The Smash (スマッシュ, Sumasshu) is a powerful strike mainly used by Sendō Takeshi. It is mentioned that the Smash was forged by real life boxer Donovan Ruddock.


This punch is naturally between a hook and an uppercut. It is thrown with the same trajectory as an uppercut, starting from the waist and ending over the boxer's head. The difference is the fist is turned sideways, and the arm is more straightened out at the finish. The target is always the chin. It can be performed with either arm.

The Smash strikes from an unexpected angle and can catch a fighter unaware. It is best suited for in-fighters who rely heavily on sheer power to destroy opponents who come in contention with it. It is unblockable due to its trajectory.

The Smash shares the same weaknesses as the uppercut: it requires a large swinging motion so it can be easily dodged or countered.


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