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Miyata Senior, credited as Miyata's Father (宮田父, Miyata chichi) is a trainer at the Kawahara Boxing Gym, a retired featherweight boxer, and the father of Ichirō Miyata. He worked as a trainer at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym until Ichirō left the gym in order to fight Ippo Makunouchi in the pro ring.


When Miyata joined the Kamogawa gym to become a boxer and became the JBC featherweight champion, he one day tried to cheer up fellow boxer Haruhiko Yagi, who joined the gym around the same time he did, when Yagi was in a losing streak. Miyata went fishing with Yagi, and, during which, he saw a demonic expression from Yagi. He tried to challenge Yagi many times in his youth, but Miyata could never win.[1]

During fight with Raccoon Boy Sr.

As a JBC and OPBF featherweight champion, Miyata was an acclaimed boxer with hopes of challenging the world, whose style and technique were a source of admiration for his son, Ichirō Miyata. While in the final round of his seventh OPBF title defence, he was defeated by Raccoon Boy, with what many refer to as "a lucky punch", despite having the lead in the scorecards. He sustained a terrible injury to his jaw, but it was his mental state that suffered the most.

Unable to overcome his feelings of helplessness, he was convinced that his style was not good enough to defeat raw strength. The defeated champion abandoned the opportunity to make a comeback, and retired permanently from boxing. After retirement, Miyata began working at the Kamogawa gym as a trainer, and his son's personal coach.


Part I

Early Days Arc

Miyata and his son during the spar.

When Mamoru Takamura brought in Ippo Makunouchi, Genji Kamogawa had Ippo spar against Ichirō Miyata as a test. Miyata was Ichirō's second for the sparring match. After his son's victory, Miyata became shocked when he found Ichirō in the shower room with bruised arms. When the day of the rematch spar arrived, Miyata was his son's second for the spar. After his son's defeat at the hands of the newcomer Ippo, who they both largely underestimated, the father-son duo decided to quit the gym, with hopes of settling the score in an official match. They later joined the Kawahara Boxing Gym, where they began preparations for the upcoming East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

First Rounder Arc

In Ichirō's first match in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Miyata was his son's chief second for his match against Teruhiko Takada.

Finals Arc

Miyata telling Ippo Ichirō's message.

After Ippo won his match against Hayami Ryūichi, Miyata informed his son. On the day of Ichirō's match against Ryō Mashiba, Miyata was his son's chief second, with Ichirō eventually losing the match. After his son's lost, he saw Ippo and sent him a message he got from Ichirō, "Forgive me.".

Jolt Counter Arc

Miyata having a conversation with his son about Sisphar.

With his son wanting to remove the gap between himself and Ippo, Miyata and his son left Japan for Korea and Thai to fight their strong boxers. Their first boxer overseas was against Rusak Paddy. When the match went to decision, it resulted in a draw, this angered him. He tried to argue the decision, but to no avail. After leaving the ring, he talked to Kida about how important this first match was to Ichirō, as Ippo recently got ranked fifth and Ichirō wanted a performance to match it. Within two months in Thai, at Pataya Beach, Kida informed Miyata that Jimmy Sisphar requested a match against Ichirō. He then asked to turn down the offer. When his son discovered that he turned down the offer, Miyata told Ichirō that his next match would be junior lightweight and to forget about Ippo. Ichirō argued the decision, wanting to fight Jimmy, not wanting to run from his diet and Ippo. He then revealed to Ichirō that his counter would not work as his punches are light. His son knew this, however, Ichirō still wants to fight Jimmy, believing that if he accepted his fists betrayed him, he would not be able to fight again. Miyata then remembered thinking the same thing back when he wanted to retire.

After witnessing his son sparring with Payao, he realised that Ichirō was getting closer to the counter to surpass all counters. At the Lumpini Stadium, Miyata and Kida left Ichirō alone as he seemed nervous. Kida believed the new counter may work for Jimmy, however, Miyata stressed the risks behind the counter. When the match began, Miyata was the second for Ichirō. After Ichirō won the match, Miyata, Ichirō, and Kida left for Korea in order to challenge more strong boxers.

Road Back Arc

In the anime, Miyata was Ichirō's chief second when he fought against Li Chon Pir as his first opponent in Japan after returning from overseas where he won by knockout.

