This page contains an approximate Timeline of various matches, spars, or events that take place in Hajime no Ippo. While Morikawa Jouji doesn't always give an exact date in the story (unless mentioned on a Match Poster), he does give a general idea on when events take place in the story.

Please note: There are some difference between the anime and manga, where some events or matches might have been moved or cut out in order to fit into a Episode or movie format. There might be some inaccuracies on Morikawa's part too since there is a lot of events between matches in the story.

Last updated: Chapter 1252

Visual Timeline (outdated)




Year Month Event
???? Kamogawa Genji and Nekota Ginpachi have their first bout, Nekota wins by KO.
Kamogawa and Nekota have their second bout. Kamogawa wins.
Kamogawa and Nekota have their fifth match, it's a draw.
Dankichi Hama loses to American serviceman, Ralph Anderson.
Kamogawa and Nekota first meet Yuki at that match..
That night, Kamogawa and Nekota get beat up by Anderson on the streets.
Nekota loses to Anderson in the fourth Round, by an illegal blow the rabbit punch.
2 Weeks Later Kamogawa beats Anderson by KO.
With two broken fists, Kamogawa's boxing career is over, but he makes it his personal goal to raise a world champion.
Nekota retires due to Punch Drunkeness after his loss to Anderson and returns to the countryside of Japan with Yuki.
???? Yuki dies from radiation poisoning presumably within a year of meeting them, infront of Nekota.



Year Month Event
1980 - ??? ??? Miyata Senior loses the OPBF Featherweight title to Raccoon Boy and retires.
Raccoon Boy loses the World Title Match by first round KO. Seven days later he dies of suspected brain damage sustained during his bout with Miyata-san.
Miyata Ichirō joins the Kamogawa boxing gym the following year.


Year Month Event
1987 February Kamogawa meets Takamura and recruits him.
June (Anime Only) Takamura beats Sakura Kiyoshi by a first round KO.
October WBA Featherweight Title Match

Martinez gains the WBA Featherweight Title at 21 years old.


Year Month Event
1988 January Aoki and Kimura give up being punks and join the Kamogawa Gym.
February Martinez defended his WBA Featherweight Title by defeating Date by KO, Date retires.
November Kimura debuts and beats Hotta Junichi by KO.
Aoki debuts and beats Yamanaka Hiroshi by KO.
Mashiba Ryō and Mashiba Kumi parent's die in a car crash.


Year Month Event
1989 February Takamura becomes All-Japan Rookie King. Now ranked 10th in the JBC.
April Ippo enrolls at Shiritsu Zoujirushi High School.



Start of the Story
Year Month Event
1990 April Ippo meets Takamura Mamoru and he is taken to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym to treat his injuries. Takamura discovers he has great punching power, and he gives Ippo, Mike Tyson's highlight reel to watch.

Takamura gives Ippo 1 week deadline to catch 10 leaves to prove he can be a Pro Boxer.

Ippo is able to catch 10 leaves with one hand, and trains for 1 month before going to Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

Sendō Takeshi joins the Naniwa Kentou-kai.
May Ippo and Miyata Ichirō have their first spar. Miyata wins.
Ippo becomes a member of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Ippo's first day of formal training at the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

(Anime only) Ippo meets Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya.
Kamogawa tells Ippo he will have a rematch with Miyata in 3 months.

Ippo learns to shadowbox after a few weeks of training.

Ippo wants to take Miyata's counter directly, instead of running away from it.

June (Manga Only) Ippo meets Aoki Masaru at his Ramen Shop, Chuuka Soba.
August Fujii Minoru and Fujii's Assistant visit Kamogawa Boxing Gym to meet Miyata Ichirō. They discover Miyata having a spar with Ippo.
Ippo and Miyata have their second spar. Ippo wins.
A few days later, Fuji mentions to Kamogawa, that Ippo has the Destructive Power of 1 cm that he defeated Miyata with.
Miyata and Miyata Senior leave the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and move to the Kawahara Boxing Gym. Miyata promises Ippo to meet in the Pro Ring in the Eastern Rookie King Final.
October Two months have past, Ippo trains with Takamura, a week prior to his match.
Miyata debuts as a Pro Boxers and wins by KO.
Takamura beats Hirano Kazuhiko from the Toho Boxing Gym by KO.
While in attendance, Ippo and Miyata first meet Mashiba Ryō, who also goes to the Toho Boxing Gym.
November Ippo passes his Pro Test by beating Ogawa Naoya by KO.
Mashiba passes his Pro Test by KO.
December Ippo receives his Class C Boxing License.
Mashiba wins his pro debut by KO.
Ippo's debut match was finalized. He will fight the 3rd of next month, against Oda Yūsuke

(Manga Only) Ippo meets Kimura Tatsuya.

Manga Chapter Covered - Round 1 to Round 18


Year Month Event
1991 January Prior to his match with Oda, Ippo receives homemade Boxing Trunks from his mother, but his name is spelled wrong on it, "IPO".
Ippo's debut match. Ippo defeats Oda Yūsuke by KO, 3 Rounds 2 Minutes 35 seconds.
To celebrate Ippo's win, Takamura Mamoru, Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya, and Yagi Haruhiko visit Sugar Ray.
Umezawa Masahiko and his friends find out that Ippo won his first match, and they want to watch the next one. Ippo tells them his next match will be in one month.
Fujii Minoru visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym, he sees Ippo learning Peek-a-Boo Style to help with his defense.

Kamogawa tells Ippo his next opponent been decided, Fujiwara Yoshio.

February Ippo's second pro match. Ippo defeats Fujiwara Yoshio by KO, 1 Round 2 Minutes 50 Seconds.
Next day, Umezawa Masahiko and his gang become friends with Ippo, and become fans of Ippo as a boxer.
June Ippo finds out who he fights in the First Round of the Rookie King Tournament, Jason Ozuma.
(Manga Only)In order to help Ippo prepare for Jason Ozuma, Aoki Masaru paints his body black in order to give Ippo experience fighting black boxers.
Jason head to their sister gym Nerima Boxing Group in Tokyo to find sparring partners.
Jason spars Oota and sends him to the Hospital after 1 hook. Oota withdraws from the Rookie King Tournament.
Ippo spars with Takamura Mamoru to help him prepare for Jason's Hook in 10 days.
East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1

Ippo defeats Jason Ozuma by KO, 2 Rounds 2 Minutes 52 Seconds.

July East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1

Miyata defeats Takada Teruhiko by a 1 Round KO.
While attending Miyata's bout, Ippo meets Mashiba Kumi, where Ippo thinks she is a fan of Miyata's.

Ippo meets Kumi again at Yamanaka Bakery.
East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1

Mashiba beats Fujiwara Yoshio by KO in the First Round.

East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1

Kobashi Kenta beats Yoshida Mitsuo by Decision.

East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 1

Hayami Ryūichi beats Iwakawa by KO in the First Round thanks to his Shotgun.

Takamura Mamoru next match was decided. They plan to go to Izu Beach for training camp for 1 week to prepare for it.
After returning from Training Camp, Ippo finds out that he is fighting before Takamura's JBC title match.

He meets Kobashi Kenta spying outside Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

August East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 2

Ippo defeats Kobashi Kenta by KO, 4 Rounds 2 Minutes 58 Seconds.

JBC Middleweight Title Match

That same night, Takamura Mamoru defeats Yajima Yoshiaki for the JBC Middleweight Title by KO in the First Round.

To celebrate Takamura winning the JBC Middleweight Title, they head to Sugar Ray's.
September Ippo tells his teacher that he doesn't intended to go to college. He tells him he wants to pursue a career as a Pro Boxer.
Ippo meets Kobashi, they discuss Ippo's next opponent, Hayami Ryūichi.
Prior to Aoki Masaru's match, Ippo watches Hayami Ryūichi East Japan Rookie King Tournament Round 2 Match against Yasukawa Kazu. Hayami wins in the 1st Round with the Shotgun
Aoki wins his match against Yamanaka Hiroshi.
October Miyata Ichirō stops by Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He mentions to Ippo that Hayami is an easy opponent to beat, where he just need to land a counter.
Ippo researches Hayami, and he thinks he knows how to win.
Fujii Minoru visit Hayami to get his opinion on Ippo, and Hayami looks down on Ippo and he thinks it is an easy win.
Ippo wants Kamogawa to teach him how to throw a counter. Ippo noticed Hayami's left short uppercut always comes close range.

East Japan Rookie King Tournament Semi-Finals
Ippo defeats Hayami Ryūichi by KO, 1 Round 2 Minutes 59 Seconds thus advancing to the Finals.

Ippo finds out that his next match is in one month on December 24th, where he fights the winner of Mashiba Ryō vs Miyata Ichirō match.
East Japan Rookie King Tournament Semi-Finals

Mashiba Ryō beats Miyata Ichirō by KO, 3 Rounds 2 Minutes 22 Seconds thus advancing to the Finals.

Ippo tries to visit Miyata after the match, but Miyata's Father tells him to forgive him for not fulfill their promise to meet in the East Japan Rookie King Finals.

Ippo punches a vending machine in anger.

Ippo damages his fists from practicing too much. Kamogawa tells Ippo he can't use his fists for awhile until they heal. He tells Ippo to practice his running and sprinting in order to close the distance from Mashiba's long reach.
December Ippo runs in Kumi again, but he finds out she is actually Mashiba Ryō's sister.

Fuji tells Ippo's about Mashiba's past.

East Japan Rookie King Finals

Ippo defeats Mashiba by KO, 3 Rounds 2 Minutes 13 Seconds.
Becomes East Japan Rookie King, Awarded Most Talented Rookie Award.

Manga Chapter Covered - Round 18 to Round 87


Year Month Event
1992 January Ippo's plans to withdrawl from the Rookie King Tournamnt Final. His right Fist is broken, and the healing period is two months. The Final is in two months.
Ippo finds out that Mashiba Kumi quit her job at the bakery, where she mentioned that she plans to work at the moving company that her brother works at.
Sendō Takeshi comes to Kamogawa Boxing Gym to find out why Ippo is withdrawing from the Rookie King Tournament.

Sendo tries to compete against Ippo during his roadwork.

Kamogawa gives Sendo money to go home, and leaves with Yagi to Thailand to find a potential challenger for Takamura.
Sendou and Takamura Mamoru spar. Sendou impresses everyone with his Smash, but Takamura still knocks him out cold.
Ippo reconsiders not participating in the All Japan Rookie King Tournament and decides to see if it is possible to compete in it.
Ippo first meets Dr .Yamaguchi Tomoko and receives treatment for his injured fist.
He mails Sendo his souvenirs that he forgot, and he mentions there is a chance he might be able to fight him.
February Kamogawa and Yagi returns from Thailand.
Ippo and Takamura have one month to build up their stamina.
March Kamogawa Gym members head to Osaka two days before the Rookie King Final. They arrive at their sister gym, Ishino Boxing Gym.
Ippo spars with Komori, but he isn't able to throw a punch with his Right Fist.
Kamogawa wants to withdraw from the Tournament since Ippo can't throw a punch with his right. Takamura tells Ippo about a past match, where he faced a similar situation. His advice to Ippo is beat Sendo in one punch before he felt any pain. Kamogawa agrees. Ippo also gets a shot from Yamaguchi Tomoko before the match.
All Japan Rookie King Tournament

Ippo defeats Osaka's hometown hero, Sendō Takeshi by KO, 4 Rounds 0 Minutes 0 Seconds.
Becomes the All Japan King and is now ranked 10th in the JBC.

Ippo and Miyata Ichirō graduate from high school and Miyata decides to compete overseas. He promises Ippo that he'll return when the gap between them is filled.
April Yamada Naomichi AKA Geromichi joins the Kamogawa Gym.
Before Takamura's match Ippo and Geromichi first meets Date Eiji, the JBC Featherweight Champion. Date tells Ippo to come by his gym to spar sometime once his fist is healed.
Kimura defeats Kanzaki Shinji and wins by Decision in the 8th.
Aoki wins by a KO in the 7th Round against Arman Garcia.
Takamura defeats Bonchai Chuwatana by KO in the third round. Defends the Japanese Middleweight Title for the first time.
May Ippo's fist fully heals. Kamogawa tells Ippo they got a sparring requestion from Nakadai gym from Date.

Ippo and Date spar. Ippo takes a beating, but he learns a lot from the match.

After the spar, Ippo talks to Geromichi about his past and getting bullied.
Next day, Ippo gets a match request from Okita Keigo, last year's Rookie King Tournament winner and ranked 5th in the JBC. The previous opponent couldn't make it, Ippo has one month till the match to prepare.
June Ippo defeats Okita Keigo from the Nakadai Gym by KO, 1 Round 2 Minutes 58 Seconds. Goes from ranked 10th in the JBC to being ranked 5th.

JBC Featherweight Title Defense

Date defeated Suzuki. After the match, during the interview, Date mention he still has things to take care of in this country before he plans to challenge the World.

Miyata Ichirō draws with Thailand's Rusak Paddy, although he clearly won the match.
July For Miyata's next match, they received an offer from Jimmy Sisfar. Miyata Senior wants to turn it down, and find an easier opponent to beat, or get Miyata to change weight classes.
Miyata wants to fight Jimmy Sisfar.
After talking to Chana, Miyata realized he needs to improve his counter, where it is sharp and heavy. A counter to surpass all counters.
Miyata spars with Payao. Miyata loses, but Payao notices there is something different about Miyata's punches, where the damage is deep.
Miyata defeats Jimmy Sisphar, the Thai Hope via a Fourth Round KO.
Miyata leaves Thailand and heads toward Korea.
Kamogawa Gym is interviewed by a camera crew and are the spotlight of news piece. Idol reporter Kumiko Morita covers the Kamogawa crew sparring.
August Geromichi takes his Pro Test. He is able to down the opponent, and pass the exam.
The entry list for the Class A tournament is announced. Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura are fighting in it. Mashiba changed weightclasses is now fighting as a Junior Lightweight. Ippo's next opponent is Saeki Takuma.
Kamogawa Gym prepares to head to the beach again for a training camp to prepare for the Class A Tournament.
Ippo's mother is hospitalized due to overwork. Ippo thinks about retiring.
Fuji stops by after hearing that Ippo quit boxing. He drops of video tape of Saeki's matches and tries to talk Ippo to continue to box.
Umezawa Masahiko applies for Makunouchi Fishing Boat in order to be a mangaka. He wants to make a manga series about boxing. This allows Ippo to continue boxing.
Saeki spars with Date.
September Ippo's Mom gets released from the Hospital.

She makes Ippo new boxing trunk with Makunounchi Fishing Boat advertised on it, and Umezawa gives him new shoes for the match.

Opening Round of the Class A Boxers Tournament

Ippo defeats Saeki Takuma by KO, 4 Rounds 2 Minutes 12 Seconds.
Alexander Volg Zangief defeats Suzuki Toshio by KO, 1 Round 2 Minutes 32 Seconds.

Kimura defeats Nishimura Hiroshi and wins in decision.
Aoki defeats Bull Ishida with the Frog Punch.
After the matches, they go to a Karaoke Bar. Takamura sings "Champion", and they notice Hayami in a music video.
The next day, Geromichi leaves the gym because he's moving to the Hachinohe area. The Kamogawa crew spar with him as a goodbye present.

(He will later join the Hachinohe Boxing Group and be called Hammer Nao.)

October Class A Tournament Semi-Finals Starts

Aoki loses to Jackal Itou in the 6th Round.

