Miyata Senior, credited as Miyata's Father (宮田父, Miyata chichi) is a semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a trainer at the Kawahara Boxing Gym, a retired featherweight boxer, and the father of Miyata Ichirō. He worked as a trainer at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym until Miyata left the gym in order to fight Makunouchi Ippo in the pro ring.

His surname is Miyata. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names. Miyata's given name is currently unknown.


When Miyata joined the Kamogawa gym to become a boxer and became the JBC featherweight champion, he one day tried to cheer up fellow boxer Yagi Haruhiko, who joined the gym around the same time he did, when Yagi was in a losing streak. Miyata went fishing with Yagi, and, during which, he saw a demonic expression from Yagi. He tried to challenge Yagi many times in his youth, but Miyata could never win.[1]

Miyata Sr On Ring

During fight with Raccoon Boy Sr.

As a JBC and OPBF featherweight champion, Miyata was an acclaimed boxer with hopes of challenging the world, whose style and technique were a source of admiration for his son, Miyata Ichirō. While in the final round of his seventh OPBF title defence, he was defeated by Racoon Boy, with what many refer to as "a lucky punch", despite having the lead in the scorecards. He sustained a terrible injury to his jaw, but it was his mental state that suffered the most.

Unable to overcome his feelings of helplessness, he was convinced that his style was not good enough to defeat raw strength. The defeated champion abandoned the opportunity to make a comeback, and retired permanently from boxing. After retirement, Miyata began working at the Kamogawa gym as a trainer, and his son's personal coach.


Part I

Early Days Arc


Miyata and his son during the spar.

When Takamura Mamoru brought in Makunouchi Ippo, Kamogawa Genji had Ippo spar against Miyata Ichirō as a test. Miyata was Ichirō's second for the sparring match. After his son's victory, Miyata became shocked when he found Ichirō in the shower room with bruised arms. When the day of the rematch spar arrived, Miyata was his son's second for the spar. After his son's defeat at the hands of the newcomer Ippo, who they both largely underestimated, the father-son duo decided to quit the gym, with hopes of settling the score in an official match. They later joined the Kawahara Boxing Gym, where they began preparations for the upcoming East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

First Rounder Arc

In Ichirō's first match in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament, Miyata was his son's cornerman for his match against Takada Teruhiko.

Finals Arc


Miyata telling Ippo Ichirō's message.

After Ippo won his match against Hayami Ryūichi, Miyata informed his son. On the day of Ichirō's match against Mashiba Ryō, Miyata was his son's cornerman, with Ichirō eventually losing the match. After his son's lost, he saw Ippo and sent him a message he got from Ichirō, "Forgive me.".

Jolt Counter Arc

Miyata arguing his father's decision

Miyata having a conversation with his son about Sisphar.

With his son wanting to remove the gap between himself and Ippo, Miyata and his son left Japan for Korea and Thai to fight their strong boxers. Their first boxer overseas was against Rusak Paddy. When the match went to decision, it resulted in a draw, this angered him. He tried to argue the decision, but to no avail. After leaving the ring, he talked to Kida about how important this first match was to Ichirō, as Ippo recently got ranked fifth and Ichirō wanted a performance to match it. Within two months in Thai, at Pataya Beach, Kida informed Miyata that Jimmy Sisphar requested a match against Ichirō. He then asked to turn down the offer. When his son discovered that he turned down the offer, Miyata told Ichirō that his next match would be junior lightweight and to forget about Ippo. Ichirō argued the decision, wanting to fight Jimmy, not wanting to run from his diet and Ippo. He then revealed to Ichirō that his counter would not work as his punches are light. His son knew this, however, Ichirō still wants to fight Jimmy, believing that if he accepted his fists betrayed him, he would not be able to fight again. Miyata then remembered thinking the same thing back when he wanted to retire.

After witnessing his son sparring with Payao, he realised that Ichirō was getting closer to the counter to surpass all counters. At the Lumpini Stadium, Miyata and Kida left Ichirō alone as he seemed nervous. Kida believed the new counter may work for Jimmy, however, Miyata stressed the risks behind the counter. When the match began, Miyata was the second for Ichirō. After Ichirō won the match, Miyata, Ichirō, and Kida left for Korea in order to challenge more strong boxers.

Road Back Arc

In the anime, Miyata was one of the cornermen when Ichirō fought against Li Chon Pir as his first opponent in Japan after returning from overseas where he won by knockout.

