The Otowa Boxing Gym (音羽ボクシングジム, Otowa bokushingujimu) is a boxing gym in Tokyo, Japan.


The owner of the gym is the Otowa Coach. Otowa Boxing Gym has all necessary equipment for a boxing gym. The gym tends to recruit high-class talented boxers with a former amateur background like with Hayami Ryūichi (Former Inter-high Champion), Alexander Volg Zangief (Former World Amateur Champion), and current JBC Featherweight Champion Imai Kyōsuke (Former Inter-high Champion). However, after two consecutive losses, Volg was let go from the gym, following a policy of recruiting foreign boxers and having high expectations.

The gym also hosted by the WBA featherweight super champion Ricardo Martinez, and Randy Boy Junior for a sparring session prior to their title matches.


Otowa Boxing Gym
Otowa Coach Portrait
Otowa Coach
Ruslan Portrait
Ruslan Ramuda
Otowa Unknown Staff A
Otowa Unknown Staff B
Otowa Unknown Staff C
Otowa Unknown Staff D
Otowa Unknown Staff E
Otowa Unknown Staff F
Otowa Unknown Staff G
Otowa Unknown Staff H
Otowa Unknown Staff I
Hayami Portrait
Hayami Ryūichi
Imai Portrait
Imai Kyōsuke
Onodera Hiroyasu
Yamano Shiro
Former Boxers
Volg Portrait
Alexander Volg Zangief


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