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Takeshi Sendō (千堂武士, Sendō Takeshi) is a featherweight professional boxer from the Naniwa Boxing Club and a former JBC featherweight champion.

He played the main antagonist during the events of the Rocky of Naniwa Arc and Lallapallooza Arc, serving as the second Japanese champion Ippo faced for the title. Over time he has become a friendly rival to Ippo. His one and only goal is to fight the strongest around, since he was very young.


A young Sendō mourning his father's death.

Sendō's mother died after childbirth, so he spent his early years growing up with his father and paternal grandmother, raised under the words "you should protect those around you". When he was very young, his father who was a firefighter died while rescuing a boy about the same age as Sendō during a blaze. Sendō looked up to his father greatly and this loss was heavy for him, but was proud of all his actions, being what made him to seek strength as he was growing up and continued to follow his advice by trying to help others.

The Naniwa Tiger Gaiden

Sendō after fighting over thirty guys.

Sendō began helping others by defending defenceless students from bullies, setting up his own justice. However, it is mentioned by his grandmother that Sendō did so to protect innocent civilians from other delinquent gangs. Sendō started helping his grandmother run her market place, as she was getting old she needed help. Eventually Sendō had become very violent with his form of "justice". During middle school, his homeroom teacher showed interest in helping him, as well as intervening whenever violence was brought up, trying to take Sendō to the correct path.

High School

Sendō's gang in high school.

During high school, Sendō was already one of the most feared street fighters and gang leaders in Osaka, not attacking innocent people, but rather defending the weak.

Sendō encountering Sawamura.

Sometime during high school, many of his fellow delinquents were knocked out while in Nagoya.[1] Because of that, Sendō set off with his gang to find the one responsible and have him pay for what he's done to them. When he got to the culprit, Sawamura Ryūhei, the two began fighting until Sawamura's high school teacher, Kawabe begged Sendō to stop. Kawabe explained Sawamura's lonely past to Sendō where Kawabe was the only one helping Sawamura and pleaded to Sendō to become Sawamura's friend to save Sawamura from his loneliness. Sendō however, refused.

Sendō encountering Yanaoka.

During his late years in high school, around the time when he graduated, he was involved in a big brawl between students. A trainer watched this event from afar as Sendō came out of the brawl victorious. Sendō intense as he was, attacked Yanaoka without hesitation, only to almost get countered, as he was a boxer once. Soon after Sendō was impressed by boxing and started following Yanaoka. His career had started, with the help of Yanaoka and his teacher's help during his time in high school, he became a professional boxer at the age of 18, with his goal in mind fighting the strongest fighters around.


Part I

Rocky of Naniwa Arc

Sendō visits the Kamogawa gym.

At the Naniwa Boxing Club, Sendō watched a tape of the East Japan Rookie King, Makunouchi Ippo's knock out victory against Mashiba Ryō. After learning that Ippo was withdrawing from the All Japan Rookie King Tournament due to a fist injury, he decided to go to Tokyo in order to change Ippo's mind. Upon arriving to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym, he waited for Ippo to show up. When Ippo showed up, he introduced himself as the West Japan Rookie King. After being remembered as "Rocky" (ロッキー, Rokkī), Sendō cleared the confusion that he was not the "Rocky" from the movies, but Rocky Marciano. Sendō then asked Ippo to go to the All Japan Rookie King tournament and to stop worrying about his fist as he developed a hidden technique to defeat him, which he accidentally revealed as the Smash.

Sendō expressing his reason for boxing.

After Ippo declined Sendō's request to not withdraw from the tournament, Sendō followed Ippo during his roadwork. During a break, Sendō was asked by Ippo why he started boxing. Sendō answered that he loves sticking to strong people and win in order to confidently say he is strong. Sendō then went back to the Kamogawa gym to take a shower so he can head back to Osaka. After meeting Takamura Mamoru and got his autograph, he began to leave, only to remember that he only brought enough money for one trip and requested to stay at the gym for the night.

Sendō sparring against Takamura, hitting him with a Smash.

The next day, Sendō recognised Kamogawa Genji, who began to help Sendō until he was told who Sendō was. Sendō was then given money by Kamogawa to go back home before being told that Ippo could not fight. After Kamogawa left, Takamura began to get fired up and wanting to spar. Sendō offered to spar with the middleweight class Takamura, who was six classes higher than him. The spar did not go in Sendō's favour until Sendō hit Takamura with an elbow on purpose, making him mad then landing a Smash. Sendō was then immediately knocked out after getting hit by a full powered blow from Takamura. After waking up, Sendō was taken to the airport in order to go back to Osaka. Before getting on the plane, Sendō told Ippo that he would be waiting in Osaka. As he left, Sendō noticed that he forgot his souvenir that he sat down while talking to Ippo.

Later, he received a package from Ippo, containing his souvenirs and a note claiming that Ippo may be able to to have their match after all. Renewed by the prospective match Sendō quickly jumped back into intense training, waiting for the day of his match against Ippo. While doing roadwork, Sendō was greeted by a group of children that he promised a Super Famicom to after he won the West Japan Rookie King tournament. Sendō instead gives the children tickets to his match against Ippo, claiming that it will be better than anything the gaming system would show them.

When the time for the match arrived, Sendō entered the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium for their match. In the waiting room, despite being informed that Ippo was downed in his recent spar, Sendō still did not want to underestimate Ippo, as he is always strong in the ring.

Sendō pressures Ippo.

When the match began, Sendō immediately knocked Ippo's guard away with two jabs. Sendō pressured Ippo to the ropes, causing Ippo to attack with a left, which Sendō then immediately hit back. At close range, Sendō struck Ippo multiple times until Sendō's movement stopped after he delivered a body blow. This caused Ippo to land his first right in the match. Sendō then began to go on the defence. After getting hit by an uppercut, the first round ended. At the corner, Sendō was thrilled that Ippo "woke up" and that he experienced a punch he had dealt to others before.

Sendō hits Ippo with a Low Smash.

When the second round began, Sendō threw a left Smash, which hit Ippo's guard. Sendō then got into a crouching position and hits Ippo with an uppercut from below. After Sendō missed with a Smash, Ippo got close to Sendō, making him unable to use his Smash due to it being a middle-range technique. After taking a breather from the close-range brawl, Sendō stepped back and motioned for a Smash. Ippo attempted to counter Smash's uppercut, but failed when it turns out to be a feint. Sendō then landed a right straight that got shoulder blocked. Sendō immediately used the Low Smash that barely hit Ippo, who had to hold onto the ropes to stay up. Before Sendō was able to deliver the seemingly final hit, the referee got between them, ending the second round with Ippo being saved by the gong.

Ippo hits Sendō in the temple.

Right as third round began, Sendō became shocked when he saw Ippo dropping his usual Peek-a-Boo style stance for his own more opened stance, creating a mirror image. Angered at the thought of someone trying to use the Smash on him on their first try, Sendō attacked as Ippo dodges and tried to measure the distance. Sendō was then hit with a punch that he thought was his own Smash. The two fighters then exchanged punches at the same time that led to them both being off balance. They then launched punches again, this time with Sendō being the only one hit with Ippo's one centimetre punch, resulting in Sendō's first down in the match. Sendō stood back up, thrilled at Ippo's power. Sendō's damage became clear as he wobbled from a jab. Leaning on the rope, Sendō switched places with Ippo by grabbing him and pushing him into the rope and delivered a strong body blow, almost toppling over from his own recoil. After both fighters exchanged multiple punches with each other, Sendō's temple was hit with a direct right. Sendō did not react at all and began to strike Ippo directly multiple times. As the gong to end the third round sounded, Sendō continued to beat Ippo's unguarded head and body, as both Sendō and the referee were unable to hear the gong due to the crowd's cheering. After ten seconds of the gong ringing, the referee noticed and ended the round.

Sendō, unconscious.

At the corner, Yanaoka praised Sendō's performance, and, as the announcer called for seconds out, Sendō appeared to not be listening as he remained seated. The referee ended the match with Sendō losing after looking at Sendō, who was revealed to be unconscious and unable to move. Yanaoka noticed Sendō was unconscious after taking a clean hit to the temple and only moved due to the cheers. In the waiting room, Sendō woke up and wanted to know how he lost, which Yanaoka just claims it was a splendid match. When the children he promised five Super Famicoms to entered the room, Sendō gave them all the money he had, however it was only enough for one. The children then asked if it was okay when he becomes champion. Sendō was surprised to hear the children call him "Rocky" even though he lost. Sendō later claimed to reporters "today I've lost".

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Sendō and Volg meet each other.

Sendō watched Ippo's match against Date Eiji for the JBC featherweight title. He planned to send a challenge offer to Ippo after he won and became champion. However, Ippo lost the match instead, frustrating Sendō. On his way out, Sendo met Alexander Volg Zangief. The two glared at each other before Volg walked away.

Road Back Arc

Sendō and Volg standing in the ring before their match.

After Date defeated Ippo and relinquished the JBC featherweight belt, Sendō and Volg would be fighting for the vacant title in two months. Two months later, Sendō and Volg entered the ring and the match began. In the first round, Sendō and Volg threw punches that barely missed each other until Volg hit Sendō. Volg launched a series of attacks that hit Sendō. When Sendō was pushed to the ropes, he threw a Smash. Sendō then landed more punches along with another Smash. With Sendō surprised that Volg could still stand, Volg hit Sendō with the White Fang. With both boxers still standing after taking each other's unique techniques, the first round ended. In the corner, Sendō was surprised that there was another man that can fight him like Ippo,

Sendō goes down during round six.