Execution Arc

When Tatsuya Kimura's title match against Mashiba was announced and Ichirō had an OPBF title match scheduled, Ichirō agreed to spar with Kimura. Miyata met Kimura outside the Kawahara gym, warning him not to get hurt by his son. Miyata then watched as Ichirō and Kimura sparred. When Kimura came back after having stopped coming to the gym for a while, Miyata mentioned that he already got another sparring partner, leaving no reason for him to be at the gym. Ichirō however, decided to spar with him as Kimura was the one with the reason.

Bloody Cross Arc

Miyata and Ichirō at the weigh-in.

While discussing Ippo's first title defence win against Kazuki Sanada with Ichirō, Miyata told his son to let Ippo stand on top of the nation and for him to pass over to the OPBF title to ask Ippo for a match from above. One week before Ichirō's match against the OPBF featherweight title match against Arnie Gregory, Ichirō sparred with Kimura. After Ichirō fell three times, Miyata stopped the spar to prevent further injuries. He then explained to Kimura the situation regarding Ichirō's weight management. Kimura asked Miyata why Ichirō won't go up to the lightweight class, however, Miyata had already told him to countless times, but the rivalry between him and Ippo won't let him go up a class. Later, Miyata watched as the Kawahara gym hosted Gregory's public sparring session where Mr. Sakaguchi revealed that they were holding back a technique called the "Bloody Cross" after making comments where he looked down on the Japanese and Ichirō. Later, Miyata attended Ichirō's weigh-in where he passed at full limit. They then went to the Restaurant Monza Italia to replenish some of Ichirō's water and power. While eating, Miyata became worried about Ichirō's weight control, comparing it to shedding a pencil until the lead point breaks.

Miyata with Ichirō for his OPBF title match.

The next day, Miyata and Ichirō arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for the OPBF featherweight title match against Gregory. Miyata was reluctant to open the door to the ring, expressing his worry to his son as he himself lost in an OPBF title match. Ichirō reassured his father that he would prove his boxing works in the OPBF and beyond. After the first round of the match, Miyata warned Ichirō that if he gave Gregory time, he will recover, instructing him to pressure him while he is still damaged. After the second round, Ichirō expressed how he planned to use his remaining strength to hope to land a lucky punch. Miyata told Ichirō that there are no such thing as lucky punches in boxing and that a punch that manages to hit from fists that aren't alive can not knock down an opponent, while punches from a living fist can. When Miyata saw Ichirō's face after the third round, Miyata sensed that it would be the last round as he finally reached his limit. After Ichirō defeated Gregory in the fourth round, Ichirō became the OPBF featherweight champion.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Miyata and Ichirō talking about the weakness of the Dempsey Roll.

At the Kawahara gym when Ichirō explained how the Dempsey Roll is weak to counters, Miyata believed that that was the reason for the Kamogawa gym to turn his son down, commenting on Ippo's poor luck that his weapon is vulnerable to Miyata's weapon, however, he assumed that Kamogawa has countermeasures since he is not the type to run away.

A Passing Point Arc

With Ichirō's fourth OPBF title defence opponent being a semi-final to Takamura's WBC middleweight title match against David Eagle, Miyata and his son were invited to a training camp by Takamura. When Ichirō and Takamura into the car after being at the Kamogawa gym, Miyata was shocked to hear Ippo was having trouble with a rookie. When the group got to the training camp, Miyata was pleased with the fact that his son was training with someone greater than him. The next day, Miyata approached Takamura, who was fishing, and learned that Takamura was fishing to beat a certain someone. Miyata correctly guessed it was Haruhiko Yagi and told him his experience of fishing with Yagi, warning him that he shouldn't try to challenge him.

When Ichirō and Takamura sparred, Miyata watched while being his son's second. After his son was defeated, Miyata dumped water on Ichirō to wake him up, and asked how he felt. Ichirō didn't think Takamura would be able to beat him in speed, however, Miyata informed him that Takamura did not beat him in leg speed, as he used a tactic to appear faster and corner him, viewing it as a wonder technique and learning experience for his son. Later, Miyata thanked Takamura for the training camp and explained how he knew Ichirō's counter was weak and that he didn't tell his son the advice Takamura told him since he knew the day would come when Ichirō himself would ask him. Miyata asked Takamura why he told him, since the counter is Ippo's Dempsey Roll's weakness. He was surprised to hear Takamura's answer of making the battle between the two more interesting. Miyata agreed that he wants to see his son and Ippo fight at their best, which was why Miyata and Kamogawa haven't set up a match yet.

