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Mike Elliot (マイク・エリオット, Maiku Eriotto) is a former IBF junior lightweight champion, a former silver Olympic medallist, and close friends with David Eagle. He lost his IBF title to Alexander Volg Zangief.


Elliot and Eagle at a party for the Olympic boxing team.

Elliot is a former Olympian. He won the silver medal in the Olympics on the same team as David Eagle.[1] During a party that was thrown for the Olympic boxing team, Elliot told Eagle how he wants to have a match that is like a game of chess, where both him and his opponent out thinks each other when he goes into the professional ring. When Eagle asked him if he thinks that there will be anyone that will keep up with him, Elliot believed that if he keeps winning, he will eventually run into someone that can.[2]

After the Olympics he turned pro and became the IBF junior lightweight champion. He looked forward to having a match with an opponent with the same level of technique as himself. He was the reigning champion when Alexander Volg Zangief came to the United States of America, making five successful title defences. Although he recognised Volg's strength and wanted to fight him, his trainers avoided Volg[3], waiting until they could spring a surprise challenge that would give Volg as little as one week to prepare for their match. In the meantime, Elliot developed a counter to Volg's White Fang.


Part II

Proud Wolf Arc

Elliot countering Volg's White Fang.

When his sixth IBF junior lightweight title defence match against Alexander Volg Zangief arrived, Elliot went to the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. When the match began, Elliot was approached by Volg, who used his White Fang immediately. Elliot countered the technique successfully by blocking the first hit and countering the second, causing him to down Volg. When Volg got up, both boxers had a middle range exchange of lefts, with both of them missing. Elliot created distance between them by landing a one-two on Volg's guard, sending him back with his back to the ropes. Elliot rushed at him and blocked Volg's escape routes at the ropes. Volg pressed in, causing both boxers to enter an in-fight exchange. After the two hit each other in a dual exchange, Volg was hurt the most, giving Elliot the advantage, resulting in him hitting Volg multiple times. In between Elliot's combinations, Volg saw a chance to use his White Fang, however, Elliot countered it again, and he proceeded to hit Volg multiple times after. As the referee was about to stop the match since Volg wasn't able to do anything against Elliot's barrage of punches, Elliot and the referee were surprised when he threw a left that tapped Elliot's head as the first round ended. At his corner, when Elliot pointed out to the referee that he was slow to stop the match earlier, the referee replied how everyone loves a ten count.

Elliot and Volg in an exchange match.

In the second round, Elliot got past Volg's lefts and got into range. However, when he tried to dodge and attack, he was hit with multiple Hiens. Volg kept Elliot away with the Hien for the rest of the second round. At the corner, Elliot informed his seconds that he has remembered the Hien since Volg used it the entire second round. In the third round, after Elliot made a failed attempt of getting a direct hit on Volg with a reverse one-two, he blocked Volg's Hien. Both boxers tried to hit each other for the rest of the third round, however, they could not, as they blocked and dodged every punch. At his corner, Elliot knew that he found the boxer he was looking for, having always wanted an opponent that was able make the match like a game of chess. As he left for the fourth round, Elliot told his seconds that the match is already in checkmate. For the entire fourth round, Volg went into close range against Elliot and attempted to hit him with a left body blow while Elliot countered with a right to Volg's face, however, both boxers could only hit each others block, with Volg getting damaged through the block.

Elliot and Volg's finishing dual exchange.

In the fifth round, Elliot was approached by Volg, and, after Elliot got his left blocked, Volg aimed his throw higher by using the Hien. After Elliot blocked the Hien, Volg threw the last hit of the White Fang, however, Elliot dodged it. With Volg open for punches, Elliot hit him with a liver blow, causing him to kneel over. While Volg was in the lowered position, he still threw punches at Elliot's block that is blocking his body while Elliot hit him multiple body blows. As Volg began to throw a punch at a higher trajectory, Elliot guarded his face. Volg threw a Tsubame Gaeshi that gets stopped by Elliot, however, Volg threw the second hit of his White Fang, which successfully landed on Elliot, causing him to go down. Without his knowledge since he was unconscious, Elliot was helped up by the referee, who was also doing a long count, which allowed the match to continue as he regained consciousness. Volg began only throwing White Fangs. They get blocked and countered at first, however, more began to land and he switched up with the Tsubame Gaeshi until they both hit each other in a dual exchange. Both boxers fell over, with Volg onto the ropes, and Elliot onto the canvas. Elliot's corner entered the ring, resulting in the match ending in Elliot's defeat, making him lose his title. Elliot left the ring in a stretcher.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS ?-1-? 1997-02 Russia.png Alexander Volg Zangief Las Vegas, USA 5(12), 1:33 KO 6th IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match
? WIN ?-0-? 1996 Unknown USA ?(12) Unknown 5th IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match
? WIN ?-0-? 199x Unknown USA ?(12) Unknown 4th IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match


199x Unknown USA ?(12) Unknown 3rd IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match
? WIN ?-0-? 199x  Unknown USA ?(12) Unknown 2nd IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match
? WIN ?-0-? 199x Unknown USA ?(12) Unknown 1st IBF Junior Lightweight Title Defence Match
? WIN ?-0-? 199X Unknown Unknown ?(12) Unknown IBF Junior Lightweight Title Match


Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Unknown IBF Junior Lightweight World Championship
Unknown - Febuary 1997
Alexander Volg Zangief


Elliot is an African American boxer with an athletic build. He has a short haircut and triangular goatee.


Elliot is confident and slightly arrogant. Though he is aware that Volg is handicapped, he expresses no sympathy for him. However, he also possesses great sportsmanship and an appreciation of the technical side of boxing. He holds other cerebral fighters in high regard.

Boxing Abilities

Elliot is an out-boxer who prefers to look at boxing match as a game of chess. Out thinking the other fighter in a tactical match is his mainstay. He has great reflexes and even better observational skills. No technique will work on him twice. After he picks up a fighter rhythm he can even anticipate their moves. He always studies his opponents before and during the fight, and is always looking for a chance to counter. Elliot was able to counter and block Volg's signature white fang more than once. He was also able to force Volg past 5 rounds, showing that he has excellent stamina. David Eagle, one of the most powerful characters in the series, stated he was an excellent boxer.


His main weakness is his sole reliance on his reflexes and technique. Volg is able to beat him using pure determination and spirit after he turns the chess match into a fight. Volg also states that the power of Mike's punches were inferior to that of Sendō Takeshi's.


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