When the second round began, Volg dashed towards Sendō and successfully hit Sendō multiple times, pushing him into a corner. Sendō threw body blows, however it did not stop Volg's attack. Volg continued attacking Sendō in the corner until the end of the second round. In the corner, Sendō was frustrated about the gap in technique between him and Volg. Sendō continued to get beaten by Volg and had his face swollen up to round six. During round six, Sendō went down by Volg's right. As Volg walked to a neutral corner, Sendō witnessed Volg dragging his left foot. Feeling confident that his boxing was working against the former amateur world champion, Sendō got up and ready to fight. Volg intended to finish the fight with a White Fang, however Sendō leaned on the ropes and dodged it. The sixth round then ended. In the corner, Yanaoka instructed Sendō to not stand right in front of Volg and to mix feints. Sendō dismissed the idea, and was determined to fight him head on.

Sendō wearing the newly acquired JBC belt.

As round seven began, Sendō landed body blows until Volg launched a left hook that hit Sendō's face. Volg launched a barrage of punches on Sendō's guard as Sendō waited for Volg to get closer. With Volg in range, Sendō successfully hit Volg's body. After an in-fight, Sendō threw a Smash, which Volg blocked, however due to his hurt foot, he lost his balance. Sendō switched to the Southpaw stance and unleashed a Smash with his right hand, knocking Volg down. After Volg got back up, Volg used a clinch to stop Sendō's incoming barrage until the seventh round ended. In rounds eight and nine the two boxers had an intense hitting match. In the final tenth round, the boxers respectfully touch gloves as the round began. With Volg in the lead in points, Sendō planned to win by knockout. During their hitting match, Volg lost his footing as he punched and fell with his knee on the canvas as Sendō missed his punch as well. The referee declared it as a down, with Volg and Ruslan Ramuda trying to explain that Sendō's punch did not hit him as he clearly slipped. The referee did not listen however, and Volg got up to continue the match. Sendō was desperately attacked until the tenth round ended, taking the match into a decision. The victor and the holder of the JBC featherweight belt went to Sendō. As Volg began to leave the ring, Sendō stopped him and claimed his rematch request would have the highest priority, as he did not feel like the winner looking at his condition. However, Volg turned around without saying anything.

Sendō requesting a rematch to Ippo.

Sendō later watched Ippo's comeback match against Ponchai Chuwatana, where he won while using his Dempsey Roll. While Ippo was doing his victory interview in the ring, Sendō walked up to the ring and signalled for the microphone. Sendō expressed that he did not care about titles such as a "champion" and claimed that he owes Ippo one, wanting to fight Ippo again. Ippo replied, accepting the rematch, pleasing the grinning Sendō as he walked away.

Hot Rod Era Arc

Sendō had his first title defence match against Saeki Takuma. He outclassed Saeki and defeated him in the first round by knockout, successfully defending his title.

Mountain Training Arc

Sendō claiming that the Dempsey Roll won't work.

After his match against Saeki, Sendō met with Kamogawa and Yagi Haruhiko, who just got done watching the fight. Sendō asked the two to let him fight Ippo as soon as possible. When Kamogawa said he would and that they would be taking the belt, Sendō saw no fault in his logic, as he saw the Dempsey Roll himself, but claimed that the Dempsey Roll would not work on him. Their conversation was then interrupted by Manabu and his friends telling Sendō that Yanaoka was angrily waiting for him at the bus.

Sendō taking his ankle weights off and talking to Ippo over the phone.

Later, when Sendō saw on a newspaper article that Takamura defeated a bear, he called Ippo for confirmation. When Ippo confirmed, he told Sendō that he has someone to worry about before fighting him, his next opponent, Shigeta Akira. Sendō claimed to not be worried about him despite learning that Shigeta gave Ippo a hard time during a spar. He then informed Ippo that he has a strategy, not against southpaw Shigeta, but Ippo, taking off his ankle weights to make him hear the sound. Sendō offered to send him tickets to his title defence match against Shigeta, however, Ippo had to pay for them. Sendō later sent the tickets to Ippo.

Lallapallooza Arc

Shigeta parrying Sendō's Smash.

Near the end of September, Sendō went to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium for his second title defence match as the JBC featherweight champion against southpaw Shigeta. When the first round began, Sendō was quickly getting hit in a one-sided fight. Sendō attempted to use a left Smash, however Shigeta parried it. Sendō then got attacked as he wondered how Shigeta knocked his hand away with his right non-dominant arm until the gong to end the first round sounded. In the corner, Sendō was flustered of the thought of Shigeta researching him and countering his Smash.

Shigeta asking Sendō if that is all he got.

Round two began, and Sendō attacked, missing Shigeta who was able to land right jabs on the champion. Sendō managed to get in a right body blow. When Sendō got hit by Shigeta's right hook and had a bad reaction to it, he clinched Shigeta before he could land a follow-up. This caused Shigeta tell Sendō in his ear if that is all he got. Sendō broke out of the clinch, angered at Shigeta's remark. Shigeta then continued to land hits on Sendō, who attacked recklessly due to the remark. The second round ended with Sendō being saved by the gong and Shigeta making a victory pose.

Sendō telling Shigeta that is what he got.

When the third round began, Shigeta attacked Sendō, who was unable to counter the southpaw challenger. Sendō clinched again, and Shigeta remarked to Sendō how Ippo and him are nothing special. When the clinch broke, Shigeta attempted to hit Sendō with an overhand, but Sendō dodged and, before Shigeta could throw another punch, Sendō dashed in close range and threw a body blow that downed Shigeta. When Shigeta got up, he planned to finish the match with a right Cross Counter. His attempt failed as Sendō stepped in faster than Shigeta thought he would. Sendō continuously hit the defenceless Shigeta until the referee stopped him and Shigeta crumbled down in the corner. With Sendō's second title defence win, he walked over to the downed Shigeta and, due to Shigeta's earlier remark, proclaimed that that is what he's got.

Sendō announcing his second rematch against Ippo to his fans.

During an interview in the ring, Sendō announced to his fans that he would be fighting Ippo in a rematch at the Kōrakuen Hall, claiming that it will make up for his performance of his second title defence match. He then handed Ippo the mic for a comment.

Later, when Sendō arrived to the Sendō Shop, he met Tokyo reporter Īmura Mari who requested an interview with him. Manabu then lifted up Sendō's pants leg, revealing to Mari that Sendō has been doing secret training, showing Mari Sendō's ankle weights. Sendō explained how he wore them after losing to Ippo and felt no different until he fought Shigeta where he finally understood the dashing power and the difference in punching quality of his and Ippo's punches, which he felt that he now has Ippo's punches. Sendō then offered to take Mari to his gym to show her good story material.

Sendō defeating someone from a higher weight class.

At the Naniwa Boxing Club, Sendō began a sparring session with three boxers from higher weight classes consecutively. After defeating the three boxers, he walked with Mari later that night. Mari asked the confident Sendō if he was even scared about the match. He admitted that he is afraid of losing to Ippo's terrifying fists, but at the same time, each of his punches leaves him feeling better, and when he lost against Ippo, it was the greatest feeling, salivating over the thought of continuing the feeling that only Ippo can give him. As Sendō left when he heard firetruck sirens, he told Mari to tell Ippo that what is at stake isn't the belt, but the pride as men, and that he will the one standing at the end.

Ippo and Sendō shaking hands.

The day before the match, Sendō arrived at the Kōrakuen Hall and met Ippo in the weigh-in room. Both boxers were amazed of each other's muscle build as they partook in the weigh-in. After the two passed the check, Sendō waited for Ippo and requested to Kamogawa to let him speak with him. Sendō expressed his praise of Kōrakuen Hall while noting how he has not fought at the hall before. While Ippo mentioned how calm Sendō was, Sendō explained that he was in fact not calm, as his body was shaking in anticipation, and he thought it had been too long since they met as boxers. They then shook hands while making a statement how they will win against each other. The next day, in Sendō's waiting room, Sendō's hands began to shake in excitement as he told himself to calm down as he waited to continue where they left off from the All Japan Rookie King Tournament. When both fighters enter the ring, they were unable to remain calm. The gong then sounded for the title match.

Sendō going down from the Dempsey Roll at the start of the match.

Immediately after the signal to begin the first round was given, Ippo dashed towards the unsuspecting champion and gets into his Dempsey Roll motion. After failing to hit Ippo during the motion, Sendō could only block the punches coming from both sides. Once Ippo broke Sendō's guard, Sendō's face was hit which caused him to go down. Sendō got up after acknowledging Ippo and his Dempsey Roll's power. Ippo sent out another Dempsey Roll which almost downed Sendō again, however he hung onto the ropes. As Ippo began the Dempsey Roll motion, Sendō dashed and stopped Ippo's Dempsey Roll by hitting him with a left. The two then entered an even in-fight brawl at the centre of the ring until the referee separated them as the round ended. At the corner, Sendō noted of Ippo's growth from the last time they fought, but was confident that he will be the last one standing.

Sendō overpowering Ippo at the corner.

