Tomoyuki Shinoda (篠田, Shinoda Tomoyuki) is a recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a longtime trainer at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

The chief trainer of Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya, and Itagaki Manabu, Shinoda carries out Kamogawa Genji's tradition of strict training.

His surname is Shinoda. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names.


Shinoda and Fuji meet

Shinoda and Fujii's past.

Before becoming a trainer, Shinoda and Fujii Minoru were friends who were amateur boxers partaking in city tournaments. One day after a spar, Shinoda tells Fujii that he is going to turn pro, and looks forward to seeing him in the ring someday. However, Fujii tells him that he thinks he is done as a boxer. Shinoda thought they shared the same dream- To go to the Olympics or become a champ as a pro. Fujii tells him to go and make that dream come true, while he decided to report on boxing instead. The two makes a promise for Shinoda to become a JBC champion, then world champion, as Fujii writes about him as he makes his way up.[1]

Shinoda then became a pro boxer. However, he lost his debut match and eventually retired after six matches and ending with an average record.[2] He later joined the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and became a trainer.

When Kimura Tatsuya and Aoki Masaru joined the Kamogawa gym, Shinoda looked over their training.[3] After eight months, Shinoda told the duo that their pro debut was scheduled. Shinoda then was their second for their pro debut, with both of them winning in the end.


Part I

Early Days Arc

Shinoda was one of Makunouchi Ippo's cornermen for his debut match against Oda Yūsuke.

First Rounder Arc

Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for his match against Jason Ozuma and later, Kobashi Kenta.

Finals Arc

Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for his match against Hayami Ryūichi, and later, Mashiba Ryō.

All Japan Rookie King Tournament: Rocky of Naniwa Arc

Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for his match against Sendō Takeshi.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

When Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya were sparring for each other's matches, Shinoda was watching them and gave tips. Shinoda was one of the cornermen for Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura Mamoru's matches, which all three won. When the Nakadai Boxing Gym requested for Ippo to fight Okita Keigo, Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for the match which Ippo won.

Speed Star Arc

Shinoda was Aoki and Kimura's second for their matches in the Class A Tournament after Ippo's win against Saeki Takuma.

White Fang Arc

Shinoda was the second for Aoki's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Jackal Itō, and Kimura's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Ryūzaki Takeshi. Both of their matches resulted in a loss, losing the Class A Tournament. Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for his match against Alexander Volg Zangief.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

When the Champion Carnival began, Shinoda was one of Takamura's cornermen for his title defence against Tamaki Atsushi. The match resulted in Takamura's win. Ippo was scheduled to face against champion Date Eiji for the Champion Carnival, and when the match began, Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen. The match resulted in Ippo's loss.

Road Back Arc

When Kamogawa collapsed due to overwork and went to the hospital, Shinoda was there while the doctor gave the report. During Aoki's match against Snake Thomas, Kimura's match against Pone Morocotte and Ippo's match against Ponchai Chuwatana, he was there as one of their cornermen where they all won.

Mountain Training Arc

Shinoda training Aoki and Kimura in the mountains

Shinoda training Aoki and Kimura.

After the Naniwa gym approved of Ippo fighting their champion, Sendō, Kamogawa later decided to head to the Pension Yoshio as a training camp. When they arrive to the pension, they meet Nekota Ginpachi. Before Shinoda left for the woods to train with Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki, Nekota warned them of bears. Shinoda has the three boxers dash up and down hill until a bear came out and made them run away. That night, Nekota told Shinoda's group that he would prepare something to avoid bears the next day. The following day, Shinoda was shocked when Kimura and Aoki rushed back from roadwork and informed him that Ippo was attacked by a bear. However, Ippo came back with a dog, which Nekota confirmed to be his dog, Hachi. Kamogawa announced to everyone at the training camp that he would be splitting the group for individual training. Shinoda was grouped with Aoki and Kimura, with one training method being doing squats in a river. After Ippo finished his wood chop training, Shinoda participated in Kamogawa's teaching of "punching without punching, the Sakki.

On the final night of the training camp, Takamura returned wounded with a bear claw mark on his chest, claiming to have knocked out a bear. Shinoda then ate a bear nabe that Nekota made for the final night. The next day, Shinoda left with the rest of the group and returned to the Kamogawa gym. When Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura had a match against Itō Takaaki, Boy Allade, and Nefuma Ozca respectively, Shinoda was a cornerman for Takamura's match, and the main second for Aoki and Kimura's match where all three boxer's won. Shinoda was impressed with Aoki and Kimura's results of the mountain training.