Execution Arc

When Kimura Tatsuya's title match against Mashiba was announced and Ichirō had an OPBF title match scheduled, Ichirō agreed to spar with Kimura. Miyata met Kimura outside the Kawahara gym, warning him not to get hurt by his son. Miyata then watched as Ichirō and Kimura sparred. When Kimura came back after having stopped coming to the gym for a while, Miyata mentioned that he already got another sparring partner, leaving no reason for him to be at the gym. Ichirō however, decided to spar with him as Kimura was the one with the reason.

Bloody Cross Arc

Miyata telling Mr. Sakaguchi to look for another job

Miyata and Ichirō at the weigh-in.

While discussing Ippo's first title defence win against Sanada Kazuki with Ichirō, Miyata told his son to let Ippo stand on top of the nation and for him to pass over to the OPBF title to ask Ippo for a match from above. One week before Ichirō's match against the OPBF featherweight title match against Arnie Gregory, Ichirō sparred with Kimura. After Ichirō fell three times, Miyata stopped the spar to prevent further injuries. He then explained to Kimura the situation regarding Ichirō's weight management. Kimura asked Miyata why Ichirō won't go up to the lightweight class, however, Miyata had already told him to countless times, but the rivalry between him and Ippo won't let him go up a class. Later, Miyata watched as the Kawahara gym hosted Gregory's public sparring session where Mr. Sakaguchi revealed that they were holding back a technique called the "Bloody Cross" after making comments where he looked down on the Japanese and Ichirō. Later, Miyata attended Ichirō's weigh-in where he passed at full limit. They then went to the Restaurant Monza Italia to replenish some of Ichirō's water and power. While eating, Miyata became worried about Ichirō's weight control, comparing it to shedding a pencil until the lead point breaks.

Miyata Senior with Ichiro for his OPBF title match

Miyata with Ichirō for his OPBF title match.

The next day, Miyata and Ichirō arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for the OPBF featherweight title match against Gregory. Miyata was reluctant to open the door to the ring, expressing his worry to his son as he himself lost in an OPBF title match. Ichirō reassured his father that he would prove his boxing works in the OPBF and beyond. After the first round of the match, Miyata warned Ichirō that if he gave Gregory time, he will recover, instructing him to pressure him while he is still damaged. After the second round, Ichirō expressed how he planned to use his remaining strength to hope to land a lucky punch. Miyata told Ichirō that there are no such thing as lucky punches in boxing and that a punch that manages to hit from fists that aren't alive can not knock down an opponent, while punches from a living fist can. When Miyata saw Ichirō's face after the third round, Miyata sensed that it would be the last round as he finally reached his limit. After Ichirō defeated Gregory in the fourth round, Ichirō became the OPBF featherweight champion.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Miyata talking to his father about the Dempsey Roll's weakness

Miyata and Ichirō talking about the weakness of the Dempsey Roll.

At the Kawahara gym when Ichirō explained how the Dempsey Roll is weak to counters, Miyata believed that that was the reason for the Kamogawa gym to turn his son down, commenting on Ippo's poor luck that his weapon is vulnerable to Miyata's weapon, however, he assumed that Kamogawa has countermeasures since he is not the type to run away.

A Passing Point Arc

With Ichirō's fourth OPBF title defence opponent being a semi-final to Takamura's WBC middleweight title match against David Eagle, Miyata and his son were invited to a training camp by Takamura. When Ichirō and Takamura into the car after being at the Kamogawa gym, Miyata was shocked to hear Ippo was having trouble with a rookie. When the group got to the training camp, Miyata was pleased with the fact that his son was training with someone greater than him. The next day, Miyata approached Takamura, who was fishing, and learned that Takamura was fishing to beat a certain someone. Miyata correctly guessed it was Yagi Haruhiko and told him his experience of fishing with Yagi, warning him that he shouldn't try to challenge him.

When Ichirō and Takamura sparred, Miyata watched while being his son's second. After his son was defeated, Miyata dumped water on Ichirō to wake him up, and asked how he felt. Ichirō didn't think Takamura would be able to beat him in speed, however, Miyata informed him that Takamura did not beat him in leg speed, as he used a tactic to appear faster and corner him, viewing it as a wonder technique and learning experience for his son. Later, Miyata thanked Takamura for the training camp and explained how he knew Ichirō's counter was weak and that he didn't tell his son the advice Takamura told him since he knew the day would come when Ichirō himself would ask him. Miyata asked Takamura why he told him, since the counter is Ippo's Dempsey Roll's weakness. He was surprised to hear Takamura's answer of making the battle between the two more interesting. Miyata agreed that he wants to see his son and Ippo fight at their best, which was why Miyata and Kamogawa haven't set up a match yet.