The second round began, with Ippo and Sendō continuing their in-fight brawl as the cheering fans stomped their feet, causing the hall to shake. The even hitting match at the centre of the ring ended as Ippo began to get pushed back. Overwhelmed by the pressure, Ippo was beaten into a corner by Sendō, who implanted fear into the challenger until the second round ended. At the corner, Sendō noticed that the next round was the third round, recalling that he lost in the third round the last time he fought Ippo, now wishing to return the favour.

Sendō witnessing Ippo's Sakki.

In the third round, Sendō cornered Ippo by using Sakki After Sendō hit Ippo at the corner, Ippo began to fall. Ippo regained his footing and, as Sendō was launching his left Smash, Ippo used Sakki, causing Sendō to cancel his Smash and step back. The third round then ended. As Yanaoka assumed Sendō went soft on Ippo, Sendō believed that Ippo has something waiting for him and that he was not done yet.

Sendō downed after receiving a Gazelle Punch.

In the fourth round, Sendō tried to stop an advancing Ippo with a Smash, however Ippo knocked his hand away, stopping it. Sendō and Ippo began an in-fight exchange until Ippo pushed Sendō back with a right. Sendō then sent out a right Smash that went through Ippo's weak guard due to Ippo anticipating a left Smash. Sendō rushed Ippo into a corner by throwing punches at his block. Believing to have won the fight, Sendō sent out a big left, however, Ippo hit Sendō with a Gazelle Punch as Sendō was throwing his left, causing Sendō to go down. Sendō got up at the count of nine after he could barely move his legs to stand up. Ippo dashed towards Sendō and got ready to motion his Dempsey Roll, however his knees drop, preventing him from using it. The gong then sounds to end the round as Sendō was about to land a punch. In the corner, Sendō wished to prove to Yanaoka that he is Japan's greatest just as Yanaoka kept his past promise with him.

Sendō hitting Ippo with a Cross Counter.

When the fifth round began, Ippo quickly got Sendō into a corner until he hit Ippo with a counter. The two then switched positions as Sendō got away from the corner and put Ippo into one. Eventually, getting pushed back with his face bloodied, Sendō launched an attack at a charging Ippo, hitting him with a Cross Counter. After Ippo got pushed into a corner and a short exchange occurred, Ippo fell down. When Ippo got up, Sendō quickly went towards Ippo. Ippo attacked first, however Sendō hit him with a right straight, causing Ippo to go down a second time. Sendō raised his fists at the neutral corner in a victory pose. However, surprised and angered that Ippo got up again and is the first one to get up after taking his punches, Sendō dashed and beat Ippo at the corner. When Sendō prepared to send out a Smash, Ippo hit Sendō with a liver blow, cracking two of his ribs. Sendō continued his onslaught on Ippo at the corner with Ippo landing the liver two more times, further cracking Sendō's ribs until the fifth round ended. In the corner, Sendō believed that their duel won't end until one of them stops breathing.

Ippo and Sendō's exchange.

On the sixth round, Ippo and Sendō quickly got into an in-fight exchange. During their exchange, Sendō recalled his past, wanting to know the meaning behind being strong. He then acknowledged that his answer is right in front of him. Their exchange then ended after the gong sounded ending the sixth round. Both boxers remained standing at their corners with both of them thinking that the next round is the end as they did not have much energy left and plan on using only big punches.

Sendō goes down for the final time.

When the seventh round began, Sendō immediately used the Cross-Arm Block, making Ippo step back. When Sendō got closer to Ippo, Ippo motioned for the Dempsey Roll, however Sendō pushed into Ippo mid-motion, stopping the Dempsey Roll. Sendō and Ippo hit each other at the same time with Sendō landing a clean hit on Ippo with a left Smash and Ippo landing a liver blow, further breaking Sendō's ribs. The two step back from the damage. Ippo recovered first and Sendō was hit by a right straight. Sendō then missed a right Smash and was hit by another liver blow. Sendō attempted to block a follow-up punch, however it was Ippo's Sakki. Sendō's guard was then broken by a Gazelle Punch. Ippo launched a Dempsey Roll, which hit Sendō until he went down. Sendō barely managed to get up at the count of six. As the referee continued to count, Sendō, unable to take a fighting pose, wished to only look at the face of Ippo, the man who that beat him. Sendō then fell over on the referee's shoulder at the count of ten, resulting in Sendō losing his title and Ippo becoming the JBC featherweight champion.

Sendō wishing to meet Ippo in the ring again.

In the ring, Sendō requested to see Ippo looking more prideful of defeating him. After Ippo thanked Sendō, Sendō wishes to meet him in the ring again for a third rematch. Sendō then walked away from the ring with his head held high.

Sendō telling his fans that he will come back.

In a train to Osaka, Sendō explained to Yanaoka how he was afraid of going into the other part of the train to urinate as his fans were there and felt as if he broke his promise to them. Yanaoka told Sendō to go back to his seat, however, when Yanoka walked to tell him that, he triggered the automatic door, revealing Sendō to the next car where his fans are. Sendō was then shocked to hear that his fans believed that the match was his best match and wanted to see Sendō come back. Sendō announced to his fans that he would start over and come back. Later, Sendō returned home and informed his grandmother that he was still weak.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Sendō backing Takamura in his match against Hawk.

Along with many other of Takamura's friends and Japanese rankers, Sendō went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch Takamura's WBC junior middleweight title match against Bryan Hawk. Before the match began, he attempted to hold a conversation with Miyata, who chose to ignore him, and attended Date's speech to Takamura about how Japanese boxers feel about Hawk. Sendō then watched the match, where Takamura won and became the new world champion.

Part II

Dragon Slayer Arc

Sendō winning his come-back match.

At the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Sendō returned from his loss against Ippo and won his come-back match by a one round knockout. At the venue's changing room, Sendō argued with Sawamura Ryūhei, who criticised his victory. Sendō was visited by Ippo and, after Sawamura left while warning Ippo not to use the Dempsey Roll against him when they fight, Sendō agreed with the counter puncher, also warning Ippo that Sawamura is the Dempsey Roll's natural enemy. Sendō expressed his desire to fight Ippo again and advised him to get someone that can pull off a Dempsey Roll counter to help him before heading off to his victory party with Yanaoka.

Sendō and Sawamura talking outside.

Later, Sendō went to the Nagoya Oniyaritome Boxing Gym to help Sawamura since he got help from him while training for his come-back match. However, Sawamura believed Sendō came to spy due to his and Ippo's relationship, so they go outside to talk instead. After Sawamura explained how he would counter the Dempsey Roll, Sendō and Sawamura reminisced their past when they first met as high school students. Sawamura wanted to fight Sendō afterwards, but Sendō declined the offer since he doesn't get into fighting outside the ring.

Date telling Sendō and Miyata to get along.

Sendō went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Ippo's match against Sawamura. Before the match began, Sendō met Miyata and assumed he came since Sawamura was a counter expert. Miyata ignored him, causing Date tell the two to be friends. After the three gave their thoughts about the match, they went to the seats and watch the match, which ended in Ippo's victory. After watching the match, Sendō became fired up. Sendō later went to the hospital Sawamura was taken to and mentioned how Ippo's fists has a way to bring out the best in people, like a blade of life. He revealed to Sawamura that he shouldn't worry Kawabe so much because he came out of the same institution as him, which is why he understands him and doesn't want him to be alone as he had the same experience. On his way out of the hospital, Sendō informed Kawabe that Sawamura wants to eat a grade A steak with him when he gets out.

Under Siege Arc

Sendō hearing how his grandmother sold the pickled squid to Takamura.

While Takamura was travelling around Japan and arrived at the Sendō Shop in Osaka, he got pickled squid. Sendō noticed the pickled squid was gone and asked his grandmother about it. He was surprised to hear that she sold them after tricking the customer that they were delicacies, complaining that she ripped the customer off. After being told to quit complaining and run since he won't know when his chance will come, Sendō agreed, claiming he won't quit until he makes it to the top.

Phantom Card Arc

Sendō introducing Hoshi to Ippo.

A few days after Sendō's kōhai, Hoshi Hiroyuki won the West Japan Rookie King Tournament, Sendō was asked by Hoshi to take him to the Kōrakuen Hall in Tokyo to watch the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals between Itagaki Manabu and Imai Kyōsuke to see who his opponent would be for the All Japan Rookie King Tournament. After they went and watched the match that ended in Itagaki's victory, Sendō and Hoshi wanted to meet the East Japan Rookie King. They approached Ippo and Sendō introduced Hoshi to him, however, they found out that Itagaki was taken to the hospital. Sendō wanted to make a quick leave after Hoshi introduced himself, however, Hoshi was interested in Ippo, asking Sendō if he was planning on fighting Ippo again. Sendō confirmed he would, however, not wanting to lose to the same person three times, he wanted to wait until he would win for sure. After Hoshi forced a promise on Ippo that when he beats Itagaki, Ippo would have to challenge him, Sendō hit Hoshi for being cocky as the two leave.

Chaos Arc

After Sawamura won against JBC junior lightweight champion Mashiba Ryō and became champion, Sawamura got into a motorcycle accident and was sent to the hospital. Sendō went to check on him at the hospital and called the Kamogawa gym the next day to inform Ippo that Sawamura is still alive. After learning from Ippo that Sawamura won and was strong in his match against Mashiba, Sendō told Ippo to remember that Sawamura, as that was the last time Sawamura will ever step into the ring again as he retired.

