Haruhiko Yagi (八木晴彦, Yagi Haruhiko) is a recurring character in Hajime no Ippo.

He is the manager of the Kamogawa Boxing Gym and a contemporary of Miyata Senior.

His duties primarily consist of publicity and match booking, but he also takes part in managing the finances, selling merchandise, and occasionally assists with the training.


Young Yagi

Yagi as a boxer.

Yagi was originally a boxer for the Kamogawa gym, having joined around the same time as Miyata Senior. However, despite his passion, he lacked any natural talent to survive as a pro and suffered a string of losses.

Yagi was also a master fisherman and whenever he fishes his personality changes (in the words of Miyata Senior, "he gets the face of a demon"). He is so good in fact, that it has been said that he could become the world champion of fishing. Additionally, numerous fishing ponds put up "No Yagi Allowed" signs after losing so many customers because Yagi was catching all the fish. He apparently had his fishing skills long before that, as Miyata Senior learned the hard way while taking him fishing to cheer him up after a losing streak.[1]

Yagi would later retire to become the manager of the Kamogawa gym.


Part I

Early Days Arc


Yagi and Kamogawa talking about the gym's history.

Yagi and Kamogawa Genji, while watching a world match on the TV, talked about how they haven't raised a world champion since the Kamogawa Boxing Gym opened. Yagi informed Kamogawa that Takamura Mamoru brought a newcomer. When Kamogawa assigned Makunouchi Ippo to spar against Miyata Ichirō, Yagi watched the spar, concluding that despite Ippo's loss, he has great determination. After Ippo won the second spar against Miyata, Yagi and Kamogawa were shown how Miyata barely got hit with the uppercut by 1cm.

When Miyata left the gym, Ippo's power from the spar two months ago was not showing. Kamogawa suggested to have Ippo go with Takamura, who's match is in a week, much to Yagi's dismay. Yagi and Kamogawa announced Ippo's opponent for his pro debut as Oda Yūsuke. Yagi revealed the details of Oda's fight record and fighting style to everyone.

On the day of the match, Yagi noticed that Ippo's name on his trunks is "IPO" instead of "IPPO". Yagi stood at the ringside as a cornerman for Ippo's match. After Ippo's win, Yagi, along with the others, celebrated at the Sugar Ray. When Ippo had his second match against Fujiwara Yoshio, Yagi was one of the cornermen in the match that Ippo won.

Rookie King Tournament: First Rounder Arc


Yagi and Kamogawa learning about Ozuma sending his sparring partner to the hospital.

Yagi received the schedule for the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and showed it to the gym, revealing that Jason Ozuma is Ippo's first opponent. Yagi told Kamogawa that Ozuma sent a sparring partner to the hospital after a hook hit him. On the day of the match between Ippo and Ozuma, Yagi was on of the cornermen, with Ippo winning at the end.

Seeing a fired up Ippo spar with Aoki Masaru and Kimura Tatsuya, he noted how Ippo was influencing the two eight rounders. When the boxers came back from their one week training camp session, Yagi showed the poster of Takamura's JBC middleweight champion match against Yajima Yoshiaki and Ippo's match against Kobashi Kenta. Yagi got excited at the thought of the gym having someone going for a Japanese title in ten years. On the day of the match, Yagi was one of the cornermen for Ippo and Takamura's matches, where they both won. Yagi celebrated Ippo and Takamura's win with everyone.

Rookie King Tournament: Finals Arc

Yagi celebrating Ippo's win against Mashiba

Yagi hugging Ippo as he wins the Rookie King Tournament.

When Aoki had a match that was after Ippo's next opponent, Hayami Ryūichi, Yagi was one of his cornermen. The match ended with Aoki winning. When the day of Ippo's match against Hayami arrived, Yagi was one of his cornermen, with the match resulting in Ippo winning. After the match and outside Kōrakuen Hall, Yagi noted how Ippo worked hard and now got to the promised place to get to Miyata.

Mashiba Ryō fought and defeated Miyata in the semi-finals. This caused Ippo to injure his fist in rage. Yagi noted how Ippo was frustrated due to not sparring in a while due to his injured fists, and warned Kamogawa to watch his fists for the fight. When Ippo and Mashiba's match arrived, Yagi was one of the cornermen for Ippo. Ippo won the match, ultimately winning the East Japan Rookie King Tournament.

