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Mamoru Takamura (鷹村守, Takamura Mamoru) is the deuteragonist in Hajime no Ippo. He is a multi-weight class professional boxer and the WBC super middleweight champion affiliated with the Kamogawa gym.

Takamura has a personal quest to conquer six weight classes, from junior middleweight to heavyweight. His quest began after becoming the JBC middleweight champion, where he moved down and became the WBC junior middleweight champion. He then moved back up to the middleweight class and became the unified WBC and WBA middleweight champion. After many defences, Takamura advanced to the super middleweight class, becoming the WBC champion of the class.


Early Life

Takamura injuring rugby fans after they insulted his brother.

Takamura was the estranged middle son of the famous Takamura Enterprises, supported by his older sister Kyōka and younger brother Wataru. His eldest brother, Suguru, a former rugby standoff, constantly belittled his vast boxing accomplishments and carried on the stigma that Mamoru is simply a thug that thrives on beating up others. One time during Suguru's rugby game, his team was crushed and fans were insulting him, and that was when Takamura injured about 20 of the fans, making Suguru's team penalised with a year suspension. Despite his family's impressive wealth, Takamura would later live off of his own earnings as a pro boxer.

Becoming a Boxer

Kamogawa encounters Takamura.

As Genji Kamogawa was walking the streets of Tokyo one night, he witnessed a brutal beating being dealt to a number of delinquents by Takamura. Kamogawa took it as nothing but a senseless fight between delinquents until Takamura unknowingly executed a pro-class punch right in front of him. Takamura is then stopped by Kamogawa before proceeding with the fight as he did not want him to kill anybody. After being body checked by the coach, Takamura is then offered to box at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Takamura did not like the idea of fighting with rules, but decided to do it to "kill some time."

In the anime, Takamura was taken to the gym and immediately began working the bag, leaving Miyata's father, Haruhiko Yagi, Shinoda, and Kamogawa in awe. He is then taken to run a course as guided by Kamogawa. Takamura had only desired to hit people and bailed on the Kamogawa gym shortly after. Kamogawa, not sure if Takamura would show up of his own free will, showed up at his house for several days ready to train him. Along with roadwork and pulling his scooter, Kamogawa forbade Takamura from using his right fist and to only work the bag with his left fist, going so far as to tape his right fist to his body. Kamogawa ended up getting sick from waiting on Takamura in the rain one day and did not not show up the day after, much to Takamura's pleasure.

Takamura's first victory.

He, however, decided to train himself of his own free will after being forced to do it prior to Kamogawa's absence. After days of training, Takamura had his first match set up for him in three months. Takamura had a hard time dealing with this as he faced against a pro straight out of high school. However, once in the ring, Takamura realised how the training has affected him and knocks out his opponent in under a minute. It is then that Takamura declared to take Kamogawa to the world.

While Baron Kurita was in the Kamogawa gym, Takamura was the only one around his weight class to spar with since Baron was a junior middleweight. Takamura gleefully waited in the ring to spar with him every day until Baron quit boxing before his debut match, complaining of a stomach ache.[2]

Encounter with Aoki and Kimura

Takamura facing off against Aoki and Kimura

After his second match,[3] Takamura met a delinquent from the south high Masaru Aoki in an arcade where Takamura was attacked by getting his head smashed through an arcade screen. Takamura quickly retaliated and defeated Aoki with wrestling moves. Takamura later quit the Imanishi North High School and was supposed to be taken home with fellow gym member Ichirō Miyata to avoid getting into fights. However, Takamura heard fighting near by and inspected the scene where he saw delinquents Aoki and Tatsuya Kimura getting beaten up by a group of Takamura's former class mates. Takamura made the group flee to stop them from attacking the two. Takamura was then drawn into fighting Aoki and Kimura due to them being angered that he stopped the brawl. Takamura quickly defeated the two delinquents despite promising to not use his fists in the street.

When Aoki and Kimura joined the Kamogawa gym with the goal to hit Takamura at least once, Takamura decided to let them spar against him everyday, making them train harder to achieve their goal, resulting in them getting stronger and eventually, they land a scratch on Takamura's face. Takamura then helped them win in their debut matches, with Takamura being the only one who could bring Kimura back to his senses when he was nervous. Despite Takamura teasing them about barely winning their debut match, his influence on the two made them continue boxing with the goal of one day defeating him.


Part I

Early Days Arc

Takamura showing Ippo the leaf catching test.

During road work, Takamura saw high school student Ippo Makunouchi getting beaten by Masahiko Umezawa and his friends. Takamura intervened, driving the bullies away and reluctantly taking an unconscious Ippo to the gym. There, he expressed his disliking for both bullies and those who simply let themselves be bullied. In order to make the frustrated Ippo feel better before leaving, he taught him how to do a straight and encouraged him to defend himself next time. Noticing his well-built body and incredible strength, Takamura gave Ippo a video showing a collection of Mike Tyson's knockouts, in an attempt to encourage him to practice boxing as a way of learning self-defence and relieve his stress.

After these events, Ippo asked Takamura to help him become a professional boxer instead of just simply a continuous student at the gym. Disturbed at the idea of someone taking boxing lightly, Takamura presented Ippo with a challenge; if he can catch ten falling leaves from a tree with his jabs within one week, Takamura would agree to help him.

Takamura as a referee.

After Ippo successfully passed the test, Takamura gave him a training menu to follow for a month before taking him to the gym. After introducing Ippo to the gym, Takamura is scolded by Genji Kamogawa, who thought Ippo was not boxing material. They ultimately decided to let Ippo spar against boxing prodigy, Ichirō Miyata, in order to determine whether or not he has a future in the sport. Takamura served as Ippo's second during the fight, advising him on different strategies and moves that got Ippo to the third round before being knocked out. Despite losing, they were able to gain the Kamogawa's approval and Ippo becomes a member of the gym. Takamura then served as the referee for Ippo and Miyata's second spar, which ended in Miyata's defeat. Afterwards, Miyata left the gym in order to face Ippo in the professional ring.

Debut Arc

Takamura fighting Hirano.

Due to Ippo losing his drive with Miyata being gone, Kamogawa had him train with Takamura for one week. During the week, Takamura took Ippo to his house, explaining how he got invited to the gym and started boxing. The day before Takamura's match, he told Ippo, who hasn't seen a match in real-time, that he would show him a pro's match. Takamura's JBC middleweight class match against third rank Kazuhiko Hirano commenced, and despite the harsh diet and training, Takamura won the match with a knockout, getting ranked first in Japan.

One month later, Takamura watched as Ippo and Ryō Mashiba win their pro test and was surprised seeing Mashiba's abilities. Takamura showed Ippo a tape of Mashiba's pro debut as he explained the Flicker Jab. When Yūsuke Oda was announced as Ippo's first opponent, Takamura and the others went to the Chūka Soba as Aoki served them ramen. Aoki did fortune telling with cards and pulled a good card. Takamura later told Ippo that Aoki's fortune telling always has the opposite effect. Takamura watched Ippo's fight with Oda, then celebrated Ippo's pro debut win.

Rookie King Tournament: First Rounder Arc

Takamura, along with the others, celebrated Ippo's first year in the gym at the Chūka Soba. When Aoki told how his Rookie King Tournament went, Takamura pointed out that Aoki's opponent that beat him in the first match wasn't good. When Jason Ozuma is announced as Ippo's first opponent in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Takamura and the others believed it to not be his real name until his profile was shown to be American. After learning that Ozuma is an African American, he had Aoki paint himself black in order to help Ippo. After hearing about Ozuma's powerful hook, Kamogawa had Takamura to help Ippo with dodging hooks. He accepted the request and began throwing hooks for Ippo to dodge until he successfully dodged one. Takamura then watched Ippo's match against Ozuma.

Takamura watching the fireworks the night of the training camp.

Takamura and Ippo watched Miyata's fight against Teruhiko Takada. After Miyata won, Takamura noted Miyata's growth. Takamura, along with the rest of the Kamogawa group, went to the training camp at the beach. There, everyone trained by running in the sand, sparring, and shadow boxing. When Takamura noticed Ippo's weak point, Takamura showed his bare foot to Ippo to show him his blister. He explained that Ippo needed to work on his feet to boost his speed performance. On the final night at the training camp, Takamura stated that the Japanese title is just a stepping stone and that his final goal is the world champion title. When he and the others got back to the gym, Haruhiko Yagi showed everyone the poster of Takamura match against the Japanese middleweight champion and Ippo's match against Kenta Kobashi.

Takamura wearing the belt after beating the Japanese middleweight champion.

When the day of Takamura's match against the Japanese middleweight champion arrived, the match commenced. Despite an organised cheering squad being there for the champion, Takamura had the support of most attendants. Motivated by his dream of achieving a world title and returning with the JBC belt to Kamogawa, Takamura quickly rushed to his opponent as soon as the bell rung, but was hit by a counter, thus touching the canvas for the first time in his career. With the help of hearing Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura calling his name, he got up at the count of eight, and viciously knocked the champion out by shattering his jaw. After being crowned, he celebrated his and Ippo's win that night at the Sugar Ray. Takamura walked with Ippo to his house, before Ippo leaves, he was about to give his thanks to him for cheering, instead he encouraged Ippo to get the Rookie King title.

Rookie King Tournament: Finals Arc

Takamura with the others, discussing the next matches.

While Ippo trained for his match with Ryūichi Hayami, Takamura, Kimura, and Ippo ate at Chūka Soba with Aoki serving them as they discuss Ippo and Aoki's upcoming match. When Aoki mentioned that he was nervous, Ippo tried to comfort him, but Takamura reminded him to focus on Hayami's match that is before Aoki's. Prior to Aoki's match, Takamura noted how the venue was filled with a lot of females. When he saw Ippo sitting next to a female, Takamura made him move in order to make him focus on Hayami's match. When Hayami entered, the females started cheering for Hayami, which made Takamura angry. He decided to cheer for Hayami's opponent instead. After Hayami won, all the females left before Aoki fought. Aoki then won his match.

The next day at the gym, Miyata visited to congratulate Takamura for becoming champion and Takamura began to discuss Aoki's match with him. Takamura joked that Hayami's might be more popular than Miyata with female fans, but Ippo believed something is wrong with females taste since he believed he would root for Miyata if he were a girl since he is cooler. After hearing that, Takamura warned Miyata to watch out because he believed Ippo was "homo". When Ippo tried to approach Miyata about it, Miyata kept his distance. While laughing, Takamura told Miyata to give Ippo some slack since he was trying hard to fight him in the finals.

Takamura betting on Miyata.

At Chūka Soba, Takamura, Kimura, and Aoki discussed Ippo's Rookie King tournament article in "Monthly Boxing Fan". He noticed Miyata, Hayami, and Mashiba had a big write up about them compared to Ippo's small one. Takamura mentioned that he was not surprised at it since Ippo's the Manbaken for it. Takamura then suggested to place a bet on who will win the tournament. Takamura picked Miyata, Kimura picked Hayami, and Takamura forced Aoki to pick Ippo. They then head to Ippo's home and meet Hiroko Makunouchi. She informed them that he was resting because of a fever. After seeing Ippo's practise and determination, Takamura realised that the Manbaken might end up coming around.

When the match between Ippo and Hayami began, there was a lot of cheering girls for it, which made Takamura mad. Over the course of the match, Takamura watched Ippo defeat Hayami. After the match, Ippo thanked everyone for their help in helping him beat Hayami. When he gets to Takamura, he could not think of anything which made Takamura angry and chase after him. The next day, when Takamura and Kamogawa were doing roadwork, they see Ippo training despite being injured, which motivated Takamura to train even harder. Later, Takamura attended Miyata's match against Mashiba with Ippo. During the course of the match, Takamura offered his insights about it to Ippo. Eventually, Miyata lost the match due to Mashiba's foul when he stepped on Miyata's foot.

Takamura stopping Ippo from punching the sandbag.

After the match, he discussed the result of the match with Minoru Fujii. Takamura knew that Ippo only had Miyata on his mind and was able to reach the finals because Miyata was still there. He began to worry about Ippo when he realised his goal was now lost. The next day, when Takamura returned from roadwork, he found Ippo still punching a sandbag. He yelled at Ippo and ordered him to stop, fearing that he damaged his fists. When it appeared that his fist was damaged, Kamogawa ordered Ippo that he is not allowed to use his fists until they heal.

Takamura hitting Aoki after he lost the bet.

After Ippo heard that Mashiba was Kumi Mashiba's brother he told Takamura, who then told Aoki and Kimura. After the trio teased Ippo about the situation, Fujii appeared in the gym and revealed info about Mashiba's past. After listening to their story, Ippo sympathised with it, but could not forgive Mashiba for what he did to Miyata. Takamura thought Ippo got over Miyata, but he now witnessed how deep Ippo's anger toward Mashiba was, where he was putting so much effort into practice in order to defeat Mashiba in the ring. When Kamogawa believed to have found Mashiba's weakness with the Hitman Style, Takamura wondered how Ippo would take advantage of it with his difference in reach between them since Mashiba's arm reach was close to his own. When the match between Ippo and Mashiba began, Takamura watched the match. After the match resulted in Ippo's win, Aoki realised he won the bet, causing Takamura to punch him in the face (in the anime, he kicked him in the back of the head), knocking him out and hoping that he would forget about it.

Rocky of Naniwa Arc

Takamura sparring against Sendō, getting hit with a Smash.

While Takeshi Sendō was visiting the Kamogawa gym, Takamura, who wanted to know where Aoki was, went to the shower room and mistook Sendō for Aoki. After making a scene, Takamura gave Sendō his autograph. When Kamogawa left the gym to look for boxers in Thailand for Takamura, he became fired up and wanted to spar. Sendō then offered to spar, despite being six weight classes under. During the spar, he made Takamura angry when he purposely hit him with an elbow. Takamura was then surprised when Sendō used the Smash on him and got hit. Takamura then quickly knocked Sendō out. After Sendō woke up, he left the gym for Osaka. When Takamura heard from Aoki that Ippo had a female doctor named Tomoko Yamaguchi, Takamura teased him about it with Kimura and Aoki. Later, when Kamogawa returned to the gym, he had Takamura do stamina exercise, which put him in an awkward position. When Yamaguchi appeared, Takamura's drive for the exercise went up when he was able to see under her skirt in the position. When Yamaguchi left just as Takamura finished the exercise, he got mad at Ippo for being slow.

Takamura gets hit by a counter from Kamogawa.

Two days before Ippo's match against Sendō, Takamura arrived to the Ishino gym in Osaka along with the rest of the Kamogawa gym. Takamura watched as Ippo sparred with lightweight class Komori, which ended early due to Ippo being unable to hit with his right. Takamura gave Ippo advice about the time he sprained his right wrist and still won in what was his fastest time in his match history. When the day of the match arrived, Takamura went to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium and watched Ippo fight Sendō, where Ippo would later win, becoming the Rookie King. Takamura attended Ippo's celebration party at the Plum Village, which ended early due to Takamura knocking out Kamogawa after getting countered.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

Takamura defeating Bonchai.

The Kamogawa gym had a promotional event coming up starring Takamura, Kimura, and Aoki having a match on the same day at the Kōrakuen Hall. Because of this, a big group of newcomers joined the gym. This caused Takamura to test them by making them partake in the roadwork the gym members do. At the end, only one remained in the end, Naomichi Yamada, later nicknamed "Geromichi" by Takamura due to him throwing up on Ippo after the roadwork and also was a fan of Ippo. On the day of his match, Takamura, while waiting for his match to begin, met the JBC featherweight champion, Eiji Date, who was talking with Ippo. During the conversation, hearing Date call Ippo "cute", Takamura noted that Ippo's punches were not so "cute", making Date request for Ippo to come to his gym to "play". Once Takamura's non-title match against the second ranker in Thailand, Bonchai Chuwatana began, Takamura defeated him by knockout in the third round.

Takamura getting hit after lying about Ippo's spar with Date.

One month later, when Ippo's right fist became fully healed, Date sent a request to the Kamogawa gym to have Ippo spar with him at the Nakadai gym. Three days later, Takamura went with Ippo to the gym by train. Upon arrival to nearest stop, Takamura remembered that he had a date and left Ippo with Yamada to go to his date. When he got back to the Kamogawa gym, he told everyone an exaggerated fake story on how Ippo lost against Date. When Ippo later told everyone the truth, Kamogawa got angered with Takamura, chasing him away. Later, while Ippo was training for his upcoming match against Keigo Okita, Takamura began making comments on how since Miyata left, Ippo started going after many other males, now wanting to fight Date, making Takamura wonder if Ippo thought about Miyata and Yamada's feelings. Takamura then hit Ippo after not getting an answer. Later, Takamura watched Ippo's match against the fifth ranker in the JBC, Okita, which ended in Ippo's win.

Speed Star Arc

Kimura greeting Kumiko.

Due to a new boxing boom, a television station visited the Kamogawa gym in order to capture how the youth put their hopes in boxing. The interviewer was the idol, Kumiko Morita. After the event, the television crew left the gym. When the event got shown on television where Takamura and the others got interviewed, Takamura noticed that Ippo sent a challenge to the champion Date over a national broadcast. He also witnessed seeing the interview at the Otowa gym where Russian boxer Alexander Volg Zangief claimed to want Date's belt. When Yamada left the gym for his Pro Test, Takamura went along with him to the Kōrakuen Hall. When Yamada won the Pro Test match, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura "lectured" two people that were making comments about Yamada while he was fighting.

When Takamura came back to the gym, Kamogawa and Yagi announced the entry list for the Class A Tournament. Takamura then invited Ippo, Aoki, Kimura, and Yamada to go to the annual training camp to prepare for the tournament, and for Yamada to catch up to Aoki and Kimura. At the training camp, due to Ippo's mother's illness, Ippo could not go to the training camp nor has he visited the gym in a week, making Takamura and the others to speculate that Ippo may be retiring. When Takamura and the others returned to the gym, they were surprised to see Ippo there and that he was not retiring. Takamura then sparred with Ippo as a welcoming ceremony, knocking him down.

Takamura celebrating at the Gaiant Echo.

On the day of the first round of the Class A Tournament, Takamura watched Ippo, Volg, Aoki, and Kimura win their matches in the tournament. After their matches, Takamura took Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura to the Gaiant Echo karaoke to celebrate. There, Takamura decided to sing the song "Champion". Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura then joined to sing the song along with Takamura.

White Fang Arc

After leaving the karaoke, Yamada left the group, thanking the group for everything. When Aoki wondered why he thanked everyone, Takamura told the group that he has something to tell them that he was told not to bother them about as they had matches. Takamura took Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura to his house and revealed to them that Yamada would be leaving in two days. It was then decided to throw a Kamogawa-styled farewell party. Two days later, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura waited for Yamada in the gym's basement for the party. When Yamada arrived, as the farewell party was a sparring session with Yamada against Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura, Takamura sparred against Yamada where he easily won, he however noted Yamada's growth from the training camp. After the farewell party, Takamura saw Yamada off as he left the gym to leave Tokyo. Later, while at home, Takamura was visited by Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura where Aoki and Kimura soon leave after Takamura teased Aoki about holding his belt. As Ippo wondered why Takamura teased Aoki about something he wanted, Takamura claimed that it was his way of encouraging him as he told Ippo that his optimistic cheering would not work for Aoki and Kimura. When the day for the Class A Tournament semifinals arrived, Takamura watched Aoki and Kimura's matches where they both lost. Seeing this, Ippo was shocked on how despite how hard they trained, they lost. Takamura then told him that there could only be one winner, no matter how hard they work, with victory and defeat being like light and dark. Takamura then visited Aoki and Kimura after the match and told them that it was their best match yet.

Later, as Ippo trained for a new technique to go against Volg, Takamura visited Ippo at the Swimming Club, where Ippo was doing squats in the pool. Takamura then noted the advantages of doing squats in the pool. When Ippo was ready to use the technique, Takamura witnessed the new technique called the "Gazelle Punch". As the Class A Tournament finals arrived, Takamura and Date were guests for commentary, Takamura bet on Ippo while Date bet on Volg. When Ippo won the match, Takamura became angry as he noticed Date had left before he handed Takamura the money for the bet.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Takamura with Megumi after the bowling competition.