Seiken Arc

Sendō defeating Ramirez.

At the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium, Sendō had a match against the Mexican 23rd WBC featherweight ranker, Jose Ramirez. After the sixth round where Sendō struggled to get used to the extended range of Ramirez's punches, Yanaoka mentioned how Ramirez puts his whole shoulder into his punches, adding that if he keeps expecting the same range as a Japanese boxer, he will keep getting hit. In the seventh round, Sendō managed to hit Ramirez with a Smash, downing him. The referee ended the match, resulting in Sendō's victory. Sendō gave a comment to the crowd that he plans on taking the world title. On his way back to his venue's room, he was excited to see that Ippo came to watch his match and offered to take him and Itagaki somewhere to ea. Before leaving, Sendō ordered Hoshi to stay put in the venue after Hoshi told Sendō that he was worried because he took long against Ramirez.

Sendō, Ippo, and Itagaki went to the Marumi Okonomiyaki, where Sendō revealed to the two that he is fighting Mexicans because he is after Ricardo Martinez. Knowing that Itagaki is fighting his kōhai, Hoshi, Sendō warned Itagaki how strong he is and told him about his first spar with Hoshi which left him dazed after getting hit by his Seiken. Sendō became frantic when he remembers that he left Hoshi waiting inside the venue, leaving after telling Ippo that he does not think he is fated to fight Miyata, but he and Ippo are fated to meet in the ring again at the top.

Sendō watching Itagaki and Hoshi's match.

On the day of Hoshi and Itagaki's match, Sendō went to the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. Before the match began, Sendō approached Ippo and warned him about Hoshi's abilities when facing him as Hoshi will go after Ippo if he defeats Itagaki. While Sendō believed Itagaki has no chance, Ippo was sure that Itagaki would win so he won't have to fight Hoshi. Sendō gave Ippo advice on Hoshi's Seiken anyway just in case, as he is worried about his position in his gym's internal rankings if Hoshi beats Ippo. Sendō watched Hsshi's match against Itagaki with Ippo. During the first round when Itagaki knocked Hoshi down, Sendō asked Ippo what happened, as it looked like that despite being in the same ring, time was moving differently for them. Seeing how Itagaki is using his speed to dodge Hoshi's attacks, Sendō mentioned to Ippo how he would go after Itagaki's lowered guard and hit his face despite knowing it is a trap for a counter. He added that Hoshi would be able to take the counter and hit Itagaki in a dual exchange to defeat him. After watching Itagaki defeat Hoshi by a one round knockout, Sendō claimed that while Hoshi's aim is at Itagaki now, Itagaki may be aiming for Ippo soon to test himself one day. Ippo noted that they are in the same gym, which Sendō acknowledged, but reflected while walking away that that fact wouldn't matter if Itagaki is a real man.

Red Lightning Arc

Sendō meeting Sawamura to help him with his beat down tour.

Sendō went on a "Beat Down Tour" in order to prove to other boxers that he has the right to challenge Ricardo. He made a personal list of all the toughest boxers to face in nearby classes that may argue his right to challenge for the world title. After defeating three boxers in Kyūshū, he went to Nagoya to get help from Sawamura to have him ride his motorcycle. That failed when Sendō crashed the motorcycle. After defeating the boxers in Nagoya, with Sawamura as his guide, he went to Tokyo, planning to beat down Mashiba and Miyata in order to learn how to make his left jabs better. Wanting someone to lead the way to Miyata's Kawahara gym, Sendō went to the Kamogawa gym. There he tried to beat Takamura, who was also on his list, but failed. Sendō revealed to the gym members about his list and why he wants to challenge Miyata. Ippo decided to take him to the Kawahara gym for Miyata and Sendō to help each other, as Miyata has a match against Randy Boy Junior coming up, before being stopped by Kamogawa to have Itagaki take Sendō instead. As Sendō left with Itagaki, he noted that it might be for the best that Ippo did not come, as it might be better if he doesn't see the spar. Upon arrival to the Kawahara gym, Kida and the Kawahara coach were not impressed of Sendō coming and requesting a spar with Miyata unannounced and without permission, however, Miyata was okay with the spar after being smacked on the head by Sendō when he first declined by wanting the coach's permission first. Miyata got his payback from Sendō hitting him by throwing the sparring gloves that Sendō gave him on his head and getting his own, making the two equally serious.

Sendō sparring against Miyata.

When the spar began, Sendō was hit with Miyata's lefts, learning how Miyata's fast and painful lefts makes his opponent drop their guard, letting Miyata able to hit them with rights. Sendō broke Miyata's guard with a Smash and sent out another Smash, however, the second Smash misses as Sendō gets hit by a counter. Seeing that Miyata did not follow up after the counter, Sendō became angry that Miyata isn't treating the spar like a real fight and began attacking again. Sendō was hit with lefts until the first round ended. In the second round, Sendō walked towards Miyata with his hands up and exposing his entire body. Sendō used head slips to dodge Miyata's lefts and threw punches of his own from the same position, appearing motionless at Miyata's guard. After feinting Miyata into throwing a counter, Sendō dodged and hit him with a body blow. Sendō forced Miyata into a corner and threw a right at his guard, breaking it with a Smash after. Sendō ended the spar by hitting the ring post with his right near Miyata's head, as he believed that Miyata has understood his strength. Seeing that it would be helpful to spar again, Miyata asked Sendō to have a spar for a few days, however, Sendō declined, claiming that he is busy and won't do him any good. He mentioned to Miyata that he is full of holes and suggested for him to not think that he can only win with straights in the real world, as he showed that the straight head hunter only punches are predictably repetitive. Sendō added that his counters won't work either, as his lefts and rights have good form that looks like it has been taken out of a reference book, which is a negative because if his form is off, he wouldn't be able to punch at all, criticising his belief that he can be a world champion by merely reading books. After declining Miyata's spar request again, he was hit by Yanaoka, who just showed up, for being rude and plans to force Sendō to spar with Miyata. Sendō watched in shock as Yanaoka and Miyata's father have a friendly reunion as they were once boxers. Sendō left the Kawahara gym and was invited to stay at Ippo's home for the night.

Sleeping with Ippo, Sendō argued with him that he won the spar against Miyata, however, Ippo disagreed, noting that the counter that Sendō overcame isn't all that there is to Miyata, as there is his footwork. Remembering that Miyata didn't use his footwork during their spar, Sendō decided to show Miyata who's better by having him use his footwork the next day. Sendō sparred with Miyata for a week, however, Miyata did not use his footwork. As the Kamogawa gym members discussed about how Miyata's spars against Sendō went, Sendō arrived and confirmed that Miyata was not using his footwork, assuming his weight control was the reason. Sendō left with Yanaoka as they went back to Osaka after Sendō told Ippo that he would come back to watch Miyata's match against Randy.

Sendō watching Miyata fight Randy.

When Miyata's OPBF title match against interim champion Randy arrived, Sendō went to the Yokohama Arena with the two tickets Miyata sent him, giving the second ticket to Sawamura for him to watch with him. As the match was starting, Sendō sat with Sawamura, along with Ippo and Itagaki. As Sendō wanted to know how strong Randy is, Itagaki, who sparred against him, claimed that he was defeated easily by him and that he disrupts one's rhythm with some kind of static. After Sawamura explained that Miyata may lose because of the static that is bad news for counter users and ippo had no argument for the claim, Sendō asked Ippo what he would do if Miyata loses, to which Ippo answered that he would fight Randy. When the match began, Sendō predicted that he match would get into the later rounds, and figured that Randy must have something to make up for the speed difference, either aiming for the body or make Miyata exhausted by pressuring him. After the first round, Sendō noted that Randy winning or losing will depend on his guts, as there is not much Randy can do with Miyata's speed, and if he gets angry and throws punches with more power, Miyata's counter will gain more power if it connects. During the fourth round as Randy hit Miyata with multiple body blows, Sendō mentioned how strong Randy's punches look and how Miyata must be hurting worse because of his weight control. Ippo commented how unfair it is to aim for someone's body after harsh weight control, but Sendō pointed out Ippo's hypocrisy as Ippo would be aiming for the body too if he was fighting Miyata. Sendō watched as Miyata defeated Randy by knockout in the seventh round. After Sawamura explained the Corkscrew Counter that Miyata used to defeat Randy, Sendō argued the logic behind it, causing an argument between him and Sawamura. Sendō watched Takamura's third WBC middleweight title defence match against Ronald Duck, where Takamura won by knockout in the tenth round.

Leaving the venue, Sendō told Ippo how Sawamura likely has found a new goal as a trainer to be like Miyata's father. Sendō walked with Sawamura to the train after requesting for Ippo to give Miyata his regards.

Blind Step Arc

Sendō meets Date, Okita, Saeki, and Mashiba outside Ryōgoku Kokugikan.

Sendō arrived to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to watch Ippo fight in his eighth JBC featherweight title defence match against Kojima Hisato, who talked trash about his opponents, including Sendō. Outside the venue, Sendō came across Saeki, Date, Okita, and Mashiba. The five got into an argument until they were stopped by Mashiba Kumi, who screamed at them to stop. Sendō sat with Saeki, Date, and Okita as they cheered for ippo as he entered the ring. As Ippo and Kojima were at the centre of the ring, Sendō wondered why Ippo wasn't glaring at him since Kojima talked so much trash. Sendō watched as Ippo won by a one punch knockout in the first round. While Saeki complained that it was too simple for a Japanese title match, Sendō thought it was great, as Ippo and Kojima hit each other with their best punch. As the main event began, Sendō watched and jeered at Takamura in his fourth WBC middleweight title defence match against Peter Rabbitson, where it ended in Takamura winning by a one punch knock out in the final twelfth round.