Miyata watching Eagle's public spar.

After the training camp, Miyata drove Takamura to his house and thanked him for the training camp. Miyata asked Ichirō if he was going to be lonely now training on his own. When Ichirō claimed he wasn't, but Takamura may be the one that is lonely, Miyata believed being lonely doesn't suit Takamura's personality. When Eagle arrived to Japan, he went to the Kawahara gym, where Eagle held an autograph session for local children. After the session, the gym hosted Eagle's public sparring session, which Miyata watched.

Miyata with Ichirō in his match against Medgoen.

When Ichirō's fourth OPBF title defence match against Medgoen Dachboy arrived at the Yokohama Arena, Miyata arrived to the ring as Ichirō's chief second. Before the match began, Miyata instructed for Ichirō to observe in round one, as they don't have any info of Medgoen. When Ichirō noticed Mr. Sakaguchi, Miyata believed Mr. Sakaguchi came for revenge, commenting that it would be safe to assume Medgoen was chosen as Ichirō's hitman. After four rounds of only attacking Medgoen's guard and no punch being thrown by him, Miyata wondered what Medgoen and Mr. Sakaguchi are planning. In the fifth round, Ichirō defeated Medgoen with a Cross Counter. Ichirō was dissatisfied with how he threw the counter, however, Miyata insisted to not rush things. When the crowd shouted for Ippo and Ichirō, Miyata reflected on how Ippo and Ichirō were no name boxers when they first fought and believed that they would fight for who's the best in the pacific region and get a one way ticket to the world.

Phantom Card Arc

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata rushed to the gym's phone after being informed by Kida that Kamogawa was on the line. As he already knew what the call would be about, Miyata and Kamogawa agreed to have a match between his son and Ippo in Spring, as Ichirō has an upcoming OPBF title defence in January. After the call, Miyata was thanked by Ichirō, who eavesdropped on the phone call.

Father's Back Arc

Miyata telling his son that Ippo's match against Take has started.

At the Kawahara gym, Kida mentioned to Miyata that Ippo has a JBC featherweight title defence match two days before Ichirō's title defence for the annual Champion Carnival even though his match against Ichirō was decided. He noted that even though his match against Ichirō wasn't set in stone, it still is a guts move. Miyata believed that guts is something he would expect nothing less from Kamogawa. Later while Ichirō was going through with his weight management, Miyata informed him that Ippo's JBC title defence match against Keīchi Take was about to begin. When Ichirō didn't respond, Miyata realised that Ichirō was not in a position to worry about other people. After Ichirō mentioned that Ippo's not thinking about him either, and that he himself has to worry about the match ahead of him, Miyata agreed, wanting him to focus on the match ahead of him first. Miyata believed that if either his son or Ippo fails to reach their destination, that they might not be meant to fight again.

Chaos Arc

Miyata with Ichirō in his match against Che.

Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be Ichirō's chief second in his fifth OPBF featherweight title defence match against the sixth OPBF ranker, Che Jounbong. After the first round, Ichirō figured the Miyata chose Che because he has a similar fighting style to Ippo, however, Ichirō told Miyata that he doesn't compare to him. Miyata warned his son to not be in a rush and slip up. After the third round, Miyata noticed that Ichirō was being silent and asked him if something is bothering him. Miyata was shocked to find out that Mr. Sakaguchi was in the audience watching, however, Ichirō pointed out that he was more focused on the man sitting next to him. Miyata did not recognise him and told his son to stay focused on the match. The match resulted in Ichirō's victory by knockout in the fourth round. Afterwards, Miyata told Ichirō that, due to him breaking both of his fists, his match with Ippo will be rescheduled for another time. While Ichirō was going to the doctor's room in the venue, he was approached by the man that was sitting next to Mr. Sakaguchi. Miyata came across their interaction and stepped in when the man got too close to his son. The man left after he warned that Ichirō can not escape from his destiny.

Seiken Arc

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata noticed Ichirō wrapping up his hands, questioning him on what he is about to do. Ichirō informed Miyata that he was not feeling any more pain with them. Miyata told him not to, as he could break his fists again and have his match with Ippo be delayed again. Miyata revealed to Ichirō that the OPBF organisation will hold a match between the second and third ranker to choose an interim champion to take his place since his recovery will take a while. He explained to his son that the interim champion intends on being his returning opponent because the active champion is supposed to fight the interim champion when they are back to health again. Ichirō, however, claimed that it won't happen, and that he doesn't care if they stripped him of his belt, he is fine as long as he can fight Ippo. Miyata left after he decided that he would prioritise his son's feelings.