Kimura draws Ryuuzaki Takeshi, but he endes up losing in an extra Round.
After returning from a magazine interview with Volg's trainer, Kamogawa decides to teach Ippo a new weapon, Gazelle Punch, but Ippo need to improve his lower body to learn it.
Ippo goes to a swimming pool in order to build up his lower body for the Gazelle Punch.
Ippo watches Date defeat unknown opponent. After the match, Ippo meets Volg.
November Class A Tournament Finals

Ippo defeats Volg Zangief by KO, 5 Rounds 1 Minute 21 Seconds.
Becomes the first seed in the JBC Featherweight Division and earns a title shot against Date Eiji.

Ippo is carried out of the ring on a stretcher.
Volg visit Ippo in the hospital to see how he is doing. He meets Ippo's mother while he is asleep.
While being treated for his injuries at the Kawai Hospital, he meets Mashiba Kumi again and finds out she has become a nurse.
After he is discharged him and the Kamogawa Boxing crew go out on a victory party AKA group date with the nurses from the hospital.

Aoki and Tomiko first meet on this date and they become a couple.
Ippo sees Mashiba Ryō again after he takes Kumi home after the date.
He finds out Mashiba also has a title match coming up. Against the JBC Junior Lightweight Champion.

December Date goes to training came at Ibaraki golf course.
Ippo, Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura goes to Izu Beach Training Camp.
Manga Chapter Covered - Round 88 to Round 177


Year Month Event
1993 January Takamura doesn't make the weight limit. He needs to lose 200 g. He and Ippo head to a suana to sweat it out.

Takamura mentions the Power of the King, where the King is special. Takamura passes out, but he was able to lose enough weight.

Ippo meets Date before Takamura's match. Date mentions Takamura's punches will be heavy tonight, and tells Ippo his punches are light that he won't fall from them.

JBC Middleweight Title Defense

Takamura defeats Tamaoki Atsushi by a second round KO despite his weight management issues. Defends JBC Middleweight title for the third time.

During the post interview, the crowd yells at Takamura for not making weight, and being a womanizer that got dumped. Takamura grabs the interview lady to try to prove he is popular.

JBC Junior Lightweight Title Match

Mashiba becomes the JBC Junior Lightweight Champion by KO, 7 Rounds 2 Minutes 12 Seconds. Ippo, Kumi and Mashiba celebrate at their house.

Ippo spar with the 4th Ranked Junior Featherweight from the Philippines to prepare for Date.

Fuji stays afterword and notices Ippo's real plan for Date is a tight Peek-a-boo, and fight close range. He see Ippo throw a punch with just 10 cm.

Tomiko visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym, and tries to predict who will win the match between Ippo and Date.
JBC Featherweight Title Match

Ippo loses to Date Eiji by TKO, 5 Rounds 2 Minutes 32 Seconds.
Date vacates the title to move onto the world stage.

After the match, Sendo and Volg meet.
Fuji notices Miyata has returned to Japan.
Ippo read that Sendo and Volg will fight in two months for the vacant throne.
Ippo visits the doctor to get checked out, and he passes. Kamogawa tells Ippo not to return to the gym or practice boxing for the next 3 months in order to heal any potential accumulated damage from the fight.
March Ippo and Kumi have a date at the amusement park by Korakuen Hall. They are stalked by Mashiba.
Ippo stops by the gym to see if anyone had the video of his match against Date. Ippo heads to Takamura's place to watch it. Ippo notices things he did wrong, and was close to winning it. He realizes the goal a boxer takes into a fight was the greatest difference between them.
April Ippo heads to Osaka to watch Sendo vs Volg match for the JBC Featherweight title match. He runs into Miyata.
JBC Featherweight Title Match
Sendou wins a narrow, but controversial decision over Volg Zangief to take the Vacant Japanese Featherweight Title.
Volg leaves Japan and goes back to Russia, he temporarily retires.
May In his first match back in Japan, Miyata defeats Li Chon Pir from Korea by KO, 3 Rounds 1 Minute 23 Seconds.
Yagi returns to Japan after trying to find opponents for Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura. Their comeback match is set for July.
Takamura wonders who the main event for it is, and Aoki and Kimura compete for it. Aoki wins and tells Tomiko about it. Kamogawa tells them Ippo is the main event for it instead.
Ippo finds out his opponent is named Ponchai Chuwatana, ranked 3rd in Thailand.
Kamogawa wants to strengthen Ippo's defense for the next two months and building up his stamina that he lost.
Tomiko makes Aoki an entrance outfit with a Frog for his main event fight.
June Kamogawa is hospitalized due to overwork.
Ippo starts developing the Dempsey Roll on his own.
While Kamogawa is in the Hospital, Takamura terrorizes the gym until Kamogawa returns.
July Aoki defeats Snake Thomas.
Kimura struggles after spotting Reiko in the crowd with another man. Kimura manages to beat Pone Morocotte in decision.
Ippo defeats Ponchai Chuwatana by KO, 2 Rounds 2 Minutes 00 Seconds. Debuts the Dempsey Roll, although it is not yet complete.
Sendo does a mic performance after Ippo's match, where he challenges Ippo for a rematch. Ippo agrees for a rematch.
A week after the match, Ippo, Takamura, and Aoki visit Kimura's place and learn about Aoki and Kimura's past and why they started boxing.

JBC Featherweight Title Defense

Sendou defeats Saeki Takuma by KO, 1 Round 1 Minute 7 Seconds. Sets new record for fastest knock out time, while defending his title for the first time.

After the match, Sendo meets with Kamogawa and Yagi to request a match with Ippo. He tells them, the Dempsey Roll won't work on him.
Ippo's match with Sendo is decided. Sendo has a 2nd title defense in September and Ippo's match is set for November.
Date defeats Jeff Brooks, by KO. He's now ranked 5th in the WBA.
Ippo and Takamura meet Date after the match. Date tells Ippo that the Dempsey Roll won't work on Sendo with him pushing forward. He mentions to Ippo that he can't really call the Dempsey Roll "complete".
August Kamogawa Gym has another training camp set. Instead of the beach like the past, they are going to the mountains. An old friend of Kamogawa is letting him use his pension.

The Kamogawa Gym first meets Nekota Ginpachi when they have training camp at his lodge.
While at the camp, Takamura defeats a Bear that lives nearby.

Ippo spars with the next contender for the JBC Featherweight Title, Shigeta Akira.
A Newpaper article mentions Takamura killed a bear. Sendo calls Ippo to confirm the story, and talk about his upcoming opponent Shigeta.
A lot of reporters visit Kamogawa Boxing Gym to learn about Takamura fighting the Bear.
Fuji stays behind when they leave and asks about Takamura's upcoming World title match since he would be more nervous about it.
Kamogawa mentions the Junior Middleweight WBC 2nd ranker is looking for an easy opponent to prepare for an upcoming World title match. Takamura is ranked 16th in the WBC and looks like easy pickings. If Takamura wins, they take his ranking and become #1 challenger for the World Title.
After hearing that, Takamura becomes focused and starts training, and Ippo follows. Fuji introduces Iimura Mari to Aoki and Kimura.
Takamura plans to an incredible impact for his next match that the very earth will shake below him.
Day of the Match (8/30), Nekota bring Takamura the bear skin to wear into the ring.
Aoki defeats Boy Alahd by KO.
Kimura defeats Nefuma Ozuka by TKO in Round 5.
JBC Middleweight Title Defense

Takamura wins his last title defense against Ito Takaaki by KO, using only his left hand.

While attending, Ippo first meets Iimura Mari.
September Nekota stays and helps around Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He starts training new recuits, and telling stories about Kamogawa. After 20 days, he leaves.

JBC Featherweight Title Defense

Sendou beats Shigeta Akira by TKO, winning his second title defense.

After the match, Ippo does a mike performance and mentions he wants to spend his birthday happy (11/23), and plans on winning the match against Sendo.
Ippo and Kumi go on a date at the zoo.
October Ippo's Dojo Challenge starts, Kamogawa arranged 5 opponents from 5 different gym for 5 days.
Day One - Ippo spars with Tamura and wins.
Day Two - Ippo spars Morita Makoto (Jr Featherweight 4th seed), he wins in 3 Rounds.
Day Three - Ippo spars Murakami Kouichi (Lightweight 7th seed), he wins in 4 Rounds.
Day Four - Ippo spar Jackal Kishida (Featherweight 6th seed), he wins in 3 Rounds.
Day Five - Ippo spars with Umezu (Welterweight), Ippo wins.
Mari heads to Osaka to interview Sendo. She finds out about Sendo's past.
Sendo shows Mari that he is wearing leg weights to strengthen his lower body, and to work on weight shifting. Sendo also spars with 3 boxers from a higher weightclass to perpare for Ippo.
Ippo's match with Sendo is sold out. It is being called "Lallapallooza" or Earth Shakingly Powerful Punch.
Ippo mails Nekota a ticket for the match.
November Ippo and Sendo make weight.
JBC Featherweight Title Match

Ippo defeats Sendou Takeshi by KO, 7 Rounds 1 Minute 32 Seconds.
Becomes JBC Featherweight Champion.

Three Days later, Ippo celebrate his victory and birthday at Sugar Ray's. Nekota gives Ippo a puppy named Wanpo.
A few days later, Kumi meets Ippo and gives him a birthday gift, and Ippo gives her his first autograph as a Champion. Kumi will cherish it, and doesn't think she will be seeing Ippo again.
Takamura relinquished his Japanese Title to challenge the World.
December The upcoming Champion Carnival is announced. Ippo's opponent hasn't been decided yet, but Kimura has a title match in two months against Mashiba.
Kimura visits Miyata in order to find a way to defeat Mashiba.
Miyata agrees to help, and he mentions that he has a OPBF title match scheduled next spring. Miyata mentions the OPBF champion is an outboxer, where his style resembles Kimura's.
Ippo calls Kumi to tell boxing is a sport, but Mashiba answers instead and plans on defeating Kimura since he has a grudge against Kamogawa Boxing Gym.
Kimura spars with Miyata. Miyata mentions Kimura is a good boxer with a solid base, but mention he doesn't have any strengths, where Mashiba has nothing to fear.
After a week of spars, Kimura tries to come up with a new skill to help him win, which he notices his fish Reiko eating.
Mari visit the gym and gives Ippo video tapes of Mashiba's matches. Aoki gives them to Miyata, and asks him if Kimura can win. Aoki thinks Kimura might retire if he loses since this is his final chance at winning a title.
After watching the tapes, Kimura realizes he needs to push forward in order to beat Mashiba, instead of running away.
After training his dashing and crouching, Kimura is finally able to get close range to Miyata, but realizes he doesn't know what to do after he gets there.
Manga Chapter Covered - Round 177 to Round 275


Year Month Event
1994 January Kimura starts practicing the Dragonfish Blow.
Kimura returns to Kawahara Boxing Gym to spar with Miyata with his new Punch. Miyata thinks Kimura has a chance at winning.
The fight poster for Kimura match appears, adverstising the match as an "Execution", set on 2/17. Kimura returns to Kamogawa Boxing Gym.
Kimura spars with Aoki, showing the Dragonfish Blow.
February The day of the match, Kimura tells everyone that if he loses, he will retire.
Aoki got permission from Yagi, and he will act as a 2nd for Kimura's match with Mashiba.

JBC Junior Lightweight Title Match

Kimura loses to Mashiba by TKO, 9 Rounds 2 Minutes 30 Seconds.

After the match, Kimura announces his retirement to the reporters.
A few days later, Ippo brings his puppy to the gym, and mentions his mom named him Wanpo (in Katakana), as a play on Ippo's name.
Kimura has 2nd thoughts on retiring. Kimura decided the boxer 'Kimura Tatsuya' has retired, and he decided to restarts his boxing career under 'Kimura Tatsuya' (in Katakana).
March (Manga-only)Kimura gives Ippo tickets to see the Junior Featherweight Title Match, between Kobashi vs Hayami.

JBC Junior Featherweight Title Match

(Manga-only)Kobashi Kenta beats Hayami Ryuichi by KO to win the vacant JBC Junior Featherweight Title.

(Manga-only)After the match, Ippo realizes he was sitting next to Kumi. After leaving the Hall, they meet Hama Dankichi.
(Manga-only)Hama Dankichi mentions to Ippo the previous Jr Featherweight Champion vacant the throne in order to conqueror a 2nd weight class. He introduces Ippo to Sanada, Ippo's next opponent.
The next day, Nekota calls Kamogawa to check last months Boxing Fan Monthly. Ippo notices in the background in Sanada's 5th defense match, Hama Dankichi can be seen. Kamogawa talks about his past with Hama Dankichi.
Hama Dankichi visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He mentions his boxer, Sanada, took the top seeding and will be fighting Ippo for the Champion Carnival. He mentions Sanada has learned the Hien and Tsubame Gaseshi Punch.
Ippo spars with Kimura showing the Hien. They discuss the Tsubame Gaseshi Punch.
Mari visits Sanada at the Imperial College of Medicine to talk about him getting in boxing and being a doctor.
After hearing that Sanada is called "Super Doctor S" by nurses, Ippo starts to worry that Kumi might be interested in him. They want Ippo to confess to Kumi. Ippo agrees, but under one condition, if Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura defeats him in an arm wrestling competition. Ippo loses to Takamura, and Ippo agrees to go on a date with Kumi to confess.
During Ippo's date with Kumi, Wanpo follow him. Ippo tries to confess, but Ippo instead ask who Kumi will cheer for in his upcoming match in April. Ippo tells her to just cheer for the person she wants to cheer for, which makes Kumi mad.
3 weeks prior to the match, Sanada spars against Junior Lightweight 3rd seed. Sanada shows the ability to read the human body. The spar ends before he can throw Tsubame Gaseshi Punch.
April Ippo plans on going into the match as the Challenger since Sanada's already defense his JBC title 5 times.
Nekota, Kamogawa, and Hama Dankichi meet in Sugar Rays to talk about the past, and mention Ricardo Martinez, the WBA Featherweight Champion.
Ippo recieves new Red boxing trunks from his mother and Umezawa Masahiko, since he will be in the red corner, instead of the blue corner as the challenger. There are 12 Stars to show Ippo's KO count.

(4-7-1994) JBC Title Defense Match

Ippo beats former JBC Junior Featherweight Champion Sanada Kazuki by KO, 5 Rounds 2 Minutes 33 Seconds. Defends JBC Featherweight Title for the 1st Time.

Sanada retires after the match to be a doctor.

Mari ask Sanada for help since Ippo fell asleep in the changing room and started snoring, fearing he might have brain damage. Sanada mention he is just asleep caused by fatigue. Sanada comments that no one will be able to take the belt from Ippo when he is holding it tightly.

Hama Dankichi decides to head to America to look for another boxer to train.
Kumi comes by while Ippo is fishing and tells Ippo she was cheering for him alone with the other nurses during the match.
Miyata's opponent for his OPBF title match on 4/25 is Australian Arnie Gregory. Kimura head to Kawahara Boxing Gym to spar with Miyata. Kimura wins because of Miyata's harsh weight control.
Arnie Gregory holds a sparring session, where he defeats his opponents. Mr. Sakaguchi looks down on Japanese Boxers, mentions Arnie will give Miyata a souvenir in their match, the Bloody Cross.
Miyata is able to make weight at the weigh in. Miyata mentions to Mr. Sakaguchi instead of searching for the next opponent, he should search for his next job. When the match is over, Arnie will not have his belt and he will be also be out of work.
OPBF Featherweight Title Match

Miyata defeats Arnie Gregory by KO, 4 Rounds 1 Minute 34 Seconds.
Becomes the OPBF Featherweight Champion.

Arnie drops Mr. Sakaguchi as a manager, and gives Miyata his hat as a good-bye gift.
Takamura defeats the WBC Junior Middleweight 2nd Seed and becomes ranked 2nd.
June Ippo has a spar with Ricardo Martinez and gets defeated easily.

The next day, Miyata has a spar with Date Eiji and also gets defeated easily.

