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Wally (ウォーリー, U~ōrī) is a featherweight professional boxer, former Indonesian national champion, and the "Last Son" of world renowned boxing trainer, Miguel Zale. He was introduced as the third and by far the most difficult Asian champion Makunouchi Ippo faced in the Survival Match of Asian Champions Saga.


Wally grew up in a tropical island in Indonesia, surrounded by wild monkeys. He was scouted by Miguel Zale, who did so after watching a video of him jumping lithely through the trees, sensing his great boxing potential. Wally fought and won in only three matches before becoming the Indonesian featherweight champion.


Part II

In the Jungle Arc

Wally sparring against Volg.

Wally had an upcoming match against Makunouchi Ippo. While training with Miguel Zale, Wally reassured the worried villagers that he will be fine, as he is not scared of getting hurt or losing, wanting to do whatever it will take to become a world champion and fulfil his dream of sending a message to others to stop messing with nature. Before going to Japan, Wally was taken to the United States of America by Miguel in order to spar. Wally and Miguel went to New York, and Wally sparred against junior lightweight Alexander Volg Zangief. During the spar, Wally acknowledged how strong Volg is, as Wally's attacks were blocked and dodged. When Wally was pushed to a corner, Wally landed a punch by dual exchange after getting out of the corner. Volg stopped the spar afterwards, as he did not want to get serious. Later, Wally travelled with Miguel and his other seconds to Japan for his match against Ippo.

Wally forcefully hugging Ippo in his first meeting with him at the weigh-in.

Wally and Miguel went to the weigh-in at the Kōrakuen Hall, where Wally met his opponent, Ippo, for the first time. Wally hugged Ippo and gave him a banana. After Ippo apologised since he had nothing to give back, Wally reassured him that it was fine, as Ippo will give him something the next day. After the weigh-in, Wally went to the ring with Miguel to check it out. Wally deemed the ropes almost perfect to pull off his techniques. After Miguel and Ippo's coach, Kamogawa Genji finished their conversation, Wally believed that Kamogawa was strong when he was young and noticed how Ippo had the same scent as Kamogawa. The next day, Wally went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his match against Ippo. In the dressing room, Wally took a liking for his new ring entrance costume and kept trying to eat a banana despite the many times Miguel told him to stop.

Wally dodging Ippo's attack with his Freedom Style.

As the match was about to begin, Wally ran ahead of his seconds to the ring. Just as the match began, Wally dashed forward with a punch, which Ippo deflected. After making sure his boxing stance was correct, Wally sprinted forward and attacked Ippo, however, hie punches were blocked. Wally had to get on the defensive as Ippo proceeded to try and hit him. Wally went to the ropes after jumping back to avoid one of Ippo's punches. He blocked Ippo's barrage of punches at the ropes and was able to get out after Ippo tried to land a body blow when Wally's left hook was deflected. However, while Wally fled from the ropes, he was grazed on the chin by Ippo's long ranged left hook, causing him to go down. When Wally got up, Miguel yelled out to him "freedom", which Wally responded by lowering his stance so that he can use his Freedom Style. Wally was charged at by Ippo and dodged his attack by swaying, while landing a glancing blow on his chin in the same manner of how Ippo hit him, however, Ippo stayed standing. Wally swiftly dodged Ippo's punches and hit him in unusual angles with his Freedom Style until the first round ended. At the corner, Wally noticed that Ippo is different when he fights, which Miguel pointed out that that is what a professional means, advising him to study that part of him.

Wally dodging multiple attacks by Ippo.

In the second round, as Wally dodged Ippo's punches, he was led to the ropes. With his back to the ropes, Wally was approached by Ippo in his Peek-a-Boo Style. Wally saw an opening down below the guard, and struck Ippo's jaw with a Smash, pushing Ippo back. After Miguel shouted for Wally to keep Ippo away, Wally entered the Hitman Style and began throwing Flicker Jabs at Ippo, however, they hit his block. When Ippo got close to Wally after blocking the jabs, Wally evaded Ippo's punch. At a distance, Wally threw more Flicker Jabs that get dodged by Ippo's bob and weave motion. As Wally moved to dodge Ippo's attacks when he got close, Wally was led to the corner due to Ippo's zigzag strategy, however, the second round ended right as Wally got into a corner. At his corner, Wally was asked by Miguel if he noticed anything about the way Ippo chased him down, to which Wally replied that he has to study him more.