Scratch Arc

Miyata informing Kamogawa and Yagi that his son has cancelled his match with Ippo.

After Ichirō learned that Randy became the new OPBF interim champion, he decided to put priority on maintaining the OPBF title after Randy contacted them while Ichirō was recovering, cancelling his match with Ippo. Miyata went to the Kamogawa gym and explained the situation to Kamogawa and Yagi, apologising for his son's decision. He was scolded by Kamogawa, being called a failure as a father and a trainer, and Kamogawa decided to cut all ties with both Miyata and his son. Walking out of Kamogawa's office, he runs into Takamura, who asked Miyata about his son's decision, knowing that Ichirō viewed a fight with Ippo above anything else, however, Miyata did not know either. Takamura suggested for Ichirō to fight Ippo after his match against the interim champion, but Miyata mentioned how the chance of scheduling a match between two title holders is small, making it seem that the two are not fated to fight.

Destined Boxer Arc

Miyata with Ichirō in his match against Sultan.

In order for Ichirō to prepare for his upcoming match against the OPBF featherweight interim champion, Randy, Miyata set up a match against Donnie Sultan, who shared the same fighting style as Ippo, to get rid of any potential rust he might have since he could not spar to due his fists being fractured. When the match arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be Ichirō's chief second in the match. As the match began, the crowd began to jeer at Ichirō for his decision to cancel his match against Ippo to take on Randy, which Miyata believed that this is the part of the path his son chose. When Kida wondered why Ichirō isn't moving around like he usually does, Miyata claimed that the match should have been over already, thinking that he has a different aim for the match, rather than ending it as quick as possible. The match ended in Ichirō's victory by knockout in the first round with his Corkscrew Counter. Walking away from the ring, Miyata told Ichirō that he got his message across when he used the counter he learned from Takamura at the training camp. He believed Ichirō showed the counter in order to sever any lingering regrets. In Ichirō's room at the venue, when Ichirō left after noting that counters will be useless against Randy, Miyata told his staff that Ichirō shouldn't know anything about Randy yet since the videos haven't been delivered yet. He wondered how Ichirō knows and why he considers Randy an enemy, as the only information he has is when Ichirō encountered Randy for the first time.

Later, Miyata went to the Monthly Boxing Fan to watch videos of Randy's matches. He watched the videos with Ippo, since Ippo came to do that same. They both were shocked to see Randy, using a southpaw stance, knocking out an opponent that used an anti-southpaw counter by switching to the orthodox stance and countering. Miyata realised the reason why Randy is the destined boxer for his son and why he is so fixated on Randy. He also realised that Randy is the son of the boxer that ended his boxing career by breaking his jaw with the same counter that Randy used in the tape, wondering how Ichirō was able to put it together. Miyata was irritated that Ichirō dropped his fight with Ippo in order to avenge him by fighting Randy, deciding that he will put an end to his match with Randy. Later, Miyata approached Ichirō at the Kawahara gym and learned that he had suspicions that Randy was his son when he first saw him next to Mr. Sakaguchi, and then confirmed it when he researched him when he saw his name. As Miyata saw no way of turning him away from the fight, he warned Ichirō that if he is getting into the ring for his personal vendetta, then he won't be there as his second, and that he has less than twenty percent chance of winning, however, Ichirō was delighted to feel like the challenger.

Red Lightning Arc

Miyata discussing Ichirō's upcoming match against Randy with Kida and the Kawahara coach.