All Japan Rookie King Tournament: Rocky of Naniwa Arc

Everyone celebrating Ippo'a win against Sendō

Yagi celebrating Ippo's win against Sendō.

Yagi, along with Kamogawa, left the gym for Thailand in order to look for middleweights for Takamura. When Yagi came back, he learned that Ippo was planning on drugging his fist. Yagi attempted to stop Ippo, wanting his fist to heal fully before fighting again, however, Kamogawa explained that he is too stubborn to listen. Ippo decided to fight Sendō Takeshi despite his fist injury, with Kamogawa only allowing him to if he has the ability to fight on the day of.

Upon arrival to Osaka, Yagi and the others arrived to the Ishino Boxing Gym for Ippo to spar against lightweight class Komori. When the day of the match arrived, in Ippo's waiting room Yagi noticed the different red shorts on Ippo. When the match began, Yagi was one of Ippo's cornermen, with Ippo winning the match and All Japan Rookie King title. Yagi and the rest of the Kamogawa Gym crew celebrated Ippo's win.

Two Rookie Kings Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi after Ippo wins against Okita

Yagi after Ippo's win against Okita.

While Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura had a match scheduled on the same day, the Kamogawa gym became busy, with Yagi having a line of people wanting to join the gym. When Takamura decided to let all the newcomers do roadwork with him, Yagi became worried. Yagi was one of the cornermen for Aoki, Kimura, and Takamura's matches, where all three won. Later, Yagi received an invitation by Nakadai from the Nakadai Boxing Gym for Ippo to spar against JBC featherweight champion Date Eiji in three days, which he then notified Kamogawa. The day after Ippo came back from the spar against Date, Yagi received a call from Nakadai requesting Ippo to fight against Okita Keigo. When he notified Kamogawa and told him the fight was in one month, as his previous opponent could not make it, Kamogawa accepted. Yagi explained his worries, however, Kamogawa reassured his worries and told him how Ippo's eyes had changed after fighting Date.

Speed Star Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi announce the Class A Tournament schdeule

Yagi and Kamogawa announce the Class A Tournament schedule.

Yagi announced that a TV station was coming to the gym to interview the boxers. Yagi congratulated Yamada Naomichi after he passed the pro test. He then revealed the Class A Tournament's entry list. Yagi noted how their were seven featherweights who dropped out when Alexander Volg Zangief entered. The next day, Yagi urgently informed Ippo that his mother was sent to the hospital due to collapsing. On the day of the Class A Tournament, Yagi was one of the cornermen for Ippo's match against Saeki Takuma and one of the cornermen for Kimura and Aoki. The matches resulted in all three winning.

White Fang Arc

When Yamada had to move away from Tokyo, Yagi gave him his farewell and informed him that everyone was waiting for him downstairs for a farewell party. Yagi was one of the cornermen for Aoki's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Jackal Itō, and Kimura's semifinal match of the Class A Tournament against Ryūzaki Takeshi. Both of their matches resulted in a loss, losing the Class A Tournament. When Ippo's Class A Tournament finals was scheduled to be against Volg, Kamogawa had Ippo undergo intense training. When Kamogawa expressed his worries to Yagi about potentially breaking Ippo and losing all respect, Yagi reassured him that everyone knows he would not do that, and all of the boxers word hard to impress him. During Ippo's match against Volg, Yagi was his cornerman. Ippo then won the match, winning the Class A Tournament.

Challenge for the Throne Arc

When the Champion Carnival for Takamura's match against Tamaki Atsushi arrived, Takamura was over the weight limit. Yagi noted how it was difficult to lose weight in the winter. When Takamura barely passed the weight limit, the match began, with Yagi was one of the cornermen. Takamura then won the match.

The night before Ippo's title match against Date, Kamogawa and Yagi reminisce when Ippo first joined the gym. Yagi believed that Ippo will answer Kamogawa and him as always and become a champion. When Ippo's match against Date arrived, Yagi was one of Ippo's cornermen. The match ended with Ippo losing.