Wally using his rope technique.

In the third round, Wally evaded Ippo's attacks as Ippo tried to put Wally into a corner. When Wally jumped and was heading toward a corner, he stopped himself by grabbing the ropes and flinging himself to go behind Ippo, delivering a one-two to the surprised Ippo after. Wally used the same tactic again, making Ippo panic. Wally proceeded to hit the confused Ippo with unorthodox punches while jumping around and dodging Ippo's attacks, even overwhelming Ippo in an in-fight. When Wally was about to use the ropes to avoid a punch from Ippo, he got surprised by Ippo's wild swing and jumped to the right, making him go to a corner. Wally was able to swiftly dodge Ippo's combinations at the corner. Wally landed a counter at the corner, letting him escape. After blocking a big punch from Ippo, which caused his arms to sting, Wally put himself into a corner as Ippo went towards him to attack. Wally escaped the corner and delivered a counter on Ippo. Wally began attacking Ippo's Cross-Arm Block until he pries it open. However, when he was about to hit Ippo with a left, the third round ended. At his corner, Wally told Miguel how his arms stung when he blocked a desperate right, making him unable to finish him, however, he claimed that they were better now.

Wally's body getting tapped by Ippo for the first time.

When the fourth round began, after dodging multiple attacks, Wally switched to the offence, stopping his footwork and having a close ranged exchange with Ippo, where Wally's punches were the only one landing. Wally ended the exchange with a punch that sent Ippo back. As Ippo came towards Wally with a tight guard and aimed for a body blow, Wally battered him with punches at every attempt. However, Ippo eventually put his body onto Wally's, and Wally was tapped with a left body blow, confusing Wally. Wally retaliated, hitting Ippo with a couple punches as the fourth round ended. At his corner, Wally decided that if Ippo can not teach him anything else about boxing, he is done with him. In the fifth round, Wally used fast footwork and hit Ippo with many unpredictable punches throughout the round, and Wally was only hit with five taps on his body by Ippo. After the five taps to his body, Wally hit Ippo repeatedly at a corner until the fifth round ended. At his corner, Wally believed to be done with Ippo, planning to end it as he doesn't find it fun anymore. While leaving the corner for the sixth round, Wally felt as if Miguel hit his leg with the stool.

In the sixth round, Wally faced Ippo in a close range exchange, where Wally hit Ippo with strong punches multiple times, and Wally got tapped on his body six times. Wally ended the exchange after throwing Ippo back with a powerful punch. Wally charged at Ippo and blocked a punch from Ippo that also sent him back. Wally got into a corner, and hit Ippo's head after Ippo tried to attack Wally at the corner. Ippo then threw a big swing at Wally, who jumped backwards and stumbles upon landing. The sixth round immediately ends after, and, at the corner, Wally was advised that if he can't break Ippo's spirit, then he would have to make him unconscious by aiming a punch at the side of his temple. While leaving the corner for the seventh round, Wally felt as if one of his seconds hit his leg with the stool.

In round seven, Wally attacked Ippo with multiple punches while dodging Ippo's punches that were thrown with all his power into it. Wally attempted to use footwork to go around Ippo and aim for the side of his temple, however, he could not use his legs for footwork or to jump, causing him to have to block Ippo's punches. Realising that he needed to breathe, Wally breathed and, at the same time, blocked a powerful blow by Ippo, getting sent to the ropes and beginning to bleed. After Wally landed a counter and was hit by an uppercut, both boxers hit each other in an exchange, with Wally being worse off. Wally put his guard up, however, it was blown away by a punch, and Wally was sent to the ropes as the seventh round ended. At his corner, Miguel noticed that there is an imprint of Ippo's fist on the right side of Wally's body where he was tapped multiple times. Wally mentioned to Miguel how he saw a vision of Ippo's hands grabbing his legs, wondering when Ippo started to slowly take his footwork away.

Wally getting defeated.