Takamura, along with Aoki and Kimura checked on Ippo at the Kawai Hospital. After greeting him as he just woke up, they proceed to take his urine, as they had done for the past three days until Ippo runs out the hospital room in fear. When nurse Reiko left, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura ask her about the group date they had set, and became excited when she confirmed that she gathered three other women for the date. When Ippo got out of the hospital, he was invited to the group date with Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura. The four boxers then had a bowling competition where the first place winner would be able to pick first for the woman they wanted to go out with. In the end, Takamura picked Megumi. The date ended with Megumi running away from Takamura after he tried to get her into a love hotel, which was made into a newspaper article. The following morning, Takamura lied to Ippo and Kimura when he claimed to have went home early due to the Champion Carnival. Kamogawa revealed the dates for his and Ippo's Champion Carnival and then showed Takamura a newspaper article on what happened with Takamura's date, calling him the pervert king. Wanting to change the subject, Takamura attempted to make fun of Aoki, assuming he was rejected, by having Ippo call him. However, everyone at the gym became shocked as Aoki's date, Tomiko answered instead.

Later, Takamura showed Ippo a magazine containing Date's match from six years ago against the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martínez where Date lost in two rounds. After telling Ippo the details about Date, Takamura asked how Ippo will fight him, which Ippo claimed to just throw everything he has at him. Takamura later attended a training camp at Izu for his title defence. When the weigh-in commenced, Takamura was overweight by 200g. Takamura attempted to shed off the last bit for the next weigh-in by running. Seeing that the exercise did not work, he went to a sauna along with Ippo. Takamura explained to Ippo in the sauna that champions have a special power and to watch him, as he will show Ippo the power of a champion, shortly passing out from the heat. Takamura barely passed the final weigh-in and went to the ring to challenge the first ranker, Atsushi Tamaki.

Takamura defeating Tamaki.

When the match began, Takamura had trouble against Tamaki, unable to leave the ropes and got hit by Tamaki's finishing right straight, however he still stood up, with the first round ending shortly after. Wishing to continue being Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki's goal, Takamura vowed to win. When the second round began, Takamura was pushed back to the ropes by a barrage of punches to his block before getting hit in the face multiple times. Takamura lost consciousness after a right. After coming back to consciousness, he was surprised that Tamaki did not attack him while he was open. Takamura used eye feints, confusing Tamaki until Tamaki began attacking Takamura again. After Takamura got hit many times and seemed like he might lose, Takamura made a comeback with a combination of successful punches until Tamaki goes down. A win was then declared for Takamura, defending his title for the third time.

Takamura explaining the fists of a champion.

After a interview in the ring that ended poorly due to the news about him being rejected from his date, he walked home with Ippo. During the walk Takamura was asked if his punches were weak as Date told him earlier. Takamura, seeing that Ippo took Date's words out of context thinking it was about the power of his punches, explained to Ippo about the champion's fists being heavy due to everyone's feelings being collected into a champion's fist. Later, Aoki brought Tomiko to the Kamogawa gym. Aoki then had Tomiko use tarot cards for fortune telling, with Takamura not believing Tomiko's fortune telling. When Tomiko was about to correctly tell what Takamura was doing after his match, Takamura urged her to stop. Takamura then watched as Tomiko was about to see how Ippo's match against Date would go. The fortune telling session then ended before the result came up due to Kamogawa interrupted it and kicked them out.

Takamura then watched Ippo's match against Date, where Ippo would have his first loss. After the match, Aoki and Kimura asked Takamura to consider Ippo's feelings on his first loss, instead of rubbing it in. When Takamura met Ippo, he congratulated him, surprising everyone. But immediately after, used their reactions as an excuse to humiliate Ippo, and Kamogawa kicked him out of the room.

Road Back Arc

A week after Ippo had not come to the gym so that his injuries could heal, Takamura heard from Aoki that Ippo went out on a date with Kumi. That caused Takamura to yell at Ippo, who was peeking into the gym's windows, until Takamura heard that Ippo came to request the video of his title match against Date, which Takamura let him watch in his house. That night, when Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura walked to his house and noticed Ippo still watching the video, Takamura decided that they should kill some time at a game centre, not wanting to go to the "haunted room". Later, when Ippo came back to the gym, he heard from Fujii that, due to Volg's second loss in a row, the Otowa gym was cutting ties with Volg, with him getting sent back to Russia the same day. With Ippo disappointed by the event, Takamura handed Ippo money (from Aoki's wallet) for a taxi to the Narita Terminal 1 where Volg was being sent back by air travel.

Takamura's method of deciding the match order by picking straws.

Later, when Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura were talking about their comeback matches, Takamura wondered who was going to be the main event. Aoki and Kimura began arguing over who should be the main event. Takamura then decided to settle the match order by drawing straws. After the three drew straws, Aoki was decided to be the main event. Aoki excitedly called Tomiko about it, however, as she told everyone at the hospital about it, Kamogawa entered the gym and revealed the actual order being Aoki as the opener and Ippo as the main event. After Ippo's training session for Ponchai Chuwatana, Ippo explained to Takamura that Kamogawa was focusing on regaining his lost stamina from the break and strengthening his defence more. Takamura warned Ippo that if he loses, it would be the second loss in a row, making it possible that Ippo could be dropped out of the gym just like Volg and he would be far behind Date and Miyata.

Takamura noticed Kimura was fired up, which Kimura claimed it was because Reiko told him that she would bring a friend and come support him. Aoki then entered the gym after telling Tomiko that he was in fact not the main event. The gym members were then shocked when Aoki revealed the frog-themed robe that she made for him. Aoki then ran off while laughing when everyone lied and said that it looked good on him. Later, while Ippo partook in Kamogawa's mitt training session, Kamogawa collapsed to the mat when he caught one of Ippo's punches with his mitt. Takamura went to the Kawai Hospital, where Kamogawa was taken. The doctor informed everyone that he fell because of overwork and to let him rest for two to three days. Takamura visited with Kamogawa daily to look after him. On the second day, Takamura put a Hitaikakushi on Kamogawa's head before leaving. Takamura began pranking the gym members, even drawing on the match posters while Kamogawa was away. When Kamogawa came back to the gym after being released from the hospital, Takamura looked down due to being unable to continue his antics. Takamura later watched Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura's matches where all three won.

Hot Rod Era Arc

Takamura listening to Aoki and Kimura talk about their past.

Takamura visited Ippo, where he found an album called "memories" which contained pictures of him during his school days. Takamura noticed a girl who he thought was cute, accidentally ripping the photo when he was going to take it out to show the others. He then found old dried leaves which were the ten leaves Ippo caught in order to become a boxer. The leaves then crumbled, making Ippo angry. Takamura and Ippo leave and go to Aoki's house. Takamura found an album in Aoki's house and laughed when he saw Aoki and Kimura in their delinquent days. Takamura, Ippo, and Aoki then go to Kimura's house where they were informed by his mother that he has a fever. When they entered Kimura's room, Takamura took advantage of Kimura's feelings and took his photos of Reiko for himself. When Ippo wanted to know about Aoki and Kimura's past, Takamura listened as they told Ippo about their delinquent past. After telling Ippo their story, Takamura teased the two by offering them to hit him, causing Aoki and Kimura to retaliate and hit Ippo for starting it.

Mountain Training Arc

Kamogawa gym arrives at the Pension Yoshio.

When Ippo came back to the gym, Takamura informed him that Kamogawa just got off the phone with the Naniwa Boxing Commission about the decision to let him and Sendō fight. With Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura questioning Sendō's schedule of having a match every two months, Takamura pointed out the advantages of a high-pace schedule, as long breaks may make a boxer more laid back while a high=pace schedule gives them a blade of concentration. After Kamogawa announced a difficult training camp for the gym, Takamura took Ippo to the Kōrakuen Hall where Date began fighting a fifth ranker in the WBA rankings. When Date won the match, Takamura visited him, commenting how the champion has no reason to fear him after his performance in the nine round match. When it was time to leave for the training camp, Takamura and the others got ready for the beach. However, Takamura was disheartened to learn that the gym would be going to the mountains where Kamogawa's friend is letting him use his pension. Upon arrival to the Pension Yoshio, Kamogawa's friend and rival, Ginpachi Nekota greeted everyone, knowing Takamura from sports magazines and video. At night, when Aoki and Kimura mentioned they had to run away from a bear and Nekota offered something to keep bears away, Takamura declined the offer, claiming that he would kill a bear for everyone to have a meal.

Takamura sparring with Ippo.

The next day, Takamura did roadwork with Aoki, Kimura, and Ippo. When he returned, leaving the three behind, Aoki and Kimura came back and urgently informed everyone that Ippo was getting attacked by a bear. However, the "bear" turned out to be Nekota's dog, Hachi. Kamogawa announced to everyone that they would be staying at the pension for a week and had Takamura run while carrying Yagi on his back. When Takamura was done with his training and went back to the house, Ippo told him that he heard of a way of punching without punching, which Takamura believed to know what it was. Later, Takamura listened as Kamogawa explained to everyone about Sakki, a feint with soul, and showed them pictures of him and Nekota in their boxing days. Seeing as Ippo was not understanding the difference between Sakki and a normal feint, Takamura decided to show him in a spar. When the spar began, Takamura used full swings as Ippo dodged. Takamura then used the Sakki, confusing Ippo as he felt he saw a punch coming but it did not come. Seeing that Ippo finally understood Sakki, Takamura stopped the spar. Aoki then got into the ring, think that he got the theory behind it, wanting to test it on Takamura. When Aoki ducked into the Frog Punch position, he asked Takamura if he could see him jumping. Takamura proceeded to kick him for joking around. Takamura then continued training for the day.

Takamura defeating a bear.

On the final day of the training camp, Takamura continued his training and was eventually left running by himself in the woods. He then encountered a bear. Takamura was then attacked by it and presided to be viciously beaten and lacerated by the bear's monstrous claws and arm strength. Despite his injures and inner doubt Takamura overcame both and the upper hand by counter-punching the bear's head while it tried to attack him, eventually after one last fatal blow Takamura knocked out the bear and to his own disbelief let out a massive victory cry while standing triumphant over the bear's corpse.

Takamura crying while eating bear nabe.

Takamura was surprised however to discover that the bear was still alive despite the sheer bludgeoning it took from his fists. Angered by it's stubbornness, Takamura prepared to kill it by stomping it's head. However, Takamura saw two young bear cubs staring innocently at their mother who Takamura realised he had beaten to near death. After seeing this, he let the bear alive but only out of respect for the mother and not sympathy for the cubs. He returned to the lodge where he received a scolding by Kamogawa for being so reckless that he got himself injured and a mocking by his friends believing that he lied about his story and that he actually chickened out and ran away, but they stopped after he threatened them and called them jealous liars as well as reminding them that ran away screaming from the same bear while doing roadwork just days prior. However, the rooms mood turned to joy when Nekota brought out bear nabe for everyone to eat. Takamura asked where he got it because that they didn't have any bear meat, to Nekota replied that he found a very injured bear surrounded by her two cubs in the woods. Takamura, realising this was the same bear that he fought became extremely angry and upset and yelled at him for killing the bear after he spared her, because he believed she deserved to live. Everyone looked at his face, shocked at how serious it was and slowly realise he was telling the truth. Distraught by this truth Takamura broke down crying while proclaiming that only he would eat the bear out in respect, screaming in agony while he does.

Takamura fired up after hearing news about a world match.

The next day, they said their goodbyes and went back to the gym. After they get back to the gym, Takamura watched a spar between Ippo and Akira Shigeta, a southpaw boxer. Later, Takamura told many reporters about how he defeated the bear until Kamogawa kicked them out. Fujii then stayed and accidentally revealed that Takamura was going to have a world match. As the secret was out, Kamogawa explained to Takamura that the second ranked in the world in the junior middleweight class is scouting for an opponent to be an undercard for a world title card. While the opponent saw Takamura, who was ranked 16th in the world in the middleweight class and champion of a small country, as small fry, if Takamura won he would take the second rank placement and the number one contender for the world title. This announcement made Takamura fired up and he began hitting the sandbag,

Takamura enters the ring in a bear costume.

Later during his title defence against Takaaki Itō, Takamura asked Nekota to bring him the bear's skin to wear it during his ring entrance not for boasting but mainly out of respect for the bear being his greatest opponent at the time and to give it the glory it deserves. When the time for his match against Itō arrived he wore the bear skin, making a grand entrance.

Takamura defeating Itō.

Everyone including his opponent and their coach got angry at him and claimed that he was lying, saying he just bought the skin and did not believe the story. The opinions changed however when Takamura took off the skin and revealed the three bear claw scars that he received during his battle with the bear, shocking everyone. The match began and Takamura knocked his opponent out easily with repeated left jabs to the face, intentionally referencing the quote "He who rules with his left, rules the world" showing his dream to get the world titles. Takamura then celebrated with everyone at the Sugar Ray, doing karaoke with Nekota.

Later, Takamura returned to the gym and noticed that Nekota had stayed in the gym. After Nekota began training other members at the gym and Ippo mentioned that Nekota seemed like he could still fight, Takamura joked that Nekota could take out Aoki in a knockout victory. Takamura then told Ippo that he is beginning his training now as he will be going down a weight class and it was hard enough to stay in the middleweights. Eventually, Nekota left by a delivery truck service back to the mountains, with Takamura saying his farewells.

Lallapallooza Arc

Takamura watching Ippo's title match against Sendō.

A month and a half before Ippo's title match against Sendō, Fujii visited the Kamogawa gym after Ippo's five knockout streak during his spars. Takamura wondered where Mari was, which Fujii answered that she went to Osaka for research. When the match poster for the match was put on the gym's windows, Aoki asked what a "Lallapallooza" was while mispronouncing it. Takamura tried to correct him but also mispronounced it wrong, and when Yagi pronounced it correctly and explained what it was, Takamura arrogantly agreed as if he knew. Takamura then angered Aoki and Kimura by acting shocked that they haven't had a title match in the five years they had been boxing. On the day of Ippo's title match, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch the match. During round two, Aoki and Kimura began stomping their feet with the audience, cheering for Ippo. Takamura stopped them from getting their hopes up by reminding them while the two were even in offence and defence, something else would determine the winner, with Ippo losing. During the fifth round, when Ippo got hit by a Cross Counter, Takamura stood and yelled at Ippo to fight back and finish it or he is done for. After Ippo won the match on the seventh round and became the JBC featherweight champion, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura took Ippo to his home. When they got there, Ippo immediately went to bed. Takamura believed that Ippo probably won't believe that he is the champion until he reads the papers and looks at his champion belt. A few days later, Takamura went to the Sugar Ray for Ippo's celebration and birthday party. When Ippo was gifted a puppy from Nekota, it defecated on Ippo's champion belt. Takamura then nicknamed Ippo the "Poop Champion" (ウンコ チャンピオン, Unko Chanpion).

Execution Arc

At the Kamogawa gym, Kamogawa revealed for the annual Champion Carnival, Kimura would be fighting the JBC junior lightweight champion Mashiba. When Kimura left to meet someone who he knew would be able to help him, Takamura predicted that it would be Miyata. At his house, when Ippo believed that Kimura has bad luck due to his opponent being Mashiba, Takamura claimed that Ippo was the one with bad luck due to his relationship with Kumi being affected and made him call the Mashiba family's house to make up with Kumi. Ryō answered the phone instead, however, making the plan fail. The next day, since Takamura told Aoki and Kimura about their conversation, Ippo got teased by Aoki and Takamura while Kimura was angry that Mashiba is looking down on him. When Kimura left for the Kawahara gym in order to spar with Miyata, Takamura told Ippo how Aoki is nervous about the situation, as his rival is going for his first title match and wishes to help Kimura, but he does not have the strength to. When Mari gave Ippo the tapes of Mashiba that he asked for and she commented how great friends everyone at the gym were, Takamura claimed that he was up all night thinking of a strategy for Kimura, pointing out the obvious to watch out for the reach difference. After two and a half weeks of Kimura's absence from the Kamogawa gym, Takamura, Ippo, and Aoki went to the Kawahara gym to observe Kimura's spar against Miyata. After witnessing Kimura using an in-fighter's way of boxing, Takamura, Ippo, and Aoki discussed how impressive picking up a new fighting style in a short span of time is, however, Takamura believed that Kimura will soon realise something and have a desperate shock while trying to go through with his plan.

At Takamura's home, Takamura told Ippo and Aoki that Kimura has nothing and even if he comes up with an in-fighter strategy, it won't work as Mashiba is experienced in fighting in-fighters. When Kimura had not come to the Kamogawa nor the Kawahara gym, Takamura believed that Kimura ran away cowardly asking Ippo and Aoki for proof that he didn't run away. Later, Takamura laughed when he saw the poster for Kimura's title match. Kimura then returned to the Kamogawa gym and was confident about the match despite the poster's imaging and title. When Kimura revealed that he has a new technique called the "Dragon Fish Blow", he sparred with Aoki to show everyone at the gym.

Takamura watching Kimura's match against Mashiba.

When the day of Kimura's title match arrived, Kimura wanted to be alone for five minutes in the waiting room before seeing his gym mates. Takamura assumed that Kimura is scared. When Takamura and everyone else went into Kimura's room, Kimura informed everyone that if he loses, he would retire. When Kimura was about to walk toward the ring, Takamura reminded him of when he first debuted in the ring, while the title match ring is nothing like he ever entered before. He then told him that if he starts doubting himself to remember his debut match, then things will get easier. Takamura then watched the match where Kimura lost in the ninth round. While reporters were talking to Kimura, Takamura listened as Kimura told them that he has retired. At the Kamogawa gym, while Aoki was saddened by Kimura's absence, Takamura told him to get to work and pull up Kimura's share as his best friend, and for Ippo to do so as well. When Wanpo went outside the gym and barked, Takamura and the others went outside and saw Kimura. Kimura then announced that he would come back by changing his given name from kanji to katakana.

First Step Arc

Takamura and Ippo arm wrestling.

With Ippo's first title defence for the Champion Carnival being Kazuki Sanada, Ippo learned that Sanada's special techniques were called "Hien" and "Tsubame Gaeshi". After learning what the Hien is, Kimura showed it to Ippo, which Takamura noted that Kimura was the best choice for showing the technique as he is the best with his left out of the gym. After witnessing the Hien, Takamura theorised that if someone mixed the Hien in with feints, it would effect the opponent psychologically and physically. Later at the gym, Takamura. Kimura, and Aoki learned that Sanada is a heir to an important hospital, and a man popular with the nurses who will be cheering for him. After that, they discussed how if Ippo loses, he may lose his belt as well as Kumi, due to her going for the doctor, to which he replied that they are not even dating. Upset about Ippo's submissive attitude, Takamura told him to confess his feelings for her and runs to get the phone. With no options left, Ippo agreed, but on one condition: Ippo must beat Aoki, Kimura and Gotō (given the fact that Takamura is heavier) in arm wrestling, if he loses he has to confess. After Kimura and Aoki lost, Takamura knocked out Gotō so that he could become Ippo's third opponent. Ippo lost in the end, resulting in Ippo being forced to call Kumi, who answered and agreed to go out with him. Takamura then gave Ippo a tape recorder to record his confession. Later, after hearing the recording and then stopping it midway, the three assumed that Kumi broke up with him after misinterpreting the recording. When Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura left, Takamura listened to it more and discovered that Ippo never confessed and made Kumi run away. The next day, Takamura hit Aoki and Kimura, who were teasing Ippo, scolding them as he claimed that Ippo lost the one thing he held dear and only has boxing now.

Later, Takamura watched Ippo's title defence against Sanada, which resulted in Ippo's victory. After the match, Ippo went asleep and began snoring immediately in his changing room, making everyone worried. When Sanada checked on him, he concluded that Ippo was fine, relieving everyone.

Bloody Cross Arc

Takamura watching Miyata fight Gregory.

With Miyata's OPBF featherweight title match against Arnie Gregory coming up, Fujii told the Kamogawa gym members details from Gregory's public spar session and about the "Bloody Cross" from his manager, Mr. Sakaguchi. Takamura believed that Miyata could possibly lose. Later, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall and watched as Miyata fought the OPBF champion, Gregory. The match ended in Miyata's victory, becoming the OPBF featherweight champion.

Revenge Arc

Takamura defeating the 2nd ranker in the WBC.

Shortly after Miyata became the OPBF champion, Takamura challenged the WBC junior middleweight 2nd ranker and won in the third round by knockout. When Date was to fight the WBA featherweight champion Ricardo Martínez, Ippo did not have his usual optimistic thoughts. Takamura gave Ippo hope by claiming that Date believes he can win due to the confidence from his new strength. When it was decided that Ippo would spar against Ricardo, per the latter's request, Takamura jested to Ippo that he would have a chance to hit him due to Ricardo's jet lag. The spar resulted in Ippo getting defeated by just Ricardo's lefts, leading Takamura to berate Ippo and have him apologise to Date at his gym, secretly sending him to watch Date spar with Miyata.