Speed Zone Arc

Sendō ready to fight Takamura.

After watching Takamura and Ippo defeat Rabbitson and Kojima respectively, Sendō went to the Mayweather Bar with Date, Okita, Saeki, Mashiba, and Kumi to celebrate Takamura and Ippo's victory. When Sendō and Mashiba began to argue, Kumi and Saeki tried to calm them down as Date figured that the two are angry about Takamura's poor performance. As everyone agreed with Date, the group complained about Takamura for his performance and his panda outfit until they notice that Takamura was in the bar with them the entire time. Since Takamura heard everything they said, he acted like he was going to leave before proclaiming that he blocked the door so they couldn't leave. Date's further provocations sparked a bar fight between the group and Takamura, which ended in all five getting knocked out and Kumi having to put bandages on them.

Proud Wolf Arc

Sendō and Ippo sparring after watching Volg's world title match.

After hearing that Volg is going to have a IBG junior lightweight title match, Sendō met up with Ippo. The two then head to the Kamogawa gym as Sendō expressed how he wanted to watch Volg's world title match with Ippo to the gym members. However, because of the time difference between Las Vegas, where Volg's title match is being held, and Tokyo, the match would air on television the next day. Kamogawa let Sendō spend the night at the gym and told him that Yanaoka ordered for Sendō not to train at the gym, as he would try to spar with Ippo. Takamura invited Sendō to party with him for the night. During the party, Takamura told him to spar with Ippo. The next day, Sendō watched Volg's IBF junior lightweight title match against Mike Elliot with Ippo. After watching Volg win and become the new IBF junior lightweight champion, Sendō's fire in his heart was burning, causing him to want to spar against Ippo, who also felt the same way. Sendō sparred against Ippo, which ended in Ippo being left in the ring unconscious. Walking away from the gym, Sendō came across Takamura, who asked Sendō if Ippo has become weaker. Sendō denied it, thinking that he has just become stronger, and that he would wait his turn on the world title, letting Ippo get it first. Takamura asked what would Sendō do if Ippo loses the world title match or loses on his way there. Sendō claimed he would get the world title himself and wait for him.

Go to the World Arc

Sendō watching Itagaki and Imai fight for the vacant JBC featherweight title.

When Ippo relinquished his JBC featherweight title and made his first step onto the world stage, Sendō arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Ippo's world ranked match against Alfredo Gonzales, who is ranked second in the WBA and third in the WBC. Outside the venue, he waited for the openers with Mashiba. When Īmura Mari and another reporter saw the two, Mari assumed that came to watch Ippo, as they are part of the "Makunouchi Generation", making the two agitated. When Sendō revealed to the reporters how he beat Ippo in a recent spar, Mashiba commented that it confirmed his suspicions that Ippo has gotten weak, but Sendō tried to explain that it is that he has gotten stronger. Sendō asked Mashiba if Kumi is with him, as he is attracted to her, however, Mashiba exclaimed that Kumi and Ippo are something, cutting himself off as he didn't want to finish his sentence, confusing Sendō. Mari asked Sendō and Mashiba if Ippo is weaker or stronger now, which they answer that that is why they are there to find out. Sendō entered the venue with Mashiba and Mari to watch the semi-final consisting of Itagaki and Imai Kyōsuke fighting for the vacant JBC featherweight title. Sendō assumed that Itagaki would win, going by Itagaki's victory over Imai when they fought in the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals. Sendō watched as Imai defeat Itagaki by a first round knockout, making him the new JBC featherweight champion.

Sendō's glare at Alfredo as he walked out of the ring after winning against Ippo.

As the main event of the match between Ippo and Alfredo was starting, Sendō realised that, just by looking at Alfredo as he walked to the ring, that he is strong. When the first round began, Sendō was asked by Mashiba and Mari of his thoughts of Ippo fighting a Mexican for the first time since he has fought Mexicans before. Sendō commented that in his match between the three Mexicans he defeated in a row, he noticed that Mexicans have great range with their lefts, predicting that it won't be easy for Ippo at first. During the third round, when Alfredo started the round with out-boxing, Sendō complained that he should in-fight, however, Mashiba pointed out that Alfredo already tried, which led to Alfredo getting hit with body blows, just like the ones that they received when they fought Ippo. When the fourth round began, the audience were optimistic, however, Sendō wasn't, as Ippo's head is obviously messed up as Mexicans mix up their lefts a lot, making it hard to comprehend all the possibilities. Sendō witnessed Alfredo defeating Ippo by knockout in the seventh round, glaring at Alfredo as he walked out of the ring.

Battle of the Beasts Arc

Sendō blowing Nargo back with a right Smash.

With Sendō having a match that is before the main event of Takamura's unification title match against the WBA middleweight champion Richard Bison, Sendō arrived to the Roigal Hotel where the weigh-in and press conference was held. Since Mashiba was also there since his match is before Sendō's, they argued after Sendō told him to rile up the crowd for him. The next day, Sendō went to the Yokohama Arena for his match, arguing and fighting with Mashiba, who he is sharing a room with in the venue, leaving Sendō and Mashiba to have visible injuries before their matches started. Sendō watched Mashiba's first OPBF lightweight title defence match against Romeo, which ended in Mashiba's victory. Sendō argued with Mashiba again once he got back, getting hit with an uppercut before being carried out by Yanaoka, as he needs to get to the ring. Sendō arrived to the ring for his match against the Mexican featherweight champion, Jose Nargo. When the first round began, Sendō walked toward Nargo and threw a left Smash, followed by a right Smash, blowing Nargo backwards despite both attacks being blocked. Nargo used a tactic of jumping in to hit Sendō, then jumping away when Sendō tries to attack, leaving Sendō to try and chase him.

Sendō defeating Nargo.

Unable to catch Nargo for eight rounds, Sendō assumed that Nargo must have fought against someone even stronger than him for Nargo to not be scared of him. During the eighth round, Sendō managed to catch Nargo by punching wildly and using his wild instinct and ability to punch from any position. However, as Sendō was about to throw a Smash after catching him, Nargo clinched. Stuck in a clinch, Sendō decided to drill his fist into Nargo's body by clinching and turning it, forcing Nargo to let go. After naming the technique the "Fist Clench", Sendō used the Chopping Right, naming it as his own, the "Knuckle Drop". Though the Knuckle Drop missed, Sendō pressured Nargo into backing into a corner. After getting hit with a counter when he tried to use his left Smash, Sendō blocked Nargo from escaping to his right, just as Sendō predicted. Sendō and Nargo hit each other with a right dual exchange. They both stayed standing, and Sendō struck Nargo with a left Smash, sending him down. The referee quickly ended the match, resulting in Sendō's victory. Before leaving the ring, Sendō requested to Nargo's chief second, Bill Stewart, to send a message to Alfredo that he will see him soon. Returning to his room at the venue, Sendō argued with Mashiba about their form while performing Chopping Rights and uppercuts. Sendō watched Takamura fight against the WBA middleweight champion, Bison, where Takamura won and united the WBC and WBA titles. Before leaving the venue, Sendō and Mashiba spotted Ippo holding Takamura's WBC and WBA belts. Sendō and Mashiba thought about trying them on until they decided that they would get their own.

Seeking Heights Arc

Sendō suggesting for Miyata to move on up.

Sendō requested for Ippo to get tickets for them to watch Miyata's seventh OPBF featherweight title defence match against Luisito Ico. Sendō arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall, and when Ippo got there, he explained how he is meeting his former middle school teacher at the venue and that he is trying to find out whether he wants to fight Alfredo or Miyata to go through the fastest way to the world title as he is done waiting for Ippo. Sendō watched Miyata defeat Luisito by a round one knockout and was agitated about Miyata's attitude during his victory interview and his lack of plans for the future. Since Sendō's bandages for his hurt fist from fighting Nargo came off while watching Miyata's match, Sendō decided to go see the venue's doctor to get it wrapped up and asked Ippo to wait outside with his middle school teacher. Sendō came across Miyata in the venue and criticised Miyata's social skills. Sendō asked Miyata if he has plans for the future, which Miyata claimed he doesn't, leading Sendō to suggest for Miyata to move up ahead instead of waiting for a chance to fight Ippo. Walking away, Sendō was thanked by Miyata's father, as he believed that Miyata may listen to a rival from the same weight class more than him. Sendō expressed that it is noble of Miyata to keep quiet while he is cutting parts of himself off while waiting for Ippo. Miyata's father wasn't sure that Sendō is right, however, Sendō explained that it is because there has to be a reason Miyata isn't going for Ricardo. Sendō mentioned how if plans fall apart, one just has to rewrite the script like he did. Sendō walked away while stating that he knows what to do now, as he doesn't want to fight a Miyata that is out of shape.

Sendō meeting with his former middle school teacher.