At the Kawahara gym, as Ichirō was training for his match against Randy, Miyata got two sparring partners for him that would spar against him at the same time to prepare him for Randy's Switch Hitting: a southpaw, and a orthodox boxer, Kyōsuke Imai. While watching his son spar against the two boxers, Miyata believed that the fear of not knowing whether a punch will come from the left or right keeps his eyes on both sides. After Ichirō knocked down both boxers, Miyata told them that it was enough. Imai wanted to continue, however, Miyata noted that Ichirō can not. After Miyata thanked Imai for sticking with Ichirō's sparring sessions unlike other boxers that participated, Imai asked how long they will continue the training since Ichirō seemed to be getting hurt and is in no condition to fight. Miyata claimed that he will focus on Ichirō's recovery when the match nears, however, if he can't learn anything from the training, then he will lose, as he is still missing something. Later at the Kawahara gym, Miyata watched tapes of Randy's matches with Kida and the Kawahara coach. Miyata explained to the staff about Randy's stance that allows him to stare directly at his opponent no matter which way his opponent confronts him from, and that he never gets hit directly on his face due to his ability to use head slips. Miyata informed the staff that Ichirō's two-on-one training is finished, however, he needs to learn how to use genuine uppercuts since he can't confront Randy with direct attacks, and he thinks bringing the uppercut specialist Ippo to the gym would be a good way for him to learn first hand. Since he knew that he can't since the Kamogawa gym cut ties with the Miyata family, Miyata decided that he would have to teach Ichirō how to use uppercuts himself.

Later at the Kawahara gym, Miyata did mitt practise with Ichirō, aiming his mitts in a way to make him use uppercuts more. When Ichirō to comment that he doesn't think he needs to strengthen them. Miyata noted that while he compensates his weak punches in many ways, he only does it for straight punches, and that Randy is talented at dealing with any kind of punches, suggesting for Ichirō to scare him with punches other than straights. Ichirō argued that throwing a full swung uppercut would leave him off balance instead of Randy, leaving him critically open for Randy to hit him. Miyata replied that there are boxers that use full swung uppercuts without worrying about being critically opened. Ichirō, remembering Ippo, rebuked Miyata for comparing him to Ippo, vowing to win using his own style and method, however, Miyata asked him if his method was truly his own style.

Later at the Kawahara gym, Takeshi Sendō showed up without notice, trying to get Ichirō to spar with him. Kida and the Kawahara coach didn't want to agree to have Ichirō spar with him, however, Ichirō agreed to it, and Miyata looked forward to seeing the dream match. As the spar began, Miyata was Ichirō's second. After the first round, Miyata asked Ichirō why he didn't use his footwork. Ichirō replied that he was thinking of the spar as the eleventh round of his match against Randy, where he would be too exhausted to use footwork. After Sendō stopped the spar and explained that he has too many openings and only uses straights, Miyata added that the reason why he opened his guard and used head slips to dodge was to guide Ichirō, as Sendō realised in the first round that he is a straight-only head hunter, easily dodging the punches. When Sendō declined sparring with Ichirō anymore and commented on his attitude, Kazuhiro Yanaoka showed up and smacked his head, offering the Kawahara gym to have him do anything the gym wants, including sparring. Miyata was surprised to see Yanaoka, who he hasn't seen in years.

Miyata and Yanaoka talking about the past.

Miyata and Yanaoka went to the Mayweather Bar to talk about their past, where Yanaoka was driven to defeat Miyata, who was deemed unrivalled throughout Japan, however, Miyata defeated Yanaoka in the seventh round by knockout. Miyata apologised to Yanaoka for not living up to his expectations as a boxer, but Yanaoka compared Ichirō to Miyata, claiming that Miyata will take the world in a different way by teaching his son use the same counter that he used to use. Miyata revealed to Yanaoka that Ichirō learned the counter himself at a young age. Miyata told him the most important day of his life was when he saw Ichirō shadowboxing with movements he learned from memory of his father's boxing, making Miyata want to watch his son as his last hope. When Yanaoka mentioned to Miyata that regardless of how he did it, he taught Ichirō how to box, Miyata did not want to admit it and claimed that Yanaoka must be drunk. Later at the Kawahara gym, Miyata did mitt practise with Ichirō, aiming the mitts higher to make him move around more to help him sweat during the weight management. When the weigh-in arrived, Miyata went with Ichirō to the Kōrakuen Hall to attend the weigh-in, where Ichirō passed at full limit.

Miyata with Ichirō in his match against Randy.