At the Press Conference, Date thanks Martinez for bringing the belt all the way here from Mexico. Martinez doesn't expect too much from this match. They shake hands.
Ippo and Takamura join Date for roadwork. Date mentions his 7 year goal since he last fought Martinez. If he didn't have Martinez as a goal, he doesn't think he would have made it as far as he has in boxing.
Ippo and company go to the Ryoguku Kokugikan to watch Date vs Martinez II match.
Okita defeats unknown boxer.
Prior to Date's match, they show video of past matches for Martinez and Date's match against Ippo.
Fuji takes Ippo to the locker room after Date requested it. Ippo meets Date's wife and son. Date tells Ippo he will be waiting for Ippo at the top of the World.
WBA Featherweight Title Match

Date is defeated by Ricardo Martinez by KO, 10 Rounds 2 Minutes 14 Seconds.
Suffers career ending injuries and is forced to retire from the sport.

When Ippo visits him at the hospital, he passes the baton to Ippo.
July Ippo finds out his next opponent is called Hammer Nao, 7th Seed. Aoki has a match as the opener.
Itagaki Manabu joins the Kamogawa gym, because he looks up to Ippo.
Ippo watches video of Hammer Nao, and realizes it is Geromichi. Yagi goes over Hammer Nao's past. He transferred to the Featherweight in order to fight Ippo.
Hammer Nao head to Tokyo to their sister gym, Nerima, in order spar with other boxers and prepare for his match with Ippo.
Aoki and Kimura visit Nao, where they see him causing other boxers to puke. When they take to him, Hammer Nao acts hostile to them.
August Ippo has a hard time accepting Nao as an opponent, but Mari talks to him about what it means to be an Underdog. She tells Ippo that Nao's final goal is to have a match with him, where he thinks as his World title match.
After thinking it over, Ippo realizes he wants to take Nao seriously and give it everything he has.
Aoki beats Paddy Magramo by decision, to open Ippo's title defense.

JBC Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Hammer Nao AKA Yamada Naomichi by KO, 2 Rounds 2 Minutes 42 Seconds. Defends JBC Featherweight Title for the 2nd Time.

September Takamura, Kimura, and Itagaki have a training camp at Izu Beach to prepare for their upcoming matches. Takamura takes Wanpo with him. And at the same time Ippo and Aoki vacation there with Kumi and Tomiko. The run into Nekota and Hachi while there.
After finding out, they are staying overnight, Ippo tries to confess to Kumi, but she ends up falling asleep.
During the training camp, Aoki tries to get revenge on Takamura causing Takamura to believe he is cursed. Ippo spars with Itagaki.
Ippo spars with Imai Kyōsuke upon returning from the camp. He has a hard time due to exhaustion and Imai's talent.
After seeing Imai, Itagaki talks about his past with Imai in inter-high.
Takamura's World title match against Bryan Hawk has been decided. The World Champion wants to have the title match in December, knowing Takamura has a match in October, where Takamura needs to stay in the Junior Middleweight limit the entire time.
Fuji comes by to interview Takamura about his World title match. He gives background on Bryan Hawk. He mentions that Hawk doesn't plan to train for his match with Takamura, after hearing it is someone from Japan, with out even ask his name. This makes Takamura angry.
October Itagaki loses to Makino Fumito on his debut match by KO. Even though Makino cheated.
Kimura re-debuts under his first name "Tatsuya" written in Katakana and beats Arman Alegria by decision.
Takamura mess up his weight control (because of the curse), where he lost too much weight. He struggles against Morris West, until he notices Bryan Hawk in the audience which makes him mad.
Takamura beats Morris West by ring-out KO while looking at Bryan Hawk. He doesn't want to talk to Hawk unless he is wearing his World title belt.
Bryan Hawk visits Takamura in the locker room, and offers him a handshake as greeting, which makes Takamura and throws a punch at him, while Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki try to hold him back. Hawk stops Takamura punch with his hand squeezes it.
November Fuji comes by the gym and drops of video tapes of Bryan Hawk. After watching them, they realize he is just like Takamura, where Takamura is the wildest in Japan, and Bryan Hawk is the wildest in the World.
Aoki, Kimura, and Ippo head to Takamura place to drop off the video tapes, but they meet Takamura's sister and younger brother instead. They find out that Takamura's family owns Takamura resorts and hotels.
When introducing themselves to Takamura's family, Aoki mentions he is Ippo since Takamura warned his younger brother about Aoki. Ippo uses Itagaki's name. They mention some of Takamura's past.
Takamura shaves Aoki's Eye Brows in hopes to look like Bryan Hawk to help Takamura prepare for it. (Similar to painting his body black for Ippo's match with Jason.) Takamura ends up shaving Aoki's eye brows off.
Itagaki joins Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, and Ippo for road work after not returning to the gym after he lost his match.
Everyone buys Takamura dried Shiitake mushrooms to help him with his weigh loss.
December Takamura still needs to lose 5 more Kilos in order to make weight for his match, but is having a hard time since it is December. He continues to go threw harsh weight control.
Bryan Hawk has a public spar, but doesn't really take it seriously and is pulling punches until his women arrive.
Takamura is able to make weight for the match.
During the press Conference, Bryan Hawk hits Takamura during the photo op which makes Kamogawa confront him, while Ippo, Kimura, and Aoki hold Takamura back. Bryan Hawk slaps Kamogawa.

JBC Featherweight Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Yi Yonsu by KO, 1 Round 0 Minutes 32 Seconds. Defends JBC Featherweight Title For The 3rd Time. Sets New Record for Fastest Knockout Time.

WBC Junior Middleweight Title Match

Takamura defeats Bryan Hawk by KO, 8 Rounds. Becomes WBC Junior Middleweight Champion.

Takamura gets a Bronze Statue made of himself, which Aoki ends up breaking an arm off of it. He has made mini statues that he plans to sell. He forces Aoki to sell them while Kamogawa is away visiting Nekota.
Manga Chapter Covered - Round 276 to Round 398


Year Month Event
1995 January
Ippo and Aoki head to Nekota's place in a blizzard to bring back Kamogawa to reign in Takamura's bullying.
Ippo and Aoki learn about Yuki and some of Kamogawa and Nekota's past.
Kamogawa, Aoki, and Ippo head back to Tokyo.
Itagaki wins his 2nd match against unknown in 1st Round KO. It is his first win as a Pro Boxer.
Ippo visit's Itagaki house, and meets his family.
Takamura challenge's Itagaki's dad to a pun contest, and loses. He becomes his disciple instead.
Reporters ask Ippo about the upcoming Champion Carnival, and how many times he plans to defend the title. Ippo tells them he doesn't think about those things, and takes things one match at a time. When asked who he wants to fight the most, Ippo doesn't give a clear answer.
Yagi tells everyone that the gym has matches set for early spring. Ippo will defend at the Champion Carnival, Aoki has a title challenge, Itagaki's Rookie King Title, and Takamura's First World title Defense.
Aoki is surprised to find out that he is ranked #1, and has a title match against Katsutaka Imae . Yagi mentions #1 challenger was hospitalized due to a car accident, #2 is in the hospital for appendicitis, #3 retired, #4 dropped due to a loss.
Miyata confronts Ippo to wonder why Ippo hasn't accepted his challenge to fight. He wonders if Ippo is looking down on him, or if he thinks there is a gap between them.
Ippo doesn't know what Miyata is talking about. Miyata mentions after he got the OPBF title, he offered his challenge to Kamogawa Boxing Gym. But he hasn't received a reply, and wonders how long Ippo plans to ignore him. When he see Ippo didn't know about it, he leaves and mentions he thought it was a promise.
Ippo confronts Kamogawa about it. Kamogawa tells Ippo that it was literally, them who ran away. Miyata didn't close the gap between the two of them. Instead he reversed it, where the gap has widened. He it talking about Ippo's and Miyata individual weapons, the Dempsey Roll and Counter.
Kamogawa tells Ippo without ambition, there is no future. Forget a fight with Miyata, at Ippo's current strength as he is now, that just a dream with in a dream. Ippo tells Kamogawa he will get stronger and to let him fight Miyata.
Ippo plans to polish the Dempsey Roll more and more, where it is strong enough to beat anyone. Ippo starts by increasing the speed.
(Manga-only)Ippo next opponent is announced, Shimabukuro Iwao. He announced he will destroy the Dempsey Roll.
(Manga-only)Mari and Fuji head to Okinawa to interview Ippo's next opponent. They find him diving underwater for a long period of time.
(Manga-only)They ask Shimabukuro Iwao how he plans to defeat the Dempsey Roll. Shimabukuro shows them his thick neck, where he plans to take it head on. He plans to fight Ippo in a straight-up exchange of blows in a battle of endurance.
(Manga-only)Fuji mentions that Shimabukuro probably plans to fight not stop, where the match will be an endurance of who can hold their breath the longest while constantly throwing punches.
(Manga-only)Ippo watches a video of Shimabukuro Iwao defeating Okita Keigo in 32 seconds. He notices Shimabukuro is 5 cm shorter than him. Shimabukuro's boxing is similar to Ippo's. Kamogawa notes Ippo's match will be his first match fighting at close range, all of Ippo's previous opponent have been their best in the middle range.
(Manga-only)Ippo show Kamogawa that he been trying to improve the Dempsey Roll's speed. But Kamogawa tells him to stop since it is making the Dempsey Roll light. He tells speed has taken place of power. He tells Ippo to ignore the speed, and its greats weapon is its destructive power. Ippo needs to increase his power along side speed, otherwise there is no meaning to it.
(Manga-only)Kamogawa (and Miyata) mention the Dempsey Roll is weak to counters. It is a simple left to right movement. The simple motion patter makes gathering the correct timing very straight-forward. After taking account the various elements, any full counter would backfire with twice the force.
(Manga-only)Ippo begins intense training to evolve the Dempsey Roll. Other members of the gym thinks Ippo's training menu is impossible.
(Manga-only)Kamogawa is trying to makes Ippo's blood more concentrated into a pure-blooded infighter. He thinks Ippo's next match is to determine who the greatest infighter in Japan is.
(Manga-only)Shimabukuro Iwao visits Ippo's house to see the ocean. Umezawa Masahiko think he looks like an old man, even though he is only 22. He is in Tokyo sparring. Ippo notices that he is going thru weight management.
(Manga-only)Shimabukuro doesn't think Ippo is not a Man of the Sea, but changes his opponent after meeting Ippo's mom.
(Manga-only)Shimabukuro mention to Ippo about taking him to the bottom of the sea, and seeing who can hold their breath the longest in their match.
March (Manga-only)Kamogawa notices Ippo's muscle are at their limit, and tells Ippo not to come to the gym for a while. Ippo complain since he only has 2 weeks before his match. Kamogawa tells him to let his muscles rest for 1 week. He tells Ippo to soak in a pool.
(Manga-only)Ippo head to swimming to soak for a week, while Mashiba Kumi, Itagaki Nanako, and Itagaki Manabu visit him.
(Manga-only)Shimabukuro heads back to Okiniwa.
(Manga-only)Nanako visits Ippo at the pool again, and notices Ippo staying under the water for a long period of time.
(Manga-only)Ippo returns to the gym after resting one week. Kamogawa does mitt training with him. Ippo's speed and power have level-up. During the spar, he hears lightning sound.
(Manga-only)Kamogawa wants to continue, but Takamura stops it since he thinks Kamogawa might have broken his fists from Ippo's punch. Takamura and Kamogawa talk about the "Ultimate Punch."
(Manga-only)Shimabukuro continues to trains, but heads to Tokyo for his match with Ippo.
(Manga-only)At the weigh-in, Shimabukuro shows his armor like body. Not to be out done, Kamogawa tells Ippo to get out of those clothes and show him what he's got. Ippo accidentally takes off all of his clothes in the process.

JBC Featherweight Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Shimabukuro Iwao by KO, 7 Rounds 2 Minutes 15 Seconds Defends JBC Featherweight Title For The 4th Time

Shimabukuro Iwao retires after the match.
A few days later, Kumi, Nanako, and Mari visit Ippo's house, where Ippo's been sleeping for 2 days. During they visit, they compete against each other in taking care of Ippo, and look at Ippo's photo albums.
After a few days, Ippo visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He notices a tall and skinny person looking like Aoki. Takamura mentions Aoki messed up his weight control.
Ippo tells Kamogawa he realizes the Dempsey Roll is weak to counters, and now knows why Kamogawa refused the match with Miyata Ichirō.
Ippo's injuries heal and he returns to Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He notices someone short and fat that looks like Aoki.
April Aoki returns to the gym looking normal. They discuss Aoki's odds at winning, and Aoki's opponent.
Aoki reads a newspaper articles, where Imae mentions crushing the Frog Punch. They start to discuss Aoki using a new technique for his match if the Frog Punch won't work.
While talking to Tomiko in their apartment, Aoki Masaru starts to have an idea for a new technique (the look away), and think he can use it.
Yagi mentions the tickets are sold out for Aoki's match. Apparently Aoki's match are popular with young people because they can relax and enjoy it.
Imae finishes preparing and researching Aoki. He thinks he will have an easy win, and thinks of Aoki as a clown.
Itagaki passes his weign in, and Aoki passes it too (but after taking off his clothes.)

Aoki mentions his new skill to Katsutaka Imae.

Imae breaks up with his girlfriend in order to focus on Boxing.
Round One of the Rookie King Tournament

Itagaki Manabu defeats "unknown" Boxer.

JBC Lightweight Title Match

Aoki Masaru fights Imae Katsutaka to a draw.

Ippo again meets Kobashi Kenta who announces his retirement from boxing to become a trainer.
After a week, Aoki mentions he won't retire from boxing. He introduces two new followers that look up to him, forming Aoki-Gumi
Ippo heads to Osaka to watch Sendo's comeback match.

Sendō Takeshi wins his comeback match by a brutal KO, 1 Round 1 Minute 33 Seconds.

Ippo meets Sawamura Ryūhei (JBC Ranked 3rd) after the match. He was Sendo's training partner.
Volg's Mother Dies, and Volg plans to head to Japan to pick up his Boxing Gloves from Ippo, and head to the America to restart his boxing career.
At the Press Conference, Takamura announces this is last match as a Junior Middleweight Champion. He plans to relinquish the belt and announce his quest to conquer 6 weightclass brackets.

In order to prove it, Takamura will make an example of Larry Bernard, where he won't take a single punch. It will end completely one-sided.

WBC Junior Middleweight Defense Match

Takamura Mamoru defeats Larry Bernard by KO, Relinquishes WBC Junior Middleweight Title and moves up to Middleweight.

May Kamogawa shows Ippo many challenge letters. He calls Ippo a Cheese Champion, even though he defended the title 4 times. Ippo choose Sawamura Ryūhei letter as his next opponent.
Ippo plans to break down and rebuild the Dempsey Roll in order to evolve it so it works against Modern boxers. He tries to spar with Kimura to find out how to do it, but it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do it, making it hard to find sparring partners.
Itagaki is able to break down the Dempsey Roll (the line of sight), and find out what Sawamura's plan is where takes a step back and counters a hook.
Alexander Volg Zangief returns to Japan

He stays at Ippo's family's fishing business for awhile and trains at the Kamogawa gym.

Sendō Takeshi visits Sawamura Ryūhei to try to be his sparring partner, but Sawamura refuses. (Manga-Only)They talk about their past, when they first met.
Alexander Volg Zangief gets back into shape and spars with Ippo to show him how the Dempsey Roll can be beaten.

He beats Ippo and this proves to be a great lesson for his next match.
He goes to America as soon as the sparring match is over.

