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Wiki Ippo

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Status: Active everyday.

Currently Working On:

  • Manga chapter pages, with the chapter summaries being done for the ones that don't have them from Chapter 445 and onward.


  • Create pages for:
    • Anime-Manga Differences
    • Weekly Shōnen Magazine-Tankōbon Differences
    • List of Hajime no Ippo Errors


Top 5 Favourite Characters
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1. Aoki Masaru
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2. Takamura Mamoru
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3. Makunouchi Ippo
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4. Ricardo Martinez
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5. Sendō Takeshi


  • Manga Tankōbon volumes: 1-25, 102-132. (Incomplete)
  • Manga Bunkōbon volumes: 1-15 (Complete)
  • Best Bout books: 1-8, 23-24 (Incomplete)
  • Hajime no Ippo: Best Memorial
  • Hajime no Ippo: Large Analysis (Hajime no Ippo Daikaibou)