Sendō went outside the venue to meet up with Ippo and his middle school teacher. After hearing that Ippo and her talked about Sendō's past and that the teacher revealed to Ippo that Sendō was her favourite student, Sendō got angry at Ippo. The three went to the Coffee Shop Hearns, and Sendō told his teacher how he heard that she quit teaching after she got divorced and began drinking a lot. Sendō ordered Ippo to punch him, and when he did, Sendō asked his teacher if she wanted to come live with him. Sendō explained that he is going to Mexico and wants her to watch over his grandmother while he is away. He requested for her to contact him if anything happens to his grandmother while he is gone and he would come back to Japan, and if she is worried about it just being her and his grandmother, he would send strong men to watch over them. Since the Coffee Shop Hearns' staff called the police on them because Ippo punched Sendō, the group ran to the Kōrakuen Hall, escaping the police. As Sendō needed to go to the train station to go back to Osaka, he tasked Ippo to take his teacher home and claimed that he would go to Mexico when his fist heals before leaving.

At the Naniwa Boxing Club, Sendō asked the coach to hurry up with setting up his match with Alfredo, however, the coach explained that Alfredo's side won't hear him out as he has a world title challenge coming up. Sendō noted how a match with Alfredo would be the fastest way to the world title, but he just really wants to fight him. Later, Sendō became excited when he read on the Monthly Boxing Fan magazine that Ippo would be having his return match soon.

10 Months in the Making Arc

Sendō watching Ippo's match against Antonio.

When Ippo's return match against Antonio Guevara and Takamura's WBC and WBA middleweight title defence against Keith Lycaon arrived, Sendō went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. As he waited for Ippo's match to happen and sitting with Miyata, Mashiba and Fujii Minoru, Sendō asked Fujii if the rumours about Ippo having a new Dempsey Roll are true. Miyata claimed that it is true, however, Sendō and Mashiba argued that he was asking Fujii. As Ippo's match against Antonio began. Sendō assumed that Ippo would need two rounds to shake off the rust, but wondered how long it would take to get used to a southpaw. When Ippo used his Dempsey Roll, Sendō was shocked to see that, with Ippo's lower body he can throw continuous uppercuts with the Dempsey Roll now. During the second round, Sendō decided to get up and get a drink, mentioning to Fujii that it is over because he can see Ippo steaming up with fighting spirit. Sendō explained to Miyata, Mashiba, and Fujii that he came to see if Ippo has become weaker, but after seeing him, he has nothing to worry about. When Mashiba mentioned how Ippo is getting hit with jabs and unable to close in, Sendō noted that he is mixed up with his own range due to him not being used to the leg weights, concluding that he will soon get his act together soon enough. During the fourth round when Ippo continued to get a down declared on him after barely getting hit, Sendō became worried as he remembered Takamura asking if Ippo has become weak and told Mashiba to be quiet when he mentioned that his loss against Nagumo Ryūji in a spar wasn't a fluke. Sendō watched as Ippo lost by knockout in the fourth round. As the main event of Takamura's WBA and WBC title defence match against Lycaon began, Sendō watched, and the match ended in Takamura's victory by a one round knockout. Walking away from the venue and trying to get Miyata's attention, Sendō realised that Miyata won't talk to him because he and Mashiba fought Ippo as pros while he is still waiting for his chance. Sendō decided to forget thinking about it as he will continue to follow down his own path no matter what.

Part III

Sendō in Mexico Arc

Sendō and Hoshi arriving to Mexico.

Without letting his gym know, Sendō began going through with his plan to go to Mexico to find Alfredo and set up a match with him. When it was time to leave, Sendō had his former teacher stay with his grandmother, as well as calling Hoshi to bring followers to protect them. His former teacher felt as if she was unneeded with all the followers protecting his grandmother and claimed she would go back to Tokyo. Seeing her reaction, Sendō ordered the followers to leave. When the former teacher was worried about how Sendō would communicate with Mexicans, Hoshi claimed that he was coming, which Sendō then discovered Hoshi could speak English, believing him to be reliable. They left for the airport, and a day later, they arrive at Mexico, immediately beginning their search for Alfredo. During their search, they met the "Marascas Brothers"Milo, who spoke Japanese, and Marascas that helped them. Milo drove Sendō and Hoshi to the J.C. Gym, where he heard a "big shot" Mexican boxer was there who is looking for sparring partners. When they arrived, Sendō became fired up as he saw that, instead of Alfredo, it was the undisputed WBA featherweight champion Ricardo sparring.

Sendō scoring a down on Ricardo in a spar.

Sendō saw that Ricardo already defeated three sparring partners and assumed he was done for the day, but asked him if he was hungry for more anyway. Ricardo commented that Sendō seemed to be the one that is starving for a fight, and offered for Sendō to come to the ring for a spar. Sendō entered the ring as the three round spar began. In the spar, Sendō was constantly getting hit by RIcardo's left and unable to land a single hit on Ricardo up to the third round, where he scored a down on Ricardo, who has never been done before in his boxing career. Alfredo walked into the gym and witnessed Ricardo on his knee next to Sendō. Sendō noticed Alfredo and asked him to fight him. Sendō and Alfredo were about to fight it out in the ring as a spar before they were stopped by Ricardo, who suggested for them to fight as a semi-final undercard to his WBA featherweight title defence in three months, promising for the winner to face him in his next title defence. Alfredo agreed to the terms, however, Sendō saw a flaw in the plan, as he noted that there is a chance that Ricardo will lose in his upcoming title defence and that he is only undefeated because he hasn't face him yet. Sendō left after giving his thanks for setting up his fight with Alfredo, stressing that his title match with Ricardo will have to wait since he has to finish his match with Alfredo first. Driving away from the gym, Sendō complained about the pain, describing Ricardo's punches as sharp and solid. Hoshi mentioned that he still knocked Ricardo down, but Sendō remembered that he only hit him by a hair's breadth, aiming to give him a real taste of his fists by first taking down Alfredo.

Importance of the Support Role Arc

Sendō's mitts getting knocked off from Ippo's punch emulating Alfredo's speed.

With Sendō finished with his business in Mexico, he gave his regards to Milo before taking off back to Japan by plane. On the plane, Hoshi asked Sendō what would happen if he fought Ricardo in a real match. Sendō admitted that he stands no chance as he is now. Hsshi told Sendō that he has to be ready to take on the world by force, however, Sendō claimed that he can not get into that. Once in Japan, Sendō went to the Kamogawa gym first to see Ippo. Sendō and Ippo went to the rooftop of the gym and Sendō got agitated when Ippo mentioned how amazing it is that Sendō has a match with Ricardo offered to him because he dislikes how Ricardo thinks he is so high above everyone. Sendō expressed to Ippo that a match with Alfredo holds a higher priority than Ricardo because he respects him due to him defeating Ippo. Sendō requested for Ippo to lend him his strength in defeating Alfredo since he fought Alfredo before. With Ippo confused with what he could help Sendō with since he retired, Sendō explained that he just needs Ippo to explain the timings and angles of Alfredo's punches. Ippo described Alfredo's punches as hard and sharp, which Sendō remembered that Ricardo's felt the same. Ippo also noted that Alfredo was a different person in the ring from his usual cool and calm personality outside of it, comparing him to Sendō as having an overwhelming brutality that no one could restrain. Sendō became intrigued, wanting to make Alfredo take off his mask and show his real face when he fights him. Ippo grabbed training mitts and gloves as he wanted to show Sendō how Alfredo punches. Ippo first had Sendō hit his mitts before switching places and have Sendō hold the mitts while he shows him the angles and how fast Alfredo punches. Sendō used both of his hands to catch Ippo's left hook, however, both of the mitts flew out from his hands and hit the Takamura statue, breaking off the arm and head of it. Sendō and Ippo panicked, but Aoki was able to fix it.

Afterwards, Sendō left the Kamogawa gym after proclaiming to the gym members that his fists will reach Ricardo again once he defeats Alfredo and acknowledged that Ippo has gotten stronger as his hand still throbs from catching his punch. In Osaka, Sendō received his bag that he left at the gym from Ippo by delivery. It came with a note that said that Ippo believes Sendō will be victorious and that when he watches boxers fight, his heart moves but ultimately he feels as if the peaceful days are also great. Sendō concluded that he will be moving forward for now.

Ippo in Mexico Arc

Sendō and Ippo having a no-contact spar.

When his match against Alfredo was coming up, Sendō went to Mexico with Hoshi, Yanaoka, and his coach, with Ippo also with the group as he travelled to watch Sendō, Alfredo, and Ricardo fight. On the day of his weigh-in and press conference, Sendō went to the Arena México, where he has a face off with Alfredo and passes his weight check. Afterwards, Sendō and his group went to a restaurant. Sendō became fired up when Ippo noticed that there were bugs in his salad that were put there by the chefs who are Alfredo fans, as he thought that they weren't anyone in Mexico that was paying attention to him. At the Lucha Lucha Gym, Sendō wanted to spar to work off calories. Sendō and Hoshi pushed Ippo into doing a no-contact spar with him. While Sendō intended to hit Ippo, Ippo dodged all of his punches while throwing held back punches that he purposely doesn't connect. Sendō became irritated and shoved Ippo, making him lose balance. Sendō threw a Smash that Ippo barely dodged, making the punch hit his headgear as Yanaoka and the Naniwa coach arrived and immediately stops the spar. Sendō was fired up when Yanaoka mentioned that Ippo has evolved and noted that the accumulated damage symptoms he showed when he last sparred with Sendō can alleviate after some time away from the ring.