Ippo starts running with tires to build up his lower body strength. Ippo realizes if the opponent can read his rhythm, he might be able to change it, but it puts a lot of pressure on his lower body joints. If Ippo can get his body to withstand the stress, he can evolve the Dempsey Roll.
June Two weeks before the match, Ippo's plans to evolve the Dempsey Roll work, but he injured his knees in the process. Yamaguchi Tomoko advises Ippo to only use it 2 times as his limit.
After the weigh-in, Sawamura Ryūhei nicks Mashiba Kumi with a punch, making Mashiba Ryō mad. Ippo stops the fight in order to save it for the ring tomorrow.
JBC Featherweight Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Sawamura Ryūhei by KO, 7 Rounds 1 Minute 15 Seconds Defends Japanese Featherweight Title For The 5th Time.

Sawamura Ryūhei get sent to the Hospital. He has 3 broken ribs, 4 lost teeth, and a fracture in his left eye socket, where the eyeball sunken in.
Sendō Takeshi visits him and mentions Ippo's Fist who bring the best out of people, he has a blade of life (or healing fist.)
Mashiba Kumi walks Ippo home. She learns about Ippo's father. When she leaves, Makunouchi Hiroko notices her brother stalking her.
Ippo gets check out by the doctors, where he doesn't have any brain damage. Yamaguchi Tomoko doesn't want Ippo trying for a while, until his legs are able to heal. She tells Ippo he shouldn't rely on the Dempsey Roll since it puts too much burden on his body.
Umezawa Masahiko leaves the fishing business to become a manga artist. Ippo considers Umezema his best friend.
Itagaki replaces him, since it is a good place to improve and train as a boxer. He sees results in his next match.

Round 2 Rookie King Tournament

Itagaki Manabu defeats "unknown" Boxer in 2 Rounds.

July Ricardo Martinez wins against unknown opponent in a World title match. Record mentioned is 68 Fights - 64 KO's, and no losses, 21 straight title defenses.
The Kamogawa Gym goes out on Makunouchi Fishing Boat.
Takamura's Middleweight Title match is set. He'll be facing the WBC Middleweight Champion, David Eagle in August.

Miyata Ichirō will be fighting in the Semi-Final Match, defending his OPBF Featherweight
Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya are opening up as usual.

Ippo spars with Imai Kyōsuke again and has a tough time due to the damage from the Sawamura Ryūhei match.
Takamura and Miyata go on a training camp. Takamura practices fishing in order to beat Yagi, but Miyata Senior advises against it since Yagi could be a Legendary Fisherman if he chosen the path of fishing.
Takamura spars with Miyata, after calling his counter (punches) weak.
Later, Takamura show Miyata have improve his punch.

Miyata calls Ippo asking about Takamura's Eye.

Ippo visits Sanada Kazuki to get to the bottom of Takamura's potential retinal detachment problem.
After Takamura returns from the training Camp, Ippo confronts Takamura about his eye. Takamura doesn't really answer, but shows Ippo what Miyata did when he hit him. He reads a words from a magazine that Ippo is holding up. Ippo leaves thinking Takamura's vision is okay.
Takamura challenges Yagi to a Fishing Contest at his favorite pond. The contest ends in a draw after he jumps in and catches the fish barehanded.
Yagi Haruhiko tells Aoki and Kimura who they are fighting. Kimura is fighting the Philippine Jr Light Champion, Eleki Battery, and Aoki is fighting Indonesia Lightweight Champion, Papaya Dachiu.
Takamura makes a bet with Aoki and Kimura if they don't win, they will get the same haircut as them.
East Japan Rookie King Tournament Quarter-Finals

Itagaki Manabu defeats "unknown" boxer.

August Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura go on another training camp.
Match Poster is posted. Fight is advertised as a A Passing Point.

Takamura Mamoru, Kimura Tatsuya, and Aoki Masaru returns from training camp looking tan. They continue to train.

David Eagle arrives in Japan. He goes straight to Kawahara Boxing Gym for training. Ippo, Kamogawa, and Yagi head there to watch him spar. They witness David signing autographs for the local kids (including Ippo and Miyata.)
David Eagle doesn't try to hide anything. He is planning to fight in a Foward manner. Miyata thinks David is the Perfect Textbook Boxer.
David Eagle mentions that Bryan Hawk has become completely broken after losing to Takamura.
Takamura is able to pass the weigh in for the match. At the Press Conference, Takamura consider this match as a step on his Journey in conquering 6 weightclasses.
Kimura Tatsuya draws against the Philippines Junior Lightweight Champion, Eleki Battery.
Aoki Masaru draws against the Indonesian Lightweight Champion, Papaya Dachiu.
OPBF Featherweight Title Defense Match

Miyata Ichirō defeats Medngern Dachboy by KO, 5 Rounds. Defends OPBF Featherweight Title for the 4th Time.

WBC Middlweight Title Match

Takamura defeats David Eagle by KO, 8 Rounds. Becomes WBC Middleweight Champion.

Takamura Mamoru starts advertising products on TV. Takamura ends up cutting Aoki's hair into the shape of a Broccoli since he didn't win his match.
September Aoki Masaru debuts as 'Broccoman' in a commercial.

Becomes popular all over Japan, even more popular than the champ Takamura.

Ippo, Itagaki Manabu, and Itagaki Nanako watch Itagaki's next opponent match in the Rookie King Tournament, Makino Fumito, the person Itagaki lost to in his debut match. Itagaki mention Makino cheats to win since that match. Makino is using Flickers.
Makino meets Ippo and Itagaki after the match, and critizes Itagaki for having a girl lift his spirits. Imai Kyōsuke arrives and mentions the girl is his sister.
Itagaki spars with Mashiba at the Tōhō Boxing Gym, in order to prepare for Makino Fumito. Itagaki becomes friends with Mashiba Ryō, even giving him info about Ippo and Kumi.
Iimura Mari visits Makino Fumito and gets more background on him.
Mashiba Kumi and Ippo stalk Mashiba Ryō, thinking he has a date, but he is meeting Itagaki.
October East Japan Rookie King Semi Finals

Itagaki beats Fumito Makino by a 2 Round KO and advances to the finals.

East Japan Rookie King Semi Finals

Imai Kyōsuke beats Terai Makoto by a 1 Round KO and advances to the finals.

Broccoman is the biggest thing Japan gots going. Aoki decided to confront Takamura to decide who is more famous. Aoki thanks Takamura for making him famous. Takamura decides to travel around Japan for a while until Broccoman fade dies done.
Ippo's next opponent is decided 7th Ranked, Karasawa Takuzou. He won the Rookie King Tournament the previous year. He stated he has a plan against the Dempsey Roll.
Ippo wants to restart all over and start from the basics.
Sanada Kazuki visits Karasawa Takuzou after hearing he will fight him.
Ippo starts hammering logs into the ground. He is trying to build a body that's good with sideways twisting motions.
Karasawa starts focusing on improving his abs to take Ippo's punches.
Takamura is in Aomori, where he lifts a truck stuck in a ditch during his Travels.
Ippo gets warned not to bury logs in the embankment. Ippo mentions that he will be relying on his experience more this match since he wants to restart from the basics. Ippo realizes he depended on the Dempsey Roll too much.
Takamura visit Nagano, Yamanashi, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyuushu during his travels across Japan. He maded it to Okinawan.
November Ippo notices Karasawa built up his body at the weigh in. Ippo see Sanada Kazuki acting as a second for Karasawa.
Takamura returns from his travels. He gifts Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura some old fried squid that causes stomache problems.
JBC Featherweight Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Karasawa Takuzo by KO, 2 Rounds 2 Minutes 15 Seconds Defends Japanese Featherweight Title For The 6th Time.
(Note: This match is shown taking place on 10/3 in the Fight Poster, but it is probably meant to take place on 11/3 instead, since there is not enough time after Itagaki match against Makino Fumito for Ippo to train.)

Imai mentions to Itagaki, that Ippo match was a good reference for him against Itagaki. He also tells the difference between them is he wants to fight Ippo, where as Itagaki chose to be stuck under him.
Itagaki makes a bet with Imai on who will win. Imai wants to date Itagaki to introduce him to his sister.
Ippo and Itagaki watch Volg's match on TV.

IBF World Jr Lightweight 4th Ranker, Eric Thompson vs Alexander Volg Zangief (6th Ranker). Alexander Volg Zangief wins.
Itagaki mentions that Ippo is currently ranked 12th.

After watching Volg's match, ippo mentions he envies Hybrid boxers, where they can outbox or switch to infighting when needed. Where they have a lot of options in their fighting, which could be the key to victory.
Aoki confronts Takamura, where the Gym will be decided into factions. Aoki thinks he won since he is popular, but Yagi mentions childern are tired of Broccoman and throwing it away. Because of the images of Broccoli is down, the commercial has been pulled.

Shinoda mentions there is a bad rumor going around town, where Aoki was seen covered in crap at Kourakuen Hall.

Umezawa Masahiko's manga, "Ma Ippou Get You!!" wins the Rookie Manga Award.
Umezawa Masahiko mention to Ippo to tell Itagaki what he hates having done to him in a match in order to help him. Anything that makes him struggle, must be the same for other boxers.
Ippo spars with Itagaki. Ippo is able to read Itagaki, and predict his moves.

Takamura mentions to Ippo that if they got one more round he would have KO him. He realized that Itagaki can't be Imai. There is only 1 week until his match, and Ippo doesn't want to change his strategy this late. Takamura tells Itagaki is he lacking unpredictability.

Imai's coach mentions Maezono has already won the West Japan Championships.
East Japan Rookie King Finals

Itagaki beats Imai Kyōsuke by Decision and becomes East Japan Rookie King Wins Most Talented Rookie Award.

Itagaki injured his achilles tendon, and broken his left fist during the match. He sent to the Kawai Hospital.
After the match, Ippo, Kamogawa, and Yagi Haruhiko run into Sendō Takeshi. He came to check out the enemy. Hoshi Hiroyuki is introduced, where he won the West Japan Rookie Kings, since Hoshi is his Kouhai.
Hoshi Hiroyuki wants to challenge Ippo. Ippo mentioned that Itagaki is strong. Hoshi bets Ippo if he is able to beat Itagaki, Ippo will accept his challenge.
Ippo ask Kamogawa when can he fight Miyata. He wants to relinquish the JBC title in order to fight Miyata Ichirō.

Kamogawa agrees with his request and they will throw a challenge to the OPBF champion.

Kamogawa Genji call Miyata Senior about setting up a match between Ippo and Miyata. Miyata Senior mentions that Miyata has title defense scheduled in January. If he can clear that, he is free to fight Ippo. Kamogawa plans on Ippo fighting Miyata in the Spring.
Kamogawa Boxing Gym has a newly adopted war cry "Guts, Gattsun, Gattsun", mentioned in Itagaki's match against Imai.
Kamogawa tells Ippo his next match will be in the Champion Carnival at the beginning of the year, two days before Miyata's OPBF title defense. If they both win, they will be able to fight in the Spring.
December Itagaki gets released from the Kawai Hospital. Ippo picks him up in a truck, and drives slowly to Kamogawa Boxing Gym
Itagaki Manabu learns they resigned him from the All-Japan Rookie Kings due to his injuries.
Ippo mentions that Hoshi Hiroyuki challenged him, but Ippo only agreed if he was able to beat Itagaki. After watching Itagaki beat Imai Kyōsuke, Ippo decided to gives the "Baton-pass" that he got from Date to Itagaki.
Ippo finds out who his next opponent is, Take Keīchi
Ippo and Itagaki Manabu go to watch the Rookie King Finals. While there, Date Eiji mentions to Ippo that it's not bad to look up, but he needs to be sure to check below too. Date tells Ippo that Take is a man he didn't want to fight when he was first Champion. Take Keīchi is a genius at finding weakness.
Iimura Mari heads to Kyuushuu to interview Take. Take discusses his past, and about his son.
Manga Chapter Covered - Round 399 to Round 633


Year Month Event
1996 January Ippo continues training for his match with Take. His theme for his training is "The tenacity to never stop punching", where Ippo focus on improving his stamina.
Ippo meets Take at the weigh in. Take appears to be ill, Ippo offers to postpone the fight in order to get better.
Ippo tells Take that he will not betray the hopes he placed on this match. He wants to have a good match with him, and plans to fight with everything he has.
Yagi mentions that Take was probably faking his illness to throw Ippo off his game.
JBC Featherweight Title Defense Match

Ippo defeats Take Keichi by KO, 6 Rounds 1 Minute 00 Seconds. Defends Japanese Featherweight Title For The 7th Time.

Take's son wants to be a boxer. He wants to be strong like his dad, and a man who won't run no matter who he faces or what happens. He wants his dad to become his coach.
After the match Kamogawa issues a challenge to Miyata Ichirō for the OPBF Featherweight Title.
Yagi annouces upcoming matches for everyone. Takamura will be defending his World title, Aoki and Kimura will be the openers this around too. Their opponents are rematch with Eleki Battery and Papaya Dachiu.
Aoki shows he only has 5 hair left on his head.
Ippo, Kumi, and Mashiba head to watch Miyata OPBF title defense match. Mashiba mention his opponent for the Champion Carnival hasn't been decided yet. There is one guy he wants to payback.
OPBF Featherweight Title Defense Match

Miyata defeats Che Jounbong by KO, 4 Rounds. Defends OPBF Featherweight Title For The 5th Time.

Ippo, Kumi, Mashiba, Fuji, and Mari all go out to eat after the match.
Miyata Senior tells Miyata his match with Ippo will be called off since he broke both of his fist. He expect it will take a while for them to fully heal.
Miyata meets Randy Boy Jr. after the fight. Randy Boy Jr mention that they are destined to fight each other.
Randy Boy Junior tells Mr. Sakaguchi that Miyata broke his fists. Mr Sakaguchi has an idea on how to get Miyata to fight Randy Boy Junior.
Kamogawa tells Ippo that his match with Miyata was delayed since Miyata broke his fists. Recovery and Rehab will take up to 3 months. Upon recovery for the OPBF title in his return match, they plan to give Ippo priority as #1 Challenger.
At the Press Conference, Takamura once his Fox hunt is over, he plans on conquering a 3rd weightclass, super middleweight division.
Fuji and Mari tell Ippo that Mashiba will fight Sawamura for his Champion Carnival match. Kimura is happy when he heard it. He thinks those two monsters will tear each other apart.
Kimura vs Eleki Battery - Draw
Aoki vs Papaya Dachiu - Draw

Aoki comes out of the match with just 1 single hair on his head.

World Title Match - Bantamweight Class

Ishii Yuuta vs Unknown Champion - Loses in 5 mins.

WBC Middleweight Title Defense Match

Takamura beats Richard Fox by a 1 Round KO. Successfully defends the WBC Middleweight Title for the 1st time.

Takamura goes to Nekota's place.
Itagaki spars with Mashiba, to prepare him for Sawamura. He finds out why Mashiba wants to fight Sawamura.
Takamura and Nekota play "A Boxer's Life" boardgame created by Nekota Ginpachi.

They decided to head to Tokyo to watch Mashiba Ryō vs Sawamura Ryūhei match in the middle of a Winter

April Itagaki's done sparring with Mashiba, and thinks it is a little to easy to land to counter on him. Ippo tells Itagaki the reason why Mashiba is probably fighting Sawamura, he hit Kumi.
Sawamura Ryūhei meets his teacher, and his teacher realizes Sawamura's changed since his match with Ippo, where he has calm down, not getting into trouble, and even holding down his construction job.
Mashiba Ryō tells Mashiba Kumi not to come to his match.
Mashiba and Sawamura meet each other at the weigh in. Mashiba wants to send Sawamura to the graveyard, Sawamura wants to do the same.
Nekota and Takamura get caught in a blizzard, and are saved by Hachi and his childern. They are able to make it in time to watch Mashiba vs Sawamura match.
JBC Junior Lightweight Defense Title Match

Mashiba Ryō loses to Sawamura Ryūhei by DQ, 6 Rounds. Sawamura becomes the JBC Junior Lightweight Champion.

