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Wiki Ippo

This is a page for the story arcs of George Morikawa's Hajime no Ippo.

The majority of the names are taken from the individual match posters of the main cast, Best Bouts Re-Releases, the author's twitter posts, and Weekly Shōnen Magazine issues.


Total of 54 Arcs.

  • First Part (21 Arcs / Volumes 1-46 ~ Spans 46 Volumes & 414 Chapters)
  • Second Part (25 Arcs / Volumes 46-121 ~ Spans 76 Volumes & 794 Chapters)
  • Third Part (8 Arcs / Volumes 121-Current ~ Spans X Volumes & X Chapters) CURRENTLY ONGOING


  • In the anime, the Execution Arc and First Step Arc, were reversed in the timeline.
  • The First Season and saga of the anime, covered 3 sagas (Rookie King, Class A Contender & National Champion Road) from the manga.
  • The Second Season covered the last saga of the first part (New Challenger).
  • The entire first part was covered by 2 anime seasons, with the exception of the last arc from the first part (After the War Arc) being covered on the third season.


  • The Finals Arc in the first part, Ippo fights Hayami Ryūichi, and in the Dragon Slayer Arc he fights Sawamura Ryūhei both their first names (last) have "Ryuu (竜, lit. Ryū)" as it means Dragon in Japanese, and both are the fourth arcs of their saga.
  • The Speed Star Arc and White Fang Arc Arc of the first part mirrors Speed Zone Arc and Proud Wolf Arc from the second part, as they are one after the other and have 2 of the same characters in both by order, Saeki Takuma for first in both and Alexander Volg Zangief for second in both.