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Tomiko (トミ子, Tomiko) is Aoki Masaru's girlfriend and as he calls her, his "Goddess of Victory" and a nurse that works at the Kawai Hospital.


Part I

Challenge for the Throne Arc

Tomiko arriving for the group date.

When she was invited to a group date arranged by Reiko and three other boxers, she arrived with the rest of the group.

Over the course of the date, Aoki, Kimura, Takamura, and Ippo competed against each other in bowling at the Rosa Bowl in order to find out which girl they would be walking home with, with the highest score being the first to pick. When the competition ended, Aoki picked Tomiko.

The morning after the date, Takamura called Aoki just to tease him. However, Tomiko answered the phone which implied that she was the only nurse in the group who actually hooked up with their date.

Tomiko's fortune telling ability.

On the eve of Ippo's title match against JBC featherweight champion Date Eiji, Tomiko stopped by the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. There, Tomiko brought out a deck of Tarot Cards. When Takamura believed that she was a fake, Tomiko performed a reading for Takamura. When she came close to completing her reading, he stopped her and apologised for doubting her.

When Ippo entered the room, Aoki asked if he wanted his fortune read to see how his title match would turn out. Reluctant at first, Ippo decided to see what the fortune said. However, right as Tomiko tried to read who would win the match, Kamogawa Genji entered, scaring everyone and preventing an accurate read.

Road Back Arc

Tomiko watching Ippo and Kimura's matches.

After Ippo lost to Date, his return match was against Ponchai Chuwatana. Not knowing who would be the main card for it, Aoki and Kimura played to see who would the main card. When Aoki won, he called Tomiko to let her know the good news. After telling her, Kamogawa told the order of the cards for it, where Aoki is actually the opener and Ippo is the main draw since he had a title fight. Tomiko sewed a robe with a Frog on the back for Aoki's "main event" match. When Aoki's match began, she was at the Kōrakuen Hall cheering for him, Ippo, and Kimura as they fought.

Mountain Training Arc

Tomiko cheerful after Aoki won.

Tomiko brought Kumi with her to watch the "Something Will Happen!?" event in the Kōrakuen Hall where Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura were fighting. When Aoki was fighting, she could not watch him get hurt, hiding her face on Kumi's shoulder and asking her to cheer for her. When Aoki won, Tomiko told her she should have been paying better attention. The next day, since she could not partake in the celebration party for the Kamogawa gym's victory, Tomiko visited the gym to find Aoki to have a secondary party. When she learned from Ippo that Aoki did not come to the gym and may be resting at his home, Tomiko ran to his home, thinking that he is hungry.

Lallapallooza Arc

In the anime, Tomiko informed Kumi, who was talking to Ippo on the phone, about a patient in room 202 at the Kawai Hospital. When Kumi got off the phone early to get back to work, Tomiko told her that the patient wanted to see her before being released the next day, much to Kumi's annoyance.

First Step Arc

In the anime, when Tomiko went to Ippo's victory and birthday party after he won his match against the JBC featherweight champion Sendō Takeshi, she saw Aoki lying on the floor in pain. Takamura lied and blamed it on Kimura, resulting in Tomiko hitting Kimura in rage and then went to comfort Aoki.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Tomiko at the beach.

Tomiko went on a trip to the beach with Aoki, Kumi, and Ippo. While there, they run into Takamura, Itagaki Manabu, Kimura, and Wanpo, who were doing a training camp, along with Nekota Ginpachi and Hachi who were just visiting. That night, Tomiko and Aoki were on the beach, with Aoki groping Tomiko. Tomiko then felt as if Aoki had four hands, however, it was soon discovered that Takamura was groping from behind when fireworks bloomed, shocking Tomiko and everyone else at the beach.

Tomiko watching the stars with everyone.

On the next and final day of everyone's stay at the beach, Tomiko continued to enjoy the beach while Aoki and Ippo attempt to get revenge on Takamura. That night at the beach, everyone but Takamura went to the beach to enjoy the fireworks while Takamura planned his revenge against them for having fun without him, by aiming fireworks at the group. When Takamura was spotted, he was talked into having fun with them after Tomiko and everyone cheered for him to join them. After a while, the fireworks began to go off, making Tomiko and everyone else run away from them.

Later, after Aoki was forced to sell mini bronze statues of Takamura across Japan, Ippo, Kimura, and Itagaki went to Aoki's home to see how much he progressed. Tomiko answered the door and informed them that he had not come back after mentioning he would go to Shinjuku.

Part II

Comic Show Arc

Tomiko comforting Aoki.

As Aoki's JBC lightweight title match against Katsutaka Imae approached, Aoki became down. Tomiko noticed this and comforted him. The next day, Tomiko told Aoki that while she would be proud if he was the champion, she will still like him anyway. After Aoki's weigh-in, Tomiko made him dinner. When Aoki began shaking in fear over the match, Tomiko comforted him. She went with Aoki the next day for his title match against Imae and waited for his match to begin with him. When Aoki's match began, Tomiko watched the match and smacked Itagaki's father and Takamura in the face for making fun of the match. After Aoki lost, Tomiko comforted him as they went to bed.

A Passing Point Arc

When Aoki's next match was against the Indonesian national champion Papaya Dachiu, a bet was made between Takamura and Aoki that if he were unable to win, he would get the same hairstyle as Papaya. Aoki attempted to bet that if he beat Yagi Haruhiko in fishing, the bet would be off. Tomiko was by Aoki's side as he fished to train to go against Yagi, not wanting him to change his hairstyle. The two got kicked out when they started kissing and making a scene.

