This page contains an approximate timeline of various matches, spars, or events that take place in Hajime no Ippo. While Morikawa Jouji once gave years in match posters and birthdays of main characters as an introduction in the first page of chapters, at some point he stopped. While now he doesn't give an exact date in the story (unless mentioned on a match poster), he does give a general idea on when events take place.

In Round 110, it was revealed to be April 20, 1992 in the story.

Please note: There are some difference between the anime and manga, where some events or matches might have been moved or cut out in order to fit into a episode or movie format. There might be some inaccuracies on Morikawa's part too since there is a lot of events between matches in the story.

Note: Character Birthdays listed on here are taken from the story (or volume extra) itself, mentioned on on the Anime Promotion Site, or encase of ???? are based on their ages mentioned in the story at the time, where only the year was known.

Last updated: Round 1290

Outdated Visual Timeline

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