Kamogawa, Yagi, and Miyata watching Eagle spar

Miyata watching Eagle's public spar.

After the training camp, Miyata drove Takamura to his house and thanked him for the training camp. Miyata asked Ichirō if he was going to be lonely now training on his own. When Ichirō claimed he wasn't, but Takamura may be the one that is lonely, Miyata believed being lonely doesn't suit Takamura's personality. When David Eagle arrived to Japan, he went to the Kawahara gym, where Eagle held an autograph session for local children. After the session, the gym hosted Eagle's public sparring session, which Miyata watched.

Miyata with Ichiro during his match against Medgeon

Miyata with Ichirō in his match against Medgeon.

When Ichirō's fourth OPBF title defence match against Medgoen Dachboy arrived at the Yokohama Arena, Miyata arrived to the ring as Ichirō's chief second. Before the match began, Miyata instructed for Ichirō to observe in round one, as they don't have any info of Medgoen. When Ichirō noticed Mr. Sakaguchi, Miyata believed Mr. Sakaguchi came for revenge, commenting that it would be safe to assume Medgoen was chosen as Ichirō's hitman. After four rounds of only attacking Medgoen's guard and no punch being thrown by him, Miyata wondered what Medgoen and Mr. Sakaguchi are planning. In the fifth round, Ichirō defeated Medgeon with a Cross Counter. Ichirō was dissatisfied with how he threw the counter, however, Miyata insisted to not rush things. When the crowd shouted for Ippo and Ichirō, Miyata reflected on how Ippo and Ichirō were no name boxers when they first fought and believed that they would fight for who's the best in the pacific region and get a one way ticket to the world.

Inescapable Destiny Arc

Operation World Domination Arc

Red Lightning Arc

Blind Step Arc

Go to the World Arc

Seeking Heights Arc

10 Months in the Making Arc

Part III

Taihei Arc

Miyata was one of the cornermen when Ichirō fought against his opponent during his eighth OPBF title defence where he won by decision after twelve rounds.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS ?-1-0[2] 1978-04[3] Philippines
Randy Boy Senior
Tokyo, Japan 12(12) TKO "OPBF Title Defence"
7th Title Defence[4]
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
6th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
5th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
4th Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
3rd Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
2nd Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A "OPBF Title Defence"
1st Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Unknown Tokyo, Japan ?(12) N/A OPBF Featherweight Title Match
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Japan
Tokyo, Japan 7(10)[5] TKO JBC Featherweight Title Defence
? WIN ?-0-0 197X Japan
Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A JBC Featherweight Title Match
1 WIN 1-0-0 19XX Japan
Tokyo, Japan N/A N/A Pro Debut Match


Young Miyata's Father

Miyata's father younger.

Miyata's father shows obvious telltale signs of old age and, despite being a boxer in his younger years, has lost a significant amount of muscle mass. He has discoloured hair that shows little signs of balding, eyebrows of average thickness, a comparatively large nose and expressive eyes with small dark pupils. His cheekbones and dimples are also shown to be quite prominent in his old age.


In his younger years as a boxer, he was shown to love boxing and his own style of boxing with great passion, a passion he passes on to his son Miyata Ichirō. He appeared confident and was considered a world contender in his prime form. Consequent to his pride-shattering loss against Randy "Raccoon" Boy he retired, melancholic on the fact that his technique was no match for raw strength in the long run. Since then he has been acting as his son's personal trainer, retaining a keen eye and focused seriousness for boxing as he had in his younger years, but little of the enthusiasm.

Boxing Abilities

Miyata's father was an out-boxer who used the same style that his son uses. It was shown that he could win his fights by points, but he would rather finish fights by KO (which lead to the loss to Randy "Raccoon" Boy). He lacked power so he would use counters as his primary weapon to finish his opponents. He used extraordinary speed, timing, and courage. It is revealed that his skills were far greater than his son, when Yagi states that Miyata (who was at the time the OPBF champ and a world ranker) "still has a long ways to go." It is possible that he has the same level boxing sense as genius Itagaki Manabu, since Kamogawa mentions that he experienced the "above ring perspective" that Itagaki experienced during his match against Saeki Takuma.




Like his son, he lacked power in his regular punches. It's also possible that since he has the same style as his son that he shared the same predictability as well. He was not plagued by weight control like his son so stamina was not the problem.



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