After the match, Sawamura Ryūhei gets into a motorcycle accident and is gravely injured.

He retires as the JBC Junior Lightweight Champion.

Fujii Minoru tells Ippo that Mashiba Ryō will be suspended for more than six months to up to a year as penalty for his repeated fouls in his match with Sawamura Ryūhei.
Kimura Tatsuya is happy that Sawamura Ryūhei is retired, and Mashiba Ryō will be suspended, he thinks his chance at becoming Champion is close at hand. Ippo disagrees with Kimura laughing at other people's misfortunes.
May Kimura need extra help for the local area shopping district baseball game since they are missing 3 people. They ask Takamura, Itagaki, and Ippo to take part in the game.
Aoki and Kimura show great baseball skill during Shopping District Baseball Game. Wanpo ends up winning the game for them.

Ippo shows signs of retiring after his match with Miyata.

Itagaki and Ippo head to Osaka to watch Hoshi Hiroyuki and Sendo's matches. During the train ride, they mention Mashiba Ryō got a 6 month Suspension. Ippo mentions that Mashiba is treating the suspension as a vacation and is preparing himself to challenge the World.
Hoshi Hiroyuki beats Bunsaku Krati by a 1 Round KO.

After he wins the match, Hoshi does a mic performance about fighting Ippo after one more match. He ends up causing some of the fans to leave before Sendo's match.
Sendo decides to punish him by making him stand there till his match is done.

Sendō Takeshi beats Jose Ramirez by KO, 6 Rounds.

Becomes ranked 23rd in the WBC Featherweight Division.

After the match, Sendo, Ippo, and Itagaki go out to eat. Sendo mentions his goal is to challenge Ricardo Martinez.
Sendō Takeshi talks about Hoshi Hiroyuki, and when he leaves, Sendo mentions that he doesn't think Miyata Ichirō and Ippo are ever going to actually fight, they don't seem fated to fight at all.
Kamogawa Genji tells Itagaki Manabu that Hoshi Hiroyuki sent a challenge letter to him. Itagaki is up for the match, but Kamogawa tells Itagaki there are two stipulations. The match will take place in Osaka, and a promise if Itagaki loses, they get a Title match with Ippo.
Kamogawa tells Itagaki he is still a 6 Rounder (Class B License), where needs to fight another match to be qualified to enter a 8 Round match (for Class A License.) Itagaki's got a fight in 3 weeks to get his credentials.
Yagi Haruhiko mentions the OPBF is getting ready to selet an Interim Champion because of Miyata's injuries.
June Itagaki wins a match against unknown opponent by decision, is now an 8 Round Boxer.
Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya joke to Itagaki Manabu about having 2 decision wins in a row, where he is getting closer to them every second. The explain it is fate, because they got the Trainer from Hell (Shinoda Tomoyuki) coaching them.
Miyata Senior tells Miyata they are holding an Interim Champion since Miyata's recovery will take awhile. He mentions the position is decided by the top rankers, but Ippo turned it down in order to focus on his match with Miyata.

The Interim Champion will be a match between Filipino OPBF #2 vs Thai OPBF #3.

Miyata doesn't care about it since he doesn't plan on fighting the winner, since he only wants to fight Ippo.

Miyata looks at the OPBF rankings to see who they are. OPBF #2 Randy Boy Junior vs OPBF #3. Banai Jakkuim
Miyata thinks Randy Boy Junior's name seems familiar, but doesn't remember where.

Ippo continues to train for his match with Miyata.
Yagi mentions that they turned down the offer to fight in the OPBF Interium Title match since Ippo is only focused on Miyata, and he probably would have lost.

Yagi Haruhiko and Kamogawa Genji think Randy Boy Junior looks familiar but don't know where.

Itagaki watches a Former Club mate, Suzuki's debut match. He joined Kawahara Boxing Gym. He talks about looking up to Miyata.
Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya discuss the possiblity that Ippo might retire after he fights Miyata. They wonder if Ippo will be able to find himself a new goal, or quitting boxing.
Itagaki Manabu is struggling. He can see all the punches, but his timings all wrong.
Fujii Minoru and Iimura Mari come by to interview Itagaki Manabu, about the next generation of boxers, and his future plans.
They discuss the possibility of Ippo not fighting Miyata, where they aren't fated to meet.
Shinoda Tomoyuki turns in a resignation letter, if Itagaki isn't able to defeat Hoshi Hiroyuki.
July Everyone heads to Osaka for Itagaki match with Hoshi Hiroyuki. Prior to the match, Yagi Haruhiko tells everyone that Shinoda Tomoyuki handed in his resignation if Itagaki loses.
Shinoda Tomoyuki fears that he really is a trainer from hell who only teaches how to fight in mud matches. He feels if Itagaki were to lose on top it, then it would be his fault for not helping him utilize his talent.
Itagaki Manabu has his match against Hoshi Hiroyuki, wins by KO, 1 Round.
The match was the debut of Itagaki Manabu "The Genius"

Itagaki becomes the 10th Seed in the JBC Featherweight Division.

Itagaki has a flashy celebrations that angers the crowd, and Hoshi Hiroyuki does a mic performance after the match, looking for a rematch, and Itagaki response with a pun. The crowd approves of him.

(Not Shown)OPBF Featherweight Interim Title Match
Randy Boy Junior defeats Banai Jakkuim
Randy Boy Junior becomes OPBF Interim Featherweight Champion.

Fujii Minoru and Iimura Mari plans to head to Kamogawa Boxing Gym in order to find the secret to their success.
Takamura found a new training course, a dirtbike course. Takamura, Itagaki, and Ippo try it out only to discover it was covered in dog crap. Takamura blames Wanpo, and plans to prank Aoki with it.
Ippo decides to clean it up instead, ruining Takamura's prank. He does something else instead, which causes Fuji and Mari to stop their planned article into Kamogawa Boxing Gym.
Aoki's hair is fully regrown after losing it a few times. Tomiko wants Aoki to stand up for himself, and thinks he is turning into a Loser.
Aoki Masaru tries to get revenge on Takamura, but fails with his weak guardian spirit protecting him.
Ippo plans to retire after his match with Miyata in order to help his mom and take over the Family Fishing Boat.
Miyata Ichirō meets Ippo and tells him that it isn't their destiny to fight. He calls off their impending match.
Miyata Senior mentions to Kamogawa the new interim OPBF Champion called Miyata Ichirō, and mention it is the champion's duty to fight the interim champion upon his recovery.
Kamogawa Genji cuts ties with Miyata Ichirō and his father because Miyata called off the match.
Itagaki meets with Suzuki from Kawahara Boxing Gym, and tires to find out why Miyata called off the fight.
Ippo doesn't know what to do not that he can't fight Miyata. Kamogawa yells at him, and tells him not to return to the gym until he does.
Takamura's next World Middleweight Title Defense has been announced for September 12, against Rickey Mouse. Aoki vs Padawan Yoda, Kimura vs Mikhail Gehon, and Itagaki vs Alex Harker are before it.
Its been a week since Ippo hasn't been to the Gym, and Ippo continues to mope. Iimura Mari visits Ippo in order to get him to return to boxing after talking about her past, and the weight of a boxer's fists caring past opponent's dreams.
Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki leave for Training Camp to prepare for their upcoming matches.
August Ippo decides to return to Kamogawa Boxing Gym, after he realizes his fists are light.
Ippo apologizes to Kamogawa.
Kamogawa plans on Ippo to fight as soon as possible. Kamogawa tells Ippo the situation of the World. To get anywhere, you need to get priority challenging privileges, an obligation to fight, where Ippo needs to be ranked 1st in the entire World.
Kamogawa primary reason they wanted to fight Miyata for the OPBF title, by beating Miyata (who was Ranked in the top 10), Ippo would have had very little wait time before challenging for a World title. Now that Ippo's shortest route is cut off,

Kamogawa's goal is to fight another OPBF country Champion in order to make an unofficial #1, by becoming the strongest in all of the OPBF.

Ippo will have a match in one month. His next opponent is decided, Jimmy Sisphar, known as "Scratch J".
Aoki, Kimura, Itagaki, and Takamura return to Kamogawa Boxing Gym after the training camp. They notices fight posters for Ippo's next match.
Itagaki wants to spar with Ippo, but Kamogawa tell Itagaki he doesn't want them sparring since a spar where Ippo can't hit anything is just going to make him lose confidence.
They talk about Ippo's next opponent. Ippo mentions his opponent is someone that fought Miyata.
Scratch J arrives in Japan.

At the weigh in, Scratch J asks about Miyata. Scratch J show signs of being Punch Drunk.

September Survival Match of Asian Champions

Ippo defeats Thailand Featherweight Champion, Jimmy Sisphar AKA 'Scratch J' by KO,4 Rounds 2 Minutes 30 Seconds. Unveils the Dempsey 360 for the first time.
(Note: The fight poster advertises this match taking place on 8/1/9X, but there is not a lot of time for it to happen in August after his break up with Miyata. Chances are it takes place on 9/1 instead, two weeks before Takamura's match.)

Scratch J plans to retire after the match.
Takamura's trying to find his "Special Punch" based on an animal like other memebers of Kamogawa Boxing Gym have at a Zoo and during his travels across Japan.
Mashiba Kumi visits Ippo while he is fishing, she talks about Mashiba Ryō since he been suspended.
Takamura returns to Kamogawa Boxing Gym, and takes about his new punch, The Beetle Uppercut.
Itagaki Manabu defeats Alex Harker by 1 R KO.
Kimura Tatsuya defeats Michael Gehon by 5 R KO.
Aoki Masaru defeats Padawan Yoda by 9 R KO.
WBC Middleweight Title Defense Match

Takamura defeats Rickey Mouse by 1 R KO. Successfully defending his WBC Middleweight Title for the 2nd Time.

Nekota Ginpachi sends Ippo a letter, where he talks about inheriting Kamogawa's Fist.
(Not Shown)Fukui Kyosuke "defeats" Malcolm Gedo.

Malcom Gedo throws the match.

Kamogawa leaves on a trip for awhile, and Takamura left on another of his trips across Japan.

Ippo and Itagaki got to watch Miyata's return match after healing his Fists that he broke 8 months before.
Non-Title Match

Miyata defeats Donnie Sultan in 1 Round.
Miyata shows off his new punch, he started to learn from Takamura during their training camp prior to David Eagle match.

Miyata Ichirō mentions that Counters won't work on his next opponent, OPBF interim Champion Randy Boy Junior.
Ippo and Itagaki run into Mr. Sakaguchi after Miyata's match. Mr Sakaguchi tries to sign Ippo by offering a World title match, by beating his boxer Randy Boy Junior.
Mr. Sakaguchi mentions that Randy Boy Junior will defeat Miyata, based on their past family history. He mentions counter will be usually, where history has already proven it.
Ippo head to Monthly Boxing Fan to watch video of Randy Boy Junior. He meets Miyata Senior and Fujii Minoru while there.
Ippo learns the truth about Randy Boy Junior, and his past history with Miyata's Family. Miyata Senior talks about Raccoon Boy.

Ippo learns that Miyata Ichirō and his father don't live together anymore, since they left Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

Yagi Haruhiko talks about Miyata Senior vs Randy Boy Senior match, he mentions Randy Boy was called Raccoon Boy because he was a switch hitter.
(Not shown)Kamogawa Genji gets arrested for causing a distrubance in Sendai.
Aoki Masaru talks about his followers, Akamatsu Isamu and Kizakura Hiroshi, Team Aoki.
Kurita Baron arrives at Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He is a free lance trainer that makes Aoki Masaru, Kimura Tatsuya, Itagaki Manabu, and Ippo go through some harsh training. He that tries to sign Ippo, but Ippo turns him down since he wants to stay with Kamogawa when Challenging the World.
Takamura returns to the gym, and recognizes Baron as Marron, a former member of Kamogawa Boxing Gym.
Yagi Haruhiko and Shinoda Tomoyuki return.

Yagi receives a call that Kamogawa Genji was arrested. Yagi and Ippo head to bail him out.

Ippo finds out that Kamogawa was trying to get video of Ippo's potential next opponent, Malcolm Gedo.
Kamogawa explains why he was arrested when he realized that Malcolm Gedo took a dive against Fukui Kyosuke.

Fukui explains what happens, where a free lance trainer, Kurita Baron arranged it with out his approval.

Ippo mentions that Kurita Baron was a former memeber of Kamogawa Boxing Gym, and Kamogawa apologizes too.
Fukui Kyosuke visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym, and requests a spar with Ippo.

Kamogawa tells Ippo, he needs to defeat Fukui in a single round, in an attempt to make Fukui not retire. He call's Fukui's coach a failure.
Ippo beats Fukui in One Round.

Fukui talks to Ippo about his match with Gedo, and him being called the Magician.
He mentions Gedo's punch seems to extend.

Doesn't plan on retiring now, he wants to show Kamogawa that his coach is not a failure.

Yagi Haruhiko, Kamogawa Genji, and Ippo watch Malcolm Gedo's match against Fukui Kyosuke. They talk about Gedo's ability are definitely A-Class. Kamogawa thinks this match will drag into the later rounds. He notes it is hard to judge if punches are working on Gedo, or if he is acting.

Ippo wants to fight Gedo as his next opponent.

Manga Chapter Covered - Round 633 to Round 761


Year Month Event
1997 January Ippo tries to find out how Gedo is extending his arm. He ask Kumi if it is physically possible. Ippo feels his relationship has grown closers, while Kumi doesn't.
Aoki performs some magic tricks, Ippo asks them on possible ideas on how it is done, but no solution.

Ippo decided to forget about trying to find the answers, and he plans to be straight forward about it, he just plans to aviod it and do the same thing he always does, keep moving forward.

Kamogawa ask Yagi if they got a response from Gedo about the match date, Yagi mentioned they said tomorrow would be good.

Kamogawa thinks they are off Ippo's World Ranking, but Yagi mentions that Gedo didn't know who Ippo was. There only concern is how much they are going to get paid. It makes Kamogawa angry.

Kamogawa, Yagi, and Ippo head to Toho Boxing Gym to spar with Mashiba. Mashiba's long arm will help Ippo prepare for Gedo, and Mashiba's return match for the OPBF title fights similar to Ippo.
Ippo spars with Mashiba, where they show each other how much they have improved since they last fought. Mashiba shows a new uppercut. The spar ends in Ippo losing in 3R.
Kamogawa mentions that Mashiba's height is a natural defense to Ippo's Dempsey Roll, and expect Ippo to lose it.
Gedo visits Kamogawa to arrange his fight. He only cares about the money, which makes Kamogawa angry. Kamogawa offers One Million Yen, but Gedo doesn't agree to it. Kamogawa increases it to 2 Million Yen, but in exchange for the extra money the match takes place in one month, and the money only goes to the winner in a "Winner Takes All" match.
Gedo agrees to the All or nothing match, leaves after giving Kamogawa a bill for their travel expense.

As they leave, they run into Ippo and don't recognize him.

Mari visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym to discuss Ippo's next opponent. Takamura returns from his travels, and is jealous of Ippo's Winner Take All match, and wants one.
February Ippo mets Gedo at the weigh in. Gedo acts that he didn't make the weight limit in order to earn more money. Kamogawa see thru him.
Ippo notices Malcom Gedo has a few bullet scars on him.

Gedo asks if Kamogawa got the money ready. Kamogawa decides to add another 500,000 yen of his own money to the purse if he manages beat Ippo by KO.