Road Back Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi witness the Dempsey Roll

Yagi witnesses Ippo using the Dempsey Roll.

The next day when Ippo returned to the gym, he informed Yagi the evaluation's results that showed no signs of brain damage, relieving Yagi. When Kamogawa collapsed due to overwork and went to the hospital, Yagi was there while the doctor gave the report. Yagi told Ippo, Aoki, and Kimura to continue training while he looked after Kamogawa since the three boxers have a match coming up soon. During Aoki's match against Snake Thomas, Kimura's match against Pone Morocotte and Ippo's match against Ponchai Chuwatana, he was there as one of their cornermen where they all won and was shocked when he saw Ippo use the Dempsey Roll.

Hot Rod Era Arc

Yagi attended Sendō's title defence against Saeki and watched in awe as Sendō defeated Saeki in one round.

Mountain Training Arc

Walking away from the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium after watching Sendō's match against Saeki, Yagi was greeted by Sendō who asked to let him fight Ippo as soon as possible. Yagi told Sendō that there had to be arrangements with his gym. Kamogawa confirmed that he would let Sendō fight Ippo, however, Sendō stated that the Dempsey Roll would not work on him before leaving.

Yagi training Takamura in the mountains

Yagi training Takamura.

After the Naniwa gym approved of Ippo fighting their champion, Sendō, Kamogawa later decided to head to the Pension Yoshio as a training camp. When they arrive to the pension, they meet Nekota Ginpachi. Yagi was tasked to catch fish for dinner, which he completed and made for dinner that night. The following day, Yagi was shocked when Kimura and Aoki rushed back from roadwork and informed him that Ippo was attacked by a bear. However, Ippo came back with a dog, which Nekota confirmed to be his dog, Hachi. Kamogawa announced to everyone at the training camp that he would be splitting the group for individual training. Yagi was grouped with Takamura, with one training method being multiple rounds of Takamura running with Yagi on his back. After Ippo finished his wood chop training, Yagi participated in Kamogawa's teaching of "punching without punching, the Sakki. When Kamogawa and Nekota began fighting over who won the draw, Yagi revealed their record being two wins, two losses, and one draw that neither of them could accept.

On the final day of the training camp, when Takamura was late coming back from his road work, the boxers wonder if he met a bear and if a bear had a weakness. Yagi confirmed that the forehead is the bear's weakness. On the final night of the training camp, Takamura returned wounded with a bear claw mark on his chest, claiming to have knocked out a bear. Yagi then ate a bear nabe that Nekota made for the final night. The next day, Yagi left with the rest of the group and returned to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym. When Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura had a match against Itō Takaaki, Boy Allade, and Nefuma Ozca respectively, Yagi was their cornerman where all three boxer's won. After celebrating at the Sugar Ray, Nekota stayed at the gym, and after five days, Nekota began to show his training skills, impressing Yagi.

Lallapallooza Arc

The seconds waiting for the match to begin for Ippo's title match against Sendo

Yagi as Ippo's second during his title match.

One month before Ippo's title match against Sendō, Yagi put posters up on the Kamogawa gym's windows. Yagi then explained the meaning of "Lallapallooza" to Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura. Later, Yagi ran out of tickets while handing tickets out for fans at the Kamogawa gym and told the group to purchase them at the hall, however, they were sold out as well. He then encouraged Ippo to take the belt due to the tickets for the match being sold out. The day before the match, Yagi and Kamogawa went to the weigh-in with Ippo where they met the champion Sendō. After the two passed their weight check, Yagi, Kamogawa, and Ippo prepared to leave before being stopped by Sendō on the way out in order to speak with Ippo. On the day of Ippo's title match, Yagi was a cornerman for the fight. During the second round when Yagi wondered how Ippo was getting beaten in power, Kamogawa answered how Sendō's body may appear bigger due to boxer's being able to gain weight pass their weight limit right before a match.

The seconds with the new JBC champion Ippo

Yagi and the new JBC champion Ippo.

