Tomiko (トミ子, lit. Tomiko) is a semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

She is Aoki Masaru's girlfriend and as he calls her, his "Goddess of Victory".

Manga Round 171
Anime Round 51 (S1 - 51)
Last Appeared N/A
Japanese Name トミ子
Nickname(s) "Goddess of Victory"
Gender Female
Homeland Japan Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Nurse
Voice Actors
Voice Actor Tsuda Shouko


She became a nurse in Kawai Hospital some point in the past. She works with Mashiba Kumi, Reiko, and Megumi.

After Makunouchi Ippo defeated Alexander Volg Zangief in the Class A Tournament, he was sent to Kawai Hospital due to the injuries received in the match. While he was there, Kimura Tatsuya, Aoki Masaru, and Takamura Mamoru visited him and help care of him while he was unconscious. When Ippo woke up, they arranged with Reiko to set up a group date with other nurses.

Part I

Heartbroken Arc

She was invited by Reiko to go on a group date with the members of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym members along with Megumi and Kumi. Over the course of the date, Aoki, Kimura, Takamura, and Ippo compete with each other in bowling order to find out which girl they are walking home with. Highest score win first right to pick. Kimura and Takamura did not want to end up with Tomiko. Aoki wins in the end, but ends up picking Tomiko as his choice. Kimura ends up with Reiko, Takamura with Megumi, and Ippo walked Kumi home. The morning after the date, Takamura calls Aoki just to tease him. However, Tomiko answered the phone which implies that she was the only nurse in the group who actually hooked up with their date.

Fortune Teller Tomiko

Tomiko's Fortune Teller ability

On the Eve of Ippo's title match against Date Eiji, Tomiko stops by the Kamogawa Gym. While there, we find out that Tomiko is a fortune teller when she brings out a deck of Tarot Cards. Takamura thinks she is a fake, and bets Aoki a month worth a free meals at his place. When Tomiko performs a reading for Takamura, she mentions "6" It's ominous number...earlier after a difficult match..six times...which Takamura realizes what she is talking about. HE stops her before she continues and apologizes for doubting her.

When Ippo arrives, he asks what they are doing. Aoki mentions if he wants his Fortune read, or find out how tomorrow's match will turn out, since Tomiko's always right. Not wanting to hear it, Ippo leaves but returns to find out what will happen. However, right as Tomiko tries to read who will win the match, Kamogawa Genji enters scary everyone and preventing an accurate read.

Road Back Arc

After Ippo lost to Date Eiji, his return match was against Ponchai Chuwatana. Not knowing who would be the main card for it, Aoki and Kimura played to see who would be it. When Aoki won (and thinking he will be the main card for the night) called Tomiko to let her know the good news. After telling her, Kamogawa tell the fighting card for it, where Aoki is actually the opener and Ippo is the main draw since he had a title fight. Tomiko sewed a robe with a Frog on the back for Aoki's "main event" match.

Battle of Hawk Arc

After the Ippo vs Hammer Nao match, Aoki takes Ippo to the beach with Tomiko and Kumi in order to relax.

Part II

Comic Show Arc

Seiken Arc

In the Jungle Arc

Blind Step Arc

Speed Zone Arc

Unseen Heights Arc

Part III

Taihei Arc




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