The Shotgun is a technique consisting of rapid-fire jabs and straights.


Hayami throws a rapid-fire succession of jabs and straights that are thrown at impressive speed with the same hand, the resulting effect of appearing like birdshot pellets, with next to no space between punches, coming in at various angles. Hayami uses the Shotgun offensively and defensively, and favours using it as a finisher. Hayami leads into the Shotgun by unloading a heavy barrage of punches, baiting his opponent to counterattack. With his opponent stunned, Hayami unleashes the Shotgun for a quick finish. Hayami also uses the Shotgun to create distance, allowing him to to rely on his preferred out-boxing style.

The Shotgun can overwhelm a weaker opponent by breaking their guard. Against most opponents, the sheer speed of the Shotgun does not give them the opportunity to attack. This makes it ideal against in-fighters. Getting past the rapid punches is the first obstacle for an in-fighter. If this is achieved, Hayami is able to mix up his punches to confuse his opponents.

The Shotgun can be overcome by pushing forward and minimising waist movements to allow better avoidance to more punches and close the distance.

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