Takamura watching Ricardo and Date's match.

After the press conference between Date and Ricardo, Takamura had Ippo go with him to see Date while doing roadwork. While discussing the upcoming WBA title match, Takamura told Ippo about how there are no predictions or theories when one is at the top of the world, and if one wants to beat Ricardo, they simply have to be stronger. When the day of the match arrived, Takamura went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and watched the semifinals where Okita won his match and the main event of Ricardo's 18th WBA featherweight title defence against Date. The match ended in Ricardo's victory and Date was sent to the hospital in a stretcher. At the Kamogawa gym, with the others discussing the WBA title match, Takamura deduced that until Ricardo retires, the belt would go nowhere and that Date would retire. When Fujii revealed that Date was awake with no brain damage and that he was able to speak in short durations, Takamura advised for Ippo to go see him, claiming that there is a meaning to it.

Proof of Power Arc

Takamura watching Ippo's match against Yamada.

After hearing of Date's baton pass to Ippo, Takamura later came to the Kamogawa gym, where he misinterpreted the situation when new member Manabu Itagaki claimed to respect someone at the gym, assuming it was him when it was in fact Ippo. It was then decided for Itagaki to feel the pain of being a pro by doing the gym's usual roadwork, which Takamura partook in. During the roadwork test, Takamura mentioned to Aoki and Kimura that he did not believe Ippo has taken Date's place yet due to having a mental weakness: lacking stability to use his full power depending on who he is fighting. When the group returned to the gym, Kamogawa and Yagi revealed Ippo's second JBC featherweight title defence opponent, Hammer Nao. It then was realised that "Hammer Nao" was a ring name of Yamada Naomichi, a previous member of the gym, shocking everyone including Takamura due to his changed appearance. Takamura acknowledged the bond between Ippo and Yamada, wondering if they could hit each other when they fight. When Ippo's title defence match arrived, Takamura watched the match, which resulted in Ippo's victory.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Takamura shocked that he groped Tomiko.

To prepare for his upcoming match, Takamura was getting ready for the training camp at the beach. He stopped by Ippo's home and took Wanpo with him at the beach with Kimura and Itagaki. Upon arrival at the beach, he noticed that Ippo, Aoki, Kumi, Tomiko, Nekota, and Hachi also arrived at the beach. That night on the beach, Takamura, Kimura, and Itagaki were sneaking up on a couple. Takamura then went up to the couple and groped the woman's breast. Then as soon as one of the fireworks blast into the sky, the couple were revealed to be Aoki and Tomiko, resulting in Aoki becoming angry at Takamura. After running away, Takamura found himself in the middle of the water, he tried to get out, but hands were preventing his escape, after thinking about the world title, he escaped the grip. Kimura and Itagaki then finds Nekota and Hachi beaten on the ground with Takamura flailing in the water.

Takamura eating half of a okonomiyaki with a sea slater inside.

The next day while training, Takamura noticed Ippo and Aoki hanging around. Takamura tried to praise Aoki, but his 'praise' just made Aoki more angry. Aoki then gave Takamura a okonomiyaki (that he put a sea slater in), Takamura then insisted on splitting it. Aoki tried to find out which half has the sea slater in it, but Takamura shoves it in both of their mouths. When Ippo and Itagaki began sparring, Takamura was Itagaki's second, which he showed no interest at all in. Nekota showed up with fireworks to launch at night, however, Takamura wanted to do them during the day, as he warned during the night, there are ghosts out. That night, as everyone got ready for the fireworks, Takamura went to the bathroom and found a sea slater in his stool, which he believed is part of his "curse". Takamura decided to not go with everyone for the fireworks afterwards because of it.

Takamura watching the stars with everyone.

Takamura then spied on the group. Seeing that everyone was having fun without him, he began to light up fireworks aimed at the party, but the fireworks did not light up. The group noticed Takamura, who claimed would just go back, as he would just get in the way. After Ippo and Itagaki's sweet talk and everyone cheering for him, Takamura finally joined the party as he ordered everyone around. When Nekota stated that the fireworks are just like boxers, Takamura insisted that they are the stars above them. Takamura's fireworks from earlier start going off toward the group as they ran away.

Takamura angered over Hawk's decision for a title match in December.

After Takamura, Itagaki, and Kimura returned to the Kamogawa gym, they find out that Ippo was pushed in a spar against by Kyōsuke Imai. It turned out that Imai was Itagaki's high school rival, with Itagaki then explaining his history with Imai to his gym mates. Takamura asked Ippo, who fought both, who would win in the pro ring, but Ippo really did not know. That night, Takamura's WBC junior middleweight title match was announced. Hearing the news, Ippo arrived to the Chūka Soba and was surprised to see everyone was down. It was then explained that the champion's manager scheduled the match for December, knowing that Takamura would not have a chance to recover in his match in October. Takamura's reaction was only anger.

Takamura's failed weight management.

At the Kamogawa gym, Takamura learned from Fujii details about the champion Bryan Hawk. After hearing that Hawk was looking down on him when he hung up on the phone after hearing that Takamura was Japanese, Takamura became furious. Takamura arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for his pre-title match against Morris West and arrived to the ring with his body showing signs of a failed weight management. When his match began, Takamura's speed shocked West as he blocks Takamura's punches. However, it turned out that Takamura lacked his usual power. Takamura then signalled West to come to him in hopes to counter him, however, West did not take the bait., prompting Takamura to go and attack West instead. West dodged the attacks and refused to attack Takamura to avoid getting countered until the first round ends.

Takamura defeating West.

Takamura continued chasing West, who lands pulled back punches to prevent Takamura from countering from the second round to the sixth, where Takamura began to show exhaustion. Confident that Takamura had no power anymore, West began to throw full powered punches. Getting brought and beaten to the ropes, Takamura saw a chance to counter, causing an exchange, however, Takamura came out more damaged. Takamura then clinched for the first time in his career, which he then noticed Hawk at the audience seats watching. After the referee broke the clinch, Takamura became angered and commenced an exchange match that began to affect West. When West got to the ropes, Takamura hit him, sending him outside the ring and in front of Hawk, resulting in Takamura's win. Staring at Hawk, Takamura refused to speak to him, expressing that it was because he did not bring his champion belt with him.

Takamura and Suguru.

At his changing room, Takamura was approached by Hawk. Hawk then caused Takamura to rush at him in anger when Hawk claimed that he came to Japan only to enjoy the delicacies, which he meant Asian women. Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura attempted to hold Takamura back, however Takamura overpowers them and lands a punch on Hawk's opened hand. Hawk clinched his hand and deemed it only a handshake before leaving, making Takamura further angered. Takamura later met his older brother, Suguru, who wanted Takamura to come back to the family after he won the belt and after he is done with his "punching games", titling his violent nature something that covered mud over the family's name. Takamura, however, believed that that is not where he belongs, he belongs in the ring, and that he fights to protect where he lives, boxing.

Takamura and Kamogawa talking about boxing.

The next day, Takamura expressed his likeness of the match poster and was confident of beating Hawk after seeing his videos. He then noticed how Aoki looked like Hawk with his eyebrows. Takamura attempted to trim Aoki's eyebrows for Hawk's look, however, he ended up shaving them all off. Takamura went to do roadwork with Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki where he was asked why he started boxing. Takamura answered that he did it to prove that he is the best, throwing his towel on them to wipe their sweat, in order to take their sweat with him to the top of the world. Itagaki then joined the group after his absence, wanting Takamura to take his sweat too. Takamura continued his harsh weight management training. During training, Takamura revealed his feelings toward boxing to Kamogawa on how he never lies about boxing. He then announced his plan to conquer six weight classes, from junior middleweight to heavyweight, giving his first world belt to Kamogawa as a Christmas present. Takamura then received some dried shiitake from Kamogawa, and latter bags of shiitake from his gym mates as a present.

Takamura watching Hawk smack Kamogawa.

Down to five kilos, Takamura's skin on his face began to be visibly dry with cracks as the only liquid left to sweat was being used by his vital systems. Takamura went through intense roadwork to bring the weight down and went through his public spar in poor shape. Takamura then barely passed the weight check at full limit when the day of the weigh-in arrived. While at the weigh-in, Hawk mocked Takamura's body, deeming it mummy-like, making Takamura angry, but was able to hold himself back. Then, after the press conference, Takamura and Hawk were asked to enter a fighting pose for a promotional picture. When both boxers had their fists under each others jaws, Hawk hit Takamura in the jaw. This provocation caused Ippo, Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki to hold a furious Takamura back, however, Kamogawa was the one to act as he grabbed Hawk by his collar in anger. Hawk then smacked Kamogawa in the face, causing Takamura to freeze in anger. After Hawk further taunted Takamura and the Japanese and left the press conference, Takamura swore to finish it in the ring.

On the day of his and Ippo's match, Takamura met Ippo in the changing room, where Ippo promised him that if he wins by a first round knockout, Takamura has to become world champion. Takamura was visited by many Japanese rankers who despise Hawk for his comments toward the Japanese. Date then gave a speech to Takamura, which he replied to leave it to him. Takamura then received good luck from his friends, and told Ippo that he would not break their promise.

Takamura and Hawk's Speed Hell

When the match began, Takamura was caught off guard with Hawk's unpredictable punches, while Takamura tried to fight him with orthodox techniques in the first round. At the corner, Takamura received a spirit boosting slap on the back from Kamogawa. In the second round, when Takamura began with the basics of boxing with left jabs and high speed footwork, Hawk countered with even faster speed, knocking him down twice. Takamura was able to get up, and Hawk began swaying to dodge his attacks. Hawk then found himself down on the canvas when Takamura barely hit Hawk as he swayed, falling from the momentum. The second round ended when Hawk got up.

Takamura and Hawk's fists collide.

In the third round, Takamura took Hawk down again after he swayed back. The two then began a brawl after their fists collided. They continued their brawl into round four, with Takamura being able to dodge Hawk's unorthodox punches as Takamura had adapted overtime. In the fifth round, Takamura announced a victory proclamation, as he knew that his energy wouldn't last another round. Takamura could not defeat Hawk in the fifth round however and reacted badly after receiving a body blow. In the sixth round, Takamura, about out of energy, easily went down after multiple combinations. When Takamura got up, Hawk continued to hold the advantage against Takamura, who was saved twice by the spirits of his friends until the sixth round ended.

Takamura wearing his new WBC belt.

In the seventh round, Hawk immediately had the advantage until Takamura snapped into a fit of rage, gaining a sudden upper hand in the fight, battering Hawk with combinations using his natural instincts to also dodge Hawk's attacks. Hawk then went down after an uppercut. After Hawk got up, Takamura rushed toward Hawk, however, the referee stopped him as the seventh round was over. At the eighth round, after Takamura hit Hawk multiple times, Hawk swayed back to dodge an attack. Hawk's instincts kicked as he launched an attack on Takamura's face. However, the punch slid across Takamura's face as Takamura landed a powerful blow on Hawk's face, causing him to go down. At the count of six, Hawk groggily got up, and Takamura proceeded to hit him until the referee stopped him in order to perform a standing count. As the referee and the audience counted to ten, Hawk threw up blood and leaned on the referee as the count reached to ten, ending the match, resulting Takamura becoming the WBC junior middleweight champion. During the victory interview, Takamura made the audience mad after arrogantly offering to give the women his semen so that Japan could be crawling with him. In his changing room, Takamura had Kamogawa stop his scolding in order to get some sleep. However Takamura just wanted to leave in order to do a TV interview.

One week later, Takamura returned to the gym, joyful that his big bronze statue of himself arrived. He then showed everyone 300 mini bronze statues of himself that he planned to sell at high price, and even his gym mates can not have for free. As Aoki tried to talk Takamura into lowering the price, Takamura noticed that Aoki is holding the statue's arm that broke off. Aoki panicked, however, Takamura felt no need to get angry, instead as a price, he has Aoki go around Japan to sell the mini bronze statues for a higher price than it originally was. During one of Takamura's daily interviews, one of the reporters revealed to him that Hawk was retiring as a complete recovery is impossible for him. As his gym mates think he was down about the news, Takamura told them that he isn't sympathising with him as his eye still hurt and if it went the other way, he would not be able to enter the ring. He then explained how the world championship is delicious.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Takamura and Itagaki's father in a duel of puns.

Kamogawa ordered Takamura to stop selling his mini Statue of Takamura and the remaining stock was destroyed. Takamura then attended Itagaki's second match at the Kōrakuen Hall where Itagaki had his first victory in his career against Haseo Baraki. When Takamura overheard Ippo talking about how Itagaki's family and Kimura commented that the family had the ultimate comedy, Takamura decided to challenge Itagaki's father as he believed that "ultimate" is a word reserved only for him. Takamura challenged the father in a battle of puns, however, Takamura reported back to the Kamogawa gym he lost. Later, Kamogawa and Yagi announced the upcoming matches for the gym members in early spring, with Takamura having his first WBC middleweight title defence. Later, Kamogawa and Yagi showed a recording of Ippo's opponent, Iwao Shimabukuro, and the gym members realise that he is shorter than and same type of in-fighter as Ippo. After they discussed about Shimabukuro, Aoki watched the recording of the JBC lightweight champion's match with Takamura, who, after watching, claimed that Aoki lost. Takamura then watched Ippo's intense training, thinking how Ippo looks like the challenger rather than a champion, and thought that the training menu would be impossible until Ippo completed it.

Takamura talked to Kamogawa about how hard he is training Ippo to be a pure blooded in-fighter, with Takamura deeming the match a battle between two pure blooded in-fighters. After Ippo rested for a week, he commenced a mitt-practise session with Kamogawa. Kamogawa was knocked down by one of Ippo's punches, leading Takamura to drag Kamogawa into his office, believing that his hand is broken. Takamura expressed his surprise about Ippo's punch, as he only threw that certain punch a few times, and that the "ultimate punch" is a natural evolution and his ideal form. On the day of Ippo's match against Shimabukuro, Takamura arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. They discussed how Ippo accidentally fully undressed himself at the weigh-in. Takamura then watched Ippo fight Shimabukuro, which ended in Ippo's victory. In the changing room after the match, Takamura noted that Ippo used his "ultimate punch" that led to the Dempsey Roll after Ippo became relaxed in the ring.

Comic Show Arc

Takamura picking on Aoki after losing to Imae.

While Aoki was getting ready the his JBC lightweight title match against Imae Katsutaka, he asked Takamura how it felt to first hold the belt. Takamura answered that it was like holding on to something he always deserved and it was not a bad feeling to sit on the king's throne. On a newspaper article, a headline had Imae claim that he would "crush the frog". Thinking that Aoki may not be able to use his Frog Punch, Takamura and his other gym mates try to help Aoki learn a technique he can mix with the Frog Punch, however, they stopped when Aoki ran away as he thought he was being made fun of. On the day of Itagaki's first match in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and Aoki's title match, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch their matches. During the matches, Takamura sat with Itagaki's father. They proceeded to make puns and mocked Aoki's title match, resulting in a slap on the face from Tomiko. Takamura, like the rest of the audience, was fooled by Aoki's Look Away, looking in the direction Aoki was turning his head. The matches ended in Itagaki winning and Aoki's title match ended in a draw, resulting in Imae keeping the belt. In the changing room, Takamura chastised Aoki about the result of the match, which made everyone yell at him. Ippo, Kimura, and Itagaki then brought Takamura to Aoki's house to apologise for his rude remarks to Aoki. However, they leave when they realise Aoki is busy and not retiring after overhearing Aoki and Tomiko talking.

Dragon Slayer Arc

Takamura and Bernard at the pre-fight press conference.

With Aoki missing from the gym for a week since his lost against Imae, talk around the gym was suggesting that he might have retired. Takamura voiced that those who want to quit the gym should quit, and that there is one path that leads to the belt, with those who stop in their tracks will be left behind. Later, Aoki returned to the gym and introduced the two that made him not retire: Isamu Akamatsu and Hiroshi Kizakura, with both only listening to Aoki, even ignoring Takamura's request. Takamura went to his press conference for his first WBC junior middleweight title defence match against Larry Bernard. There, he announced his relinquishment of the WBC junior middleweight belt and his six weight class conquest up to heavyweight class. To prove he is ready, he proclaimed to not take a single punch against Bernard.

Takamura defeating Bernard.

When the match began at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan, Takamura used Aoki's Look Away, while also turning his whole body. When he looked back, he was hit in the face, breaking the no-hit promise. Takamura was able to dodge the rest of the punches and down Bernard after hitting him two times with his right. The referee ended the match without a count, resulting in Takamura's victory, though the audience threw things into the ring due to Takamura getting hit for using the Look Away. After blaming Aoki for getting hit, he ran away from the venue to avoid the full lecture from Kamogawa. Later, with Ippo's fifth JBC featherweight being Ryūhei Sawamura, Takamura was visited by Ippo at his home, who needed help from him. Since Takamura was unable to provide help, Aoki, Kimura, Itagaki, and Team Aoki came to help Ippo. While most gave their thoughts on Sawamura, including Fujii, Takamura was asked for his opinion only for him to angrily mention the amount of people in his room.

Later, since Sawamura was a counter puncher, Ippo wanted to spar with Kimura and Itagaki so that he could try to overcome the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters. After a soar with Kimura where Kimura got too scared to throw a counter at the Dempsey Roll, Takamura pointed out to Ippo that he needs to spar with someone who has guts and confidence in their skill to throw a counter, and if he doesn't do something soon, he will lose to Sawamura. Later, while Volg was visiting Japan and training at the Kamogawa gym, Aoki was amazed that Ippo defeated him. Takamura expressed that if Volg fought normally, Ippo wouldn't have defeated him since he fought as a boxer-type rather than a technique-type. On the day when Volg was going to leave for America, Takamura watched Ippo and Volg spar in a successful attempt to destroy the Dempsey Roll with a counter, which Takamura saw as a big shock to Ippo and Kamogawa.

When the match between Ippo and Sawamura began at the Kōrakuen Hall, Takamura watched the match which resulted in Ippo's victory. Afterwards, Takamura carried the hurt Ippo to the dressing room where Tomoko Yamaguchi was waiting to see him.

A Passing Point Arc

Takamura accidentally ripping pages of Umezawa's manga.

When Umezawa was thinking of retiring from the Makunouchi Fishing Boat to pursue his dream of being a mangaka, Itagaki was called to give him opinions on Umezawa's finished manga by Ippo. Itagaki called Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura to give their opinions as well. As the group read it, Takamura fought Aoki over it, causing him to accidentally rip some pages in half. The group left Ippo and Umezawa and ran away due to the shame. The next day, as Takamura acted as if he didn't care about what he did, he revealed to Ippo his own storyboard about a true story of becoming the world champion as a surprise for Umezawa, however, he was berated for it. Later, Takamura watched Itagaki win his second round of the East Japan Rookie King tournament.

Takamura and Kamogawa teamed up in a fishing competition.

When Kamogawa used the prize money from the Sawamura match to take everyone fishing at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, it turned into a fishing competition, with teams of two consisting of Takamura and Kamogawa, Aoki and Kimura, and Yagi and Shinoda. When it began, Takamura and Kamogawa were having trouble catching fish, while the others, especially Yagi and Shinoda, having it easy. Angry, Takamura stomped his feet as he tried to fish, shaking the boat and making Aoki go off board. When he thought he got one, he reeled up an Aoki instead. When they ran out of fishing spots, they returned and gave the caught fish to Hiroko Makunouchi for her to cook. After everyone gathered, Takamura laid down, feeling sleepy as he complained about a mosquito keeping him up last night. Kamogawa revealed to everyone about the upcoming matches scheduled for them, with Takamura having his second weight class title match: the WBC middleweight title match.

Miyata hitting Takamura.

Since Miyata was the semi-final for his title match, Takamura invited Miyata and his father to a training camp. Before he went, he watched Ippo and Imai spar for their second time. After Takamura and Miyata watched Ippo have a hard time with Imai, they head toward the training camp. When they got there, Takamura went all out while running with Miyata and fired him up by using his rivalry with Ippo. One morning, Takamura was spotted fishing by Miyata. Takamura revealed his intention of beating someone in fishing, however, Miyata suggested that maybe he isn't suited for fishing. Takamura handed Miyata the fishing pole for him to try, and when he also failed getting fish, Takamura made fun of him, resulting in Miyata throwing a punch at him that lands on his face. As Takamura got angry, Miyata's father approached and asked when Takamura started fishing, Takamura answered, and learned that Miyata's father lost every time he fished with Yagi, who wore a face of a demon while fishing, leading Takamura to have a goal of ending the legend of Yagi.