In the third round, while Ippo was not able to hit back while getting attacked, Yagi wished for Ippo to come back to Kamogawa as he has high expectations of him, knowing that Ippo still had something that he had not used yet to go against Sendō. In the fifth round after Ippo's second down, Yagi compared the way Ippo fell as when he fell during his match against Date as Kamogawa got ready to throw in the towel. Ippo then defeated Sendō in the seventh round, becoming the JBC featherweight champion. Later, Yagi went to The Sugar Ray where Ippo's celebration party was held. Yagi introduced Ippo to everyone and announced that it was also his birthday.

Execution Arc

When Ippo returned to the gym, Yagi informed him that Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura were in Kamogawa's office, telling Ippo to go in there also, as it was about his first JBC title defence due to the annual Champion Carnival starting. Later, Yagi put up the posters for Kimura's title match against JBC junior lightweight champion Mashiba. When Kimura's title match arrived, in the waiting room, Yagi encouraged Kimura, who was thinking of retiring if he loses, to do his best. Yagi gave Aoki permission to be Kimura's cornerman for the match. After Kimura lost the match and claimed to have retired, Yagi told everyone at the gym that Kimura should be arriving to get his final reports and scores for the match and to see everyone to say goodbye. Kimura, however, soon decided to not retire.

First Step Arc

When Ippo's first title defence match in the Champion Carnival against Sanada Kazuki began, Yagi was one of Ippo's cornermen for the match which resulted in Ippo's victory.

Proof of Power Arc

Kamogawa gym members discuss Ippo and Hammer Nao's match

Yagi showing the tapes of Yamada's matches.

While Ippo's second JBC featherweight title defence match was coming up, Yagi introduced the new member he scouted, Itagaki Manabu, to the Kamogawa gym members. Yagi later showed videos of Ippo's opponent, "Hammer Nao", which was a ring name of Yamada Naomichi, giving details of the former gym member's boxing career. After receiving the match poster, Yagi displayed the match poster on the gym's exterior, noting the absence of Yamada on the poster was due to his name being near worthless for bringing in customers. On the day of the weigh-in, Yagi went with Ippo where he met Yamada.

When the day of the match arrived, Yagi was one of Aoki's cornermen in the semifinals against Paddy Magramo, which Aoki won. Yagi then was one of Ippo's cornermen for his title defence match. During the second round, Yamada broke Ippo's guard by pushing it with his hand to land the solar plexus blow. While Yagi claimed that it was against the rules as Yamada's using his opened hand to open the guard, Kamogawa praised Yamada for it as a foul had not been called. Ippo then won the match in the second round, defending his title a second time.

Battle of Hawk Arc

Kamogawa and Yagi announcing Takamura's junior middleweight title match

Yagi announcing Takamura, Itagaki, and Kimura's matches.

When Takamura, Kimura, and Itagaki were at the beach for their training camp, Yagi and Kamogawa attended to watch over their training. Later, when Kamogawa announced to his gym members that Takamura has a world title match in December, and before that, a match in October along with Itagaki's debut match and Kimura's comeback match, Yagi added that Ippo has a match as a semifinal to Takamura's world title match at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. When everyone including Aoki was fired up for their upcoming matches, Yagi informed Aoki that he had no matches, much to Aoki's dismay. When the matches in October arrive, Yagi was one of Itagaki, Kimura, and Takamura's cornermen for their matches where it resulted in a loss against Makino Fumito, winning decision against Arman Alegria, and winning ring out against Morris West respectively. Yagi then witnessed Bryan Hawk's arrival to Takamura's room in the hall, becoming shocked of the champion's reason for coming to Japan was to enjoy Asian women.

Takamura the WBC junior middleweight champion

Yagi with Takamura as he wears his new WBC belt.

Later, Yagi attended Hawk's public spar at the Kinoshita gym where Hawk pulled his punches until his women arrived, dominating his sparring partner. On the day of the weigh-in and press conference, Yagi went with Takamura to the weigh-in where Takamura barely passed at full limit before being mocked by Hawk. The next day, Ippo and Takamura's match arrived, with Yagi teaming up with Umezawa Masahiko to sell Takamura-themed merchandise. When it was time for the matches, Yagi was one of Ippo's cornermen for his match against Yi Yon Su, and then Takamura's in his title match against Hawk which both ended in wins, resulting in Takamura becoming the new WBC champion.

