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Wiki Ippo

This is a page for the story arcs of George Morikawa's Hajime no Ippo.

The majority of the names are taken from the individual match posters of the main cast, Best Bouts Re-Releases, the author's twitter posts, and Weekly Shōnen Magazine issues.


Total of 55 Arcs.

  • First Part (21 Arcs / Volumes 1-46 ~ Spans 46 Volumes & 414 Chapters)
  • Second Part (25 Arcs / Volumes 46-121 ~ Spans 76 Volumes & 794 Chapters)
  • Third Part (9 Arcs / Volumes 121-Current ~ Spans X Volumes & X Chapters) CURRENTLY ONGOING


  • In the anime, the Execution Arc and First Step Arc, were reversed in the timeline.
  • The First Season and saga of the anime, covered 3 sagas (Rookie King, Class A Contender & National Champion Road) from the manga.
  • The Second Season covered the last saga of the first part (New Challenger).
  • The entire first part was covered by 2 anime seasons, with the exception of the last arc from the first part (After the War Arc) being covered on the third season.