Lallapallooza Arc

On the day of Ippo's title match against Sendō, Shinoda was one of the cornermen where Ippo won and became the JBC featherweight champion.

Execution Arc

Aoki, Kamogawa, and Shinoda as Kimura's seconds for his match against Mashiba

Shinoda going with Kimura to his first title match.

On the day of Kimura's title match against the JBC junior lightweight champion, Mashiba, Shinoda was told by Kimura to not let anyone in his room for five minutes to be alone. After the five minutes and everyone entered the waiting room, Kimura told Shinoda and everyone in his waiting room that he would retire if he loses the match. Shinoda then encouraged Kimura to use his five years of experience to show the champion what for, wanting to let Kimura's decision on retirement be his alone. When Kimura's title maths began, Shinoda was one of his cornermen. After the eighth round, Kimura claimed to have seen the belt, which Shinoda remarked that hearing that could give someone goosebumps. In round nine when Kimura had a dangerous fall, Shinoda prepared to throw the towel into the ring to stop the match until Aoki stopped him. Despite Aoki's rebuttal, Shinoda decided to protect his boxer as a cornerman until Kimura got back up, with Shinoda deciding to not throw it. The match shortly stopped when the referee noticed Kimura was unconscious when Kimura slowly moved his hand to counter Mashiba, preventing Kimura from getting badly injured. With Kimura losing the match, Shinoda went into the ring to check on him. Shinoda then told a confused Kimura who still believed he was fighting, that it is over.

First Step Arc

When Ippo's first JBC featherweight title defence match in the Champion Carnival against Sanada Kazuki began, Shinoda was one of Ippo's cornermen for the match which resulted in Ippo's victory.

Proof of Power Arc

Shinoda was one of Aoki's cornermen for his match against Paddy Magramo and one of Ippo's cornerman for his second JBC featherweight title defence match against Yamada Naomichi. The matches resulted in Aoki and Ippo's victory.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Takamura the WBC junior middleweight champion

Shinoda with Takamura as he wears his new WBC belt.

When the matches in October arrive, Shinoda was one of Itagaki Manabu, Kimura, and Takamura's cornermen for their matches where it resulted in a loss against Makino Fumito, winning decision against Arman Alegria, and winning ring out against Morris West respectively. When Ippo's third JBC featherweight title defence match against Yi Yon Su and Takamura's WBC junior middleweight title match against Bryan Hawk arrived in December, Shinoda was one of their cornermen for their matches of which they both won, resulting in Takamura becoming the WBC junior middleweight champion.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

When Itagaki won for the first time in his second match against Baraki Haseo, Shinoda was a cornerman for the match. Later, when Kamogawa fell down during a mitt-training session with Ippo, Shinoda was handed the training mitts and continued the training session. On the day of Ippo's fourth JBC featherweight title defence match against Shimabukuro Iwao, Shinoda was one of the cornermen for Ippo. The match resulted in Ippo's victory.

Comic Show Arc

Shinoda with Aoki in his title match against Imae

Shinoda with Aoki in his title match against Imae.

When the weigh-in for Itagaki's first round of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and Aoki's JBC lightweight title match against Katsutaka Imae arrived, Shinoda attended Aoki's weigh-in with Imae. When things got heated between the two, Shinoda held Aoki back. The next day, Shinoda arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for Itagaki and Aoki's match. Shinoda and Itagaki had a mitt punching session before his match. Shinoda was a cornerman for Itagaki's match, which ended in a knockout win for Itagaki. Shinoda was then a cornerman for Aoki's title match against Imae. When the match was beginning, Shinoda instructed Aoki to break Imae's rhythm. While Aoki was tricking Imae with his Play Dead act, Shinoda and the other seconds were fooled as well, with Shinoda not wanting Yagi Haruhiko to throw the towel in as he wanted to see Aoki's six years worth of spirit. When Yagi frantically threw the towel, Shinoda caught it before it went into the ring, wanting Yagi to be patient as Shinoda believed Aoki has a strategy. The match ultimately ended after the ten rounds were over. A decision was made and the match ended in a draw, resulting in Imae keeping the belt and Aoki losing.