Ippo runs into Gedo after the weigh in. Gedo mentions to Ippo that if he adds another 500,000 yen to the prize purse, he will let Ippo win.
Gedo talks about his past, and thinks the ring is the safest place in the World.

Ippo will give him another 500,000 yen if Gedo is able to fight seriously against him, and beats him using his full strength, bring the total Prize money to 3 million yen.

Ippo wasn't able to make it to the bank to take out money for the bet, where he needs to borrow it from Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki. Takamura only offers a few small change.
Survival Match of Asian Champions

Ippo defeats the Philippines Featherweight Champion, Malcolm Gedo by KO, 8 Rounds 2 Minutes 37 Seconds.

Ippo, Kamogawa, and Takamura run into Gedo after the match.

Kamogawa decides to give Gedo a share of the prize money for putting on a good match.

Takamura mentions to Gedo that he "solved" his magic punch, but Gedo won't confirm or deny it. Ippo wants to know if Gedo will continue to throw matches, and Gedo says yes.
Gedo mentions that he ran into talent personified, where he was slaughtered. He knew that he would never be able to win no matter how many times he fought him, so he knows where his limits are. He mentions that boxer is Randy Boy Junior.
Itagaki, Kimura, and Wanpo drop by Aoki's Ramen Shop, where they see a long line. The place has become popular for food after Aoki Group started working there.

Aoki shows them Aoki's Group Power Grid Graph research on Ippo, Itagaki, and Kimura. Itagaki and Kimura doesn't like their judgement on him, and Aoki's is wrong too.

Shinoda mentions to Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki if they really want to raise their rankings quickly, they need to join the Class A tournament. Kimura Tatsuya, Aoki Masaru, & Itagaki Manabu decide to compete in the Class A Tournament.
Fuji stops by the gym to get Ippo's comments on his fight, but talks Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki about how he judges their Power Grid Graph from an outsiders view.

Fuji explains his reasoning, where the World stage is a sifter. Big rocks (like Takamura) and pointy stones (like Ippo) don't fall thru.

Ippo is heal and ready to help with fishing boat, but due to a typhoon it is closed down for a few days. Itagaki takes Ippo and Yagi to Korakuen Hall.

Itagaki introduces them to Team Itagaki, who are taking there Pro Test in order to compete against Team Aoki.

During their Pro Test, Ippo runs into Karasawa and Saeki, who are going to enter the Class A Tournament. Fukui will be fighting too. Ippo thinks the Class A tournament will determine the King of Speed King.

While he was talking Team Itagaki failed their Pro Exam by getting KD. They decided not to become Pro Boxers.

Kumi visits Ippo while he is working (with Itagaki and Nanako) and mentions Mashiba is having a return OPBF title match. His suspension is almost over. Ippo plans to go with Kumi to the fight to cheer for him.
March Randy Boy Junior is sparring at Otowa Boxing Gym, and destroying all the availible boxers there making it hard to find other sparring partners.
Mr Sakaguchi wants to find other partners, but Coach Otowa doesn't think anyone will want to fight him after news of what he did spread. Mari mentions Itagaki could be a partner.
Itagaki wants to spar with Randy Boy Junior in order to test himself since he isn't able to spar with Ippo. Shinoda and Yagi don't really want to do it with Kamogawa gone, but agree to it.
Ippo, Itagaki, and Shinoda head to Otowa Boxing Gym for Itagaki's spar with Randy Boy Junior.
Itagaki loses to Randy Boy Junior in a spar after 1 Round.

Mr Sakaguchi celebrates Randy Boy Junior's win, and looks down on Japanese Boxers, and mentions Randy Boy Junior will one day beat Ricardo Martinez.

Randy Boy Junior notices Ippo staring at him, and Ippo wants to spar him. Randy Boy Junior agrees to the spar.

Right as the spar is about to start, Mr Sakaguchi stops it, and tells Ippo that he turned it down last time it was offered. Randy Boy Junior also doesn't want to spar with Ippo after learning he is ranked in the top 10.

Mr Sakaguchi mentions that Randy Boy Junior mentions if you like to put his World Ranking on the line and fight him for a proper match, he will consider it after Miyata's match and in the Philippines.
Imai returns to Otowa Gym covered with bruises, and he mentions that Miyata been sparring with two boxers (Right hander and Southpaw) at the same time in order to prepare for Randy Boy Junior.
Imai take Itagaki to Itagaki's house and meets Itagaki's family. Imai talks about his family and gets into a pun contest with Itagaki's dad.
Takamura returns to the gym after traveling to the South Islands. Kamogawa is back too.
After hearing that Miyata is sparring with two people at the same time, Takamura wants to top it by fighting 3 people in the Ring.

Kamogawa told Takamura if he doesn't get hit at all and defeats 3 people while sparring, he can relinquish his World title belt and conquorer the next weightclasses.

During Takamura's spar, Takamura KO one right away, but he gets tapped by the 2 opponents after getting surrounded by them, then defeats both in short order.

Kamogawa tells Takamura is having a Title defense then. Takamura agrees, but mentions next is the third weightclass.

Yagi announces the line up for Takamura's next defense.
In the middle of April, Takamura vs Ronald Duck (3rd WBC), Aoki and Kimura will be the opening matches, and the semi-final match is Miyata vs Randy Boy Junior.
Kamogawa mentions he didn't want to include Miyata's match since he cut ties with that family, but Yagi need extra cash in order for Takamura's 3rd World title match, so they needed an undercar that would fill up seats.
Imai continues to spar with Miyata, where he manages to defeat two opponents.
Imai asks Miyata Senior how long they plan to continue like this, and he mention they will have Miyata recover from exhaustion and damageas the fight nears. But in the meantime, if he can't learn a lot from this training, he will not be able to win since he is still missing something.
Sendo goes on his Beat Down Tour, where he travels around Japan challenging other boxers in order to prove he is ready for Martinez.
Takamura has trouble losing weight, since it is hard sweating during winter. Takamura talks to Ippo about Miyata's weight control.
Miyata Senior , Coach Kawahara and Kida (while Imai is listen) talk about Randy Boy Junior. Miyata Senior mentions they are done with Miyata sparring two people, he mentions Miyata needs a third type of punch that isn't any Miyata's repertoire. A punch from a low angle like an uppercut. They need a sparring partner that is good at throwing uppercuts.

Miyata Senior had planned on Ippo being it, but there is no way that can ask him to be a sparring partner. There is one month left before the match.

Itagaki tells Ippo that Imai is done sparring with Miyata. Itagaki mentions that Miyata needs to spar with Ippo, and Ippo agrees to do it, but Itagaki mention Kamogawa will never agree to it. Ippo tries to think of another boxer that is good at uppercuts.
Miyata practices his uppercut, and Miyata doesn't see why he needs it. Miyata Senior mention that Miyata is able to compensate for his light punches, but only when using straight or direct punches.

Miyata doesn't want to learn an uppercut since he think it will leave him open for a counter. But Miyata Senior mentions Ippo is able to throw it without worrying about it.

Miyata wants to win using his own style to win, but Miyata Senior mention that his style isn't really his.
Sendo defeats another boxer in a spar, and plans to head to Tokyo to spar with Miyata and Mashiba.
Itagaki tells Ippo that he got a match lined up, he will be fighting before Mashiba's OPBF title match.
Sendo arrives at Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He tells Ippo about his beat down tour. He mentions he plans to challenge Ippo for his first title defense as World Champion.
Takamura arrives at the gym, and Sendo tries to attack, but fails.

Sendo talks about fighting a lot of Mexican boxers to prepare for Martinez. He mentions it is hard adjusting to Mexican jabs. He wants to spar with Miyata and Mashiba to study their jabs.

Ippo want to take Sendo to Kawahara Boxing Gym to spar with Miyata, but Kamogawa doesn't let him. Itagaki goes instead, while Ippo stays at the gym.

After haunting the gym, Kamogawa decides Ippo to go out and buy some drinks (in order to watch Miyata's spar with Sendo.) Takamura tells Ippo to buy him some Tsuchinoko drink.

Ippo goes to Kawahara Boxing Gym to spy on Miyata's spar with Sendo, but Itagaki catches him.

Sendo provokes Miyata, and Miyata agrees with the spar.

Sendo spars with Miyata, it ends in Sendo's favor, where Sendo is able to dodge Miyata's straight punch since he is a head hunter. However, Ippo comments that Miyata didn't use his legs during the spar.
Miyata wants to use Sendo a sparring partner the next few days to learn an uppercut, but Sendo doesn't want to.
Sendo's trainer, Yanaoka-san arrives and agrees to the spar.
Yanaoka-san mentions he got some history with Miyata Senior, and got to Mayweather Bar part to take about the past while Sendo goes to Ippo's house to spend the night.
Sendo spends a week sparring with Miyata, and Sendo mentions Miyata's weight control is makes him a poor sparring partner. He and Yanaoka head back to Osaka, but plan to return to watch Sendo's match.
Takamura arrives looking like a Mummy. The Tsuchinoko drink Ippo bought Takamura made him have diarhea since he started drinking, where he can eat all he wants, anot gain any weight.
April Miyata continues with his training, and trying to lose weight for his match. Miyata been noticing his father has been holding his mitts higher and higher, where it breaks his form.
Everyone is able to make weight for their matches. During the Joint Press Conference, Mr Sakaguchi takes up most of the allowed time, which makes Takamura mad.
Kimura loses to Sim Rex in 5th Round Decision, where it was stopped by doctor due to heavy bleeding on both sides.
Aoki loses to Honsa Kreku in a 10th Round decision.
OPBF Unification Featherweight Title Match

Miyata Ichiro defeats the Interim OPBF Featherweight Champion, Randy Boy Junior by KO, 7 Rounds in the OPBF Unification Match
Miyata wins with Red Lighting Punch.

Takamura is mad that Miyata's Entrance is more flashy, and the fact that the crowd started leaving after his match was over.
WBC Wolrd Middleweight Title Defense Match

Takamura defeats Ronald Duck in the 10th Round by K.O. 3rd Middleweight Championship Defense.

After the match, Takamura ends up punching Mr Sakaguchi accidently, vowing never to return to Japan.
Sawamura tells Ippo that he is now a trainer in Nagoya.
Takamura makes fun of Aoki and Kimura for losing before going on another one of his trips.
Ippo plans ot work on his stamina for training after watching Miyata's match. During training, he almost kissed Mashiba Kumi, which starts to effect her at work.
Ippo spars with Itagaki, but he isn't able to hit him. Yagi and Shinoda discuss that Itagaki tends to focus more against stronger opponent, and he underestimates those below him and gets easily distracted.
Ippo and Kumi got to Mashiba's OPBF title match against Aaron Domirego. They run into Karasawa and Saeki, who are there to see Itagaki's match. They call Kumi, Ippo's girlfriend, and Ippo didn't deny it.
Itagaki notices Karasawa and Saeki before his match.
Itagaki defeats Gaoner by K.O. in Round 2.

Itagaki tried to show off to Saeki and Karasawa, during the match he throw's Miyata's Jolt Counter.
Itagaki sends a challenge to them about the Class A tournament as they leave.

Prior to Mashiba's match, Kumi mentions to Ippo that Mashiba has a fan club (Hell Society) made by his boss at the moving company.

OPBF Lightweight Title Match

Mashiba Ryō defeats Aaron Domirego in Round 10 by K.O. Wins the OPBF Lightweight Title Match, and Belt.

While training, Ippo tells Itagaki the difference between them is that it all boils down their age. If there situation was difference, and Itagaki was older, Ippo think Itagaki would be JBC Champion.
Kamogawa tells everyone, "Your every day efforts are what also define your weakness. SO don't waste your time. Always remember you're a boxer 24 hours a day and make sure you work keeping in mind the things you lack and need. If you don't do that, you will lose your upcoming fights."
Kamogawa tells Ippo his next opponents been decided, the Indensian Champion. He is undefeated 3 - 0, unrivaled genius, Wally.
They don't know how he fight since the video they recieved looks like a nature film.
Yagi mentions the person that sent the video is Miguel Zale, Bryan Hawk's former coach.
Ippo continue to watch the video when he notices someone swinging in the trees in it.
Kamogawa heads to Nekota's place, where they talk about Miguel Zale, and their history with him.
Miguel Zale is training Wally by jumping rope and dodging rocks. He talks to the villiagers about Wally's opponent, Ippo. He mentions Wally doesn't need to win the match, but also doesn't think he will lose the match either.
Ippo heads to the zoo for research, where he meets Mari. Mari mentions that the opponent isn't the only one teamed with a famous trainer, which gives Ippo some confidence.
Yagi tells everyone that Class A tournament brackets were released. Aoki and Kimura are set to face past opponents that beat them in the previous Class A Tourament.
Itagaki mentions his first opponent is Karasawa, and that there is only 5 people that enter it.

He mentions he will probably fight Saeki in the Finals.

Yagi mentions the Junior Lightweight, and Lightweight only had 4 enters too, where Kimura and Aoki need two wins and they won it.
Ippo, Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki continue to train for their matches.

Aoki and Kimura try to follow's Ippo's training menu, but they get left behind.
They wonder what kind of batteries Ippo is running on, and they realize that the difference between them is like Kamogawa mentioned where he trains 24 hours a day. They decided to train with that in mind with their every day efforts.

Takamura returns from his trip, and starts training with Ippo, Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki. Takamura easily passes them.
One month before the match, Ippo continues to train for it. Kamogawa has him practice trapping the opponent in the corner.
Miguel and Wally leave their island and head to Miguel's hometown New York City for fighting experience.
Wally spars Volg, now ranked 1st WBA Junior Lightwieght. Volg stops the spar because the spar was starting to get serious, where someone would get hurt if it continued.
Volg calls Ippo, and talks to him about his spar with Wally. Hama calls Kamogawa and mentions Ippo won't be able to trap Wally in a corner, since hat is where he is most effective.

Ippo mentions to Kamogawa that Hama is called Dan.

July Migeul and Woli arrive in Japan.

Ippo and Wally meet at the weigh in, where Wally is freindly and gives Ippo some bananas.
Wally mentions that he plans to take Ippo's World ranking.

Miguel meets Kamogawa after the weigh in and discuss their past.

Miguel mentions that Wally is his last son, where he plans to pour everything he has into him.

Survival Match of Asian Champions

Makunouchi defeats Indonesia Featherweight Champion Wally by K.O. in Round 8 1:35.

Miguel talks to Kamogawa after the match about Ippo and Kamogawa heading to a great disaster with how they fight, where it can lead to serious damage later on.
Wally head to New York, and wants Miguel to take him to the World stage.
Mari comes to Ippo's house to interview Itagaki about the Class A tournament, while Fuji interviews Aoki and Kimura.
Aoki and Kimura mentions focusing on a short term goal.
Itagaki tries to find a short term goal, when he notices Ippo's KO time for his match with Karasawa. He decided to defeat Karasawa faster than Ippo's time.
August Itagaki has a hard time with sparring Aoki and Kimura. He is not worried about winning his match, but reaching his short term goal that he set.
Ippo and Takamura head to watch Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura at the Class A Tournament.

Ippo runs into Sanada prior to the match, and discuss Karasawa and Itagaki. Saeki joins them later.

Class A Tournament Begins.

Itagaki Manabu defeats Karasawa Takuzou in Round 2 by K.O., Time 2:13.
Fukui lost Maezono in decision. Maezono is set to fight Saeki for the next Round.

Kimura Tatsuya defeats Ryuuzaki Takeshi after Round 10 by Decision.
Aoki Masaru defeats Jackal Itou after Round 10 by Decision.
Former Lightweight Champion Imae Katsutaka loses in Round one by K.O. to Iga Shinobu in Round 1 of the Class A Tournament.

Baron is working as Iga's coach.

