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Ramda Ruslan (ルスラン・ラムダ, Rusuran Ramuda) is non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a Russian trainer who trained Alexander Volg Zangief since his childhood. He and Volg were affiliated with the Otowa Boxing Gym


A young Volg training with Ramuda.

As a trainer, Ramuda took up many top boxers in the Soviet Union, but was not satisfied with the candidates. When he first saw Alexander Volg Zangief, he knew it was him that he was searching for, he saw his interest in boxing and the fighting spirit in him and since Volg wanted to be a great boxer, he started to train him personally in the cold weather of Russia. Eventually, grooming Volg into one of the finest and strongest fighters in boxing history, gaining many victories and no losses whatsoever, making Volg an esteemed amateur champion. Ramuda continued to train Volg as he challenged professional boxing in hopes of becoming a world champion.


Part I

Speed Star Arc

When he entered his boxer, Volg to the Class A Tournament, the semifinals was against Suzuki Toshio. After being Volg's second for the match, the match ended in Volg's win.

White Fang Arc

Ramuda meets Kamogawa in an interview.

When Volg was scheduled to fight Makunouchi Ippo for the Class A Tournament finals, he met Ippo's coach, Kamogawa Genji in a magazine interview. Ramuda praised Japanese boxers, however, he asked Kamogawa why there are a large number of broken Japanese boxers. After hearing the same answer that other Japanese trainers said, he stated how Japanese trainers push their fighters, shortening their careers until they are broken. While watching a video of Ippo, Ramuda asked Volg for his opinion of him. Hearing his boxer's thoughts, Ramuda noted of Kamogawa's old methods and having a wonderful understanding of boxing. Knowing this, Ramuda warned Volg not to be careless.

A few days before the Class A Tournament finals, Ramuda visited Volg to make a final check on the fight plan against Ippo. The next day, Ramuda had a mitt training session with Volg, who used his White Fang. When the match against Ippo began, Ramuda was Volg's second. When Volg lost the match, Ramuda believed he exchanged thousands of words to Kamogawa and bowed to him.

Road Back Arc

Ramuda walking with Volg to fight Sendō.

After Date Eiji defeated Ippo and relinquished his belt, the two boxers fighting for the title was Volg and Sendō Takeshi. When the match began, Ramuda was Volg's second for the match. The result of the match ended with Volg losing by a decision that Ramuda was claiming to be a hometown decision, wanting to see the points to no avail. The result of the match made the Otowa gym cut their contract with Volg, and Ramuda returned to Russia with Volg after the match.

Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Ramuda seeing Volg off as he leaves Russia to go to Tokyo.

In front of the grave of Volg's mother, Ramuda assured Volg, who was leaving Russia to box again, that he would look after his mother's grave while he is gone, so he can fight to his heart's content. Ramuda warned him that the list of rings available to him was limited as his world amateur champion title doesn't pull much weight anymore, and it will be a tough fight. As Volg was leaving, Ramuda thought that his mother's death was only a trigger to leave, knowing that he would leave someday. since he knew Volg wouldn't be able to keep the blood of a wolf from boiling over.


Ramuda is an elderly man with grey hair and black eyes. He has wrinkles under his eyes and on his upper lip as well as age spots.


Ramuda is a determined trainer and believed that the main reason for Japanese boxers short career is the trainers who uses words like willpower instead of skills and they pressure their boxers to push themselves to the limit. However, after his boxer, Volg fought and lost to Ippo, he saw that willpower is important too.


  • (To Kamogawa) "I find that Japanese trainers always spout the same answers. Answers like "fighting spirit" and "great effort" and they continue to push their fighters—and the result the fighter's career is shortened. Youth with immeasurable talent are broken..."[1]



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