Takamura sparring against Miyata.

After a running session on the beach, Takamura decided to spar against Miyata. During the spar, Takamura was able to keep up with the featherweight's speed and trapped him into a corner. Takamura knocked Miyata's fist away that was trying to counter him and landed a body blow. Takamura eventually knocked Miyata out, ending the spar. That night while fishing, Takamura revealed to Miyata that his counters are weak, due to his balance being off when he throws them, cutting their power. He explained and demonstrated a way for Miyata to fix his stance as he throws a counter in order for him to pull out the power from his back. Later, Takamura was thanked by Miyata's father for helping his son by doing the training camp, believing that Miyata, especially his counter, will become stronger thanks to Takamura. Takamura told the father that the reason he told Miyata about his counter was to make his fight against Ippo more interesting, as he viewed both Ippo and Miyata as his little underlings. Takamura and Miyata continued with the training camp until it was over and headed home afterwards.

Takamura and Yagi fishing.

Soon after returning home, he was visited by Ippo, who finished researching on retinal detachment after hearing from Miyata about potential problems with his right eye. Takamura was asked if he could see out of his right eye, which he asked Ippo what he would do if he said no. Takamura found out that Ippo would tell Kamogawa and cancel the upcoming world title match and he figured that Miyata told Ippo as he mentioned that Takamura was hit with a left. Takamura had Ippo look away from him, and proceeded to punch Ippo, showing how Miyata hit him and confirming Ippo couldn't see it either. Takamura claimed that he can see out of his right eye, proving it by reading lines in a magazine from far away, and that he has eyes of a hawk. Later, Takamura demanded a fishing competition against Yagi on his homeland. After Kamogawa agreed so that Takamura can take Yagi down, Takamura and Yagi commenced their fishing competition. During the competition, Takamura kept missing his chances to catch a fish and Yagi kept holding back to give Takamura a win to raise his spirits for his match. Eventually, Takamura got angry after Yagi caught three and jumped into the water to grab three fish, ending the match in a draw, however, Takamura was banned from the fishing hole.

Takamura and Eagle at their press conference.

When Yagi revealed Aoki's opponent being the Indonesian champion Papaya Dachiu and Kimura's opponent being the Philippines champion Eleki Battery, Takamura made a bet with Aoki and Kimura that they would have to get the same haircut as their opponents if they don't win. Takamura attended Itagaki's match in the quarter-finals of the East Rookie King tournament, which ended in Itagaki's victory. Later, Takamura went to a second training camp with Aoki and Kimura. When he got back to the Kamogawa gym, he was delighted with how the match poster for his title match against David Eagle turned out. While training with Kamogawa, Takamura asked him if he would be happy if he takes the belt, to which Kamogawa answered that it would be a sight to behold. Later, Takamura beat a group of children who were asking for an autograph, prompting a scolding from Kamogawa. Takamura arrived for his weigh-in at the Yokohama Arena, where he passed at full limit after removing all his clothes. Takamura went to the press conference and commented that the title match is simply a passing point as the match poster says, and declined a handshake with Eagle, as he viewed Eagle's comment as something a rookie would say.

The next day, Takamura went to the Yokohama Arena for his match. In the waiting room, he encouraged and gave advice to Aoki and Kimura before they head to their matches. After hearing from Ippo that Aoki and Kimura's match resulted in a draw and Miyata won against Medgoen Dachboy, Takamura was greeted by Date. After encouragement from Date, Aoki, Kimura, Ippo, and Itagaki, Takamura went to the ring. Takamura got Kamogawa to say that he wants the champion belt before the match began.

Takamura fighting Eagle.

After the gong sounded, Takamura and Eagle land a jab on each other's guard for their opening throw. They both proceeded to stand still while throwing jabs, not landing any clean hits until Takamura grazes Eagle's face, knocking him off balance. Takamura took the chance to deliver a follow-up right straight, but it was dodged. After Eagle retreated and took on a defensive stance, Takamura followed and threw punches at the guard, unknowingly being brought to the ropes due to Eagle stepping forward while blocking. Angered that it looks like he is being intimidated, Takamura hit Eagle's block until it breaks. Takamura prepared to throw a punch, however, he noticed and barely dodged a left jab counter from Eagle. With Eagle simply staring at him, Takamura lowers his guard to try to get Eagle to attack, but it fails. Takamura proceeded to throw out combinations on Eagle's guard until it broke. Before being able to attack, Takamura immediately dodged a barrage of jabs. As Takamura dodged, he came close and threw an uppercut that he stops as the first round ended. In the corner, Takamura planned to up his pace in the next round as he felt his body is lighter despite going up a weight class.

Takamura's attacks getting dodged.

In the second round, Takamura attacked Eagle's guard until Eagle was able to read Takamura's attacks and dodge, resulting in Takamura getting hit. Takamura realised that Eagle is pulling his punches and gets irritated, making Takamura swing wider, which Eagle punishes with a full powered counter that makes Takamura legs buckle. Takamura backed into a corner and blocked Eagle's punches until Takamura got out by throwing punches from unusual angles that knocks Eagle's block and sends him to the middle of the ring. Takamura went forward, avoiding Eagle's lefts and attempts to land a clean hit with wild swings, landing an uppercut on a two handed guard below Eagle's jaw, lifting Eagle up in the air slightly, with the second round ending shortly after.

In the third round, while throwing huge swings at Eagle, Takamura got countered, which resulted in his knee touching the canvas, causing a down to be declared. Takamura got up, and angrily swings at Eagle, missing, until he is hit with a counter. The counter made Takamura lose balance and almost fell before hopping onto the nearby ropes to cling on as the third round ends. At the corner, Takamura told Kamogawa not to worry, as he has a plan to keep on punching until he lands a punch.

Takamura hitting Eagle while clinched.

In the fourth round, Takamura missed his widely-swung punches while getting occasionally countered. Takamura took the chance of leaning onto Eagle to make him unable to escape, and hit him with a body blow. With the champion hurt, Takamura threw sharper combinations that don't land cleanly. Eagle retreated, and was trapped at the corner. Not wanting the opportunity to be wasted, Takamura went forward and stretched his arms out to block both of Eagle's escape routes. Takamura launched both of his fists at Eagle, however, Eagle pushed into Takamura and as Eagle changes his position to escape the corner, Takamura hit him with a liver blow. With Eagle back into the corner, Takamura attacked, and when Eagle tried to clinch, Takamura hit his body while clinched. Takamura continued hitting Eagle until he was stunned from one of the attacks. Takamura began to throw a big punch at the defenceless Eagle, however his fist got caught in the ropes, stopping his punch. As he was about to send another one, Takamura was stopped by the referee due to the fourth round ending. In the corner, Takamura revealed to his seconds that the tactic that gave him an advantage was not his plan, but because he remembered something.

Takamura getting a cut above his left eye.

In the fifth round, Takamura went toward Eagle and knocked his tight guard away by remembering how Kamogawa taught him. Takamura followed up with a right straight, knocking Eagle down. As Eagle got back up, Takamura was bothered by the champion's eyes. Takamura attacked Eagle's guard until Eagle repeatedly threw one-twos that Takamura dodges while noting how Eagle is just like Ippo, especially Eagle's eyes that never give up. Takamura and Eagle hit each other in an exchange that resulted in Takamura getting a cut above his left eye, which blood emerged out of and into his eye. With blood going into his left eye, Takamura was unable to see out of it. Despite Eagle having the advantage, Takamura was angered as Eagle did not aim for the cut, but Takamura's body at close range. Takamura clinched Eagle to ask him if he is avoiding attacking the cut on purpose, however, Eagle doesn't understand Japanese. After Takamura pushed Eagle, he was hit with body blows while Takamura missed his punches until the fifth round ended. In the corner, Kamogawa stopped Takamura's bleeding while Takamura was irritated about how Eagle avoided attacking the cut.

In the sixth round, Takamura, after throwing a wide punch, headbutts Eagle, causing a warning from the referee and a bleeding cut above Eagle's right eye to bleed. Takamura went into Eagle's new blind spot and aimed for the cut, making it worse even though Eagle was guarding. When Eagle dropped his guard to attack, Takamura responded by hitting his temple with a left hook, almost making Eagle fall. Takamura put Eagle in a corner after hitting his block and, after getting hit, Takamura hit Eagle with a right. As Eagle fell, Takamura was grabbed by him in a clinch until the referee broke it off. Takamura was immediately hit with a one-two and Eagle proceeded to hide in Takamura's blind spot until the sixth round came to an end. In the corner, Kamogawa managed to stop the bleeding above Takamura's eye.

Takamura and Eagle's call to continue the match.

In the seventh round, Takamura and Eagle immediately enter the centre of the ring and enter a exchange match with neither afraid of hitting the cuts above their eye. Their hitting match got interrupted when the referee called for a doctor check on both boxers due to severe bleeding. While the doctor was wanting to stop the match and crown the victor by a point decision, Takamura, Eagle, and the crowd protested to continue the match. The doctor and referee decided to let the match continue, and the seventh round ended shortly after. In the corner, while Kamogawa was having trouble stopping the bleeding due to it being too deep, Takamura's bleeding stopped by itself due to huge amounts of adrenaline being produced in his body.

Takamura's finishing blow on Eagle.

In the eighth round, Takamura and Eagle commence another exchange match in the centre of the ring. Takamura's right eye began to swell and blood gathered into his left eye from Eagle's attacks. With poor vision on both eyes and getting hit, Takamura saw only Eagle's shoes and knocked himself and Eagle down with a right hook, causing a double down. After both boxers got up, Takamura was hit with one-twos and brought to the ropes. Seeing only Eagle's shoes, Takamura fought back in a hitting match. While imagining Kamogawa holding his mitts up for Takamura to hit, Takamura landed combinations on Eagle until he went down. Not being able to see anything, Takamura continued punching afterwards until Kamogawa stopped his punch with his hands and showed him Eagle looking defeated as the referee announced Takamura as the winner and the new WBC middleweight champion.

Takamura celebrating his win as the new middleweight WBC champion.

Eagle approached Takamura and shook hands while thanking him. After Yagi gave Takamura the junior middleweight WBC belt and the new middleweight WBC belt, and being lifted up by Aoki, Takamura celebrated his victory. After the reporters leave, Takamura began to leave the Yokohama Arena before being stopped by Yagi to get his belts. Takamura claimed he doesn't need the belts once he gets them, and insisted for Kamogawa to have them. When he got outside, he was cheered loudly by his friends, which annoyed him. Takamura and his friends planned to party, however, Ippo was tasked to make sure Takamura went straight home to sleep. Takamura was followed by his friends to his house and they watched him try to sleep. Since Takamura could not sleep, he threw everyone out of his house.

Spirit of a Weed Arc

Takamura giving Aoki Papaya's hairstyle.

Three days after his win against Eagle, Takamura returned to the gym and, since Aoki and Kimura did not win against their opponents, Takamura planned to have the two go through with their promise of having the same hairstyle as their opponents. Kimura already changed his hairstyle in a way that Eleki's lightning bolt pattern is only on one side of his head and convinced Takamura that while they did not win, they did not lose as well. Takamura cut Aoki's hair into Papaya's hairstyle, however, since Aoki's hair was shorter than Papaya's, it ended of being a lot smaller. Kamogawa and Yagi entered the gym and informed Takamura that he has two interviews, three TV features, and two requests for commercials.

While discussing Itagaki's next opponent, Fumito Makino, having Flicker Jabs, Takamura witnessed Aoki as "Broccoman" being popular with the children, much to his dissatisfaction. Fujii arrived to talk about the East Japan Rookie King tournament, which Takamura had himself, Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura bet on who would win, with Takamura betting on Imai. Later at the Chūka Soba, when Takamura learned from Ippo that Itagaki was sparring with Mashiba, Takamura believed Itagaki would beat Makino, which he noted he was fine with since he bet on Imai. When the East Japan Rookie King tournament semi-finals arrived, Takamura watched Itagaki's match against Makino and Imai's match against Makoto Terai, which ended in Itagaki and Imai's victory.

Later, Takamura argued with Aoki, who believed his hairstyle is more popular than Takamura since Hiroshi and Isamu of Team Aoki changed their hairstyle to his. Takamura stormed out of the gym, calling Aoki a fad.

Under Siege Arc

Takamura arrives at the hot springs near Pension Yoshio.

In order to get away from Aoki's broccoli fad, Takamura called Kamogawa and informed him that he decided to go on a trip until the "boom" passed over. Wandering around Japan, Takamura arrived to Aomori and helped an elderly man get his truck out of a ditch. Takamura stopped by the Pension Yoshio while on his trip to visit Nekota. Angry that he wasn't home, Takamura trashed the place. He next went to a nearby hot spring and left after fighting monkeys. Takamura called Ippo, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki to tell him stories about his trip. Takamura was turned down by Kimura and Aoki when he called Kimura while in Nagoya to eat tenmusu, and called Aoki while in Osaka to eat takoyaki. While in Osaka, he went to the Sendō Shop, where he got pickled squid. While in Fukuoka to eat ramen, he called Ippo and was surprised that Ippo wanted to hear his stories, however, Takamura had to hang up since he had a sudden urge to defecate in the bushes. Takamura then travelled to Okinawa to eat gōyā chanpurū.

Takamura encouraging Ippo.

When Takamura returned to Tokyo, he first saw Ippo, who was looking down. Takamura cheered him up and went with him to the Makunouchi Fishing Boat where Takamura ate, deeming the food Hiroko cooked to be the best out of all places he went to while travelling. When Takamura argued with Itagaki, who thought there was no signs of tension in the atmosphere even though Ippo has a title defence, their argument was stopped by Ippo. Takamura apologised and gave Itagaki one of the pickled squid he got in Osaka to make up for it. When Aoki and Kimura arrived, Takamura sulked due to the two hanging up on him while he was travelling. As Aoki and Kimura forced themselves to say that they want to hear about Takamura's stories so he could leave Ippo alone, Takamura left to tell them.

When Ippo's sixth JBC featherweight title defence match against Takuzō Karasawa arrived, Takamura arrived at the Kōrakuen Hall to watch it. As Takamura arrived first, he wondered why Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura were late until they arrived and complained about Takamura's pickled squid gift. Takamura, not liking Aoki's remarks about his attitude, performed a Kanchō on Aoki, making him run to the bathroom. Takamura watched the match, which ended in Ippo's victory. Afterwards, Takamura mentioned to Itagaki how Ippo's anti-out-boxer strategy may be used against him during his match against Imai, as Imai may have watched the match. As the group began to leave because Ippo's interviews will take awhile, Takamura noticed how Aoki was missing, since he is still in the bathroom. Takamura had Itagaki go get him. When Ippo got out of the building and Takamura and Kimura were waiting, Takamura asked Ippo why he sealed the Dempsey Roll despite having many chances of using it. After hearing Ippo's answer, Takamura and the others left, leaving Itagaki and Aoki behind in the bathroom.

Phantom Card Arc

At the gym while talking about Itagaki's rivalry with Imai, Takamura commented how Itagaki will lose to him again, and if he wins, Kimura and him will lose their bet and have to pay Ippo. As Aoki was angry at Takamura for feeding him the pickled squid that made him sick and was tired of Takamura's actions, he tried to split the gym into two factions, with Takamura being alone and Aoki and the rest of the gym along with him as Broccoman having the children of Japan on his side. Aoki's side changed from a lot of support to none when Yagi and Shinoda revealed to everyone about how Broccoman's popularity has severely gone down due to recent reports of Aoki leaving the Kōrakuen Hall while covered in faeces. When Aoki wondered how others found out since it was recent, he got angry and ran when Takamura implied it was him.

Takamura confronting Ippo about Itagaki and Imai's match.

A week before Itagaki's match against Imai, Takamura watched Ippo have a final spar against Itagaki. Afterwards, Takamura followed Ippo to the roof of the gym and figured that Ippo was able to read Itagaki's punches and suggested for Ippo to tell Itagaki that he can't beat Imai. As Ippo implied Itagaki could win if he changes his strategy but can't tell him due to the short amount of time to change, Takamura got irritated and yelled at Ippo for planning to watch Itagaki lose. Itagaki overheard Takamura's words when he approached and asked for Ippo to tell him. When Ippo was taking too long to tell him, Takamura informed Itagaki that he lacks unpredictability, as he is a textbook out-boxer and Imai won't be surprised no matter how fast Itagaki is. Leaving Itagaki and Ippo, as he was just saying what Ippo wanted to tell him, Takamura discussed with Kamogawa how it would have been boring if they had an easy match, due to wanting an answer of who would have been stronger between Ippo and Miyata if they fought in the East Japan Rookie King tournament. On the day before Itagaki and Imai's match, Takamura, Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura discussed about it, where Takamura commented how Ippo's advice to fight in close range doesn't just mean to have a slugfest, and it would be Itagaki's decision alone whether he fights close range or not.

On the day of Itagaki and Imai's match, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall and encouraged Itagaki to win before going to watch the match along with Miyata. After Itagaki won, Takamura asked Miyata if he got his answer of what would happen if he fought Ippo during the rookie king, as he compared himself and Ippo with Itagaki and Imai. Miyata had no answer, only able to find one when he fights Ippo again. Takamura went to the locker room and saw Itagaki as he was taken away to the hospital.

Father's Back Arc

Takamura making fun of Yagi's chair pun.

After Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura made fun of Yagi's chair pun during Itagaki and Imai's match, Yagi made the three do three sets of punching the sandbag for ten minutes, which made Takamura laugh due to "three sets" and "sandbag" sounding the same in Japanese. Learning that Ippo and Miyata were going to have a match, Takamura jokingly commented how Ippo's distance to his sweetheart has gotten closer. Takamura watched as Itagaki returned to the gym from the hospital with Ippo, who was nervously driving and hit Aoki. As Takamura overheard Aoki mention how Ippo's hook, even if dodged, feels like the wind of it could knock one over, Takamura "demonstrates" knocking someone out with wind by throwing hooks while hitting Aoki with thrown objects. Takamura discussed with Kamogawa how Ippo hasn't fought many veterans and that Ippo's next opponent, Keīchi Take, has thirty fights compared to Date's twenty fights. He believed that if Ippo's rhythm breaks, he could lose by decision or knockout if he is unable to hit Take.

When Ippo's seventh JBC featherweight match arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch the match with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. As the group discussed about Take's tricks and deceptions being like Aoki a few times over, Takamura remarked how weak he still was no matter how many Aoki's add up, but still saw no reason to not be worried due to Take's experience. In the first round, as Take clinched and Kimura and Itagaki thought Ippo could use his "anti-clinch punch" Takamura pointed out that he can't since his arms are being held at the shoulder. Takamura was impressed that Take's strategy of repeated clinches let him fully recover. When Take switched to southpaw in the second round, Takamura mentioned how Take usually fights in the orthodox style, but switched a tight spot to a chance by turning to the southpaw stance due to Ippo using his opponent's foot position to gauge distance, thus confusing Ippo. As Aoki claimed Ippo is caught in a spider's web, Takamura noted how spiders inject venom once their prey is in their web, and remembering Take's 15 out of 22 wins being knockouts, Takamura deemed Take's fangs poisonous. After seeing Take hit Ippo with multiple spinning left short uppercuts, Takamura felt that his prediction of Take having poisonous fangs was true.

In the third round, Takamura was confused as to why Kamogawa wasn't saying anything to Ippo, thinking Kamogawa can't see through the acting therefore he must be caught in Take's web as well. During round four, Takamura explained Take's trick to Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki, explained that Take comes to Ippo in a position where he is lower than Ippo, and due to Ippo's lack of experience punching downward, Take stopped Ippo's rotation, making his punches dull. After the fourth round, Kamogawa made Ippo punch him in the face, something Takamura mentioned was his way of saying sorry, as he finally found out what Take was doing. During the fifth round when Take was not going for the cut above Ippo's eye and Aoki and Kimura wondered why, Takamura claimed it is because Take is a real man. After Ippo defeated Take by knockout in the sixth round, Takamura was positive that Take would retire due to his age, seeing the match as his last chance.

Chaos Arc

Takamura shocked after seeing what is left of Aoki's Broccoman haircut.

The next day, Takamura learned that he would be fighting in his first WBC middleweight title defence match in March at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan against the third ranker, which stressed him out because he wanted to immediately move up to the super middleweight class. After Takamura heard Aoki and Kimura's opponents were going to be a rematch against Papaya and Eleki respectively and Aoki was angry at Papaya for making him become "Broccoman" and made him a laughing stock, Takamura took off Aoki's hat that hid the Broccoman trademark hairstyle and was shocked to see all that is left are three lone hairs. The day after Miyata's victory in his fifth OPBF title defence match against Che Jounbong, Takamura stormed into the Kamogawa gym asking everyone if they saw how badly Miyata performed before realising the gym members' being tense. Takamura listened as Kamogawa revealed that Miyata fractured both fists during the match, so the match between Ippo and Miyata are postponed.

