Miguel Zale (ミゲル•ゼル, lit. migeru zeru) is semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo

He is a world famous boxing trainer originating from New York City. He is famous for training at least six world champion boxers (including Bryan Hawk). He is Wally's Coach too.



Miguel Zale, younger as the trainer of Anderson.

Miguel was Ralph Anderson's second during Anderson's match against Kamogawa Genji. He was the one who raised Kamogawa's hand in victory and commended him for his skill and bravery.


Part I


Miguel is introduced during Takamura Mamoru's match against Hawk.

Part II


Last Son

Zale during his visit to Indonesia.

Miguel appears again when greeting Wally in the latter's homeland and a second time during the weigh-ins for Wally and Makunouchi Ippo, during which he cheerfully greets Kamogawa in a foreign language before sharing a memory from the past. During the match, it is mentioned that Wally is to be Zale's 'last son', the final boxer he trains before retirement from the careers in boxing entirely. He also notes during the fight that Ippo has inherited the same iron will as Kamogawa, therefore making Ippo Kamogawa's 'last son' as well.


Miguel's appearance strongly reflects his old age. His hair, a dirty blonde in color, is styled similarly to a faux hawk and sits upon the center of his otherwise bald head. Miguel's large bushy eyebrows tend to overshadow his significantly smaller eyes, making his hair style and color the most prominent of his features.


Miguel is established as a world famous boxing trainer equipped with a great amount of boxing knowledge. He has the skill to point out strengths and weaknesses of both fighters in the ring and is shown to possess incredible insight and patience for boxing.

While depicted as proud and confident in the abilities of his 'sons', Miguel is also shown to genuinely care about the well-being of his fighters (most prominently shown during Ippo's fight against Wally). However, Miguel also mentions that he harbors a well-hidden fear of his former 'son' Bryan Hawk, possibly due to the latter's violent bloodthirsty behavior.


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