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This article only covers aspects of Mexico that are referenced in Hajime no Ippo.

Flag and map of Mexico.

Mexico, (メキシコ, Mekishiko) has some of the most powerful world ranking boxers such as Alfredo Gonzales and contains the popular undefeated WBA featherweight super champion Ricardo Martinez, who is also seen as Mexico's hero.

Many champions have originated from Mexico, with the country being a superpower in the lighter weight classes, most notably the featherweight class and the nearby classes around it.[1][2] Some famous champions are Carlos Zárate Serna, Lupe Pintor, Vicente Saldivar, Alfonso Zamora, Julio César Chávez, José Luis Castillo, Salvador Sánchez, and Rubén Olivares. Due to the many champions in Mexico, if one heard that a boxer was a Mexican, they would automatically think that they are strong.[3]

Mexican boxers have a unique rhythm[4], angles,[5] and range of punching as they put their entire shoulder into their throw,[6] making the range of the punches farther than they appear, causing trouble to foreign boxers.[7]

On top of their unique way of punching, is the ability that is common in Mexican boxers: the ability to make a punch seem motionless to the opponent due to the angle of their punches along with having no buildup in their elbow or shoulder.[8]

Professional wrestling is a popular form of entertainment in Mexico, with the Scamaras Brothers being famous even overseas. Japanese tiger-themed professional wrestlers, including Satoru Sayama, Mitsuharu Misawa, and Kōji Kanemoto are popular in the country, making the audience cheer for a foreign boxer with a tiger-themed nickname even if they are fighting against a Mexican.[9]

Characters from Mexico

Characters from Mexico
Boxers From Mexico
Ricardo Martinez.png
Ricardo Martinez
WBA Featherweight Super Champion
Alfredo Gonzales PS3 View 1.png
Alfredo Gonzales
Retired Featherweight
Formerly 2nd in WBA and 3rd in WBC
Jose Ramirez 01.png
Jose Ramirez
 23rd in WBC
Jose Nargos - Manga - 001.png
Jose Nargo
Mexican Champion
5th in WBA
Non-Boxers from Mexico
Alfredo Coach.png
Alfredo's Coach
(Alfredo's Girlfriend)
Milo Scamaras - Manga - With out Mask - 01.png
Milo Scamaras
Jr Heavyweight Luchador Champion
Marascas Scamaras
Jr Heavyweight Luchador Champion

Locations in Mexico

Real Locations of Mexico in the Series

Character Locations

Famous Real Locations Illustrated in the Manga

Other Countries

Other Countries
South Korea.png
South Korea


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