Press conference fight between Takamura and Fox.

During the press conference between Takamura and his challenger Richard Fox, Takamura made a comment that he no longer has a reason to stay in the middleweight division. Knowing "Fox" means "Kitsune" in Japanese, he mentioned that after this "Fox Hunt", he will conqueror the super middleweight class next. When Fox heard Takamura's comment, it made him mad, and a brawl between the two almost commenced.

Takamura's defeating Fox.

A week later, Takamura arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan for his first WBC middleweight title defence match against Fox. When the match began, Takamura managed to knock Fox out 2:47 into the first round with a right after shouting that "hissatsu" means "instant death." After his title defence, Takamura visited Nekota at his pension. After playing Nekota's board game, "A Boxer's Life," Nekota asked how Kamogawa was doing and if Takamura's goal of giving Kamogawa champion belts was too much. After Takamura answered and expressed how easy it is, Nekota remarked how Takamura was a reliable surrogate son to Kamogawa, which made Takamura irritated. Takamura revealed to Nekota about boxing news about him, Ippo's match with Miyata being postponed, and Ryō Mashiba and Ryūhei Sawamura having a match. As Nekota asked Takamura who would win, Takamura believed Sawamura would win the match. Nekota decided that he wanted to leave for Tokyo to see the match between Mashiba and Sawamura, which annoyed Takamura. Takamura and Nekota travelled on foot to leave the pension during a snowstorm and almost died if not for Hachi and his sons rescuing the two.

Takamura seeing that Sawamura has grown.

They arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall in time for Mashiba's seventh JBC junior lightweight title match against Sawamura. After two rounds of a clean fight, Aoki and Kimura thought the match would end at the later half, however when round three consisted of fouls, Takamura disagreed, knowing that the two wouldn't be patient enough to wait for a chance. When Sawamura went down from a counter in the third round, Takamura predicted that Sawamura only flew himself back, neutralising the damage by half. After Mashiba got up from a down in round four, Kimura complimented Mashiba's mental strength, however, Takamura observed that Mashiba has been unconscious since his down in round three, making him unable to understand pain or that he fell, adding that with more hits, he may stop moving or in a worse case scenario, stop moving forever. As Sawamura hit Mashiba with precise attacks in round four, Takamura believed Sawamura has grown since his fight against Ippo, seeing his level of focus and cunning are at a higher level.

Takamura comparing himself to Sawamura when he fought against Hawk, not wanting to lose to a similar opponent.

After Mashiba and Sawamura fell and Mashiba headbutted Sawamura, Takamura realised the flow has changed due to Mashiba's headbutt making Sawamura's left eye swollen, achieving Mashiba's goal of taking away Sawamura's depth perception. When Aoki wondered what will come next with almost all the fouls being used, Takamura jocularly replied that the match would end with a backdrop or German suplex, and if it was him, he would mount and beat on him. During round six, Takamura mentioned that Sawamura's desire for the champion belt and the fact that a cat doesn't want to lose to another cat are what is keeping him up, something Takamura understands when he fought Hawk. As Sawamura was getting hurt while waiting for a chance to counter, Takamura was reminded of Miyata fighting Mashiba in the East Japan Rookie King tournament as he did the same thing and was unable to do so. After watching the match end with Mashiba getting disqualified in the sixth round after knocking Sawamura out of the ring while the referee paused the match, Takamura noted that anyone who came to see something frightening left home satisfied.

Seiken Arc

Takamura playing baseball.

Due to players from Kimura's local shopping district's baseball game dropping out, spots were needed to be filled for the local team. Takamura was one of his friends Kimura called to invite them to the shopping district's team. When the day of baseball game arrived, Takamura went to the stadium and was assigned to the Santei Japan team with Kimura, Aoki, Ippo, and Itagaki. While Takamura was doing poor at the game, he mentioned that the reason Aoki and Kimura are good at baseball is because it is not boxing. After Kimura's shopping district team won, Takamura thought Aoki's attitude was poor, so he allowed for only his head to be shaved, rather than both Aoki and Kimura if they lost. However, when Aoki's cap was removed, Takamura and the enemy team were sickened by the way Aoki's hair looks and ran away.

Later, when Aoki and Kimura were making fun of Ippo and Miyata's fate possibly going to a different path, Takamura felt their execution was weak and did his own where he spit on Aoki's head and exclaimed that he took a different path. Later, Takamura watched Itagaki's match, where he won by decision and became an eight rounder in order to be able to fight Hiroyuki Hoshi. He teamed with Itagaki's father during the match to perform a double flatulence assault as a pun in Itagaki's name.

Later, Takamura arrived to Osaka with the Kamogawa gym members for Itagaki's match against Hoshi. Along the way, Takamura asked a shopkeeper for takoyaki. However, when the shopkeeper jokingly offered a high price, Takamura destroyed his stand. Takamura received a great amount of takoyaki in exchange for the repair fee, which Aoki and Kimura paid for. When Takamura arrived to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, he learned from Yagi that due to Aoki and Kimura's jokes toward Shinoda, Shinoda will resign if Itagaki loses the match. When the match began and Aoki and Kimura were confused about Itagaki's movement, Takamura explained how they are moving at different times like someone being in a high speed vehicle, where people inside the car appear to be moving in slow motion compared to outside. Takamura watched as Itagaki defeat Hoshi by a one round knockout.

Scratch Arc

Takamura getting ready to eat Aoki's ramen gift.

Takamura invited Ippo and Itagaki to a dirtbike course to use as a training course for running to strengthen their lower body. As they ran, Takamura tripped and fell over pieces of dog faeces. Takamura tried to blame it on Wanpo and left after warning Ippo and Itagaki to not tell anyone about what happened. He later called Aoki and Kimura to the dirtbike course with the intention of having them fall over on dog faeces, however, it was cleaned up before he got there. Angered, Takamura defecated in the grass and tried to get them to step on it, however, they noticed Takamura's pants were down so they ran off. Later, Takamura defecated on Aoki's head at the gym and tried to make Ippo step in it after hearing that he was the one that cleaned the dirtbike course. Days later, Takamura was called to the Chūka Soba after it closes by Aoki. When he, along with Ippo, Itagaki, and Kimura arrived, Aoki claimed to want everyone to try some new ramen with a sparrows nest in it, though unbeknown to them that it was only the bird faeces inside of the nest in Takamura's. However, before the four ate, they switched bowls to their liking, and after Kimura left and gave his bowl to Aoki, the four ate and the one who got the bird faeces ended up being Aoki.

Takamura and Miyata senior talking about Ippo and Miyata.

After Takamura overheard Kamogawa and Miyata talking about Ichirō's decision to challenge the interim champion rather than Ippo, Takamura asked Miyata about his son's decision, knowing that Ichirō viewed a fight with Ippo above anything else, however, Miyata did not know either. Takamura suggested for Ichirō to fight Ippo after his match against the interim champion, but Miyata mentioned how the chance of scheduling a match between two title holders is small, making it seem that the two are not fated to fight. That night, Takamura asked Yagi what Ippo and Kamogawa are going to do now, to which Yagi answered that he doesn't know. The next day, as Kamogawa kicked Ippo out for being depressed and not wanting to forget about Miyata, Takamura asked Ippo if he took Date's baton to only run this far with it, however, Ippo silently left the gym.

Takamura later went to a training camp for his second WBC middleweight title defence, along with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. When they got back, they noticed a match poster featuring Ippo. They learn from Ippo and Yagi that he is going to fight Jimmy Sisphar. When Ippo's match against Sisphar arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch the match with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. Thinking of what Ippo can do against Sisphar after the second round, Takamura explained to his gym mates that Sisphar and Ippo are rock in terms of janken, and that Ippo needs to throw rock harder than Sisphar to win. During round four, Kimura noted how the match may take a while since both are used to the rhythm of left and right hooks, but Takamura predicted that Ippo has one more punch he can use at close range that may be the tie breaker or end the match. Takamura watched as Ippo defeated Sisphar by knockout in the fourth round.

Destined Boxer Arc

Takamura wearing the kabuto beetle outfit.

After thinking about himself being the only one not having a signature move with an animal in the name, he decided to study a variety of animals. His decision stopped on the kabuto beetle in which he utilises the way they attack by flipping another beetle over. Takamura showed the new technique, the Beetle's Uppercut, to the Kamogawa gym members and planned to use it in his next match. When his second WBC middleweight title defence match against Rickey Mouse arrived, Takamura went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. When it was time for his match, Takamura entered the rings wearing a giant kabuto beetle costume with his two WBC champion belts around his waist. As Takamura got into the ring, the horn on his outfit broke, making the crowd think that he looks like a cockroach instead.

Takamura knocking Mouse out with the other horn of the Beetle's Uppercut.

As the match began, Takamura immediately used the Beetle's Uppercut. After throwing only the Beetle's Uppercut multiple times and missing, Takamura got Mouse to the ropes. When Mouse was about to throw a counter to counter the incoming Beetle's Uppercut, both of the boxers step-in led Mouse's head to connect with the raised "smaller horn" of the Beetle's Uppercut, causing a down. Takamura wanted Mouse to get up so he can show the Beetle's Uppercut land, however, Mouse was unable to continue, resulting in Takamura victory. While being interviewed by reporters after the match, Takamura commented that having his opponent focus on the bigger horn and finish with the smaller one was his original plan.

Later, when Takamura arrived to the Kamogawa gym, he noticed Baron Kurita and immediately bullied him before telling the gym members how Baron cowardly quit the gym.

Winner Takes All Arc

Takamura's extending arm magic trick with a cane.

When Takamura learned from Yagi that Kamogawa was taken to a police station, Takamura waited in Kamogawa's office to "interrogate" him. However, when Kamogawa came back, Takamura only received a thrown couch at him by an angry Kamogawa. Later, Takamura bought a wooden cane for Kamogawa since his cane was confiscated by the police. When he arrived to the gym to give it to him, he overheard the gym members talking about Ippo's next opponent, Malcolm Gedo possibly having extendable arms. Takamura decided to demonstrate it by using a trick with the cane by sticking it under his sleeve and letting the stick fly out while throwing a punch, hitting Aoki. After Aoki got mad, Takamura swung the stick at him and accidentally hit Kamogawa with it. Kamogawa told him to get rid of it, causing Takamura to throw the cane at Aoki before running off.

After seeing Ippo and Gedo's match poster, Takamura mistook "winner" as "wiener" and complained to Yagi about the winner getting 2 million yen, wanting some of the prize money. He asked Yagi if anyone figured out Gedo's extending arm, not being able to sleep as he keeps thinking about, however, Yagi did not know either.

When Ippo's match against Gedo arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall and gave Ippo a measly 30 yen to help him gather money for the 500,000 yen bet he made with Gedo to make him more serious for the match. Takamura watched the match with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki, explaining with Itagaki about Gedo's first trick against Ippo being a feint that Itagaki and Miyata uses. During round six, Ippo was having trouble and when Takamura mentioned that Aoki and Kimura would be thieves if Ippo loses due to them taking money from their jobs to give to Ippo for his bet, the four Kamogawa gym members tried to find a hint to tell Kamogawa to help Ippo. Aoki figured out the hint with keywords "range," "swell," "shake," which surprised Takamura that he figured it out. After Ippo won against Gedo by knockout in the eighth round, Takamura carried Ippo to see the venue's doctor as his face was swelling. Takamura, Ippo, and Kamogawa ran into Gedo while at the doctor's room, and learned that Gedo wanted to become world champion, but ran into Randy Boy Junior, who shattered his dream.

Red Lightning Arc

Takamura telling Ippo about Miyata's weight control struggles.

After hearing about Miyata sparring with two opponents, Takamura tried to spar with three opponents in order to prove to Kamogawa that he is ready to conqueror his next weight class. However, during the spar, Takamura got touched before defeat all three in one round, resulting in Kamogawa keeping the arrangement of his third WBC middleweight title defence for him. His opponent was decided to be against the third ranker, Ronald Duck at the Yokohama Arena. Later, as the gym members noticed Takamura struggling with his weight control as he was not sweating after roadwork, Takamura was sure he can win against any opponent, but pointed out Miyata, who is set up to go against Randy, was not the same. As Ippo voiced his worries, Takamura stopped him and reminded him that he was about to fight the same Miyata that was suffering from weight control. Takamura added that it was all Ippo's fault due to Miyata staying in the weight class to fight Ippo and because he is a featherweight, he is fighting Randy. Seeing Ippo depressed, Takamura noted it was all Miyata's decision and the path he chose.

Takamura's failed weight control after drinking the tsuchinoko drink.

Later, he arrived to the Kamogawa gym and Sendō tried to attack him, however, Takamura lifted him up by his face, with Sendō's punches unable to reach him. Takamura listened as Sendō explained his reason of coming to the Kamogawa gym so that they could show him the way to the Kawahara gym to spar with Miyata. As Ippo was told by Kamogawa not to go since they cut ties with Miyata, Ippo became so depressed that Takamura and the others made him indirectly go by asking him to get outlandish items, with Takamura asking for the tsuchinoko drink. When Ippo gave it to Takamura, Takamura drank it and made him have diarrhoea, but it helped him with his weight control. Feeling thankful to Ippo despite his dried up appearance, he bought three boxes of the drink and was headed to go give Miyata a box to help his weight control before being frantically stopped by Ippo.

Takamura at the press conference with Duck.

Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his weigh-in with Duck and passes his weight check. Afterwards, he went to the De La Hoya with the Kamogawa gym and ate a lot of food to recover from his weight control. He went to the joint press conference for Duck, Miyata, and Randy. Due to Randy's manager, Mr. Sakaguchi, talking for a while, Takamura and Duck were not given a chance to talk, making Takamura angry at Mr. Sakaguchi.

The next day, Takamura went to the Yokohama Arena for his third WBC middleweight title defence match against Duck. When the semi-finals with Miyata and Randy was starting, Takamura watched in his changing room and didn't like Miyata's flashy entrance for it, worried his wouldn't be flashy enough. During the second round when Miyata downed Randy, Takamura noticed his punched in the way Takamura showed him in the training camp, feeling that Miyata should be grateful for him. During the third round, he noticed how Miyata was using the Speed Hell that Takamura used against Hawk. During the fourth round, Takamura observed that Miyata putting Randy through Speed Hell is going to exhaust Miyata, which is the price one pays for using Speed Hell, and Randy's body blows would make it worse. After Miyata defeated Randy, the crowd started to leave, forgetting about Takamura's match because of how impressive Miyata's match was, which made Takamura angry. Takamura wore his kabuto beetle outfit as he entered the ring while angry that his entrance didn't have any special effects.

Takamura's finishing blow on Duck.

As Takamura's match against Duck began, the match entered to the ninth round with Takamura's right eye swollen shut and behind in points. Takamura was unable to hit Duck with huge punches throughout the ninth round. In the tenth round, Takamura continued to miss with wide swings while getting hit by Duck's attacks and thinking that it is Mr. Sakaguchi's fault he is messing up. After Takamura took a left jab to the face, he managed to tap Duck's forehead with his left, before landing solid right straight on Duck's face. Duck clinches Takamura, before sliding down and falling to the canvas. The referee ended the match and Takamura was declared the winner. After the crowd booed him out of the ring due to his poor performance, Takamura stormed to the restroom while swinging his fists and unknowingly and accidentally hit Mr. Sakaguchi, who was coming out of the restroom. The assault incident made the newspaper, though Takamura was not identified as the assailant.

Second Coming of Death Arc

At the Kamogawa gym, Takamura sang a song to Aoki and Kimura about their poor performance in their recent match before leaving for his usual trip.

In the Jungle Arc

Takamura watching Ippo fighting Wally.

Coming back from his trip, Takamura spotted Ippo, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki doing roadwork and joined them. When Ippo's match against Wally arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch it with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki. Before the match began, Takamura wondered why Ippo was serious about fighting Wally when Ippo ignored him in the dressing room. In the first round when Wally entered his Freedom Style, Takamura quickly noticed how it was like Hawk, but with a difference in speed due to the weight class difference. During the second round, Takamura claimed to have the wrong idea about comparing him to Hawk after seeing Wally use the Smash and Flicker Jabs, believing that he has the wild instinct to pull off punching and dodging where it makes sense. During the third round, as Itagaki claimed that Wally's way of fighting is not boxing, Takamura disagreed, as Wally is fighting fair and he doesn't get surprised by what others can do but what others can't do, while his gym mates are surprised because Wally is so athletic that it is close to unbelievable.

After the third round, Takamura admitted that he was surprised after seeing Wally throw a counter while in the corner, a high level technique used by black boxers. He added that the crowd is speechless because Wally could be a world champion someday, and sometimes a boxer runs into someone they think is a cannon fodder, but they end up being someone who can take the title of a few weight classes. After the sixth round, while Itagaki was hopeful for Ippo to win, Takamura pointed out that Ippo and Kamogawa are out of options and the crowd's silence agrees with him while Itagaki is the only hopeful one. During the seventh round, as Wally had a hard time using footwork, Takamura was angry that Wally couldn't dodge Ippo's huge punch. During the eighth round, Takamura explained to his gym mates the reason for Wally not moving is because of the "light taps" Ippo did with his body blows making Wally's legs heavy. After watching Ippo win against Wally by knockout in the eighth round, Takamura saw Ippo in the dressing room as he left for the doctor. Takamura made fun of Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki for being excited after seeing Ippo win and then beat Aoki and Kimura after they claimed that genius types like Takamura are afraid of seeing the results of hard work.

Chronos Arc

Takamura watching Itagaki and Karasawa's match.

While Takamura ate at the Chūka Soba, he expressed his admiration that Aoki can be on a diet while surrounded by food, believing he has untapped potential when it comes to things outside boxing. When Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki's Class A Tournament arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch with Ippo. After seeing the three in their dressing room, Takamura and Ippo split off and Takamura began to watch Itagaki's match against Karasawa with Fujii and Mari. After Takamura watched Itagaki win, he slept through Aoki and Kimura's matches that ended in decision wins. Takamura woke up as a match between Shinobu Iga and Imae Katsutaka ended in Iga's victory. Takamura noticed that Baron was with Iga and frantically ran to Aoki to warn him, only to make a pun out of the surnames "Iga" and the "Kuri" in "Kurita", making "Igakuri," meaning a chestnut with it's burs.

Blind Step Arc

Takamura's advice to Ippo before his match against Kojima.

Takamura went off to a trip, and, when he came back, he lit a fire where Ippo, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki do roadwork, which alerted them to come over. After having pranked everyone, especially Aoki, by having the fire throw chestnut with burs fly out in a "Igakuri" pun, he advised Ippo that every time he gets hit by his next opponent, Hisato Kojima, who spoke ill about Ippo's previous opponent, to remember the faces of his previous opponents and to fight as a champion rather than a challenger. At the gym, Takamura observed and explained to Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki how Ippo's training while standing on his big toes will lead him to have stronger legs and better weight shifting.

Takamura's arriving to the ring to fight Rabbitson.

In the press conference the day before Takamura's fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Peter Rabbitson, when it was Takamura's turn, he ends up causing a scene by flipping the table over when he learned that Ippo left to eat without him. On the day of the match, Takamura went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and asked Ippo, who offered to eat and celebrate together, if Ippo's condition is fine, which Ippo replied that it won't take long. Takamura had Ippo remember his advice from earlier and also reminded him that Kojima talked poorly of Kamogawa, something they both don't take lightly. Before Itagaki left the room to watch Ippo fight Kojima, Takamura requested to tell Ippo to rehearse his words at the corner and expressed how he understands what Ippo is going through since he sees him as a brother, however, he did not know how Ippo will use his anger of his opponent talking poorly of Kamogawa and that for the first time in his life, Ippo is looking to brawl with someone. After watching Ippo knockout Kojima in one punch in the first round, Takamura was annoyed at Kamogawa's grinning face due to the reason Ippo was angry during the match. Hoping to have a match that will also make Kamogawa grin, Takamura went to the ring for his fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Rabbitson while wearing a poorly painted panda outfit which the crowd and Kamogawa criticised him for.

Speed Zone Arc

Takamura defeating Rabbitson.

