Okinawa Coach (沖縄 会長, Okinawa Kaichō) is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a coach at the Mensore Okinawa Seaside Gym in Okinawa, Japan, and he trained Shimabukuro Iwao.


The coach took Shimabukuro Iwao under his training early in his boxing career. He was seen as Shimabukuro's cornerman in his match in the Class A Tournament against Okita Keigo, which Shimabukuro won.[1]


Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

The Mensore coach leading Fujii and Mari to Shimabukuro

The coach leading Fujii and Mari to Shimabukuro.

His boxer, Shimabukuro Iwao was scheduled to fight the JBC featherweight champion Makunouchi Ippo. As the match drew closer, Tokyo reporters Fujii Minoru and Īmura Mari arrived to interview his Shimabukuro. He took them to where Shimabukuro was fishing. When they arrived, Shimabukuro jumped off a cliff, which caused Mari and Fujii to be worried, however he reassured them to not worry. When Shimabukuro came back, the reporters asked about how Shimabukuro will defeat the Dempsey Roll as claimed on a newspaper article. The coach revealed that those were his exaggerated words to attract national attention. The coach later talked with Shimabukuro and learned how Shimabukuro thinks of boxing as another land to catch, being a man of the sea. The coach continued to train Shimabukuro up to the day of the weigh-in.

When the weigh-in arrived at the Kōrakuen Hall and Shimabukuro passed the check, they were shocked when Ippo accidentally stripped himself naked. On the day of the match, Shimabukuro did a round worth of mitt-punching with his coach in the changing room to prepare himself. When the match began, the coach was one of Shimabukuro's cornermen for the match against ippo. Even though everything was going according to their plans in the beginning, Shimabukuro lost the match in the seventh round. The coach then lost Shimabukuro as he retired after the match.


He is a man of average height and tanned=complexion. His eye colour is grey and he has dark coloured short hair in the manga and light brown in the anime. He also has a thick moustache that is thinner in the anime.

His attire consists usually of a black shirt and a coat with his gym's name on the back. In the ring as a cornerman, he wears a teal "DYNAMITE GLOVE" shirt.


He is a planner and he can do anything to draw attention to his gym and his fighter.


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