Teruhiko Takada (高田照彦, Takada Teruhiko) is a non-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is a former featherweight boxer from the Maeda Boxing Gym.

Part I

Rookie King Tournament: First Rounder Arc


Takada fighting Miyata.

Takada partook in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and won the preliminary round against Misawa Kyōsuke. Takada then had his second match of the tournament against Miyata Ichirō from the Kawahara Boxing Gym.

When the match began, Takada noticed Miyata was not using his usual footwork. Takada pushed his shoulder into Miyata to prevent him from dodging, however Miyata did the same. Takada and Miyata went on an in-fighting battle until Takada clinched after losing the brawl. The clinch broke and Takada began to hit Miyata's guard until Takada was hit with a counter and fell down. Since Takada was unconscious, he lost the match, losing the tournament.

Takada later retired at an unknown date.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
? LOSS  ?-?-0 1991-7 JapanMiyata Ichirō Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1R(4) TKO East Japan Rookie King Tournament (Second Round)
? WIN  ?-?-0 1991 JapanMisawa Kyōsuke Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan ?R(4) Unknown East Japan Rookie King Tournament (Pre-First Round)


Takada has a tanned, muscular body. His eye colour is dark, thick and long eyebrows, short messy black hair, visible cheekbones and a large nose. His attire in the ring is dark blue boxing shorts with light blue stripes. His name tag on the boxing shorts has "Takada" in English. On the back it has, in large print, "高田" (Takada). His boxing shoes are dark blue with a white stripe.


Takada has a serious and aggressive personality. When he fought with Miyata, he became angry when Miyata decided to not use footwork, thinking he's being underestimated.

Boxing Abilities

Takada has an aggressive in-fighting boxing style. When losing in an in-fight, he resorts to clinches.



  1. Round 461, page 11. Kobashi Kenta mentions that all Rookie King Tournament boxers of 1991 retired except for Makunouchi Ippo, Mashiba Ryō, Miyata Ichirō, and Sendō Takeshi.
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