When the match began, Takamura threw nothing but wide swings at Rabbitson until the twelfth round, where the crowd began to cheer for Rabbitson, which got to Rabbitson's head, making him go take Takamura head on. The result ended in Takamura landing a big punch, knocking Rabbitson out with the one punch, ending in Takamura's victory. Takamura quickly left the venue after the crowd criticised him, skipping Kamogawa's scolding. Takamura went to drink at the Mayweather Bar. While there, he overheard Date, Sendō, Mashiba, Saeki, and Okita talk badly about his performance in the match against Rabbitson and made fun of the panda outfit. When the group noticed Takamura, Takamura acted like he was going to leave before proclaiming that he blocked the door so they couldn't leave. Date's further provocations sparked a bar fight between the group and Takamura, which ended in all five getting knocked out.

Takamura helping Aoki get over his trauma.

After a while of being absent from the gym to avoid Kamogawa's scolding, Takamura called Ippo and had him come over to his house to show him a fatal flaw in Aoki's fighting and the reason he gets hit: Aoki blinks right before a punch comes toward him. Takamura talked Ippo into telling Aoki about his weakness because he doesn't want to go to the gym and listen to Kamogawa's scolding. Takamura eventually returned to the gym and told Aoki about his weakness and made fun of him with Kimura and Itagaki until Ippo arrived and stopped them. Ippo had Aoki recover his suppressed memory so he could find a way to get over his trauma by using Tomiko's hypnosis. When Aoki revealed it was Takamura's fault, the gym members came up with a plan for Aoki to overcome his fear of Takamura to cure his trauma that affected his boxing. Ippo, Itagaki, and Kimura held Aoki while Takamura threw rights at Aoki's face until Aoki was able to keep his eyes open and describe the type of punch Takamura threw, curing his trauma.

Takamura confronts Baron about Aoki.

When the Class A Tournament finals arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch the matches with Ippo. As Itagaki's match against Saeki was starting, Takamura believed the match would be simple: the one who is the fastest would win. During the second round, Takamura explained to Ippo the strategy of an out-boxer and how Itagaki needs to take control of the ring to win. During the fourth round, as Itagaki was doing the Ali Shuffle, Takamura came up a with the name Itagaki Shuffle due to the difference in his steps. Takamura watched as Itagaki defeated Saeki by knockout in the fourth round. As Ippo went with Itagaki to the changing room, Takamura watched Kimura's match, which ended in Kimura losing by decision. Takamura watched Aoki's match against Iga, and, when Takamura noticed that Baron tasked Iga to toy with him throughout the match, Takamura angrily shouted to Baron during the seventh round that the fight is over and to let it end. The fight ended after Aoki collapsed as Shinoda threw the towel. While Ippo, Itagaki, and Kimura went to check on Aoki, Takamura stayed to confront Baron in the corridors of Kōrakuen Hall. Takamura threatened Baron if anything happens to Aoki and reprimanded him for bringing such violence in the ring. As Takamura was about to hit Baron, Iga stopped Takamura by grabbing his arm. After grabbing Iga by his hair and pushing him into Baron, Takamura warned both of them that their actions weren't going to stand and that the day would come where they would whine like whipped dogs.

Later, Takamura went to the Kawai Hospital where Aoki was being treated and sang him a song to make fun of his surname "Masaru" and it's ironic meaning of victory. Upset about Aoki's attitude, Takamura threatened to drop him out of a window before dropping him when Tomiko arrived. Takamura advised for Aoki to listen to the doctors and he may bring a present before walking away singing. Aoki and Kimura were deciding whether or not they should retire, and, when they concluded that they would be staying, Takamura suggested for them that they should seriously think about retiring.

Later, Takamura and the other gym members overheard Kamogawa and Yagi discussing moving Ippo onto the world stage. They burst into Kamogawa's office to hear that Ippo would fight the second in the world, Alfredo González, to gain the attention of Ricardo's management.

Proud Wolf Arc

Takamura asking Sendō if Ippo is weaker.

When Volg's IBF lightweight title match was soon, Sendō accidentally arrived to the Kamogawa gym to watch with Ippo a day before due to the time difference between Japan and America. Takamura decided to have Sendō party with him for the night since he has to stay in Tokyo. During the party, Takamura gave Sendō permission to spar with Ippo the nest day while no one is at the gym. After Sendō sparred with Ippo, Takamura asked Sendō how Ippo was. Takamura suspected Sendō was lying when he claimed that he was good, asking him if Ippo has become weaker, but Sendō replied that he was just stronger. Takamura asked what would happen if Ippo lost and never gets a chance of getting the world title, to which Sendō answered that he would get the belt himself and wait for Ippo.

Go to the World Arc

While looking at the Monthly Boxing Fan's magazine covering Volg's IBF title match win and Ippo's upcoming match against Alfredo, Takamura was wondering if Ippo could do it before concluding that he can when he noticed the headline reading "Makunouchi's cocked and ready". He shared his discovery with the Kamogawa gym members and he, along with Aoki and Kimura made fun of the headline, annoying Ippo. Later, Takamura watched Ippo train with Kamogawa's method of going against Alfredo's left that is similar to Ricardo's by using a extendable and bendable stick with a boxing glove.

Takamura as a guest commentator.

When Ippo's match against Alfredo and Itagaki's JBC featherweight title match against Imai arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall where he was the guest commentator along with Date. As Itagaki and Imai's match began, Takamura was about to comment that Itagaki was going to be the one to win before Itagaki was taken down within seconds. After Imai won and became the JBC featherweight champion, Takamura commented that Ippo may be in trouble in his match and made Date angry after he reminded the audience that he lost to Ricardo. After Ippo went down in the third round, Takamura explained how Ippo was not able to dodge the long left hook due to only expecting jabs, straights, and uppercuts, as those were the only punches Alfredo threw until then. After Ippo was defeated by knockout in the seventh round, Takamura wished for Kamogawa to not look so distraught since he still has him. After everyone left, Takamura sat at the venue's ring, ignoring Date as he gave his thoughts before leaving.

Battle of the Beasts Arc

Takamura ran into Ippo the day after he lost to Alfredo. While Ippo apologised to Takamura for losing since he did commentary for it, Takamura lectured him for not resting and suggested to do so as he fought hard last night As he leaves, Takamura made a pun, mentioning to not let it "dickpress" him too much, which Ippo heard as "depress," appreciating him for trying to cheer him up. Ippo returned to the Kamogawa gym and it was decided that he would have to start over from the beginning, and that he would be assisting Takamura until Ippo's next match. Takamura warned him to not get into his way, since his next match has been decided for a unification match for the middleweight WBC and WBA titles

Takamura creates the line between humans and monsters.

The next day, while taking a break from training with Ippo following him, Takamura was asked by Ippo if he has become weak, which Takamura replied that he should know better than anyone. Takamura mentioned how Kamogawa was hurt due to Ippo not making any excuses as to why he lost. Ippo felt that he had no excuse, but Takamura believed that one needs to make excuses, as not having an excuse why one loses means that are ready to quit. Takamura drew a line on the ground between him and Ippo, with Takamura claiming that past the line was the world, where only monsters can survive, warning him to not cross it and give Kamogawa false hope as Ippo should be satisfied by becoming the JBC champion while treating boxing as a hobby. Takamura left Ippo behind on the other side of the line. The next day, Ippo asked Takamura about his rushing to conquer the six weight classes, which Takamura answered about the length of time one can stay a boxer and how many matches one can have, seeing a unification match as a waste of time on his road to the heavyweight class world title.

During the press conference with WBA middleweight champion Richard Bison, after Bison made his comment, Takamura refused to say anything other than that he wants to get the match over with. The next day, Takamura arrived to the Yokohama Arena for his unification match against WBA middleweight champion Bison. While waiting for his match, Takamura went to sleep in the changing room. After doing mitt practise with Kamogawa, Takamura went to the ring in his hawk outfit when his match arrived.

Takamura and Bison's exchange of Flicker Jabs.

When the match began, Bison immediately used his Flicker Jabs, which pushed back Takamura. Deeming his opponent dangerous, Takamura moved forward and attacked, resulting in a high level exchange between the two where neither got a clean hit throughout the first round. During the second round, Takamura was unable to get close to Bison, who increased the speed of his Flicker Jabs. Takamura decided to try out the Detroit Style himself by mimicking Bison and throw out his own Flicker Jabs. Though Takamura didn't land a clean hit, the power of Takamura's Flicker Jabs made Bison distance himself. Takamura and Bison commence an exchange of Flicker Jabs, with Takamura getting hit and being sent to the ropes. When Takamura got sent to the ropes, Takamura asked his gym mates what he can do. Unsatisfied with Aoki and Kimura's answers, he threatens them as he rushes back to the exchange of Flicker Jabs. Looking for a way to improve his Flicker Jabs, Takamura loosened his shoulders and unclenched his left fist. After doing so, he began successfully hitting Bison. Bison stopped using Flicker Jabs and switched to a guarded stance. One of Takamura's Flicker Jabs were then countered, leaving Takamura's knees buckling. Takamura wildly swung his fists to keep Bison away from him until the second round ended. In the corner, Takamura became unconscious while Kamogawa was explaining how he was hit. When Takamura asked his gym mates what he can do, Ippo interrupted him to tell him to do his best, making Takamura gain his consciousness back as he left for round three.

Takamura using the Flicker Counter against Bison.

In the third round, Takamura got pushed back into a corner by Bison's Flicker Jabs, causing Takamura to raise his guard. As Bison was sending out an attack, Takamura opened his guard and asked Bison if he knows what he can do. Takamura did the Flicker Counter by knocking Bison's fist away and hit him with a right, causing a down. Since Bison twisted his neck to minimise the damage, he got back up and round three ended shortly after. After rehydrating in the corner, Takamura stayed standing while waiting for the fourth round. When the fourth round began, since Bison was unable to use Flicker Jabs because of Takamura's ability to use the Flicker Counter, Takamura signalled for Bison to fight at the centre of the ring. The two commenced a close ranged exchange which ended after a duel exchange where Takamura hit Bison with an uppercut and he was hit with a Chopping Right. Both boxers were unable to move until the fourth round ended. At the corner, Takamura requested for his right leg to be massaged to prevent a charlie horse, thanking Shinoda afterwards.

Takamura defeating Bison.

In the fifth round, after another close range exchange which Takamura won at, Takamura was hit with a wide left hook, causing him to stumble. Takamura dodged and blocked the incoming attacks until another wide left hook hit him. As Bison began to throw a Flicker Jab, Takamura countered it with a Flicker Counter. Another wide left hook came toward Takamura just as the fifth round ended. At the corner, Kamogawa applied two bags of ice on Takamura's right leg as it has gotten worse after recovering from the first left hook. In the sixth round, despite landing combinations on Bison, Takamura was pushed to the ropes and hit with a big left hook. Takamura began to continuously get hit in a corner, and, when Bison stepped back to deliver a huge punch, Takamura hit him, causing a dual exchange, however, Takamura took more damage. Takamura barely blocked another left hook, but the impact busted his ear drum, causing his right ear to bleed. As Takamura continued to get beaten in a corner, he wondered why his gym mates and seconds are screaming at him and did not like seeing Kamogawa look terrible. Not wanting to be the reason Kamogawa looks that way and hearing Ippo's voice, Takamura remembered his first training camp with Ippo where he taught him the importance of the big toe. Takamura used his big toe to pivot on one leg while throwing a punch, blowing away an incoming left. Takamura hit Bison with the spinning punch two times, sending him down. The referee immediately ended the match, earning the WBA middleweight title, becoming the WBA and WBC unifying middleweight champion.

Takamura was interviewed in the ring and made the crowd angry at him due to his haughty attitude toward the crowd, resulting in him being carried out of the ring by his gym mates. Takamura rushed out with Aoki and Kimura after Kamogawa began to lecture him.

Seeking Heights Arc

The next day, Takamura arrived to the Kamogawa gym and revealed to the reporters how he heard from the cabinet office that they want him to accept the people's honour reward. Takamura went to Kamogawa's office and had a glass case put up for Kamogawa to show off his champion belts as a gift to Kamogawa. Takamura went to the Yamaguchi Chiropractic for his right leg. During the exam, Takamura tried to flirt with Tomoko Yamaguchi and attempted to attack her when she mentioned that Ippo comes to her clinic as well, however, Takamura was thrown out the window in only his underwear. Takamura chased Ippo after seeing him, which sparked the cabinet office to retract Takamura's people's honour reward offer. Later, Takamura held a parade in celebration of his unification victory, however, it did not draw a crowd, which made Takamura angry. Takamura came back to Yamaguchi for a massage and lied to her about the crowd size of his parade being big. After the massage, Takamura was sent outside the window after trying to jump on Yamaguchi. Takamura left on a trip to see Nekota.

Takamura and Nekota talk after Takamura defeated Bison.

When he arrived to the Pension Yoshio to see Nekota, he chopped wood for mental training as Nekota approached him. Takamura explained how his meeting with Yamaguchi showed him that despite his combat capacity knowing no equal, the temptations still gets to him, revealing what happened to him while at her clinic. Takamura stayed for dinner, while expressing how he doesn't get enough respect. Nekota sympathised with him, and asked how Kamogawa is doing. Takamura instead commented on how Nekota's seasoning on his food makes it taste better. After Nekota revealed it as a special ingredient he made by feeding different things to animals around the mountain and collecting their faeces to dry and grind it up for seasoning, Takamura became grossed out Takamura before admitting it tasted good. He went and answered Nekota's earlier question that Kamogawa was doing good.

Takamura meeting The Regular.

Takamura returned to Tokyo in time for Aoki and Kimura's comeback matches at the Kōrakuen Hall. Before their matches began, Takamura approached Ippo and Itagaki and mentioned that he would announce Kimura's retirement if he loses, seeing how Kimura messed up his weight control. After Kimura's match, which ended in a draw, Takamura went to the restroom and ran into The Regular. Takamura sensed danger from the man and introduced himself before asking to know who he is. The Regular revealed that Takamura can call him, "Earl Rug", which was an anagram for "The Regular". Takamura made it back to the audience area in time for Aoki's match, where Takamura learned that Aoki will show his Bell Horn technique. After Takamura saw Aoki win by knockout, Takamura watched the JBC lightweight title match between challenger Iga and champion Sōshi Ōshima.

When Iga was arriving to the ring, Takamura noted that he is only calm because Baron is with him, believing there to be a lot of trust and reassurance. Takamura assumed that there is some type of mind control since Baron's got a way with words. He added that there may be some kind of symbiotic relationship that brings out Iga's inner strength and that Iga is like Baron's hunting dog or lapdog. After Iga won the match, Aoki wished to challenge the loser. Though the gym mates were shocked, Takamura suggested for them to let Aoki do whatever he wants as long as it helps him get stronger, as he views what justifies a boxer's existence is how strong they are, but he knows that they have no chance of catching up to him, so they should chase after their own goals with everything they got. Afterwards, Takamura met The Regular outside sleeping outside of a horse race track and learned that he likes to gamble. Takamura discussed with him on what he should do about his gym mates. When The Regular suggested to abandon them and be free, Takamura noted that he has a point, but he sees them try even though they end up sucking more. He added that he was not worried about them, but felt they are standing at a crossroad and felt sorry for them. Takamura left after giving the Regular an empty can.

Takamura asking Ippo if he can carry the burden.

At the gym, Takamura watched Ippo spar with Matsuura, where Ippo showed his new Dempsey Roll. On the roof, Takamura met Yagi, who was happy about Ippo possibly returning to the ring with his new Dempsey Roll. Takamura didn't care and requested for Yagi to set him up for a super middleweight title match, however, Yagi explained how it has been hard negotiating. Before leaving, Takamura mentioned to Yagi that it would be a bad idea to expect anything from Ippo and that the gym has him, and that is all it needs. Later, Takamura bumped into a man who was with two other guys and was asked to apologise. Takamura chased the three and beat them. Later, while Takamura was shadow boxing on the rooftop, he was approached by Ippo. Takamura asked if Ippo can deliver and if he can carry the kind of burden to live up to expectations. Ippo answered that since his next loss would be his last, he would give it everything he has.

Later, Takamura watched Ippo spar against Ryūji Nagumo. After seeing Ippo being easily downed against him, and Kamogawa stopped the match, Takamura told Kamogawa that Ippo is broken. Having learned that Ippo went bowling, Takamura went with Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki to the Funa Bowl to watch him and, if he gets a score lower than 100, then they would know he is punch drunk. When they see Ippo get a gutter ball and haven't hit any pins as seen on the score board, they became worried. Takamura noticed Ippo wearing something on his wrists and learned that he has been wearing weights on his wrists and ankles. Takamura observed the two ways Ippo was throwing the bowling balls as a workout for the new Dempsey Roll. Later, Takamura went to the Funa Bowl, where the Kamogawa gym commenced a bowling tournament. There, Yamaguchi came by to see how Ippo was doing, and Takamura revealed that he and Yamaguchi made a proposal. However, Yamaguchi added that for them to propose, he has to kneel, which Takamura refused to do.

Later, when Ippo returned to the Kamogawa gym after Kamogawa banned him for one month, he passed both tests required to return, and Takamura lifted him up in celebration. Takamura went to Yamaguchi and his visit led him to be thrown out of the window naked and he landed on Kamogawa who was about to visit her. Takamura ran away after hearing police sirens. Later, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall with Ippo to watch Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki's matches where Itagaki won by decision, Kimura's match ended in a draw, and Aoki won by knockout. Afterwards, Ippo expressed his desire to show off his new Dempsey Roll to Kamogawa in his next match. Takamura mentioned that if Kamogawa likes it then it is good, but he wanted Ippo to not disappoint him. Takamura began training for his WBA and WBC middleweight title defence.

Takamura calling the view at the top "extraordinary".

While doing roadwork with Ippo, Ippo expressed how he believes no one can understand Takamura's perspective and thinks Takamura should stop being irritated and take things one step at a time or people would stop supporting him. Ippo asked if Takamura is lonely, to which Takamura explained how he viewed the point that he and other world champions see when they reach the top as "extraordinary". Ippo believed that he may not be able to do it, but Takamura suggested for him to not think, but to go for it.

10 Months in the Making Arc

Takamura defeating Lycaon.

Takamura was struggling with his weight management at first, he was in good shape by the time his public sparring session arrived. Takamura went to his press conference for his WBC and WBA middleweight title defence match against Keith Lycaon. After the press conference Takamura couldn't stop himself from laughing when he thinks of Lycaon's face, claiming how puny he looks. The next day, Takamura arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan for his match and told Ippo, who was leaving to fight Antonio Guevara, to deliver. Takamura continued watching the match in the changing room, and the match ended in Ippo's loss. Feeling like he is alone now, Takamura arrived to the ring for his match against Lycaon. After Takamura was hit with a wide left hook, Takamura knocked Lycaon down with a right. The referee quickly ended the match, resulting in Takamura's victory. Takamura was interviewed in the ring, which ended with the crowd being angry with him after he made fun of Ippo. Afterwards, Takamura went home.

Later, as Ippo announced his retirement to Kamogawa and Yagi, Ippo told his gym mates goodbye, including Takamura. Takamura asked Ippo if he scored any treasure in his adventure, to which Ippo replied that there are too many to hold.

Part III

Second Step Arc

Months later, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Kimura's match. Before going into the venue, he came across Ippo and learned that Ippo became a second for the Kamogawa gym and that he would be Kimura's second. Takamura forcefully took Ippo's empty wallet with him before going off with The Regular, intending to come back to the venue later.

Takamura calling Hayami legendary garbage.

When Takamura came back to the Kōrakuen Hall, and overheard Ippo, Kobashi, and Mari discussing Hayami's match and how Hayami wanted to make a legend for himself, Takamura claimed he already made a legend of being trash. He added that any pro athlete can naturally break down, but they don't make excuses and continue the challenge even when they are in a brink of collapse. Seeing that Kimura's match was next, Takamura went to the audience area before telling Ippo to not make Kimura mess up. Takamura watched Kimura's match with Aoki and Itagaki, laughing at Ippo's antics during which until Kimura won by knockout.

After the match, as Ippo tried to get his empty wallet back from Takamura and Kimura celebrated his win, the group came across Hayami. When Hayami made his announcement that he would become a legend, Takamura claimed Hayami was already a legend, remembering the time the latter fired everyone up at the gym during karaoke night. Leaving the venue, Takamura, Aoki and Itagaki went karaoke as Ippo and Kimura went home. Later, Takamura watched Aoki and Itagaki's matches, where Aoki won by knockout and Itagaki won by decision. After Itagaki ran off after Ippo was criticising him throughout his match, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura told Ippo that only he likes tough love.

