gedo got hit by a liver blow. The punch did not stop Gedo's movements as it only grazed him, leading Ippo to charge forward with his neck tight against Gedo's lefts again. When Ippo got to Gedo's chest again, Gedo's right uppercut was perfectly dodged, however, Gedo quickly blocked his chin and body. Gedo's heart was aimed at, and he was hit with a Heart Break Shot. Gedo's time wasn't stopped long enough, as Ippo's follow-up punch only grazed Gedo, however, Gedo immediately backed himself into the ropes from fear after seeing Ippo's punch. Ippo got to Gedo's chest and delivered two body blows as Gedo blocked his heart by reflex. As Gedo retreated, Ippo became unable keep his neck tense and his vision became distorted. After Gedo kept hitting Ippo with lefts and Ippo's eyes got swollen shut, the seventh round ended. At the corner, Gedo believed that he won't b covering his heart by instinct anymore, as he still has some magic left that will prevent Ippo from getting too close to him.

Gedo getting defeated.

In the eighth round, Gedo hit Ippo with a left as Ippo charged toward him. It made Ippo stop in his tracks, as Gedo's punches became more damaging due to him clinching his fist and not extending his range with unclenched fists and loose-fitted gloves. Gedo forced Ippo to the ropes by punching his guard. Once he broke the guard, Gedo landed a left, however, his follow-up punches were dodged. Gedo was hit with multiple body blows until he was pushed to the ropes. As Gedo blocked Ippo's barrage of punches, Gedo saw a counter chance and hit Ippo with a counter. Gedo missed with a right uppercut when Ippo went back to his chest, and was hit with a liver blow that caused him to go down. As Gedo got up, he realised that he covered his heart by instinct once again, as he was more scared than he ever felt from a punch that wasn't coming, coming to a conclusion that the ring is not an office for a business or a stage for a magic show, it is war. After landing hits on Ippo's block and getting hit with a right, Gedo's fist collided with Ippo's, with Gedo's fist being flung away. Gedo almost went down from a right before both boxers hit each other in a dual exchange. Gedo was hit with combinations until he goes down from a right uppercut. The referee immediately ended the match, resulting in Gedo's loss.

Red Lightning Arc

Gedo meeting Ippo after their match.

After going to the doctor's office at the Kōrakuen Hall after his defeat against Ippo, he met the latter and Kamogawa as he walked out. When Kamogawa offered Gedo and his coach the fight money they would have received if it was not a winner takes all, they gleefully took it. After claiming that he would still do his extending punch trick, Ippo asked if he would still offer to throw matches, which he answered that he still would. Ippo was confused as to why he would, as he expressed how strong Gedo was and asked if he ever wanted to be a world champion. Gedo mentioned that he did, but figured it would be impossible to after coming across Randy Boy Junior, warning Ippo that he may come across him if he went for the world title. As Gedo walked away from the venue, he asked his seconds if he put up a good fight, since he doesn't remember. After seeing their reaction, Gedo decided to focus on coming up with a new magic trick.

10 Months in the Making Arc

Gedo fighting Antonio.

About a year later after his match with Ippo, Gedo fought in a Filipino featherweight title defence match against Antonio Guevara. Gedo tried his best to regroup after a down in the first round, but he lost his rhythm and the moment turned against him, as he had trouble using his left since Antonio was a southpaw. The match ended with a decision loss for Gedo, making him lose his title to Antonio.

Later, when Antonio had an upcoming match against Ippo, one of Antonio's trainers went to Gedo to get information about Ippo, however, Gedo ended up scamming them for money that the trainer did not have.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS Unknown 1998 Philippines.png Antonio Guevara Philippines 10(10), 3:00 Decision Filipino Featherweight Title Defence Match
33 LOSS 22-7-4 1997-02-15 Japan.pngMakunouchi Ippo Tokyo, Japan 8(10), 2:37 TKO "WINNER TAKES ALL'"
Main Event
32 LOSS 22-6-4 1996-11 Japan.png Fukui Kyōsuke Miyagi, Japan 10(10), 3:00 Decision Fixed Match
? LOSS Unknown 19XX Philippines.png Randy Boy Jr. Manilla, Philippines ?(12) KO First Real Loss


Gedo's appearance.

Gedo possesses a muscular but flexible dark skin toned body He is depicted as a bald man with eyes that are low in depth, giving him a mocking yet menacing look in addition to his fearsome reputation. Gedo has prominent cheekbones. He also sports a scar on both his left shoulder and midsection from bullet wounds he received before initiating his boxing career.


Gedo is an insanely greedy individual and is completely shameless in his attempts to gull or swindle other characters for their money. His exploitative nature is usually played to extreme altitudes and he will happily accept bribe money to throw his own fights. Gedo is noticeably one of the few antagonists in the series to not turn a new leaf after fighting Ippo, (such as Sawamura Ryūhei or Jimmy Sisphar) as he openly admits that he will continue swindling and scamming other people, upsetting the latter. Despite his ill-natured behaviour, his desire for money stemmed from a traumatic event in his childhood in which he was shot for stealing money to survive; Gedo from then on swore to never be stricken by poverty ever again, an oath that he has obviously taken to over-exaggerated lengths. Everything has a price to him and he sees the ring as just another place for business. When pressured in the later rounds against Ippo however, Gedo shows genuine fighting spirit, something he had lost after his fight with Randy Boy Junior.

Boxing Abilities

Gedo is highly intelligent and an unorthodox Out-Boxer who relies on tricks to confuse his opponent. He is known as "The Magician" for his tricks inside the ring and is known to wear his left glove with the strings loosened in order to throw a jab with an unclenched fist, giving off the impression that his reach is longer due to the glove's momentum with every punch. However, when pushed, he has shown great fighting spirit and real boxing skill.



Although he is regarded as a boxer with all parameters above-average, he has no outstanding physical strengths and endurance.


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