Out-Boxing, aka Hit and Away, is one of the main styles of boxing and the opposite of the In-Fighting.


The basis foundation of out boxing is to utilize footwork and jabs while creating space between yourself and your opponent after quickly striking. Out-boxer's try to confuse or outmaneuver their opponents <span and gradually wear them down. Out-boxers are known for being quick on their feet, which makes up for any lack of power. Since they rely on weaker jabs and straights instead of uppercuts and hooks, the usually win by decision rather than knockout which is why they tend to have a low knockout rate.


Ali is the boxer on the right. Here he is showing his great reflexes.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of Out-Boxers are to wear down their opponents so they'll have the upper hand in the fight. Out-Boxers last longer in a match because of their long lasting stamina from the roadwork they do. However their greatest strength is also their weakness. The springing of their legs are what keeps them going in most 10 to 15 round matches. If they ever end up taking massive damage from massive body blows, their rhythm is shot down making them easy targets for close ranged In-Fighters.

List of Out Boxers

These are some of the known out boxers in the manga:

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