Taihei Arc

Takamura telling Miyata not to stay in the same place.

Takamura entered the Márquez and asked Miyata about the missing cat flier, which he soon learned that Miyata has a cat named Sarate. After making fun of Miyata for having a cat, Takamura claimed that Miyata shouldn't be stuck in the same place and to live up to his potential. After Miyata called the police on Takamura, he went running.

Takamura performing the Special 7-Years Killing: 100 Shots

Later, Ippo visited the Kamogawa gym while Kamogawa was there. They then had a mitt practise session as Takamura, along with the other gym members, watched in awe. During a typhoon, Takamura, Itagaki, and Kimura arrived at the Chūka Soba, where they asked what happened to Ippo. Aoki revealed that he left to turn himself in to the police. After hearing the story that Ippo slapped Taihei, and Teru Okazaki's story on Taihei's past where he began to fight because of his older brother, Takamura believed that Taihei's problems are his older brother's fault. After a week, Takamura talked with the gym members about Ippo's situation with Taihei. Takamura came to a conclusion that the real villain is Taihei's older brother and showed off his "Special 7-Years Killing: 100 Shots" by breaking three out of seven plates with two fingers, planning to use the attack on Taihei's older brother. While talking about using it for Taihei's older brother, a bald Ippo came into the gym and asked for Kamogawa in order to say his apologises.

Kamogawa gave Ippo a punishment in order to atone for what he did, one punishment was to lead Taihei and Kintarō Kaneda, who came to join the gym. When Kimura and Aoki noticed Taihei as Aoki's younger brother, Takamura realised that Aoki was Taihei's older brother and used the "Special 7-Years Killing: 100 Shots" on him. Later, Takamura ran into Ippo, Taihei, and Kintarō sweeping outside the gym. He hits them for making it seem like the gym is Buddhist temple due to all three being bald.

Towards a Resolution Arc

Takamura talking to The Regular.

While headed to Kōrakuen Hall, Takamura noticed The Regular on the street and decided to take him to the Kemuri Izakaya so that he could eat. Takamura commented on how Mashiba and Iga were having a match and how the former had skill, but a short temper. Takamura noted that if Mashiba were to get hit by a foul move, Mashiba would snap and get disqualified.

Later, Takamura went to the Roigal Hotel for his press conference with his WBA and WBC middleweight title defence opponent, Michael Goat. Takamura announced that the match won't be a "first", but a "last", noting that, after this match, he would be moving on to the next weight class: the super middleweight class, and that, in terms of the middleweight class, Goat will be the last man to lose to him. The next day, Takamura arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan for his title defence match against Goat.

Takamura fighting Goat.

When the match began, Takamura had trouble against Goat's lefts, unable to get close to him. Takamura was pushed into tightening his guard and began to block his lefts. Even with blocking, Takamura was taken to the ropes. Angered that he is being made to look like he is having a hard time, Takamura threw out lefts of his own, however, he was unable to connect. Takamura continued to get hit, but also began to learn the timing of Goat's attacks by the end of the first round. At the corner, he noticed Kamogawa looking hopeful at Ippo at the ringside as he thought that Ippo figured something out before Takamura stopped him, wanting him to forget about Ippo and to keep his eyes on him as he left for round two.

Takamura wins against Goat.

In the second round, Takamura was able to read Goat's attacks and countered one of Goat's lefts with a right. As Takamura was throwing a wide left hook, he changed it's trajectory into a straight, hitting Goat and causing a down. After Goat got up, Goat prepare to block his face for another left, however Takamura went for his body instead, knocking him down again. The referee stopped the match with no count, resulting in Takamura's victory. During the interview in the ring, Takamura angered the audience when he expressed that he felt sorry that he was too strong. Takamura changed the subject, announcing that now that he defeated the first ranker, he will be moving on from middleweights and onto super middleweight. Afterwards, Takamura left and went on a trip.

Importance of the Support Role Arc

When Takamura returned from his trip and went to the Kamogawa gym, he mentioned to his gym mates how he heard about Sendō and Alfredo having an upcoming match against each other. He then learned that Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki were having matches before it. Takamura received a call from Ippo, asking for his about weight control for Kimura. Takamura instead scolded Ippo for not taking responsibility in Kimura's weight control, as it is something he has to do himself rather than asking for help and it effects Kimura, his opponent, and the paying fans.

Takamura talking with The Regular before watching Kimura's match against Junpei.

When the Kamogawa gym's matches arrived, Takamura went to the Kōrakuen Hall, where he noticed The Regular sitting outside. When Takamura asked why he wasn't inside since he gave him a ticket to see Kimura's match, The Regular revealed that he scalped the ticket to bet on horses, however, he didn't win. Takamura offered The Regular to see the match using his boxing license, but The Regular insisted for Takamura to not waste his good will on him since others may start to think he is trash as well. Takamura walked away until he heard The Regular's stomach growling from hunger and offered a lunch box inside. The Regular accepted the offer, and, after some sweet talk, Takamura got him a beer as well.

Takamura and The Regular proceeded to watch Kimura's match against Junpei Yoshimoto, where Takamura learned that The Regular viewed Kimura as a shining hope for garbage like him. When The Regular called Kimura a genius after seeing Kimura having an advantage, Takamura hit him out of reflex of hearing "genius" and explained how the only reason Kimura is pulling off the tactic that is giving him the advantage is because Ippo is his second and Kimura already has a image of what to do. Takamura watched as Kimura won by knockout, Aoki winning by knockout, and Itagaki winning by decision. Afterwards, Takamura went to the Kemuri Izakaya and made fun of Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki for holding a self-reflection party. As the group wondered what would happen if Ippo returned to the ring, Takamura stopped their conversation, presenting them the fact that Ippo will not return to the ring unless something forces him to face the obligations he has to bear, adding that it is pointless to think that "something" will come.

Ippo in Mexico Arc

Takamura shocked after knocking Kimura's wig off, revealing a Kappa hairstyle.

At the Kamogawa gym's rooftop, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki tried to ask Takamura what the "something" required for Ippo to return is that he mentioned, however, Takamura claimed it didn't matter and suggested for them to be worried about what will happen to Ippo as he travelled to Mexico to see Sendō and Alfredo fight, joking that he may get into trouble. Later at the Kamogawa gym after Sendō and Ricardo won their matches in Mexico, Kimura asked Takamura about what he thinks on his rival for the pound-for-pound best, Ricardo. Takamura changed the subject by wanting to know why Kimura has wavy brown hair when Kimura's head was just shaved. Takamura knocked off Kimura's wig, leaving him shocked to see that under his wig, Kimura has hair resembling that of a Kappa due to his roots and follicles of his hair being malnourished. As Takamura claimed that Kimura's hair is too weird, Kimura lifted up his wig asking if he means his Kappa hairstyle, causing Takamura to hold back his laughter. Kimura insisted that they can laugh if they want, but Takamura believed that laughing at him would be laughing at himself as he knows about harsh weight management by experience, so he can not laugh at him, and so he declared that if anyone laughs at Kimura, they would have to pay one million yen or get deported, with the rule also applying to him. Takamura noticed Ippo walking to the gym as he comes back from Mexico. When Ippo went up to the rooftop to meet everyone, he gave everyone wrestling masks that he got from Mexico as a souvenir, with Takamura getting a Sanraku mask from Shangri-La Frontier. When Kimura took off his Kappa wrestling mask, his wig came off along with it, showing his Kappa hairstyle which matches the mask, causing everyone, including Takamura, to laugh as Kimura shouted for everyone to pay up.

Keith Dragon Arc

Takamura's explanation on the terms of being of world champion.

With his WBC super middleweight title match against Keith Dragon confirmed, Takamura had a mitt practising session with Kamogawa. During it, he saw Shinoda and Kimura joking around and told them to get out of the ring if they are trying to be comedians before continuing with his mitt practise. As the gym members talked about the champion, Dragon, and how he can not succeed with only luck, Takamura admitted Dragon is strong, and asked them who are the certain people that will never be able to become a world champion. Since they did not know the answer, Takamura pointed to Aoki, claiming that it is him. Takamura explained to everyone that if they put what he says more broadly, even Aoki can be a world champion, but the one who will never be a world champion are those that never challenge for it. Takamura added that as long as one stays in the ring, their chance for a world title fight may come, and if one keeps fighting for what they are dreaming for, anyone can keep dreaming, but if they can't even dream, they should stay out of the ring. When Kamogawa added how there is a bit of luck and being blessed by good fortune included in becoming a world champion, Ippo remembered how Dragon is known for being beloved by the goddess of good fortune, making Dragon a dangerous opponent for Takamura. Takamura agreed, as he would need more good fortune than anyone in history to defeat him, however, he believed that anyone facing him already has the worst luck in history.

Takamura and Ippo aiming for the Tokyo Dome.

Later, while doing early morning roadwork, Ippo approached him. After Ippo mentioned how he must be full of spirit now that his match is set up, Takamura noted that it is only the super middleweight class, grumbling that he can't afford to waste any more time since he is behind schedule. When Ippo revealed that Kamogawa and Yagi has a dream of having a fight at the Tokyo Dome, Takamura became motivated to have Ippo and him take Kamogawa to the Tokyo Dome. Ippo reminded Takamura that he isn't a boxer anymore, but Takamura told him that it doesn't matter how he gets there. Later, Takamura was at the Yamaguchi Chiropractic when he gets thrown out the window by Yamaguchi after asking her to "do it" with him to give him motivation. As Takamura left, a crow defecated onto his head, he locked eyes with a black cat, and Tomiko called out to him. After Takamura informed his gym mates of the bad omens he had at the Yamaguchi Chiropractic, Ippo suggested for him to go get an Omikuji at the shrine he goes to. Takamura declined at first before going with Ippo and Itagaki to the shrine to get an Omikuji. After getting the worse luck Omikuji, Takamura ran away. Later, while on a walk, Takamura noticed a boy chasing after a ball he dropped that was going out in the road. Seeing that a vehicle was coming towards the boy, Takamura ran in front of the vehicle to grab the boy, jumped off the hood of the vehicle and landed safely. However, since Takamura accidentally cracked the boy's ribs while holding him, he took him to the hospital. While there, Takamura explained the story to Ippo and Yagi, who rushed to the hospital as they thought that Takamura was hurt.

Takamura saving a boy from getting hit by a vehicle.

At the Kamogawa gym, Takamura sparred against a sparring partner from another gym, where he gets hit after using his right foot. After getting yelled at by Kamogawa, Takamura defeated his sparring partner with a left hook. After the spar, Takamura went to the gym's washroom to run water on his right foot. Ippo approached Takamura and figures that his right foot must be injured from jumping off the hood of the vehicle, which Takamura requests for him to not tell Kamogawa about it. While Ippo expressed his worry about Takamura's weight management that is still affecting him and wanting him to focus on recovering, Takamura reassured him it will heal by the time the match arrives. While Ippo wrapped Takamura's leg with a bandage, Takamura noticed that there was sutra written on it. Later, after leaving his house, Takamura discovered Ippo waiting for him. After Ippo explained that he will be Takamura's chaperone, Takamura began to go on a walk, not knowing that there is a falling potted plant that is about to hit his head. He noticed Ippo suddenly throwing a punch at him, causing Takamura to hit him with an uppercut before realising that he was saved from getting hit by a falling potted plant. Later, while Takamura was being followed by Ippo while doing roadwork, Ippo suggested for Takamura to consider on postponing his world title match because of his right leg. Takamura told Ippo how he is in rush, not having the time to postpone it, and that compared to "that", his leg pain is barely a mosquito bite.

Later, Takamura called Ippo to meet him at the shrine. Takamura wanted to know if using the shrine actually works, however, Ippo explained that the shrine can't be defined by probabilities and that one can pray to help reduce feelings of unease. Takamura decided to do an offering, throwing a coin into the shrine. Ippo wondered Takamura was anxious about fighting Dragon, but Takamura expressed his excitement for the match and thought that Dragon is ambidextrous when Ippo noted how Dragon seemed like a former southpaw boxer, planning to just fight it out to see who's the strongest as always. When Takamura was asked by Ippo what he prayed for, Takamura claims that there are things he can't control on his own and his strength isn't enough for, so he wanted to ask for the Gods to help for some peace of mind. Takamura accidentally pulled the string too hard and breaks it. Before leaving, Takamura asked Ippo if he ever thinks that he should give something another try, as he has his boxing and natural talent, asking what is more valuable than those. Without hesitation, Ippo answered with his mother, leaving Takamura to realise that he has to do it on his own.

Takamura being visited by his family before his match against Dragon.

Later, Takamura went to his press conference for his WBC super middleweight title match, meeting Dragon. Dragon wanted him to think of the match as him fighting an angel, since his second is the goddess of good fortune, while Takamura wanted Dragon to think of him as the devil, claiming to be divine punishment itself. After the weigh-in and eating at the Hirosue, Takamura walked to the gym with Kamogawa, Yagi, Ippo, Taihei, and Kintarō. On the way there, Takamura ran off after requesting for Ippo, Taihei, and Kintarō to meet him at the Chūka Soba after they drop off his champion belts at the gym. When Takamura went to the Chūka Soba to meet with everyone, he was in bad shape as he told everyone that he was thrown by Yamaguchi again. The next day, at his house, Takamura was visited by his siblings Kyōka and Wataru, who gave him food. Wataru announced his proposal to Takamura, that he is going to handle the production of sportswear for Suguru's apparel division in the Takamura Enterprises, with the job being his first step a a producer and designer. Takamura planned to make his ring entrance flashy while wearing Wataru's ring outfit he designed. As Kyōka was curious about Yamaguchi, having heard that she wanted Takamura to dogeza to please her, Takamura told Kyōka how Yamaguchi threw him yesterday, leading Kyōka to want to speak with her with money, however, Wataru mentioned that money won't solve it. When Wataru claimed that he made arrangements with the shrine where Takamura broke the bell at to have a new bell made with gold, Takamura got frustrated as he already made reparations, causing the shrine to have two bells. As Kyōka and Wataru went outside and was about to leave with Suguru, Takamura eavesdropped on their conversation where Suguru has prepared something against the judges to make them have Takamura win if it comes to a decision, causing Takamura to yell at them and claims to not worry about it.

Takamura and Keith Press Conference.

Takamura went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan as his WBC super middleweight title match against Dragon arrived. After entrusting Ippo in building his ring entrance costume made by Wataru and a final mitt practise with Kamogawa, Takamura entered the ring with his newly built costume. While Ippo was supposed to be the one to open Takamura's wings on his costume that were controlled by a device, Takamura forced them open, causing parts of it to break and made his seconds around him fall over.

Takamura and Dragon's opening punch exchange.

When the match began, Takamura and Dragon exchanged punches immediately after touching gloves. Most of their punches were dodged and blocked, however, Takamura was hit with a long left hook during the exchange, and, when they hit each other with a dual exchange with their rights, it caused damage even though they blocked both of their punches. The first round ended as they hit each other in a dual exchange with their lefts, causing damage through their guard. At his corner, Takamura was asked by Kamogawa of Dragon's condition. Takamura answered that Dragon is strong, but felt as if he can get stronger if he gets serious. As Kamogawa assumed that Takamura meant that Dragon has higher gears to shift to, Takamura reassured him that all that matters is that he is stronger than Dragon.

Takamura announcing that he will take Kamogawa to the Tokyo Dome.

In the second round, after Takamura dodged an attack and had his Liver Blow blocked, both boxers threw a huge right at the same time, making Takamura realise that Dragon prefers dual exchanges since he thinks he has God on his side. Takamura and Dragon begin a close range exchange at the centre of the ring. After neither landed a clean hit and Dragon created a distance between them, Takamura advanced forward while blocking and dodging Dragon's punches. When he got close, and Takamura's two punches barely missed landing a clean hit, Dragon retreated as Takamura gave chase. As he caught up to him, Takamura blocked two punches before Dragon retreated again. Takamura did not chase him, instead, he began beating his chest as he suddenly feels the overflowing power throughout his body. Dragon came toward him while throwing a left, which Takamura dodged while throwing a counter. The counter barely touched the top of Dragon's scalp as he was ducking, causing Dragon's knee to touch the canvas. The referee declared a slip, as he did not notice the punch landing due to Dragon's thick hair. After Dragon got up, the match continued. Takamura and Dragon went toward each other and began exchanging punches. Takamura forced him to block his punches and pushed the champion to the ropes, where Takamura landed a clean left through his guard. As Dragon was still recovering from the left, Takamura sent a right overhand at him, however, the referee stopped him as the second round ended. Takamura takes a moment to beat his chest while acknowledging how strong he has become before walking to his corner. There, Takamura made an announcement to Kamogawa that he would take him to the Tokyo Dome.

Takamura getting hit with a left hook.

When the third round began, Takamura approached Dragon and hit his guard with multiple blows that kept Dragon at the ropes. When Dragon's guard broke, and Takamura was throwing a right, Dragon suddenly launched a left counter. Takamura ducked down to dodge the counter, causing it to go through his hair, and continued to throw his right while losing his footing. Takamura's right misses and he fell down. The referee declared a down, causing an outrage from Kamogawa and some of the audience since Dragon fell after Takamura did the same to him and it was only declared a slip. Takamura got up at the count of eight and requested the referee's attendance at his waiting room after the match before threatening him. When the round resumed, Takamura got hit with a strong left hook that knocks his mouth guard out of his mouth. He proceeded to miss his punches and got hit with multiple left hooks and combinations. Takamura and Dragon hit each other with a left hook dual exchange, which Takamura lost against as his right leg is injured, making him unable to brace for impact. Takamura got hit with another left hook that sends him to the ropes. Takamura put up his guard as he gets ready to use his trump card. Takamura used the Turtle Strategy, waiting for a moment to strike while his guard gets hit. However, he got impatient, not wanting others to think he can only guard, and opened his guard, immediately getting hit with a right, with the round ending afterwards. At the corner, Takamura was irritated and argued with Kamogawa when the latter only suggested to use spirit. When Takamura told Kamogawa that Dragon has someone else in the ring with him and wanted Kamogawa to come with him, Kamogawa gave him a smack on the back, leaving a visible hand print. Takamura left the corner while beating his chest before the fourth round began.

Takamura defeating Dragon.

In the fourth round, Takamura moved back to nullify the damage of a counter that hit him on the second hit of the one-two he threw. Takamura loss his footing while moving back and bumped into the referee, causing him pain in his injured right leg. Takamura was pushed back to the ropes while guarding and getting hit on both sides through the gaps in his guard. When the middle of Takamura's guard opened, Dragon landed a right uppercut on Takamura. Dragon threw a left hook, however, it hit Takamura's guard. Before Dragon could pull back his fist, Takamura moved forward and hit Dragon with a right counter inside Dragon's left hook, using Kamogawa's advice of "letting it slide". Dragon went down from the counter, but was able to stand back up. Takamura pounded his chest to psych himself up before going to the centre of the ring to attack. Takamura and Dragon hit each other in a dual exchange with Takamura landing a left jab and Dragon landing a right jab. After noticing that Dragon has switched to the southpaw stance, a left hook grazes his forehead, cutting skin off of it. Takamura hit Dragon with a right overhand before Dragon could react, causing him to go down to his knees and elbows. Takamura recalled when he made an offer at a shrine for Dragon to introduce him to his God, however, he sees no point to it anymore, acknowledging that the only thing that can bring victory is in his fist. The referee signalled an end to the match after deeming Dragon unable to fight, resulting in Takamura's victory and becoming the WBC super middleweight champion, making him the first Japanese super middleweight champion and the first Japanese three weight class champion.

Takamura with his new WBC super middleweight belt.

After being congratulated by Kamogawa, having a towel wrapped around his head where his skin tore, and wearing his new champion belt, along with his old ones, Takamura rose his right fist up in celebration. In his room in the venue, Takamura wanted to party immediately, however, Kamogawa wanted him to rest due to his injured right leg. Takamura ended up being carried out of the venue by Ippo as Kamogawa ordered him to take the new champion home. In a taxi, Ippo congratulated Takamura for his victory, believing that Takamura's wish to the shrine paid off, but Takamura claimed that if one has something to accomplish with the rest of their life, the one who's going to grant the wishes isn't the Gods, but one's self, as the one who can do what they want to do is one's self. Ippo asked what Takamura means by that, however, the latter fell asleep. Upon arrival to his home, Takamura slept as he was treated by Yamaguchi, who wrapped his injured leg and put a new bandage for his forehead on him. Takamura was having a good dream, which led him to waking up to him and Ippo hugging each other, as Ippo also had a good dream. Thinking that the world title match was just a dream, Takamura picks up a newspaper about his super middleweight world title match victory and gets excited, realising it wasn't just a dream.

