Sendō Shop is a semi-recurring location in Hajime no Ippo

It is a dagashiya run by Takeshi's Grandmother and Sendō Takeshi, where they also live.


Takeshi's Teacher was visiting with Takeshi's Grandmother to discuss Sendō 's school work. She wanted to discuss the fact that Sendō was going to be a third year middle school student (in 8th grade) this spring, and a lot of the other kids have already started getting ready for it. Sendō mentioned to her that he was going to inherit the candy store, where he doesn't need to worry about his future.

She believed that his grandmother wasn't going to force the candy store on him, but if he was planning to inherit it, it was still important to get into high school and to look at other career options. Sendō told her that he was not good at studying. As his teacher, she knew how hard it was for him, but added that he only shown up at school every once in a while. She believed he can manage it if he actually tried, where she had put together a list of schools that she thought he could make it into. She warned that she doesn't think fighting was good, but she thought in Sendō case, it might be okay. She added since he never picked any fights, or he only fought when someone was being picked on or needed his help. She thought it might make her sound like a bad teacher, but she believed Sendō was a wonderful young man.

Part I

Lallapallooza Arc

Iimura Mari arrived to interview Sendō Takeshi for his upcoming JBC title defence against Makunouchi Ippo, except Sendo wasn't there. She met Takeshi's Grandmother instead, where she learned about Sendo's past. After Sendo arrived, she learned that Sendo was wearing leg weights to strength his lower body.


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