Michael Goat (マイケルゴート, Maikeru Gōto) is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

he is a middleweight professional boxer that is ranked first in the WBA and WBC. He fought Takamura Mamoru for the WBC and WBA middleweight titles.


Part III

Towards a Resolution Arc

Goat - Press Conference - Stare Down

Goat staring at Takamura after Press Conference

After Goat became ranked first in the WBA and WBC, Goat was scheduled to fight against WBA and WBC middleweight champion Takamura Mamoru. At the press conference press prior to his match, Goat apologised to Japan that he came to love since he planned to defeat their hero, by giving him his first loss, and taking the WBC and WBA belts home with him. At Takamura's turn, he announced that he planned to move on to challenge the super middleweight, where Goat was going to be that last man that was going to lose to him as a middleweight as Goat and Takamura stared down at each other. Prior to the match, Goat warmed up in the waiting room in order to take control of the match before Takamura adapted to him. In his corner while waiting for Takamura's entrance, Goat was shadow boxing demonstrating his world class left to the crowd.

Takamura Mamoru VS Michael Goat - Start of the Match

Start of the Match

When the match started, Goat thrown out a left that grazed by Takamura's right eye as he parried with his right hand. Goat continued to rapidly fire out lefts that Takamura continued to block. When Takamura started to throw his left at the same times as Goat, but Goat was able to land his left first cleanly on him. Goat repeatedly thrown lefts as Takamura blocked, dodged, and pushed forward. When Takamura was close range, he dodged to the side but Goat landed a right uppercut to stop him from getting closer. Goat continued to barrage lefts on Takamura that stopped him from moving forward and landed a left hook cleanly on his face. Takamura tightened his guard after recieving the hits. Goat continued to attack with his left to take advantage of the pacing, while Takamura started to observe him. Goat begun to mix it up with a right that catches Takamura off guard since it had some power behind it pushing Takamura toward the ropes.

Goat vs Takamura - Goat's hitting Takamura

Goat landing hits

After Takamura's back reached the ropes, he attacked aggressively with his left, but Goat was able to dodge them while getting into another duel with his left. Takamura's head bounced back when Goat started taking control of the middle range. Takamura countered with a left hook, but Goat was able to block it will a stiff guard. Goat realised that punch would have taken his head off if he didn't block it. Goat managed to parry Takamura's right, and land a right uppercut on him followed by a left hook that pushed Takamura back. Goat continued to throw a fast one-two, before Takamura thrown a wide left hook that Goat was able to dodge and counter with more jabs accurately. Takamura tried to hit Goat multiple times with strong full swings, but Goat managed to dodge the punches while attacking back. When Takamura tried to throw a full swing left hook, Goat landed his own left hook instead. Goat's high speed combinations shut down Takamura's advance till the end of the round with Goat winning the points.

Takamura's Swing Feint Left Straight

Takamura's Swing Feint Left Straigh

In the 2nd round, Takamura continued to throw full swings, but Goat wasn't fazed as he pressed forward while throwing his left. As Takamura lowered his center gravity as he thrown another full power left hook, Goat dodged it as Takamura was off balanced. Goat responded by taking advantage of the opening with his left, but Takamura was able to block it and land a counter on him with his right. Goat was worried that Takamura read his rhythm already and realised they were going to have another high-level battle. When Takamura thrown another big left hook, Goat planned to counter it as he put up his guard to block it. He worried that Takamura was trying to trick him, where he couldn't risk using a sway to dodge it, but he thought it didn't matter since he already seen Takamura use it many times before where he knew where it would land. After it landed, he planned to nail Takamura with a left counter, however switched his punch to a left straight that drilled him instead forcing him to take a knee.

Takamura Mamoru VS Michael Goat Result

Goat clutching his stomach as Takamura declared winner

Goat managed to stand, as Takamura rushed toward him to finish him off. As Takamura started to throw another left hook, Goat expected it to be aimed at his head and set up his guard to block it. Takamura switched the punch against and hit Goat's open body instead dropping him to his knees again. After he slumped over showing no signs of getting up, the referee crossed his arms and declared Takamura the winner. As Goat exited the ring, he was clutching his stomach as he was helped leaving.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS  ?-1-0 1999-11 Japan Takamura Mamoru Tokyo, Japan 2(12) KO WBC and WBA Middleweight Title Match


Goat - Ring Entrance - 01

Goat shadow boxing prior to match

Goat has dark skin, short dark hair, and a goatee with trimmed moustache. He also has long, thick black eyebrows. During a press conference, Goat wore a light coloured suit with black vertical stripes over his black dress shirt and tie, along with light coloured pants with black vertical stripes. During his entrances to the ring, he wears a robe that has a goat head symbol on the back, with goat horns on the hoodie.


He is a well-mannered individual who, in a short visit, loves the people in Japan.

Boxing Abilities


Not much is known about Michael Goat's ability other than the fact that he is an extremely technical boxer who would not fall for any huge swings. He's also capable of hitting Takamura in the first round, forcing Takamura to tighten his guard. It was also worth noting that Takamura thought of Goat's hand speed as punches that came out of nowhere, meaning that it's very fast, also unique in rhythm.

Not only his punches, he's also capable of circling around the ring with his footwork, as well as his weaving that can avoid even straight punches.


Although Goat is a Boxer-Fighter type, he can't exactly handle punching power as a proof of his match against Takamura where he was nervous of the punches landed on his guard, and those same punches were delivered to him, ending the match in an instant.

Despite him being a technical fighter, he's not ready for feints being setup, an example is him getting used to huge swings, causing his expectation for straight punches to diminish in the match even more, causing his defeat.



  • Like Takamura's other world level opponents, his last name is also animal-themed.
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