Alpha and Omega Arc

Takamura holding the mitts for Ippo.

After waking up near the area where Ippo does his roadwork, Takamura approached him and his students in an attempt to scare them, but was only able to scare Taihei and Kintarō since Ippo ran too far ahead. When Ippo ran back, Takamura asked him if he was fired up from seeing his friends have world title matches, and if he is jealous of them since he defeated them and should have been the one going where they're going instead. Ippo admitted he is excited, but declined that he is jealous, as he is even rooting for them. Hearing Ippo's answer, Takamura suddenly dashed as Ippo followed, keeping up with the world champion even when he went full speed. Takamura was shocked as he noticed that Ippo is keeping up with him while wearing his weights. They ran until they reach a shrine. As Takamura ate the offering to the gods that Ippo warned him not to do, Takamura was told that he will get smote. Later in the day, Takamura went to the Kamogawa gym and held the mitts for Ippo to settle unfinished business from earlier, with the rules being: who ever quits first loses. After Ippo landed a body blow punch on the mitt, Takamura rushed to the bathroom to defecate, ending the practise session.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
27 WIN 27-0-0 2000 USA.png
Keith Dragon
Tokyo, Japan 4(12) TKO WBC Super Middleweight Title Match
26 WIN 26-0-0 1999-11 USA.png
Michael Goat[4]
Tokyo, Japan 2(12) KO WBC & WBA Middleweight Titles
WBA Middleweight Title 2nd Defence
WBC Middleweight Title 7th Defence
25 WIN 25-0-0 1999-01 USA.png
Keith Lycaon[5]
Tokyo, Japan 1(12) TKO WBC & WBA Middleweight Titles
WBA Middleweight Title 1st Defence
WBC Middleweight Title 6th Defence
24 WIN 24-0-0 1998-04 USA.png
Richard Bison[6]
Tokyo, Japan 6(12) KO "Middleweight Unification Match"
WBC Middleweight Title 5th Defence
WBA Middleweight Title
23 WIN 23-0-0 1997-10-25 USA.png
Peter Rabbitson[7]
WBC Middleweight Title 4th Defence
22 WIN 22-0-0 1997-04-15 USA.png
Ronald Duck[8]
WBC Middleweight Title 3rd Defence
21 WIN 21-0-0 1996-09-12 USA.png
Rickey Mouse[9]
WBC Middleweight Title 2nd Defence
20 WIN 20-0-0 1996-03 USA.png
Richard Fox[10]
Tokyo, Japan 1(12), 2:47 TKO WBC Middleweight Title 1st Defence
19 WIN 19-0-0 1995-08-27 USA.png
David Eagle[11]
Yokohama, Japan 8(12) KO A PASSING POINT
WBC Middleweight Title
18 WIN 18-0-0 1995-04-28 USA.png
Larry Bernard[12]
Tokyo, Japan 1(12), 0:49 TKO "KING OF HAWK"
1st WBC Junior Middleweight Title Defence Match
Relinquishes Belt
17 WIN 17-0-0 1994-12-20 USA.png
Bryan Hawk[13]
Tokyo, Japan 8(12) KO "BATTLE OF HAWK"
WBC Junior Middleweight Title Match
16 WIN 16-0-0 1994-10-14 Philippines.png
Morris West[14]
Tokyo, Japan 6(10) TKO "APOCALYPSE NOW"
Defending 1st Rank
15 WIN 15-0-0 1994-5 Unknown[15] Tokyo, Japan 3(10) KO World Junior Middleweight Rank Match
Becomes 2nd in the WBC
14 WIN 14-0-0 1993-08-30 Japan.png
Takaaki Itō[16]
Tokyo, Japan 1(10) KO "SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!?"
4th JBC Middleweight Title Defence Match
Relinquishes Belt
13 WIN 13-0-0 1993-01 Japan.png
Atsushi Tamaki[17]
Tokyo, Japan 2(10) KO 3rd JBC Middleweight Title Defence Match
12 WIN 12-0-0 1992 Japan.png Unknown Tokyo, Japan 1(10) KO 2nd JBC Middleweight Title Defence Match
11 WIN 11-0-0 1992 Japan.png Unknown Tokyo, Japan 1(10) KO 1st JBC Middleweight Title Defence Match
10 WIN 10-0-0 1992-04-20 Thailand.png Bonchai Chuwatana[18] Tokyo, Japan 3(10) KO "FLIGHT"
Non-Title match
9 WIN 9-0-0 1991-10 Japan.png
Yoshiaki Yajima[19]
Tokyo, Japan 1(10), 1:30 KO JBC Middleweight Title Match
8 WIN 8-0-0 1990-10 Japan.png
Kazuhiko Hirano[20]
Tokyo, Japan 1(10), 0:10 KO Becomes 3rd in the JBC
7 WIN 7-0-0 1990 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(10) KO
6 WIN 6-0-0 1989 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(6) KO All-Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals
5 WIN 5-0-0 1989 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(6) KO East Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals
4 WIN 4-0-0 1988 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(4), 0:15 KO Fast KO Win
3 WIN 3-0-0 1987 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(4) KO
2 WIN 2-0-0 1987 Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan 1(4) KO
1 WIN 1-0-0 1986 Japan.png
Kiyoshi Sakura[21]
Tokyo, Japan 1(4), 0:25 TKO Pro Debut Match


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Keith Dragon WBC Super Middleweight Champion
2000 - Currently
Richard Bison WBA Middleweight Champion
June 12, 1998 - 2000
David Eagle WBC Middleweight Champion
August 27, 1995 - 2000
Bryan Hawk WBC Junior Middleweight Champion
December 20, 1994 - April 28, 1995
Yoshiaki Yajima JBC Middleweight Champion
October, 1991 - July 1993
Unknown All Japan Middleweight Rookie King Unknown
Unknown East Japan Middleweight Rookie King Unknown


Takamura's Appearance.

As of a stereotypical description of a Japanese delinquent, Takamura dons a curly pompadour while wearing his school uniform in a more laid back style with a few of the top buttons loose. His eyebrows are considerably thick and he has a tough looking face. Even before joining the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, Takamura had a very refined physique. Along with the Kamogawa training regiment, his body is even more refined, having bulging biceps, bulging pecs, and a hardened 6-pack stomach. While at the training camp at Nekota's place, he fought a bear, the encounter resulted in the three scars visible on his chest. Rarely, his hairstyle will change from his usual pompadour-style, to a messy hairstyle with his bangs dropped. Whenever Takamura struggles with his weight training, his appearance drastically changes. His stomach and ribs show through his skin, he gets chapped lips and wrinkles, and his skin begins to peel off.

Takamura with messy hair.

His basic attires consists of plain shirts, t-shirts, buttoned-up shirts, tank-tops of various colours, sometimes under an opened coat, and pants of various colours. His attire when he's doing roadwork consists of a navy blue sweatshirt with a hoodie and a shirt underneath with navy blue sweatpants.

His boxing match attire consists of burgundy and dark azure boxer shorts with his given name Mamoru written on it. It also has tags such as a label that has KB in red print, Takamura's hawk logo, and a flag of Japan. He also wears burgundy boxing shoes.


Takamura has a broadminded, arrogant, outrageous, and incredibly cocky personality. However, other dimensions of his personality have shone throughout the series, the culmination of which is a concerned, insightful, ambitious man. He dislikes people who pick on the weak, however, he hates the people who let it happen to them more.[22]

He is one of the most well-studied characters in the series, having on numerous occasions identified strategies and traits of different boxers in tangent with and sometimes even ahead of; Kamogawa. He has never fallen into an opponent's trap. Despite this, Takamura does not invent his own tactics during matches, which further exemplifies both his straightforward nature and his boxing talent. Because of this, while he's usually brash and devil-may-care both in the ring and outside of it, he is surprisingly pessimistic and level-headed when watching other boxers' matches, usually anticipating the difficulties his partners are going to encounter.

Takamura has deep belief in the supernatural and fear of the unknown. When Nekota snuck up on him underwater as a joke while at the beach, he ran away in fear believing it to be a real ghost. He believed that he was cursed before his match against Hawk after finding a sea slater in his faeces, causing him to check his faeces every time for a while. He also had a very Kazuo Umezu-like face when Tomiko used tarot cards to accurately guess how many times he had masturbated after a fight.

Another less admirable trait of Takamura's personality is his perverted nature. He has a strong belief he is a ladies' man, despite rather obvious evidence to the contrary and despite fancying himself a ladies' man, rarely actually sees any action. This is due to his abrasive, perverted nature as he once made the newspaper by trying to force himself on a woman and her running away. He is not above spying on couples and groping women and getting peeks at women's panties. During his victory speech against Hawk, he says how the women of Japan should come to him so he may donate his sperm to him. In addition, he even often grabs the penises of his fellow boxers and makes inappropriate comments regarding them, particularly towards Ippo. He also is tender towards older women such as Yamaguchi. He dislikes certain types of women who he deems "ugly", making inappropriate remarks about them, and making fun of Aoki's taste of women, including his girlfriend, Tomiko.

Takamura's influence on Aoki, Kimura, and Ippo.

He can be a rather big bully to his fellow boxers and kōhai. He is fairly childish and egotistic, considering himself the best and hates being left out of events or people forgetting to invite him. He can also hold grudges, once attempting to set fireworks against Ippo and the others at the beach because they were shooting fireworks without him and showed a good time and only stopped when they appealed to his ego and said he should come because it wouldn't be fun without him. He can be petty and somewhat a bad sport, as Ippo manages to dodge his punch and right when Ippo is about to land a punch on him during a sparring match, Takamura (in a panic) elbows him (which is illegal in a boxing match). Despite pulling pranks on his gym mates, he is highly-respected, and is a reason Aoki, Kimura, and Ippo started boxing.

Even during important matches he has a tendency to play around, such as by using Aoki's "Look Away" technique, labelling a regular uppercut the Beetle's Uppercut in a fight where he wore a beetle costume, and arguing with the spectators when they mock him. In spite of all of this, he is the one who got Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura into boxing, he is well respected at the Kamogawa gym. Even though he constantly looks down on and ridicules their achievements, his unrivalled strength and rare moments of kindness have earned him respect from his fellow boxing juniors. He has also occasionally shown concern for Miyata and seems to genuinely look forward to Ippo's rematch with him.

Takamura likes boxing and considers it a place where he belongs. He gets agitated when others look down on boxing or makes light of the professional aspect of it.


Kamogawa Boxing Gym

Ippo Makunouchi

Takamura views Ippo as a friend and considers him a brother. He got Ippo into boxing and supported him from the start. He teases him less than the others and in more than one occasion has asserted that he and Ippo are on a different level than the rest of the boxers from the Kamogawa gym. He gets annoyed by Ippo's meekness, especially when he gets meek towards his opponents. He also gets annoyed about how Ippo doesn't progress his relationship with Kumi Mashiba.

Genji Kamogawa

He thinks very highly of Kamogawa and his methods and has unwavering trust on Kamogawa's teachings. He tends to make Kamogawa yell at him for his actions, causing to two to argue a lot.

Boxing Abilities

Takamura is a right-handed Boxer-Puncher with the genius stat. He's the strongest known fighter in the weight classes he's in. He possesses a genius-level boxing talent, to such an extent that Kamogawa stated he was already stronger than the JBC Middleweight Champion when he was first found on the streets, and would've been capable of taking the World Title with or without Kamogawa's teachings. In his title matches, Takamura showcased incredible power, speed, and durability through the guidance of Kamogawa. Takamura has an extremely destructive fighting style, focusing on constant huge swings that could KO any fighter, if not even kill them.

Takamura's powerful straight right.

Counters are ineffective against him because most of his swings must be either dodged or met in an exchange, an exchange nobody dares to risk.

This fighting style goes hand-in-hand with Takamura's aggressive personality, his ego and his unbeatable arrogance. His anger in fact has such an influence on driving him in each of his fights that one could say anger is the core of his fighting style.

He has been shown to be the perfect combination of technique and instinct, being able to match world champion Bryan Hawk using both. However, brawling is noted to be his natural and most powerful style.

As a veteran boxer, Takamura (unlike many other characters) knows that aiming for the opponent's weakness is not a "dirty move". He has done and expressed it in several occasions.

He has also shown that he has the ability to mimic any move he sees or experienced like Bison's Flicker Jabs, Flicker Counter and Ippo's Tornado Jolt.



Takamura's one weakness is his arrogance and temper, as he is able to be easily provoked by many of his opponents, he also has in two occasions felt the compulsive need to finish his fights with 1-Hit KOs (Due to Miyata getting too much attention, and Ippo scoring a 1-Hit KO), which led to him almost losing against opponents a lot weaker than him. Aside from that the only times Takamura has been in trouble is when an opponent reads his attacks, but he just keeps trying until he finds a way to connect though his stubborness can also lead to unfavorable positions as, being slow to admit defeat, he will take unneeded damage waiting for his current approach to work rather than abandon it for a different one.

Like Miyata, Takamura is constantly struggling with weight control, so he is prone to losing stamina slightly quicker due to fighting in weight-classes below his natural weight, which is approximately 195 pounds. However, this weakness becomes less a hindrance as he moves up the weight classes closer to his natural weight which ironically means that each new champion Takamura fights will be facing a progressively, physically, stronger Takamura. To date Takamura's hardest fights were when he was against Bryan Hawk and David Eagle. In both instances his opponents were extremely good fighters and he was at the lowest end of his weight management making him at his physically weakest.

In both his matches with Eagle and Bison, Takamura's right eye (or at least his field of vision on his right side) played a key role in his opponents gaining the upper hand. This suggests he may have a detached retina in his right eye, though this is not confirmed by the manga; Ippo confronted him about it at one point, but Takamura was able to convince him that he had no problems.

In Other Media

Video Games

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Takamura is a playable character in the following video games:

Video Games
English Name Kanji Name Romaji Name Japanese release English release
Hajime no Ippo: Revolution はじめの一歩 レボリューション Hajime no Ippo Reboryūshon June 21, 2007 October 16, 2007
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! (DS) はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Hajime no Ippo THE FIGHTING! December 4, 2008
Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers はじめの一歩 VICTORIOUS BOXERS Hajime no Ippo VICTORIOUS BOXERS December 14, 2000 November 5, 2001
Hajime no Ippo 2: Victorious Road はじめの一歩2 VICTORIOUS ROAD Hajime no Ippo 2 VICTORIOUS rōdo January 29, 2004
Hajime no Ippo: ALL☆STARS はじめの一歩 ALL☆STARS Hajime no Ippo ōru ☆ sutā December 22, 2004 November 20, 2006
Hajime no Ippo Portable: Victorious Spirits はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING!PORTABLE VICTORIUS SPIRITS Hajime no Ippo THE FIGHTING! Pōtaburu VICTORIUS SPIRITS December 20, 2007
Sunday vs Magazine: Shūketsu! Chōjō Daikessen サンデー VS マガジン 集結! 頂上大決戦 Sandē Bāsasu Magajin Shūketsu! Chōjō Daikessen March 26, 2009
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting (PS3) はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING! Hajime no Ippo THE FIGHTING! December 11, 2014
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! Capture はじめの一歩 THE FIGHTING!攻略 Hajime no Ippo THE FIGHTING! Kōryaku Unknown

Real Fighting Hajime no Ippo: The Glorious Stage!!

Main Article: Real Fighting Hajime no Ippo: The Glorious Stage!!
Takigawa Kōdai plays as Takamura in this stage play adaption.


  • (Introducing Ippo to Kamogawa Boxing Gym) "This is Makunouchi Ippo. He will be a member of this gym starting today."[23]
  • (To Ippo on why he started boxing) "I didn't have anything else to do. I just sorta started doing it... And then, when the applause came pouring down, it was the greatest feeling."[24]
  • (To Ippo) "Whatever happens, your penis is heavy class! Stand tall! Believe me, bigger ones win."[25]
  • (About the JBC and world titles) "The Japanese title is just a stepping stone for me. What I really want is to become world champion."[26]
  • (To Ippo) "It's true that it's a sad ending, but there can only be one winner. No matter how hard you work, or how much you want it, when you enter the ring, the difference between victory and defeat are like light and dark. That's boxing! ...It's a cruel world."[27]
  • (Thinking about Hawk) "That cocky little mug. I bet you never lost a fight before, have you...? But that's because...I've never been...TO AMERICA!!"
  • (Thinking about Hawk) "You're strong, but your luck was bad. Curse the fact you were born in the same era as me!"
  • (Talking about Itagaki's family) "Ultimate! No matter what you're talking about, the term 'Ultimate' is reserved for me, that family stepped over the line"[28]
  • (About boxing) "Those who wanna quit should quit. Do you have the time to worry about others though you are just a small fry? There is a single path leading to the belt. On a worldwide scale, that path is always a huge traffic jam. Anyone who stops in his tracks will be left behind in the blink of an eye. I won't stop in my tracks. I have a goal to conquer six weight classes."[29]
  • (To Richard Fox) "This is called 'Hissatsu' and it means instant death!! Eat This!"[30]
  • (During Mashiba and Sawamura's match) "A cat could lose to a dog and then leave it at just that, but there's no way a cat could accept losing to another cat!"[31]
  • (To Ippo) "We're like brothers, right? Just make the old man look good and we're cool."[32]
  • (To Ippo) "Don't let it dickpress you too much."[33]
  • (To Ippo about losing) "Once you accept it, you're done. 'If only I hit him first here.' 'If I could have somehow dodge that. No matter how small a point it is, you need to gripe about it."[34]
  • (To Ippo) "For a man to stand up again, he needs only one thing to make excuses. Not making excuses is a sign you've had enough. It means you're ready to hang it all up. Boxers who keep at it even though they seem like a joke, they still have that fire inside. Someone who's done this as long as the old man would know that."[35]
  • (To Ippo) "Past this line is the world...Cross it and you're dead. Past that line that's where only the real monsters can survive. Don't cross the line, if you want to stay human."[36]
  • (To Ippo) "Everybody starts out as a nobody. That means you and me both started at the same spot. Something got us moving forward. Then we were off. A flat road with nothing on it. Then a sudden and steep incline. Eventually, it becomes a mountain climb over obstacles. Pushing everyone out of the way until you see the top. There's only footing for one person up there. When the last obstacle is gone. There you are. You get a view that only others who have made it that far can see, and everyone is trying to make their way up to see it. Don't call a place we all aim for some shit like lonely. Call it extraordinary."[37]
  • (To Ippo) "If you got something you want to accomplish with the rest of your life… the one who's gonna grant your wishes isn't the Gods. It's yourself. The only one who can do what you want to do… is you."[38]


  • "Taka" (鷹), means "hawk". Hawks have been a common theme in Takamura's matches, having a costume based off of a hawk. His match against Bryan Hawk contained the self-generated pun Hawk vs Hawk, hence the official title being the "Battle of Hawk".
  • Takamura is modelled after Roberto Durán.[39]
    • Similar to Durán, who knocked out a horse with his bare hands, Takamura knocked out a bear with his bare hands. Both animals got back up after being punched and both boxers got injured. Injuries being Durán's hand and Takamura's chest.
    • Takamura is also stated to resemble Marvin Hagler.[40]
  • Aside from knocking out a bear, Takamura has also defeated a troupe of wild monkeys and lifted a small truck without breaking a sweat.
  • Takamura's opponents after Bryan Hawk, have names that has something to do with animals; most likely in contrast with his name, which means "Hawk".
    • Some of his opponent's names are a pun to famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peter Rabbit, etc.
  • Takamura has no prominent love interests in the series, but on one occasion Ippo visited his house and overheard numerous women berating him on his answering machine about previous dates and engagements.
  • In Chapter 944, Takamura single handedly took down Date, Sendō, Mashiba, Saeki and Okita in the bar right after his match against Peter Rabbitson.
  • Takamura is technically responsible for inspiring every professional boxer in the Kamogawa Boxing Gym (except Miyata) to join. Revenge against Takamura was the reason for which Masaru Aoki and Tatsuya Kimura joined the gym. He was also the person who brought Ippo (who was the reason for Manabu Itagaki joining) to the gym.
  • It is stated by the commentator that Takamura had his first down in his first title match.
  • Takamura normally does his roadwork around 6 a.m. [41]
  • Takamura's pro debut opponent hasn't been shown in the manga, only in the anime in Episode 76 - Boxer's Fist. Making Takamura's pro debut fight against Kiyoshi Sakura the only anime-only match in the series.
  • Takamura is so far the only Japanese boxer that has been able to win a world title match.