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Looking after the wiki as I was left with this task, and its my main priority and as a fan of the series to edit every single day. Mainly from vandalism, false things and keeping the place in the correct order. I'm also more focused on the arc pages, anime episode pages and chapter pages. Looking after 3 more wikis that you can see above at the tab.

If you see that I sometimes remove or mostly change what you put on pages and you don't like it, come by my message wall and let's discuss it, there will be a reason on why I am doing that. Although I am mostly the type in which I put my opinion and yours combined. I am just trying to help you out.

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Personal Information (Maybe you're interested, no probably)

I'm a fine arts student, I write 5 stories/graphic novels in my free time, 2 big ones and 3 one-shots at the moment (I have more stories but not time yet to draw). They will take ages, so whenever they're ready they will be shown publicly. Also trying to do music, a certain old electronic type, but that's a different world which I still need time for.

Something you might be interested

I've just started making a fan-made last chapter for Hajime no Ippo as it is one of my favourite series, using the author's style as much as I can. (It is insanely difficult to follow a style when I am already figuring out my own so I am doing my best, also it will be around 10 or 15 pages because I am an amateur, too difficult to keep up faster.) It will be posted on the Hajime no Ippo Reddit page publicly for all the fans to enjoy whenever it is ready.

May we witness the real ending to it in the coming years and support the author as much as we can.

Wiki Ippo Questions & Answers

Check our FAQ page for questions you might have about the series.
Now for wiki related, here they are. Many people ask questions, some in a good way, some others in a very annoying way that makes me want to knock down their door, but sadly the majority were very rude... There is a lot of toxicity for some reason, most of the time the comments were rude towards the wiki. Please consider we are doing our best, we are still human not bots, we do not have 24 hours free time. We are fans of the series and if you are too, you will understand us.

Q: Why you use chapters instead of rounds like they are referred to?
A: We do have them as rounds in their individual page, just not as titles. Very simple, the episodes are also called rounds, so that's the main reason we didn't put them as Rounds in title, even with (Anime) or (Manga) after Round and the number would be too complicated...Simply chapters and episodes is fine and easy to search for, just think about it, literally the same thing.

Q: Why have you created a Story Arcs page when no real information from the author has come out?
A: Most wikis tend to create their own story arcs page so the story can fit in, they just do not address it, or it is easier to create them simply by the events taking place depending on the series. Others but few have them on volumes or official sites and other related books. Hajime no Ippo does not have.

Even at that, there's no wrong information, it is just the structure. Most of the names for our arcs are from match posters or a few from anime news and the "supposed" official arc names from the Best Bout books. We have created names but they are very few, either a character's nickname or the event that happens.

SPOILERS: We also created three parts, first part starts with Ippo's road to become the national champion, and the conclusion of world war II arc, being that the will of the iron fist continues, Yuki saying "Until then, take care...", very strong point, Round 414. Then the second part starts with Ippo improving his Dempsey Roll and ends with his loss against Antonio and his failed more improved Dempsey Roll, it is a strong point again, Round 1209. Now the third part starts with his retirement and might go until the end of the series. The series is so long, we had to create story arcs to write it. It is no big deal.

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