A week later, a package arrived to the Kamogawa gym, which Yagi confirmed to the gym members was ordered by Takamura himself. When it was opened, it was revealed to be a large bust Statue of Takamura.

Part II

Submarine Wars Arc

Yagi announcing the Champion Carnival 1995

Yagi announcing everyone's matches.

When Itagaki won for the first time in his second match against Baraki Haseo, Yagi was a cornerman for the match. Later, Yagi announced the matches for early spring, with Ippo defending his JBC featherweight title for the fourth time and Aoki's JBC lightweight title match for the Champion Carnival, Itagaki's Rookie King Tournament match, and Takamura's first WBC middleweight title defence. When Ippo went to Kamogawa about why he has turned down Miyata's match requests without telling him and questioned Kamogawa's reasoning, Yagi reminded him that Kamogawa is not the type to run away, suggesting for him to get strong enough to satisfy him. After Ippo left, Yagi and Kamogawa talked about the Dempsey Roll being Ippo's greatest weakness against Miyata's counter. Yagi theorised that the opponent's strategy will be stopping the Dempsey Roll and then everyone would figure out a way to stop it. Later, Yagi discovered on a magazine article that Ippo's next opponent, Shimabukuro Iwao, claimed he would destroy the Dempsey Roll, with Yagi realising the statement would apply pressure to Ippo.

Kamogawa and Yagi with Ippo after his win against Shimabukuro

Yagi and Kamogawa with Ippo after winning against Shimabukuro.

Later, Yagi and Kamogawa showed everyone a video of Shimabukuro fighting Okita Keigo at last year's Class A Tournament where Shimabukuro won. Yagi revealed details about Shimabukuro during which. When Ippo and Kamogawa formed a strategy of strengthening the Dempsey Roll's speed and power, Yagi pointed out that increasing the speed and power of it would increase the dangers as well. When the day of Ippo's match against Shimabukuro arrived, Yagi noticed Ippo being more calm in his changing room and wonders if Ippo thinks the match will be difficult. When the match began, Yagi was one of Ippo's cornerman for the match. The match resulted in Ippo's victory.

Comic Show Arc

Ippo talking to Kamogawa and Yagi about knowing the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters

Ippo revealing his acknowledgement of the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters.

After Ippo recovered from his match against Shimabukuro and returned to the gym, he revealed to Kamogawa and Yagi how he noticed the Dempsey Roll's weakness to counters, which was Kamogawa's reason for turning down a fight with Miyata. As Ippo left mentioning his outlook for future fights would be hard, Yagi commented on how he is maturing.

When the weigh-in for Itagaki's first round of the East Japan Rookie King Tournament and Aoki's JBC lightweight title match against Katsutaka Imae arrived, Yagi attended Itagaki's weigh-in. The next day, Kamogawa arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for Itagaki and Aoki's match. Kamogawa was a cornerman for Itagaki's match, which ended in a knockout win for Itagaki. Yagi then was a cornerman for Aoki's title match. The match ended in a draw, resulting in Imae keeping the belt. While Aoki was tricking Imae with his Play Dead act, Yagi and the other seconds were fooled as well, with Yagi almost throwing the towel before being stopped by Shinoda Tomoyuki. When Aoki revealed looking hurt was just an act to draw out Imae's stamina, Yagi noted that he did not realise it was just an act. The match then ended after the ten rounds were over. A decision was made and the match ended in a draw, resulting in Imae keeping the belt and Aoki losing.

Dragon Slayer Arc

When Kobashi arrived the Kamogawa gym, wanting to meet Ippo, Yagi informed Ippo. Yagi arrived at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan and was one of Takamura's seconds in his first WBC junior middleweight title defence match against Larry Bernard, which ended in Takamura's victory. Later, Kamogawa had Ippo pick one out of four challengers for his fifth title defence. When Ippo picked Sawamura Ryūhei despite him and Kamogawa knowing that Sawamura is the Dempsey Roll's natural weakness, Yagi mentioned to Kamogawa about how much Ippo has grown and was shocked that Kamogawa doesn't rule out on Ippo losing. Later, Yagi arrived with Ippo to the Kōrakuen Hall for his weigh-in against Sawamura. The next day, Yagi was one of Ippo's seconds for his match against Sawamura. After the fourth round, Yagi examined the damage after Ippo's Dempsey Roll was defeated, finding that his mouthpiece is bloodied and the inside of his mouth is shredded. Ippo later won in the seventh round.