In the eighth round, Wally and Ippo had a slug fest in the middle of the ring, which ended when Wally was hit with a liver blow. Wally willingly backed up to a corner, which Ippo responded by approaching him while doing the Dempsey Roll's motion. Ippo used the Dempsey Roll's motion to make Wally unable to escape the corner. Both boxers stopped moving, and Wally was hit with a liver blow. Wally was then hit by a right, which triggered Miguel into throwing the towel into the ring as Wally fell. The referee signalled an end to the match, resulting in Wally's loss. As Wally walked out of the ring, he acknowledged that he now knows how painful boxing can be, however, he realised for the first time that boxing can be fun. Before leaving the venue, Wally announced his desire to go with Miguel to New York and fight who ever he wants, wanting to meet and learn from other boxers, and have Miguel take him to the world stage.

At some point, Wally relinquished his Indonesian featherweight title.

Part III

Post-Keith Dragon Arc

After becoming ranked third in the WBA, Wally had a match scheduled to go against the WBA featherweight champion, Ricardo Martínez. In Indonesia, Wally went with Miguel to set sail to their final stop. Wally and Miguel arrive to the Marvelous Gym in New York City, New York, United States of America. There, they met with Dankichi and the IBF junior lightweight world champion Volg. Wally was happy to see Volg again and learned that the latter will be the semi to his and Ricardo's match, meaning that they will be sharing a training camp together, and three world rankers will act as sparring partners. Wally was welcomed into "Team White Fang," receiving a shirt with the logo of a wolf on it to wear while training.

Match History

Match History
# Result Record Date Opponent Location Time Type Notes
26 N/A N/A 200X Mexico.png Ricardo Martínez N/A N/A N/A WBA Featherweight World Title Match
Main Event[2]
Unknown Opponents
4 LOSS 3-1-0 1997-07-15 Japan.png Makunouchi Ippo Tokyo, Japan 8(10), 1:35 TKO "IN THE JUNGLE"
"Survival Match of Asian Champions"
Main Event
3 WIN 3-0-0 199X Indonesia.png Unknown Indonesia ?(10) KO/TKO Indonesian Featherweight Title Match
2 WIN 2-0-0 199X Indonesia.png Unknown Indonesia ?(4) KO/TKO N/A
1 WIN 1-0-0 199X Indonesia.png Unknown Indonesia ?(4) KO/TKO Pro Debut



Wally's appearance.

Wally has a dark skin tone and long shaggy black hair. Having been growing up and living on a remote tropical island with wild monkeys his body has been naturally built to the peak of athleticism. He is of average height and sports a comparatively nimble build.


Having grown up on an island with little formal education, Wally is naive and simple-minded. He views training as if it were a game but also dreams of becoming a world-renowned boxer in order to protect the environment of his homeland. Regardless, Wally is said to have an amazing amount of boxing sense. After his loss against Japanese boxer Makunouchi Ippo, Wally describes his great developing love for boxing and expresses his wishes to continue on despite having been beaten.

Boxing Abilities

Wally and Ippo in the 4th Round.

Having been raised in the jungles of an Indonesian island, Wally has great physical abilities as a result of climbing trees and jumping tree branches while playing with the monkeys. His physical abilities have grown to the point that they are equal, if not greater than, a primate's. Boxing-wise, he has an extremely high amount of natural talent, comparable to that of Bryan Hawk's.

His innate sense and physical prowess allow him to perform high-level techniques, such as the unique dodging and swaying used by Bryan Hawk, the Smash Sendō Takeshi uses as a trademark finisher and Mashiba Ryō's Flicker Jab. However, he had never actually learned these techniques, and only used them because it made sense to do so in the situation. His speed and agility is comparable to that of Miyata Ichirō but is more similar to Itagaki Manabu's evasive nature. He has a natural ability and animal instincts like Volg and Sendō. His style lets him easily use both out boxing and in fighting styles since he can get away quick enough and he has little difficulty seeing and deflecting attacks at super close range. Takamura mentions that his infighting is similar to Itagaki, who stays at close range but uses footwork rather than punching to fight an opponent and then turns the fight in his favor.

Wally's True Form Techniques



Wally was inexperienced when he fought Ippo, given the impact of his loss of footwork, increasing pressure, dropping stamina, and incremental damage were all foreign to him. As a result, he didn't concern himself with a possible relationship between his slowing footwork and Ippo's repeating body blows.

Like many out-boxers, if Wally loses his footwork, he becomes much easier to fight with an infighter style. However, he also displayed great infighting talent against Ippo early in their match, therefore limiting the impact of a loss of footwork, should the loss occur early enough.


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