Volume 122
Volume 122
Volume Info
Volume: 122
ISBN (JP): 978-4-06-511799-6
Total Pages: 192
Year Released (JP) August 17, 2018
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This is volume 122 of the Hajime no Ippo manga.

Author Summary

Although Ippo has retired from boxing, coach Kamogawa is hospitalised, so he will take over as Kimura's second. On the very day of his second debut, before the match standing in the ring, is Hayami Ryūichi the genius who fought against Ippo. Being a "comrade" chasing a dream, Ippo cheers from the bottom of his heart, but what was waiting for him was a sad reality. On the other hand, practising many times, Ippo's challenge as a new second is the perfect posture, somehow the venue is surrounded by a whirlpool of laughter....

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