A Passing Point Arc

Makunouchi Fishing Boat competition teams

Yagi and Shinoda teamed up in a fishing competition.

When Kamogawa used the prize money from the Sawamura match to take everyone fishing at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, it turned into a fishing competition, with teams of two consisting of Takamura and Kamogawa, Aoki and Kimura, and Yagi and Shinoda. When it began, Yagi and Shinoda were beating everyone by a long shot. Takamura and Kamogawa were having trouble catching fish, leading an angry Takamura to stomp his feet as he tried to fish, shaking the boat and making Aoki go off board. When Takamura thought he got one, he reeled up an Aoki instead. When they ran out of fishing spots, they returned and gave the caught fish to Makunouchi Hiroko for her to cook. After everyone gathered, Kamogawa revealed that Takamura would challenge the WBC title for the middleweights, Aoki and Kimura have matches, Miyata has an OPBF title defence match before Takamura's title match, Itagaki continues his East Japan Rookie King Tournament, and Ippo is instructed to continue his recovery.

Takamura and Yagi fishing

Yagi and Takamura fishing.

When Imai came to the Kamogawa gym to spar with Ippo, Yagi watched the spar, where Ippo struggled against Imai. Despite their fellow gym member had trouble with Imai, Yagi noticed Aoki and Kimura were fired up after seeing it. After Takamura got back from his training camp, he demanded a fishing competition against Yagi on his homeland. After Kamogawa agreed so that Takamura can take Yagi down, Yagi and Takamura commenced their fishing competition. During the competition, Yagi held back to let him so that Takamura could prepare for his match in high spirits. However, Takamura kept missing his chances to catch a fish. Eventually, Takamura got angry after Yagi caught three and jumped into the water to grab three fish, ending the match in a draw, When he got back to the gym, everyone gathered as Yagi revealed the cards for Takamura's WBC middleweight title match. He revealed that along with Takamura facing champion David Eagle as the main event, Miyata would face third ranker Medgoen Dachboy as his fourth OPBF title defence as the semi-final, Kimura would face a Filipino national champion Eleki Battery, and Aoki would face the Indonesian nation champion Papaya Dachiu. Yagi warned Aoki about Papaya's destructive Coconut Punch.

During Itagaki's quarter-final in the East Japan Rookie King tournament, Yagi was one of Itagaki's seconds for the match, which ended in Itagaki's victory. Later, Yagi informed Ippo and Itagaki that Kamogawa and Shinoda took Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura to a training camp. When the match poster for Takamura's world title match arrived, he plastered it on the gym's windows and explained what the English saying of "a passing point" means in Japanese and what it means to Takamura. When Eagle arrived to Japan, Yagi, Kamogawa, and Ippo went to the Kawahara gym to see Eagle spar. When they get there, Yagi was shocked to see Eagle giving autographs to local children. Yagi watched Eagle spar and was surprised to see Eagle not holding back. Afterwards while walking to the gym, Yagi saw Takamura beat children who wanted an autograph. Yagi went to the Yokohama Arena for Takamura's weigh-in with Eagle.

Takamura's celebration in the ring after defeating Eagle

Yagi in the ring as Takamura celebrates his win as the new middleweight WBC champion.

The next day, Yagi went to the Yokohama Arena for the Kamogawa gym members' matches. Yagi was one of Kimura and Aoki's seconds for their match against Eleki and Papaya respectively. The matches ended in a draw. Yagi was then one of Takamura's seconds in his match against Eagle. After the match ended in Takamura's victory and he became the new WBC middleweight champion, Yagi gave both the WBC junior middleweight and middleweight belts to Takamura as he and everyone celebrated in the ring. Afterwards, with the belts in their cases, Yagi tried to hand them to Takamura, however, he wanted Kamogawa to keep them instead.