When Takamura see Baron Kurita, he tells a pun to Aoki that his next opponent is going to be tough.
Kimura babysits Chie, daughter of the local Fish Shop, while her father is in the hospital.
Ippo, Itagaki, and Aoki head to Kimura's place to celebrate their victories in the Class A tournament. They discuss their dating life. Itagaki wants to know why Kimura doesn't have a girlfriend. Aoki notices anime and dolls for little a girl in Kimura's bedroom and think badly of Kimura.
Kimura gives Aoki, Itagaki, and Ippo tickets to Nermina Park, a local Amusement Park near the shopping district as a distraction.
Itagaki takes Mari on a date/interview to Nermina Park, where they run into Aoki and Tomiko, and Ippo and Kumi. They discuss Kimura.

They see Kimura with a little girl at Nermina Park, and call the local Cops on him.

Kimura gets released after the mother of the little girl explains everythings.
September Takamura goes on another trip.

Kamogawa mentions that Takamura got another match lined up for his next World title Defense, he tells Ippo is having a JBC Title Defense before it, against Kojima Hisato.

Ippo's next opponent is unranked as a Featherweight, and from a higher weight class.

After hearing he is a Former Lightweight, Aoki knows him, and discuss his past.

Kojima is at local Game Play Game and he punches 1900 KG on a punching Machine.
Kojima mentions he is a big fan of Ippo's.
Kamogawa announces the line up for upcoming matches. Ippo's and Takamura's title defense in October, and Class A Final in November.
Kojima spars with Miyata.
Miyata looks down on Kojima, but Kojima believes Ippo will slug it out with him. As he leaves, Kojima mentions if he had a sure fire way to land a punch early, what then.
Ippo is strengthen his neck in order to take a high weightclass punches, and building up his stamina.
Ippo, Itagaki, and Aoki head to watch Saeki vs Maezono's Class A Tournament Match.

While there they meet Kojima cheering for his junior fighting.

Ippo thinks he is a good person, and notices his scars on his hand.
Kojima starts to trash talk in order to make Ippo mad.
Ippo heads home.

Class A Tournament Semi-Finals

Saeki defeats Maezono in the 5th Round.

Mari, Fuji, and Fuji's assistant discuss Kojima.
Mari heads to Nishikawa Gym in order to find out more information on Kojima.
Mari interview Oda, now acting as an overweight trainer. Oda discuss Kojima with Mari.
Umezawa visit Ippo, he mentions that he is working as an assistant to the artists who does the weekly series "The Town You're In."

He came to discuss Ippo's next opponent after reading Boxing Fan Monthly, where he bad mouth Ippo's past opponent, which finally makes Ippo mad.

Miyata discusses Ippo's weakness is he doesn't know the meaning of retreat, he always charges ahead.
Kojima continues to research Ippo's past matches.
Ippo continues training to thicken his neck.
Takamura returns from his trip, and by a campfire with Chestnut burrs inside.
Takamura tells Ippo how to make sure not to go down by every time he gets just remember all his past opponents faces. This time fight like a Champion.
October Everyone continues to prepare for their matches. Takamura mentions that Ippo's doing squats on his towes while during lift weights with his mouth in order to increase his destructive power.
Kojima heads to a golf course for training in order to make weight.
Day of the Weigh in, Kojima passes out in the sauna. At the weigh in, he is just skins and bones from the harsh weight control.
Kojima continues to trash talk to Ippo, and disrespecting Kamogawa. Kajima mentions his punches are like getting hit by a truck.
Ippo leaves early instead of waiting for Takamura, which makes him mad. During the Press Conference, he causes an incident.
Sendo, Saeki, Date, Okiata, Mashiba, and Kumi all meet outside prior to the match. They are about to get into a fight, but it is stopped by Kumi.
Ippo doesn't think his match will take too long, while Kojima discusses Ippo's weakness, his plan to land a counter.
JBC Featherweight Title Defense

Makunouchi defeats Kojima Hisato, in Round 1 by TKO. For the 8th time he defends his Title succesfully.

Takamura enters the ring wear a badly painted Panda outfit, which upsets the crowd.
WBC World Middleweight Title Defense

Takamura succesfully defends his World Title for the 4th time, against Peter Rabbitson.

Date, Okita, Sendo, Saeki, Mashiba, and Kumi head to Mayweather after the match. They blame Takamura for the sour mood (while Takamura is listen.) Brawl breaks out between them, with Takamura winning it.
Mari visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym to hear Ippos thoughs on the Class A Tournament, and discusses Ippo's match with Kojima. Ippo feels he betrayed his training.
Mari and Aoki visit Kojima to hear his thoughts on the match, but he can't remember it. Aoki give Kojima Ippo's autograph. Kojima retires from boxing.
Ippo helps Umezawa with his manga one shot that is going to be published. Ippo is making a lot errors while trying to help him.

They discuss the Class A tournament, and how Ippo thinks they will do. Kimura's fighting a former Champion.

Itagaki goes with Ippo to another gym for sparring, but he ends up losing.
They discuss the possibility that Aoki and Kimura might retire if they lose the Class A tournament.
November Takamura calls Ippo and tells him he found Aoki's weakness, he has a habit of closing his eyes when getting punched at. He want Ippo tell Aoki about it, but Ippo doesn't want to spring it on him one week before his match.
Takamura tells Aoki about his weakness. Tomiko uses hypnosizes Aoki and finds out Takamura is the reason why Aoki closes his eyes.

Aoki goes thru harsh training by keeping his eyes open while taking Takamura's Right Straight punches in order to over his weakness.

The harsh training works, but Aoki spaces out from it. Kimura thinks about retiring. Itagaki is thinking about beating Saeki faster than Ippo's time.
Class A Tournament Final starts. Tomiko, Kimura's parents, and Itagaki's family set together to cheer them on.
Itagaki Manabu defeats Saeki Takuma in Round 4 by KO. Time (1:28) Itagaki becomes ranked in the OPBF.
Kimura loses to ___ in Round 10 by decision.
Aoki loses to Iga Shinobu in Round 7 by TKO. Shinoda throws in the Towel.

Aoki is carried out of the ring on a stretcher, and sent to Kawai Hospital.

Takamura confronts Baron, but Iga stops him. Takamura calls Iga a dog following Baron's orders.
Takamura mentions someone will get revenge, but doesn't give a name. He destroies a door as he leaves.
Kumi mentions Aoki is stable, but he will probably be in the hospital for a while.
Yagi mentions that Kimura and Aoki might retire after losing. He mentions they were pushed to their physical and mental limits.
Yagi thinks there is a chance that Shinoda might leave the gym too, since he feels guilty about them losing. Ippo mentions it is a turning point for the gym.
Ippo, Itagaki, and Kimura visit Aoki in the Hospital. Kimura mentions he is going to let Aoki decide if he retires. Aoki want Kimura to decide instead.
Aoki decided he wants to fight Iga again. He now has someone to chase after for a rival.
Kimura decide to not retire either.
December Itagaki's family goes out to eat Sushi to celebrate Itagaki's victory. They run into Saeki working.
Kamogawa calls Ippo into his office and ask if he wants to challenge the World Stage. Yagi mentions Martinez only wants to fight against contenders he deems worthy, and he only fights title matches against Boxers ranked 1st.
Ippo's next opponent is ranked 2nd in the WBC, Alfredo Gonzales. If Ippo is able to beat him, he will have a World Title match with Martinez.
Alfredo has two losses on his record, both to Martinez.
Manga Chapters Covered - Round 761 to Round 980


Year Month Event
1998 January Itagaki arrives and tells Ippo that Volg has a World Title match set up against the IBF Junior Lightweight Champion in Las Vegas in one week.

The Champion was scheduled to fight someone else, but the original challenger hurt himself while training. Volg is a stand in.

Kamogawa mentions that Volg is the unofficial #1, where a lot of people are ducking him.
Sendo arrives in Tokyo to watch Volg's title match with Ippo.
IBF Jr. Lightweight World Title Match

Alexander Volg Zangief defeats Mike Elliot, in Round 5 by TKO. Volg is now the new IBF Jr. Lightweight World Champion.

Sendou and Makunouchi spar without the permission of Kamogawa. Ippo loses completely, and later Takamura asked Sendou if he has gotten weaker. He answers that he is strong, and just he became stronger.
Kamogawa tells Ippo his JBC title is being relinquished. With the throne being vacant, Itagaki will have a JBC title match.
February Volg appears on the Febuary issue of Boxing Fan Monthly.

Mari and Fuji discuss Volg match, and Ippo giving up the JBC Featherweight Belt. They also discuss Miyata, Sendo and Mashiba's situation on challenging the World.

Ippo delievers some extra fish to Kumi. Ippo decides to stay for dinner when he finds out Mashiba's not home.
They almost kiss, but they are interrupted by Mashiba.
When Mashiba see's Ippo's face covered in bandages, he wonders who beat him. He mentions Sendo. Ippo mentions that he wants to be able to walk home using his own two feet, and Mashiba thinks that is not something a guy looking for a Wolrd title should say. He think it is no wonder Ippo got beat, where Ippo's weak.
Ippo finds out that Itagaki is fighting Imai for the vacant title. Itagaki is pretty confident that he will be able to win.

Takamura wonder when he can finally conqueror the next weightclass.

Yagi mentions that there is a potential Unification match for him, but the negotiations with any Champions are extremely complicated.
Ippo, Kimura, Aoki, and Itagkai discuss talk about Ippo's next opponent.
Takamura arrives and makes a joke about Ippo being a cinch for a World Champion when he shows them the cover of Boxing Fan Monthly, where Ippo is "cocked and ready for battle".
Itagaki's dad arrives, where he mentioned he was laid off from work. Itagaki plans on being the JBC champion in order to bring more money in.
Miyata research Ippo's next opponent, and thinks he will be extremely tough.
Ippo and Itagaki discuss Imai's past match. Ippo mention he tends to research opponent in the morning and at night. Ippo also mentions that Alfredo reminds him of Ricardo Martinez.
Alfredo Gonzales calls Martinez to considered another rematch. If he beats Ippo, will Martinez accept his challenge. However Martinez doesn't remember Ippo since he fights too many people to remember their names.

Alfredo decided to become #1 to challenge him again. Martinez's coach mentions that Martinez knows Ippo since he uses the Dempsey Roll.

Ippo continues to practice for his match. He is trying to adjust to the Mexican Jab.
Alfredo Gonzales talks to his girlfriend Lisa, and talk about their past, where he admires Martinez.
Date visits Boxing Fan Monthly. Mari shows him tapes of Alfredo to get Date's opinion on him.

Date thinks Alfredo's got the good, and he isn't a cheap knock off of Martinez. He mention copying someone isn't enough, they also need amibition to take it to the next level, and surpass your goal.

He thinks Alfredo Gonzales is like Miyata, but with Sendo's wildside. He thinks Ippo has a 60-40 chance at winning, where there is real chance he will run into a decision loss.

He mentions that Ippo might have gotten weaker.

Ippo continues to train.
After sparring with Ippo, Kimura mentions that Ippo's angle's have changed for his punches.
March Alfredo Gonzales arrives in Japan wearing a training suit.

Imai wants to spar with him, but his coach won't let him with his match coming up.

Everyone pass the weigh in.

Alfredo Gonzales quotes Martinez, and mentions he doesn't expect too much from Ippo.

Sendo and Mashiba head to Ippo's match. They end up sitting together.
JBC Featherweight Title Match

Itagaki loses to Imai, in Round 1 by TKO. Imai takes the JBC Featherweight Title.

Preliminary World Title Challenge

Ippo loses to Alfredo Gonzales, in Round 7 by TKO. Alfredo goes for a world title match.

Aoki, Kimura, and Itagaki walk Ippo home, and stay the night.
Umezawa fills in at the Fishing Boat while Ippo and Itagaki heal from their injuries. He eats breakfest with Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki. They discuss Ippo's match.

Ippo's gone to do some road work. They chase after him.

Ippo thinks about his match, and he apologizes to Takamura about his match.

Kumi comes by on a bike, and she shows Ippo the newspaper about his match, where Ippo realized he finally lost the match.

Kumi walks Ippo home. Along the way, she ask Ippo why he doesn't stop boxing.

Ippo mention that he betrayed their expextations again, and he can't quit after something like that.
Kumi ask if that is why he gets into the ring to box, in order to live up to other people expectations. Is he able to become World Champion for something like that.

Ippo mentions the next time he loses, he plans to retire with no regrets.
Ippo goes to Umezawa's to help with his manga. He has a hard time drawing, and keeps on making mistakes. He can't even draw a straight line.
April After a whole week, the swelling has gone down on Ippo's face. He starts training again after his doctor told him his brain was fine.
Ippo returns to Kamogawa Boxing Gym. Kamogawa asks why lost, and Ippo didn't make any excuses for it.

Kamogawa tells Ippo to stripped down his core, and start over again and do this as a regualr boxer.
Ippo won't have any fight for a while, but he will be assistanting Takamura for awhile.

Kamogawa mentions Takamura's next title fight is set. It is going to be a Championship Unifcation for the WBC and WBA titles.

Yagi mention the opponent wanted to fight in America, but Takamura refused to fight outside of Japan. It cost a lot of money to bring him to fight in Japan.

Yagi mention the match before the main event is for the World Flyweight Title. Before that is OPBF Lightweight Title match, and a World Ranked Featherweight Fighter.

Itagaki mention the Flyweight is Tsuchiya. Mashiba and Sendo are the other to matches.

Yagi mentions that Kamogawa gave Takamura that the requirement to challenge the next weightclass is this unification match.
While training with Takamura, Ippo ask Takamura if he has become weak.
Takamura mentions that Ippo didn't make any excuses for his loss. He think Kamogawa was hurt when Ippo didn't have any excuse.
Takamura tells Ippo once he accept his losses, you are done. No matter how small a point it is, you need to gripe about it. Kamogawa might be angry or mad about it, but he would be happy.

For a man to stand up again, he needs to make excuses. Not making excuses is a sign you've had enough and ready to hang it all up. Excuses means they still have that fire inside them.

Takamura draws a line in the ground under the tree that Ippo caught the leaves. He mentions that past this line is the World. Don't cross it. Past that line is where only real monsters can survive. Don't cross that line if Ippo wants to stay human.
Ippo tries to cross the line, but stops.
Ippo continues to train with Takamura, but can keep up with him. Ippo wonders if Takamura is in a rush to conqueror 6 weight classes.
At the Press Conference, Richard Bison mention he thought he would be fighting David Eagle, but can't wait to get his hands on Takamura's belt.
Takamura doesn't have anything to say.
Sendo and Mashiba get into a fight prior to their match when they are sharing a locker room.
OPBF Lightweight Title Defense

Mashiba Ryo defeats Romeo at Round 5, and defends his OPBF Title.

World Rank Featherweight Match

Sendo Takeshi defeats Jose Nargo, and says to Bill Stewart that he is after Alfredo.

WBC - WBA Middleweight Unifcation Match

Takamura Mamoru defeats Richard Bison in WBC - WBA Unification Middleweight.

When Richard Bison leave the ring, he thinks Takamura now means "Almighty".
Ippo is carrying Takamura's 3 belts. He offers Sendo and Mashiba to try one on, but they refuse and want to win it themselves.
Next day, Takamura shows up at Kamogawa Boxing Gym where there is a lot of reporters waiting looking for comments.
Takamura mentions that he got a call from the cabinate office about accepting a People's Honor Award.

Aoki ends up breaking Takamura's statue again.

Takamura sets up a shelf in Kamogawa's office and it now displayes Takamura's 3 World Champion Belts.
Takamura stops at Yamaguchi Chiropratic, to hit on Yamaguchi, but she isn't impressed since Ippo comes by regularly. She ends up throw Takamura out the window, which causes Takamura to lose his new award.
Mari and Fuji discuss Takamura not getting the award. Mari mentions that Sendo challenged Alfredo Gonzalez after his match in the ring. She spoke to Bill Martin about it.
May Ippo, Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura discuss their future plans. Ippo wants to see how far he can go.