The next day, Miyata went to the Yokohama Arena to be Ichirō's chief second in his match against Randy. In their waiting room, Miyata told Ichirō to not let himself cool down, as it will be a while since Aoki and Kimura's matches are before his, and two ten-round decisions will take an hour. When it was time for Ichirō's match, Miyata went to the ring with him, advising him to push Randy as hard as he can and worry about a strategy later. After the first round, Miyata told Ichirō to keep his guard up, keep moving around, and stay focused, as Randy is bound to change his strategy against his speed. During the second round, when Kida noted how tough Randy is, Miyata claimed that most boxers would have fallen after the counter he took in the first round, causing Miyata to acknowledge the durability of his spirit. After the second round, Miyata figured that Ichirō did not know why his counter against Randy's "best punch" did not finish him, and informed him that he switched to the southpaw stance, so it was a mere right jab. He added that Randy has been switching stance without him knowing ever since his first down, and advised him to try and finish him before he recovers. After the third round, he instructed Ichirō to do what ever it takes to take down Randy before he recovers from the damage he still has from getting hit by the Jolt Counter. During the fourth round, Miyata noticed that Randy has somewhat recovered, which he believes isn't good, as he is worried about the change in Ichirō's condition. After the fourth round, Miyata asked Ichirō where he is having trouble at, however, Ichirō simply claimed that there is nothing to worry about.

After the fifth round, Miyata knew that Ichirō is hiding his damage, and asked him how much more his right hand can take, which Ichirō claimed that he can only use his right to attack with all his strength two or three more times. After the sixth round, the referee asked if he wants to forfeit the match due to Ichirō's injuries, however, Miyata declined. When Kida argued Miyata's decision, Miyata claimed that he will take responsibility for what happens. As Ichirō went off to the seventh round, Miyata wanted to watch him fight just like Ichirō watched him fight when he was young. The match ended in Ichirō's victory by knockout in the seventh round using the Corkscrew Counter. While walking away from the ring, Miyata told Ichirō that if he won by being proud and stubborn, to keep being proud, and to show the crowd his respect towards them by raising his hand. Miyata realised that the punch Ichirō used to defeat Randy was not something he ever used before, believing that Ichirō has surpassed him. When they went to the changing room, Miyata held mitts and wanted Ichirō to attempt to recreate the punch he defeated Randy with again, however, Ichirō was too exhausted. Later at the Kawahara gym, when Ichirō arrived to report that his check up came up fine, Miyata claimed that the punch he threw to defeat Randy was not a lucky punch like he thought it was, it was his best punch.

Blind Step Arc

Miyata making Ichirō go watch Ippo and Kojima's match.

At the Kawahara gym, when Hisato Kojima, who was going to face against Ippo soon, came to the gym to spar against Ichirō, Miyata was Ichirō's second when the spar began. Kojima's coach stopped the spar when he saw that Kojima was getting hit too much. After Kojima criticised Ichirō and left, Miyata asked Ichirō what he meant when Kojima claimed that Ichirō would make the same mistake against Ippo just like Sendō and the others, however, Ichirō replied that he doesn't know and that it has nothing to do with him. Later, after seeing his son explain to his gym mates about a strategy against Ippo's weakness of always going forward, Miyata asked him if the strategy can be pulled off, which Ichirō confirmed that he can do it. Miyata mentioned that Kojima may pull it off if he has a similar plan, however, Ichirō believed that Kojima can not pull it off and that he is inexperienced with counters, which would make him risk his boxing career if he throws one. On the day of Ippo's match against Kojima, Miyata offered Ichirō a ticket for the match, however, Ichirō claimed to have no interest in seeing the match since the outcome was obvious and he won't likely face either of them. Miyata mentioned to Ichirō that he doesn't give Kojima enough credit, scolding him about how there is more to boxing than just technical skill and that there will be something in the match that will get him out of his rut, making Ichirō leave the gym to watch the match.

Speed Zone Arc

At the Kawahara gym, when Suzuki claimed that Itagaki defeated Takuma Saeki in the Class A Tournament finals, Miyata mentioned to Ichirō how Saeki was a ranked boxer in the OPBF and considered what to do if he had to fight him, but now the ranking has changed since Itagaki defeated him and he is now an OPBF ranker.

Go to the World Arc

At the Kawahara gym, Miyata caught Ichirō studying Ippo's upcoming opponent, Alfredo González after Ippo relinquished his JBC featherweight title to move onto the world stage. Miyata asked Ichirō his impression on Alfredo, which he answered that Alfredo will be an extremely tough opponent for Ippo.

Goals to Reach Arc

Miyata thanking Sendō for talking to his son about moving up.