Spirit of a Weed Arc

Three days later, Yagi arrived to the gym and inform Takamura that he has two interviews, three TV features, and two requests for commercials. When Itagaki's East Japan Rookie King Tournament semi-finals match against Makino Fumito began, Yagi was one of Itagaki's seconds for the match, which ended in Itagaki's victory. Later, Yagi informed Ippo that Kamogawa wanted to speak with him at his office. After Kamogawa explained that Ippo would be fighting in one month if he accepted, Yagi warned Ippo to not take the challenger lightly because of his low ranking.

Under Siege Arc

Though Yagi advised for Ippo to think about deciding whether he should have or postpone a match against Karasawa Takuzō, Ippo was ready, and Kamogawa accepted Karasawa's request. Later, Kamogawa showed Ippo videos of Karasawa's matches and Yagi commented how Karasawa knows how to use the space in the ring and footwork, suggesting for Ippo to break Karasawa's rhythm fast. That night, Kamogawa wondered why Ippo took the match, which Yagi reminded him that Ippo wanted to start over and try something, while predicting that Ippo could rack up on body blows and win in the later rounds. On the day for the weigh-in, Kamogawa noted how Ippo's face made it seem like he was unfocused and missing something, which Yagi suggested it was from something from what the reporters who Kamogawa kicked out said and wondered if Ippo would be able to hide the face when he sees Karasawa at the weigh-in.

Yagi, Kamogawa, and Shinoda after Ippo's match against Karasawa

Yagi after Ippo's match against Karasawa.

The next day, Yagi went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's weigh-in with Karasawa. The next day, Yagi went to the Kōrakuen Hall for Ippo's seventh JBC featherweight title defence match against Karasawa, where Yagi was one of Ippo's seconds. The match ended in Ippo's victory in the second round by knockout. Yagi held Ippo up in the air in celebration of the victory.

Phantom Card Arc

During the Itagaki vs. Imai match, Yagi was asked by the coach to come up with a second encouragement pun after Shinoda couldn't think up another. The best he could do was pull Itagaki's Isu (Japanese for chair (or stool, in this case) away as he was returning to his corner and said Ima no ISU, Na~ISU (今のイス、ナ~イス, basically: This chair IS... nICE). Although the coach yelled at him for ruining the atmosphere, Takamura and the others found it hilarious and have been using it as a guts pose ever since.

Father's Back Arc

Chaos Arc

Seiken Arc

Scratch Arc

Winner Takes All Arc

Red Lightning Arc

In the Jungle Arc

Blind Step Arc

Speed Zone Arc

Proud Wolf Arc

Go to the World Arc

Battle of the Beasts Arc

Seeking Heights Arc

10 Months in the Making Arc

Part III

Second Step Arc

Yagi appears in this arc.

Taihei Arc

Yagi appears in this arc.

Towards a Resolution Arc

Yagi appears in this arc.

Dream Match in Mexico Arc

Yagi appears in this arc.


Yagi has black short hair, a large nose, dark eye colour. He is always seen wearing eyeglasses, something he wasn't wearing in his youth.

His attire usually consists of the white KBG t-shirt and black pants. At times, he wears formal suits.


Yagi possesses a gentle and friendly personality as a manager for the gym and its boxers. In contrast to Kamogawa's gruff and strict attitude, Yagi prefers to be more nurturing and optimistic when speaking to the boxers, showing genuine concern for their well-being. That said, it sometimes allows Takamura, Aoki and Kimura to take advantage of his meeker approach (often leading to Kamogawa stepping in with a swinging cane). He often adds ~kun to the end of the names of the Kamogawa gym members.

Despite being quite friendly as a boxing manager, he becomes incredibly competitive and cocky when it comes to sport fishing, more than willing to make bets (and fully aware that he will win them).

Like Kamogawa, he puts a lot of trust in Ippo's ability to fight, though this is not without limits- if the fight has taken a turn for the worse and he feels that a boxer is at risk, he will readily suggest throwing in the towel.


  • "I would love to handle a big match like that at least once, as a manager." - Round 2, while watching a world title match with Kamogawa Genji.


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