Dragon Slayer Arc

Shinoda arrived at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and was one of Takamura's seconds in his first WBC junior middleweight title defence match against Larry Bernard, which ended in Takamura's victory. When Volg came to Japan and trained at the Kamogawa gym, Shinoda held mitts for him to punch. When Ippo's fifth JBC title defence match against Sawamura Ryūhei, arrived, Shinoda was one of Ippo's seconds for his match, which ended in Ippo's victory.

A Passing Point Arc

Makunouchi Fishing Boat competition teams

Shinoda and Yagi teamed up in a fishing competition.

When Kamogawa used the prize money from the Sawamura match to take everyone fishing at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, it turned into a fishing competition, with teams of two consisting of Takamura and Kamogawa, Aoki and Kimura, and Yagi and Shinoda. When it began, Shinoda and Yagi were beating everyone by a long shot. Takamura and Kamogawa were having trouble catching fish, leading an angry Takamura to stomp his feet as he tried to fish, shaking the boat and making Aoki go off board. When Takamura thought he got one, he reeled up an Aoki instead. When they ran out of fishing spots, they returned and gave the caught fish to Makunouchi Hiroko for her to cook. After everyone gathered, Kamogawa revealed that Takamura would challenge the WBC title for the middleweights, Aoki and Kimura have matches, Miyata has an OPBF title defence match before Takamura's title match, Itagaki continues his East Japan Rookie King Tournament, and Ippo is instructed to continue his recovery.

During Itagaki's quarter-final in the East Japan Rookie King tournament, Shinoda was one of Itagaki's seconds for the match, which ended in Itagaki's victory. Later, Shinoda and Kamogawa took Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura to a training camp. Shinoda praised their hard work to Kamogawa, watching them run without a fuss. Shinoda returned to the Kamogawa gym

Takamura's celebration in the ring after defeating Eagle

Shinoda in the ring as Takamura celebrates his win as the new middleweight WBC champion.

When the Kamogawa gym members' matches arrived, Shinoda went to the Yokohama Arena. Shinoda was Kimura and Aoki's chief second for their match against Eleki Battery and Papaya Dachiu respectively. The matches ended in a draw. Shinoda was then one of Takamura's match against WBC middleweight champion David Eagle. After the match ended in Takamura's victory and he became the new WBC middleweight champion, Shinoda celebrated with Takamura and everyone celebrated in the ring. Afterwards, Shinoda believed Kamogawa was happy because of his relationship between trainer and student, however, Kamogawa thought it was more than that.

Spirit of a Weed Arc

For Itagaki's East Japan Rookie King Tournament semi-finals, Shinoda trained Itagaki by doing mitt practise and finding sparring partners from other gyms. When Itagaki learned his opponent, Makino Fumito has Flicker Jabs, Itagaki and Shinoda went to the Tōhō gym so that he could learn how to take on the technique by sparring against Mashiba. Shinoda was his second during his spars three times a week with Mashiba. Later, Shinoda watched as Itagaki sparred with Kimura, where Itagaki surprised Kimura with his speed and barrage of punches. When Itagaki's East Japan Rookie King Tournament semi-finals match against Makino Fumito began, Shinoda was Itagaki's chief second for the match, which ended in Itagaki's victory.

Under Siege Arc

Shinoda went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's seventh JBC featherweight title defence match against Karasawa Takuzō, where Shinoda was one of Ippo's seconds. The match ended in Ippo's victory in the second round by knockout.

Phantom Card Arc

Father's Back Arc

Chaos Arc

Seiken Arc

Shinoda telling Itagaki to work hard

Shinoda telling Itagaki to work hard.

While Itagaki is preparing for his upcoming match against Hoshi Hiroyuki, Shinoda ask how Itagaki is doing, and comments about both of them working hard and leaving behind no regrets. He tells Aoki and Kimura to cheer hard, otherwise they will be drowned out by Osaka Fan's. Aoki and Kimura mentioned they don't need to worry, since they got "A Trainer From Hell" looking after him.

Shinoda's registration letter

Yagi showing Shinoda's registration letter.

Prior to the Itagaki vs Hoshi match, Yagi tells everyone that Shinoda turned in his resignation letter. Shinoda tells Kamogawa that it he is afraid it might be exactly like Aoki and Kimura say, where he is a a trainer from hell who only teaches how to fight in sludge matches.