Sendō fighting Alfredo.

The next day, Sendō went to the Arena México for his match against Alfredo. After getting into the ring, the Naniwa coach asked Sendō why he isn't scared. Sendō claimed he is excited to fight the man who took down Ippo and that he will be the strongest he has ever faced, with only the strongest man waiting for him after. When the match began, instead of touching gloves first, Sendō threw a left, knocking Alfredo's arm away. Sendō charged toward Alfredo and was stopped by Alfredo's left. Sendō proceeded to get hit with precise lefts, rights, and counters, as Sendō failed to land a hit until the first round ended. At the corner, Sendō had Yanaoka stop his nose bleed while being instructed about the Mexican lefts and how he should view Alfredo as an upgraded version of everyone he fought thus far. Sendō told Yanaoka to just watch him, as it was his decision to fight him and his responsibility for how it ends.

Sendō facing Alfredo's true nature.

In the second round, after being repeatedly beaten with lefts, Sendō told Alfredo his desire to fight the man hiding inside Alfredo's well mannered style that defeated Ippo. Sendō missed Alfredo with huge swings, however, Sendō also began to dodge Alfredo's counters as well. Sendō landed a punch on Alfredo's hand that was guarding over his face, which sent him back. Sendō continued to push Alfredo back by attacking his guard, pushing him into a corner. During Sendō's barrage, Alfredo was able to hit him with an uppercut counter, knocking Sendō away from him. Sendō tried to approach Alfredo again, but was met with a wide swing to his block. Sendō became ecstatic as he sees Alfredo's eyes have changed to the eyes that he had when he defeated Ippo. Sendō attempts to hit Alfredo failed as Sendō proceeded to get hit with savage punches, including counters. As Sendō was forced into a corner, and Alfredo kept attacking his guard, Sendō dropped his guard, which caused Alfredo to pause as he figured Sendō gave up. Sendō's reason of dropping his guard was revealed to Alfredo as Sendō threw an uppercut that held Alfredo in the air for a moment before Alfredo flew back, sending him to the centre of the ring. When Sendō went to the centre of the ring, the two boxers commenced a close range exchange match. Sendō was unable to land a single punch in the one-sided exchange that went until the second round ended. After almost falling over, Sendō went to his corner, where, after wondering why he can't hit Alfredo even though they were fighting at his favoured middle range, Sendō realised that it is due to the positioning.

In the third round, Sendō and Alfredo meet in the centre of the ring to continue their close range exchange match. As Sendō got hit in the exchange, he began to be able to graze Alfredo with punches occasionally for the first time. The exchange continued to be one-sided in Alfredo's favour as Sendō is unable to land a clean hit in. However, that changed when Sendō hit Alfredo with a Solar Plexus Blow just as the third round ended.

Sendō defeating Alfredo.

When the fourth round began, Sendō and Alfredo enter a close range exchange match that turns into a slugfest as Sendō is also able to land punches now. Their exchange match ended when the referee stepped between them to pause the match due to Sendō's glove wrapping being loose. Sendō went to his corner for Hoshi to fix it. Hoshi tried to help Sendō by slowly fixing the tape until Ippo shouted to not stall for time because it would cool down Sendō. With Sendō's glove wrap fixed and he sees ippo, Sendō let out a battle cry before charging toward Alfredo as the fourth round resumed. Sendō and Alfredo resume their dual exchange battle, with Alfredo landing more punches. Sendō, wishing to see the counter that Alfredo put Ippo down with, threw a Knuckle Drop to Smash combination. Even though Alfredo blocked the Smash, he still wobbled from the pain. Sendō followed up with a wide right swing, however, his right fist lands on Alfredo's forehead, breaking several bones. Despite the pain coming from his broken right fist, Sendō advanced toward Alfredo, intending to use his left. When Alfredo put up his fighting pose again, Sendō and Alfredo have three left dual exchanges, causing both to stop attacking for a moment as they feel their pain. Sendō recovered first and forced his broken right fist to clench. Sendō and Alfredo hit each other with a right dual exchange. Sendō began to fall down before catching himself. He immediately threw a left uppercut that hits Alfredo's jaw, sending him up in the air, and then down to the canvas. The referee ended the match without a count, resulting in Sendō's victory as he raises his fist in celebration.

In the ring, Sendō asked his seconds for him to be taken to the venue's doctor due to his right fist. Before going, he was congratulated by Alfredo, knocking right fists with each other, which felt painful for Sendō. As Sendō tried to leave the ring, the ring announcer stopped them to let Sendō do a victory interview. After Milo reminded Sendō of Mexico's magic words, Sendō shouted the famous Mexico saying "Viva Mexico," which the crowd responded with "Viva Tigre". After going to the doctor, Sendō began watching Ricardo's 22nd WBA featherweight title defence against former WBC featherweight champion, Billy McCallum. While watching the first round, Sendō voiced his complaints of Ricardo and McCallum not attacking at first to Yanaoka, who claimed that Ricardo is waiting for the first move McCallum makes so that he can make a battle plan based on it, much to Sendō's annoyance. Sendō and Yanaoka were surprised when it was Ricardo that made the first move, as he usually is cautious. As Sendō was explained that McCallum is using the Philly Shell, he thought McCallum was a defensive type, however, Yanaoka noted that it is more known for it's offensive capabilities. Sendō jeered at McCallum as he did not strike back at Ricardo's barrage, leading Yanaoka to tell him to watch the match seriously as Ricardo may be his next opponent. Sendō mentioned how he never said he would listen to Ricardo and fight him if he won against Alfredo, especially with the way Ricardo is fighting and not firing him up. After watching Ricardo defeat McCallum by a round one knockout, Sendō and his group began to leave the venue.

Later, Sendō and his group, Ippo, and the Scamaras Brothers arrived to Mexico's airport. Sendō gloated to Ippo on how he won by knockout against Alfredo, who defeated Ippo by knockout, implying that he is stronger than Ippo. Ippo responded that it makes sense, making Sendō frustrated that Ippo doesn't care about being one-upped. Ippo worryingly asked Sendō if he will face against Ricardo. Sendō revealed that he will once his broken right fist heals, reassuring him that he will figure something out against Ricardo. Sendō left with his group after thanking the Scamaras Brothers for everything.

Grim Reaper to the World Arc

Sendō finding out that Ricardo's next opponent is Wally.

At the Naniwa Boxing Club, Sendō became excited as his right fist has finally healed. Later, when Hoshi's JBC featherweight title match against champion Kyōsuke Imai arrived, Sendō went to the Kōrakuen Hall to be one of Hoshi's seconds. The match ended with Hoshi losing in the first round by knockout. Sendō went into the ring to congratulate Imai on Hoshi's behalf. Imai stated his annoyance to Sendō about how he wanted to challenge the "New Generation", however, there isn't anyone left and he will not accept them going to the world or OPBF until they fight him. Sendō suggested for him to go tell Ippo about it directly since what he said wasn't for him anyway. Sendō met Ippo and Itagaki at the corridors and informed them that his match against Ricardo has been finalised. They head to Fujii and Mari for details, however, the reporters revealed to them that Ricardo called a press conference for his next match, but his next opponent isn't Sendō, and the match is already in contract, so Sendō isn't able to stop it. Sendō was frustrated to learn from the reporters that the opponent is the third ranker in the WBA and former Indonesian champion Wally. Sendō stopped showing his frustration when Yanaoka came into the room and began telling him to be quiet since Hoshi is passed out. After hearing Yanaoka confirm that he knew about the situation with Ricardo and his prediction of Ricardo wanting Sendō's right fist to fully heal before fighting, Sendō got angry and noisy. As Hoshi woke up and entered the room, Sendō left with Hoshi to talk to him.

Sendō and the Naniwa coach talking about Wally's chances against Ricardo.

Later at the Naniwa Boxing Club, after watching Mashiba's world title preliminary match against Juan Garcia on TV, Sendō discussed the upcoming match between Ricardo and Wally with Yanaoka and the gym's coach, wanting to know the percentage they think that Wally has a chance. He later called Ippo to invite him to go with him to Mexico to watch Wally and Volg's matches, which Ippo accepted.

Alpha and Omega Arc

Sendō meeting Volg at the Lucha Lucha gym.

When Sendō and Yanaoka arrived to Mexico, they met Ippo at the airport. Yanaoka told Sendō and Ippo that Volg and Wally will need them to be sparring partners since they crushed the others already. Outside, they meet up with the Marakas Brothers, who began to drive them to their gym where Volg and Wally are. Along the way, Sendō asked why Volg and Wally can't spar each other, but Yanaoka explained that while Volg would be useful to spar against, Wally is too wild to spar with. As Ippo noted that Volg's opponent is a short fighter type, Sendō decided that Ippo will spar with Volg while he fights Wally, wanting to put him down since he is the reason he can't fight Ricardo. Sendō was shocked as Milo was about hit a pedestrian in the middle of the road, however, the pedestrian jumped back and landed on the roof of the vehicle, and it was revealed to be Wally, who cheerfully greeted everyone. When everyone arrived to the Lucha Lucha gym, Sendō shook hands with Volg. When Wally attempted to shake hands with Sendō, Sendō knocked his hand away, wanting to trade knuckles instead.

Sendō sparring against Wally.