Kimura, Aoki, and Itagaki discuss Ippo's mind set, or if he can be inhuman or vicious.

Aoki, Kimura, Ippo, and Takamura have a parade in the local shopping district honoring Takamura becoming the Unified Champion.

No one shows up for it.
Aoki wears his Broccoman outfit, and kids start showing up, which makes Takamura mad.
Takamura knocks Aoki out of the car while moving. Ippo (while driving) jumps out of a moving car to check to see if Aoki is okay. The car goes into the water with no one behind the wheel.

Takamura visits Dr Yamaguchi again in hopes to sleep with her. Takamura gets thrown out the window again.

Takamura heads to Nekota's place to get away, and to train himself from being distracted.

Nekota gives Takamura coffee beans that have been digested by his dogs.
Kamogawa left the gym for awhile. Yagi gives Ippo two tickets to Miyata's match. He is going to the match with Sendo.
Sendo mentions meeting up with his Middle School Teacher (mentions in the Sendo Gaiden.)
Sendo mentions he plans on
(5/15)OPBF Featherweight Title Defense

Miyata defeats Luisito Ico in 1 Round KO, defending the OPBF title 7th time.

During the interview after the match, Miyata was asked what he thinks about his opponent, and Miyata mentions "Not Much." When asked about his future plans after 7th OPBF title defense, he doesn't have any goal.
Ippo starts signing autographs after the match, and he runs into Sendo's Middle School teacher while waiting for Sendo.
Sendo confronts Miyata about his future plans. He mentions that Miyata doesn't have much time left as a Featherweight.
Sendo, Ippo, and Sendo's middle school teacher head to Hearn Coffee Shop.

Sendo wants Ippo to punch him, he does. Cops get called, and they end up running away.

Sendo mentions he plans to go to Mexico soon, and he wants his middle school teach staying at his place looking after his grandma while he is away.

He aims to head to Mexico as soon as his hand is healed.

Ippo continues to train. He hammers logs into a hill, and starts working on the figure 8 of the Dempsey Roll. While practicing it, he throws a vertical element to the DempseyR
Fuji is at Kamogawa Boxing Gym. He is doing mitt practice with Aoki when Ippo arrives.

Fuji metnions he used to be an outboxer.
He mentions Aoki's fists are like a genius boxers.

Fuji does mitt training with Ippo, and he talks about the shape of Ippo's fists.

He explains the shapes of a boxers fists. Ippo's is flat, Itagaki's is pointy, and Aoki's is round.

Shinoda arrives and he has a past with Fuji. He is the genius boxers Fuji is talking about. He and Fuji talk about their past.
Fuji asks about Ippo's comeback fight. Ippo plans on coming back, but no date has been set since he is still pretty hurt.
Ippo continues to trains. He is running with tires, and practicing the vertical element to the Dempsey Roll, but it causes to much stress on his lower body.
Kamogawa's back, and he tells Aoki and Kimura they have matches upcoming. Yagi mentions that Iga Shinobu will be the main event.
Aoki mentions his new upgraded punch. Aoki spars with Ippo, and shows him the Bell Horn Frog Punch. Instead of jumping, Aoki just sits and waits, which catches Ippo off guard.

Kamogawa worries that Ippo might have lingering damage on him.

Takamura arrives back in time for Aoki and Kimura's return match.
Satou-kun lost to unknown boxer.
Itagaki mentions his record is 9 wins and 8 losses, where he plans to retire if his losses caught up to his wins. Today was his 9th loss.
Kimura draws unknown boxer. He ran out of stamina in the later Rounds, where he clinched him.

The Regular is introduced, where he cheers for Kimura.

Takamura meets The Regular in the Bathroom.
Aoki defeats unknown boxer by KO. He uses a Frog Punch into a combination.
JBC Lightweight Title Match

Iga Shinobu defeats Oushima Souji by KO in the 6th Round.
Iga becomes JBC Lightweight Champion.

Aoki planned to challenge Oushima Souji after the match.
Takamura mentions a boxer needs a goal to aim for.
Takamura runs into the Regular after the match sleeping on the street.
Ippo continues to train, while he is thinking about a goal. He realizes he lost site of his goal.
While he is training, he continues to avoid the line Takamura made.
The Coach of the Nishijima gym and Matsuura (Junior Lightweight) stop by to spar Ippo.

While shadow boxing, Kamogawa notice Ippo's movements are different.

Ippo spars Matsuura. Ippo shows the Dempsey Roll during it, and some vertical elements.
Kamogawa lectures Ippo, and Ippo realizes he got a lot away to go till he can use the new Demspey Roll. Kamogawa gives Ippo a training menu to follow.
Takamura talks to Yagi on the roof, Takamura wants to relinquish his belt. He is ready for the Super Middleweight. Yagi mentions it hard arranging the fight.

Takamura mentions the gym has him to rely on, and that is all it needs. He tells Yagi he shouldn't get his hopes up for Ippo, since he will just disappoint Kamogawa all over again. Takamura thinks they shouldn't expect anything from Ippo at this point.

Kamogawa tells Ippo how to improve the Dempsey Roll. Instead of horizontal and vertical, the movement should be diagonally.
Ippo and Kamogawa train to improve the Dempsey Roll.
Some new people want to join Kamogawa Boxing Gym since it is famous. However, after watching Ippo hit the sandbag with the new Dempsey Roll, they chicken out and run away.
Ippo talks to Takamura on the roof. Takamura ask Ippo if he is actually going to deliver the expectations on him. He mentions not living up to expectations, he wonder if Ippo can carry that kind of burden.
Junior Featherweight 10th Ranked in the World, Nagumo Ryuji visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym in order to spar Ippo. He is preparing for a World Title Match set.

Ippo's Ranked 10th in the World too, despite losing to Alfredo. Fujii Minoru shows up for the spar.

Ippo spars Nagumo Ryuji. But the spar is stopped after Ippo get knocked down easily after taking a few jabs.
Takamura tells Kamogawa that Ippo is broken.
Ippo comments that the head gear makes it hard to see punches when he is doing the Dempsey Roll.
Kamogawa fears that Ippo might be punch drunk. He plans to ask Ippo if he has any symptoms.

At home, Ippo has troubles drawing a straight line.

The next day, Kamogawa ask Ippo if he is punch drunk or has any symptoms. He tells him doesn't. Kamogawa tells Ippo as long as he can draw a straight line.

Ippo focus on it, and tries it and it looks straight, and the test seem he is okay, but it doesn't clear up his suspicions entirely.

Kamogawa mentions that Ippo can't take a punch well anymore, and his sense of range seem off. He thinks it might be cumulative damage, in which case Ippo needs to stop boxing for awhile.

Kamogawa bans Ippo from the Gym for a whole month.

Ippo continues to train by running with tires, and practicing the Dempsey Roll.
Kamogawa visits Nekota at the Beach, and he asks him about being Punch Drunk. Nekota tells him what it is like for him in the past.
A week after Ippo's ban, Itagaki tells Ippo that he is not suppose to train during that one month ban. Ippo needs to put some distance from boxing mentally and physically. Otherwise banning Ippo from the gym has no meaning.
Ippo talks to Itagaki about his situation, where he feels jabs are harder to dodge.
Itagaki think Ippo's sense of range might be messed up. Ippo wants to show Kamogawa the new Dempsey Roll before the end of Summer.
Iimura Mari tells Ippo there is magic that can help Ippo train with out doing nothing. She takes him to a local sporting good store (where he went shopping with Miyata to buy new boxing shoes.)
Ippo tries on an old spring suit while there. Mari has Ippo buy some wrist and ankel weights. She tells Ippo that Sendo wore them before his match with Ippo to improve his lower body for dashing.
Ippo get used to wearing the weights on his legs and arms by walking slow. He goes bowling with Kumi while wearing them.
Takamura, Aoki, and Itagaki meet Ippo at the bowling Alley with Kumi. They notice Ippo getting gutter balls while bowling, and switching Arms when he throws.
Takamura realizes Ippo is training for the Dempsey Roll while bowling.
Ippo continues to bowl. Yamaguchi, Nanako visit. Dr. Yamaguchi mentions that Takamura keeps trying to sleep with her. She agrees to it, but only if he begs for it, which he won't do since he has his pride.
Miyata spars with Nagumo Ryuji after he hears about him defeating Ippo.
Miyata doesn't fight seriously.

Miyata says "He's strong. I'll admit that." Nagumo wanted to spar a little longer. Nagumo's coach is happy and think if they can maintain the momentum then, Nagumo will win the World title in 3 weeks.

The One month ban is up, Ippo returns to Kamogawa Boxing Gym.
Ippo takes off his weights on his arms and legs, where he feels lighter, but Ippo isn't used to it. He is able to draw and walk a straight line.
Ippo shows the New Dempsey Roll. Ippo is able to punch while standing on one foot.
Kamogawa passes Ippo, and gives him the okay to return to training.
Ippo helps Umezawa with his manga, they dicuss punch drunk.
Ippo researched punched drunk since he is worried about being broken.
Ippo is able to return to normal road work. Ippo continues to wear weights while doing it.
Ippo visits the doctor to get check out. He tells Kumi everything is normal so far.

Kamogawa heads to Nekota's place to train in order to handle the New Dempsey Roll. He heads to Dr. Yamaguchi's place in order to thanks her for her help with Ippo.

While visiting Dr. Yamaguchi, Takamura meets Kamogawa when getting thrown out the window again.
Kamogawa is training with logs hanging from tree since it is hard to judge Dempsey Roll where the punches are coming from.
Yagi gives Ippo tickets to Nagumo Ryuji's World title match as a thank you.

Ippo runs into Miyata at the match.

When the match is about to spar, Miyata and Ippo are singled out and put on TV to help hype Nagumo's accomplishments.

Miyata asks Ippo if he seriously lost to Nagumo.

World Junior Featherweight Title Match

Nagumo Ryuji loses to Puerto Rican Champion.

Miyata mentions that it was clear as soon as they matched up that Nagumo might be unpredictable, but he's clearly not World Class. He had to stop himself from getting too into it. If he had fought seriously, he would have probably injured him and ruined his World title shots. So he held back instead.
Miyata just couldn't believe Ippo could go down to "that". Ippo thinks that Nagumo has a chance, but Miyata tells Ippo didn't he learn from his last match that the World Stage isn't easy.
After the fight, Miyata wonders if Ippo is broken. Ippo tells Miyata about the New Dempsey Roll.
Aoki, Itagaki, and Kimura are preparing for their upcoming fights. Kimura going thru harsh weight control.
Itagaki wins by decision against Unknown opponent.
Kimura draws unknown opponent.
Aoki defeats unknown opponent by KO with the Bell Horn Frog punch.
While watching the match, Ippo wants to have a return match. He wants to shows off the new Dempsey Roll for Kamogawa.
Ippo walks Kimura home. Along the way, they discuss weight control.
Kamogawa is back from training, and Ippo practice the New Dempsey Roll with him.

Kamogawa tells Yagi that when he catches Ippo and Takamura's punches, it feels like their punches are filling him with life.

Yagi mentions that in two months, Takamura will defend his World title again and Ippo will have a return match.
Ippo and Takamura train for their matches. Takamura doesn't want to defend his title.

Ippo wonders if Takamura is lonely at the top. Takamura tells him instead of calling it lonely, it is extraordinary where the stars are very close and they shine really bright.

Ippo learns about his next opponent Antonio Guevara. He was able to beat Filipino Champion Malcolm Gedo in decision. Guevera is a southpaw.
Ippo talks about not having a lot of experience with Southpaws. He discusses with Itagaki on how to defeat them.
Ippo spars with 3 southpaws from the nearest weightclasses in order to prepare for his match.

During the spar, Ippo uses his dashing speed to close the distance

Takamura has troubles losing weight for his match.
Ippo continues to train for his match with Antonio Guevara.
Manga Chapters Covered - Round 980 to Round 1176



Ippo loses to Antonio Guevara at round 4.

Takamura wins against Keith Lycaon in round 1. Defending his WBC and WBA Middleweight titles.

Itagaki retires from Makunouchi Fishing Boat business.

Ippo gets checked by a doctor. Ippo is healthy.

Ippo retires from boxing.


Imai defends his JBC Featherweight Title with a one round KO.

Shinoda asks Ippo to be a second. Ippo accepts and starts training as a second.

Kamogawa is hospitalised. He returns to Nekota's place.


Ippo becomes a second and trains Aoki, Kimura and Itagaki. Ippo enjoys being a second to help Kamogawa and now has a goal of raising boxers.

Hayami loses against his opponent. His jaw is still a major weakness.

Kimura wins a match with a KO.

Aoki wins a match with a KO.

Itagaki wins a match by decision.


Ippo begins scouting for boxers. He finds Teru getting picked on by Taihei's gang. He tried to get Teru into boxing, he eventually becomes Umezawa's assistant after showing his drawing skills.

Miyata wins a title defence match by decision. Imai wants to challenge Miyata. Miyata gets a pet cat.

Kamogawa is recovered and goes back to the gym.

Taihei asks Ippo to teach him boxing. Taihei apologises to Teru in order for Ippo to teach him.

Ippo asks Taihei to catch five leaves in five days. Taihei passes the condition, Ippo begins training him.

Ippo meets Kamogawa at the gym, Ippo does mitt practice. Kamogawa believes Ippo has gotten stronger and gives him his old mitts so Ippo can train Taihei.

Ippo trains Taihei with the mitts. Itagaki warns Ippo about Taihei, Ippo disagrees, believes Taihei gave up on violence.

A group of delinquents challenge Taihei, Umezawa goes to save him, Ippo and Teru goes to save Umezawa. Taihei defeats four out of five delinquents easily.

Ippo attempts to stop Taihei for using violence under his teaching by telling him to quit fighting and go train with him, with Kamogawa's mitts in hand. Taihei knocks the mitts on to the ground.

Ippo picks up the muddied mitts, gets enraged and unwittingly strikes Taihei with his hand. Taihei is unconscious with the other bully to take care of him.

Ippo goes to the Chuuka Soba and states that, as a former pro boxer hitting someone, he will turn him self in to the police.

Aoki and Takamura feel that the person responsible for it all is Taihei older brother after hearing about him from Teru. Takamura promises to perform a "7 Year Killing" on him as punishment.

Ippo is turned away from the Police since he doesn't know Taihei's full name, or any other information.

Taihei is kick out from school, and he has no memory of the slap.


Ippo shaved his head bald in order to atone for slapping Taihei.

Ippo visits Kamogawa Boxing Gym with his shaved head to apologize to Kamogawa. Ippo requests to be exiled, however Kamogawa states that exiling isn't enough. Kamogawa has the first atonement being to clean the gym for three months, then Yagi has Ippo look out the window. Ippo finds Taihei and another delinquent outside with shaved heads. Kamogawa states that the second atonement is to lead them.

Ippo finds out that Tahei is Aoki Masaru younger brother and he is from a big family. They appeared on "Heartwarming Special Presents: The Hectic Life of an 11-Person Family". More of Aoki's past is explained.

Takamura performs his "7 Years Killing" on Aoki as punishment for being the direct cause of the incidnet.

Kintarō Kaneda introduce himself after being inspired by Ippo's slap.


Miyata confronts Ippo under the tree about official being "Punch Drunk", but Ippo doesn't answer him. Miyata walks away intending to follow his own path.

Ippo attends Mashiba Ryō vs Iga Shinobu OPBF Lightweight Title match with Taihei Aoki and Kintarō Kaneda.