Yagi tells him not to take it seriously, but Shinoda believes he failed at both Kimura and Aoki's title matches. He wasn't able to tap into enough of their potential then. If Itagaki were to lose on top of that, then it would be his fault for not helping him utilize his talent as well. Shinoda tells Kamogawa if Itagaki loses his next match, then he will take responsibility for it.

Itagaki starting to feel the pressure prior to the match. Kamogawa tells Itagaki to get it together, do his best and have no regrets. If he losses the fight half halfheartedly, he needs to think about what will happen to Shinoda. Shinoda stops Kamogawa from mentioning the Registration Letter since he doesn't want to add more pressure to Itagaki.

At the start of the match, Shinoda tells Itagaki to focus and watch all of his moves.  Itagaki keeps on repeating focus in his head.  When the bell rings, time seems to slow down for Itagaki.  When Hoshi throws his first punch, Itagaki throws a sharp uppercut instead causing Hosi to get Knocked down.  Itagaki is starting to tap into his potential.

Scratch Arc

Winner Takes All Arc

Red Lightning Arc

In the Jungle Arc

Blind Step Arc

Speed Zone Arc

Most notably, his bond with Itagaki is brought to light in the Class A tournament in which he brought out "Itagaki's true potential" against Karasawa Takuzou. Later he was acknowledged by coach Kamogawa as being a good partner for Itagaki after getting Itagaki to calm down by playing Shiritori with him when fighting Saeki Takuma.

Proud Wolf Arc

Go to the World Arc

Battle of the Beasts Arc

Seeking Heights Arc

When Shinoda enters the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, he notices Fujii's also there. After Fujii explains their story to everyone at the gym, Shinoda tells them that he lost his pro debut match, and only fought in six matches, ending with an average record. Shinoda apologises to Fujii about not being able to fulfil their promise, but Fujii tells him it is okay, since he just wasn't suited to be a pro.

10 Months in the Making Arc

Part III

Second Step Arc

Round 1214 Shinoda hairloss

Shinoda losing Hair

Shinoda visits Ippo in hopes to get him to return to boxing. However, not as a boxer but as a trainer. Kumi yells at him for trying to get Ippo back into boxing, which makes Shinoda scared of her.

Shinoda explains that he gets nervous when he is yelled at by a woman. Shinoda tells everyone that he once paid a visit to a "Free information office" (a service that points people to lewd businesses for free like Cabaret clubs, Soaplands/brothels, to even prostitution.) When he picked his destination, he turned around, only to find his wife standing there. It wasn't the first time it has happened, so he got into a lot of trouble for it. It got so bad to where his hair started to fall out. Ever since then, he always get nervous around angry women. Ippo's mom thinks Shinoda is hen-pecked, and he agrees.

When Ippo starts to ask what a "Free information office" is, Shinoda starts to lose hair again, and decides to leave. While leaving, Shinoda tells Ippo that they are short handed since Kamogawa is in hospital with a cold. Ippo is relieved when he hears that. Shinoda mention that Yagi and him talked, and the plan was that the coach only focus on Takamura for now, and to get someone we trust to help out in the meantime. Ippo tells Shinoda that he needs some time to think about it, but he will have answer for him soon. Shinoda notes that before Kimura's match next week would be ideal. Shinoda leaves.

Taihei Arc

Shinoda appears in this arc.

Towards a Resolution Arc

Shinoda appears in this arc.

Dream Match in Mexico Arc

Shinoda appears in this arc.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
6 WIN 2-3-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan 6(6), 3:00 Decision
5 LOSS 1-4-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan  ?(6)  ?
4 WIN 1-3-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan  ?(4)  ?
3 LOSS 0-3-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan  ?(4)  ?
2 LOSS 0-2-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan  ?(4)  ? "Comeback Match"
1 LOSS 0-1-0 197? Japan Unknown Tokyo, Japan 1(4) TKO Pro Debut



Shinoda is a man with a tanned, average body structure. He has short dark brown hair and long eyebrows and one forehead wrinkle. His eyes of unknown colour are squinted. He has also grown a short moustache. At some point, his hair began to fall out, starting from the top of his head, wearing a hat to cover the bald spot until it grew back.

Boxing Abilities

When Shinoda was a boxer, during his amateur days, with his boxing skills, he was able to make it to a city tournament finals and win.[4] While pro, his boxing skills were shown to be average, losing most of his six matches before retiring.



  • Shinoda is the creator of the inspirational pun Gattsu de Gattsun Gattsun da! (ガッツでガッツンガッツンだ!).


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