Sendō soon began to spar against Wally, with both having no headgear on. Sendō was surprised by how Wally is avoiding punches. As both ran next to each other in the ring, Sendō cut in front of Wally and threw a Smash. It grazed Wally since he turn his head to avoid a direct hit. Wally sent out quick jabs that he pulls back before it can hit Sendō before moving away with footwork. Sendō became shocked when he saw Wally throw the Smash, which hit his guard. Wally feinted with the Hien and moved away from Sendō to get on the ring's ropes. Sendō, irritated, tried to attack Wally as the latter runs on the ropes. Wally got off the ropes and dodged Sendō's punches, however, Sendō trapped him at a corner. Sendō threw a left and right body blow, but Wally blocked the left and moved out of the way of the right. Wally ran on the ropes again while Sendō yells at him to come back down. When it was time for Ippo and Volg to spar, Sendō got out of the ring and told Wally to get out as well, however, Wally decided to stay on top of one of the ring's corner posts to watch. Sendō watched as Ippo and Volg began sparring. The sparring was stopped by Sendō as Ippo was starting his Dempsey Roll since it was only supposed to be a "touch spar".

Sendō arguing with Volg about Ippo.

Sitting inside the ring, Sendō scolded Volg for hitting the retired Ippo at full strength. Volg claimed that he snapped after Ippo caught his best punch. Sendō believed that he caught it because Volg's weight control and exhaustion is at its peak right before a match, but Volg noted that he was beaten by Ippo who is on a long hiatus, and explained about how he was at a disadvantage. Sendō and Volg were confused about the Dempsey Roll going vertical before the spar stopped, theorising that it was the new form. Volg got irritated, wondering why Ippo is upgrading himself and wanting more strength if he isn't coming back, arguing with Sendō about him not knowing why Ippo retired and won't come back. The two stopped arguing when Dankichi told them that there is nothing they can do about it. When Dankichi expressed what he think is clinging to Ippo, and suggested for the two boxers to worry about themselves, advising Sendō that in order to defeat the greatest champion in history is to rewrite history itself, which is not something he can do alone, Sendō and Volg were puzzled by Dankichi's way of words. Later, Ippo told Sendō that he hopes Volg and Wally win, however, Sendō thinks it won't happen because Wally lacks bloodlust. At the Arena México, Sendō watched Volg's press conference and Ricardo and Wally's press conference.

The next day, Sendō went to the Arena México. At the audience seats, he watched Volg's second IBF junior lightweight title defence as it began.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
24 WIN 22-2-0 2000 Mexico.png
Alfredo Gonzales[2]
Arena México, Colonia Doctores, Mexico City, Mexico[3] 4(10) TKO "World Title Preliminary Match"
23 WIN 21-2-0 1998-06-12 Mexico.png
Jose Nargo[4]
Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan 8(10) KO "Battle of the Beasts"
Gets ranked 3rd in the WBA[5][6]
22 WIN 20-2-0 1998 Mexico.png
Tokyo, Japan ?(10) KO N/A
21 WIN 19-2-0 1997 Mexico.png
Tokyo, Japan ?(10) KO Gets ranked 4th in the WBA
20 WIN 18-2-0 1997 Mexico.png
Tokyo, Japan ?(10) KO N/A
19 WIN 17-2-0 1996-05-25 Mexico.png
Jose Ramirez[7]
Osaka, Japan 7(10) KO "Beware the Beast"
Gets ranked 23rd in the WBC
18 WIN 16-2-0 1995-04 Japan.pngUnknown[8] Osaka, Japan 1(10) 1:33 TKO Comeback Match
Short Retirement/Recovery - 1 Year
17 LOSS 15-2-0[9] 1993-11-20 Japan.png Makunouchi Ippo[10] Tokyo, Japan 7(10) 1:32 KO "LALLAPALLOOZA"
JBC Featherweight Title Match
3rd Defence
16 WIN 15-1-0 1993- 09 Japan.png Shigeta Akira[11] Osaka, Japan 3(10), 0.41 KO JBC Featherweight Title Match
2nd Defence
15 WIN 14-1-0 1993 -07 Japan.png Saeki Takuma[12] Osaka, Japan 1(10), 1:33 KO JBC Featherweight Title Match
1st Defence
14 WIN 13-1-0 1993-04 Russia.png Alexander Volg Zangief[13] Osaka, Japan 10(10) Decision "VACANT THRONE"
JBC Featherweight Title Match
Hometown Win
13 WIN 12-1-0 1993 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(10) KO N/A
12 WIN 11-1-0 1993 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(10) KO N/A
11 WIN 10-1-0 1992-10 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(6) KO N/A
10 WIN 9-1-0 1992-9 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(6) KO N/A
9 WIN 8-1-0 1992-7 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(6) KO N/A
8 WIN 7-1-0 1992-3 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(6) KO Comeback Match
7 LOSS 6-1-0 1991-12-24 Japan.png Makunouchi Ippo[14] Osaka, Japan 3(6) TKO All Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals
6 WIN 6-0-0 1991-04-20 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(6) KO West Japan Rookie King Tournament Finals
5 WIN 5-0-0 1991 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan 2(4) KO N/A
4 WIN 4-0-0 1991 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(4) KO N/A
3 WIN 3-0-0 1991-01 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(4) KO N/A
2 WIN 2-0-0 1990 Japan.png Unknown Osaka, Japan ?(4) KO N/A
1 WIN 1-0-0 1990 Japan.png Ishino[15] Osaka, Japan 1(4), 0:50 KO Debut Match



Preceded by Title Succeeded by
(Preceded by Date Eiji)
JBC Featherweight Champion
April, 1993 - November 20, 1993
Makunouchi Ippo
Unknown West Japan Featherweight Rookie King Unknown
(eventually Hoshi Hiroyuki)


Sendō is a man of rugged appearance, reflecting his brash personality and career as a boxer. He sports an extremely muscular build, a tanned complexion, and is of average height. His hair is dark brown, long, and unkempt, styled in a swept-forward manner with countless tufts jutting out in all possible directions. Sendō also has thin eyebrows and large eyes with black pupils. He has a large penis, noted by Takamura.


A brash, actions-before-thoughts boxer, Sendō is shown to be incredibly energetic and competitive when it comes down to boxing. As an average lower-class Osaka resident he speaks in the Kansai dialect and, despite being rude and temperamental, Sendō possesses an extremely kind heart. His personality also incorporates a certain stinginess, having sent Ippo an invitation to one of his own fights while expecting Ippo to pay him for the expense of the ticket.

In a conversation with Ippo, it is revealed that Sendō respects and looks up to real-life boxer Rocky Marciano. He specifically points out that the 'Rocky' in his nickname does not come from the popular Rocky film series, but from Marciano.

Boxing Abilities

Sendō, befitting his street fighter origins, is an instinctive infighter who is heavy handed with his blows. He possesses incredible lower and upper body strength, comparable to Ippo, although his optimum punching distance is actually at a medium range. He is almost feral in his fighting approach, relying on sheer instincts, rather than technique to avoid injury in his matches and consistently aiming for a KO victory.

Sendō's instinct is one of his most dangerous tools aside from his punching power as it makes him incredibly unpredictable when facing him. He was able to predict Saeki's movements and even stepped into one of Gonzales' counters during their fight through his animalistic sixth sense. In addition, he can throw strong and accurate punches from obscure angles such as landing a Smash after getting hit by one of Volg's blows, using where he would be for aim, striking Nargo on top of his guard without his leg strength despite not looking at him, landing a right Smash to the Solar Plexus on Gonzales after he adjusted his punches to hit him in his "safe zones" and forcing dual exchanges during his combinations to land a hit.

Tactically, he is large with his punches and uses wide swings to instill a sense of fear into his opponent, which he takes advantage of to set his rhythm. In certain situations, the pressure from Sendō's punches can make boxers hesitate, allowing him to capitalize such as against Nargo and Gonzales with the latter having his counterpunching accuracy drop significantly during his match with Sendō. Sendō can also throw compact punches with no lead-in making them hard for an opponent to predict. He has showcased a powerful dash built up through hours of running with ankle weights. Sendō's prideful nature means that he will very rarely step back or retreat during a match, which has proved to be a crude but effective natural seal to techniques such as the Dempsey Roll which rely on unbroken rhythms and starting distance.



His prideful boxing style is also his main weakness. His guard is essentially non-existent, and his main offensive technique, the Smash, requires a large swinging motion, leaving him completely open for counters. (Though, rather than improve the technique's defence, Sendō instead chose to increase the power with a lower and more vertical punch.)

His instincts can also be used against him, as they often lead him to make rash decisions too quickly to judge the danger behind them. Sendō has also pointed out that his style is very weak against counters, but in a spar with Miyata after he defeated him in the first round Sendō memorised the timing of the Miyata's left and with pure instinct, was capable of cornering him with no guard.


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  • Sendō is modelled after Donovan Ruddock.[17]
    • Like Sendō, Ruddock uses the Smash, and fought Mike Tyson - who is one of the boxers Ippo is modelled after - twice.
  • The game console he promised to buy the neighbourhood kids in the manga appears to be an SNES, whereas in the anime, the console appears to be a SONY PS2 as it was the time it was airing.
  • Even though his nickname, Rocky, may seem to be based off of the movie series and its titular character, Sendō himself stated it was actually for being a huge fan of Rocky Marciano, as the only boxer he looks up to.


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