When Ichirō's seventh OPBF title defence against Luisito Ico arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall. Miyata was Ichirō's chief second as the match began. The match ended in Ichirō's victory by knockout in the first round. Miyata criticised his son's attitude after he had an interview in the ring where he gave the interviewer short negative answers when asked about what he thought about his opponent and if he has any plans for the future. Outside the venue's doctor's office, Miyata overheard Sendō suggesting for Ichirō to move on up in the world instead of waiting for Ippo while defending the title. Miyata thanked Sendō, as he believed that Ichirō may listen to a rival from the same weight class more than him. Sendō expressed that it is noble of Ichirō to keep quiet while he is cutting parts of himself off while waiting for Ippo. Miyata wasn't sure that Sendō is right, however, Sendō explained that it is because there has to be a reason Ichirō isn't going for Ricardo. Sendō walked away while telling Miyata that he feels sorry for him having to be the trainer of a stubborn child, however, Miyata felt sorry for Yanaoka for having to do the same.

Seeking Heights Arc

At the Kawahara gym, when junior featherweight Ryūji Nagumo, who downed Ippo during a spar and has a world title match coming up, entered the gym to spar with Ichirō, Miyata warned Ichirō about Nagumo's speed, adding that it will not be easy. When the spar against Nagumo began, Miyata was Ichirō's second. Miyata stopped the spar early as he saw that Ichirō was having trouble and getting hit. Later, Miyata watched Nagumo's junior featherweight world title match against the champion on the Kawahara gym's TV, where the match ended in Nagumo's defeat by knockout in the first round.

Part III

Taihei Arc

When Ichirō's eighth OPBF featherweight title defence match arrived, Miyata went to the Kōrakuen Hall. Miyata was Ichirō's chief second for the match, which ended in Ichirō's victory by decision after the final twelfth round.

Keith Dragon Arc

When the WBC super middleweight champion, Keith Dragon came to Japan for his title defence match against Takamura, he went to the Kawahara gym to train. Miyata told Mari Īmura how grateful he is to see a super middleweight champion train without having to leave Japan.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS ?-1-0[2] 1978-04[3] Philippines.png
Randy Boy Senior
Tokyo, Japan 12(12) TKO "OPBF Title Defence"
7th Title Defence[4]
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
6th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
5th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
4th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
3rd Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
2nd Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
1st Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A OPBF Featherweight Title Match
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Japan.png
Kazuhiro Yanaoka
Tokyo, Japan 7(10)[5] TKO JBC Featherweight Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A JBC Featherweight Title Match
1 WIN 1-0-0 19XX Japan.png
Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A Pro Debut Match


Miyata as a young adult.

Miyata has fair skin, and, when he was a young adult, he had a muscular body. He had brown short hair with a tuft of hair hanging at the middle of his forehead, visible cheekbones, and small black coloured eyes. As he got older, he loss his muscle mass, his hair turned grey, and lost his tuft of hair at the middle of his forehead.

Miyata usually wears dress shirts, business suits, and pants of various colours when he is away from the gym. When he used to be a trainer at the Kamogawa gym, he wore the white Kamogawa gym shirt and black pants. When he is at the Kawahara gym, he wears the Kawahara shirt that is usually purple.


Miyata is a serious and straightforward man. In his younger years as a boxer, he was shown to love boxing and his own style of boxing with great passion, a passion he passes on to his son Ichirō Miyata. He appeared confident and was considered a world contender in his prime form. Consequent to his pride-shattering loss against Randy "Raccoon" Boy he retired, melancholic on the fact that his technique was no match for raw strength in the long run. Since then he has been acting as his son's personal trainer, retaining a keen eye and focused seriousness for boxing as he had in his younger years, but little of the enthusiasm.

Boxing Abilities

When he was a boxer, Miyata was an out-boxer who used the same style that his son uses. It was shown that he could win his fights by points, but he would rather finish fights by KO (which lead to the loss to Randy "Raccoon" Boy). He lacked power so he would use counters as his primary weapon to finish his opponents. He used extraordinary speed, timing, and courage. It is revealed that his skills were far greater than his son, when Yagi states that Miyata (who was at the time the OPBF champ and a world ranker) "still has a long ways to go." It is possible that he has the same level boxing sense as genius Manabu Itagaki, since Kamogawa mentions that he experienced the "above ring perspective" that Itagaki experienced during his match against Takuma Saeki.


Like his son, he lacked power in his regular punches. It's also possible that since he has the same style as his son that he shared the same predictability as well. He was not plagued by weight control like his son so stamina was not the problem.


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