Tomiko accompanying Aoki.

When the Kamogawa gym members' matches arrived, Tomiko went with Akamatsu Isamu and Kizakura Hiroshi to the Yokohama Arena. While Kimura was fighting Eleki Battery, Tomiko entered Aoki's room in the venue to keep him company. When Aoki's match against Papaya Dachiu began, Tomiko watched and cheered for Aoki. She watched as Aoki's match ended in a draw. Tomiko went back with Aoki to his room while Miyata Ichirō was fighting Medgoen Dachboy. After Takamura won against WBC middleweight champion David Eagle, Tomiko followed everyone as they went to Takamura's house to make sure he went to sleep. Tomiko and the others were thrown out as Takamura was unable to sleep with everyone watching.

Chaos Arc

Tomiko went to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan to accompany Aoki while he waited for his match against Papaya as Kimura fought Eleki. After Kimura's match ended in a draw, Tomiko went to the audience area and watched Aoki's match against Papaya. Tomiko watched as Aoki's match ended in a draw.

Scratch Arc

Tomiko wanting Aoki to go back to his original self.

After Aoki got his usual hairstyle back, Tomiko was happy to see it and was frustrated that Takamura caused Aoki stress after cutting his hair. When Aoki told Tomiko about how Takamura put his faeces on his head during his antics recently, Tomiko asked if Aoki was turning into a loser, prompting Aoki to desire to return to his old self and get revenge on Takamura for his constant making fun of him. Tomiko helped Aoki in his revenge by getting a swallow's nest for him to use it's swallow droppings to put in Takamura's ramen.

Second Coming of Death Arc

When Tomiko noticed Kumi having a nervous breakdown after hearing the word "fall" at work, she informed Aoki about it.

In the Jungle Arc

As Aoki was training for his Class A Tournament, Tomiko mentioned to Kumi how he has been acting like an animal. Kumi thought of Ippo as a herbivore, keeping to himself, while Tomiko saw Ippo as a cobra hiding in a turtle shell.

Blind Step Arc

Tomiko and Aoki on a date at the Nermina Park.

When Aoki received tickets to Nermina Park from Kimura, Tomiko went with Aoki to the park, where they met Ippo with Kumi, and Itagaki with Īmura Mari. When Aoki brought up that Kimura might be a paedophile, Tomiko suggested to call Kimura and reveal everyone to his girlfriend. As Aoki called Kimura to show them his girlfriend, Kimura was near the group, and not knowing they're there, he told Aoki that he is at the park and would show his girlfriend another time. As Tomiko and the others saw Kimura with a little girl, Aoki called the cops and had Kimura arrested.

Speed Zone Arc

Tomiko performing a hypnosis on Aoki.

After Ippo and Takamura discovered a weakness in Aoki's boxing where Aoki kept closing his eyes when a punch come towards him, Tomiko was contacted by Ippo to go to the Kamogawa gym and perform a hypnosis on Aoki to reveal who caused his trauma in order to cure him. Tomiko arrived to the gym and performed the hypnosis on Aoki. Thanks to her hypnosis, Aoki revealed that Takamura was the cause. Though Aoki was cured of his weakness after forcing his eyes open to see Takamura's punches come toward him, Tomiko didn't like how Aoki has spaced out at times and never seems happy anymore. Aoki reassured her that he now has confidence that he will win the Class A Tournament and take the JBC lightweight title.

On the day of the Class A Tournament finals, Tomiko went to the Kōrakuen Hall. She sat with Kimura's parents and the Itagaki family. She watched Itagaki's match against Saeki Takuma, which ended in Itagaki's victory by knockout in the fourth round and Kimura's match which ended in Kimura's loss by decision. Tomiko watched Aoki's match against Iga Shinobu, where her cries as Aoki got beaten up made Iga call her an ugly pig to Aoki. Tomiko watched in shock as Aoki was defeated in the seventh round by knockout as the towel was thrown.

Due to the injuries, Tomiko went with Aoki has he was taken to the Kawai Hospital. Later, when Takamura visited him to only sing an insulting song about his surname "Masaru" and it's ironic meaning of victory, he was upset about Aoki's attitude, and threatened to drop him out of a window before dropping him when Tomiko arrived and saved him. Tomiko listened as Aoki and Kimura made their decisions on whether or not they would retire, which they concluded that they would keep boxing.

Goals to Reach Arc

When Aoki and Kimura's comeback match since their loss in the Class A Tournament arrived, Tomiko went to the Kōrakuen Hall and was insulted by Takamura for wearing too much makeup before going to the audience area. Tomiko watched Kimura end his match in an eight round draw and Aoki win his match by knockout in the eighth round.

Seeking Heights Arc

Tomiko went to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch Aoki's match, which ended in Aoki's victory by knockout with his Bell Horn.

Part III

Taihei Arc

Aoki and Tomiko stopped by the Márquez. When they come up to the counter, and Miyata questioned Aoki about the amount of product he buys, Tomiko blushed about it. They both leave the store after Aoki said what he came to say.

Towards a Resolution Arc

At the Kawai Hospital during Mashiba Ryō's second OPBF lightweight title defence against Iga, Tomiko heard from Aoki that Mashiba caused Iga to go down in the first round and excitedly informed Kumi about it. While Kumi mentioned that they are at work, Tomiko believed that Kumi is easing up since she only has one person to worry about now that Ippo retired, however, Kumi disagreed, noting that she is used to waiting.

Keith Dragon Arc

When Tomiko noticed Takamura climbing on a street lamp in his underwear, she called out to him and asked him what he is doing.




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